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As Donald Trump continues his spiral deeper into the sewer of political games, there is a word that should be used and isn’t.  Maybe that is the “rigged” system he keeps talking about.

Trump keeps saying the election is being rigged against him.  He keeps saying that “illegal aliens” are allowed to vote.  He keeps saying that “dead” people vote.  He keeps saying that people vote five or ten times each.

Of course this all bullshit.  There is one thing that both helps and hurts our election system.  The elections are all controlled by the states individually.  This has presented problems when states pass voter suppression laws.  But, it also helps from our system from being “rigged” as Trump claims.

The type of conspiracy that Trump claims is going on would have to include over half of the states.  Many of which are controlled by Republicans.

That would be an almost impossible task.  But, let’s look at it another way.  A Law Professor at Loyola University in California did some fantastic research on voter fraud.

The results are amazing.  He went back through the years and looked at one billion votes.  He discovered something chilling.  In those one billion votes cast, he discovered a whopping 37 cases of possible voter fraud.

Imagine what damage that did to our electoral process.  This research was not done because Donald Trump has been claiming the system is “rigged” but because of all of the voter suppression laws that Republican states passed.  The main argument for these voter suppression laws was “the integrity of the ballot”.

Turns out the integrity of the ballot has been quite remarkable without all of these Photo ID laws Republicans claim are so necessary.  To further show this myth, Indiana State Police raided a voter registration group last week.  They seized about 50,000 registration forms.

They did an exhaustive inspection of them.  In the first 38,000 forms they “inspected” they found 10 were not correct and would not have been valid for registration.

How does this show the system works?  The raid was conducted after some registrations were “red flagged” by poll workers.  So you see, they system is truly “rigged”.

All of the research by “experts” into voter fraud has found that it is as close to non-existent as possible.  Yet, Trump keeps railing that they “system is being rigged against me”.

That brings us back to that one word that the media and GOP leaders refuse to use.  Instead of using it, they use “conspiracy theory” to try to soften what is actually being said.

That word is a noun and is defined as:

conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch

It is the word sedition.

Once again you may think I am stretching things here.  But am I?  We have heard a woman at a Trump Rally telling Mike Pence that she is “ready for a revolution”.

The Oregon Militia is recruiting new people on the basis that Hillary Clinton will become President through the “rigged” system.  We have had a Trump supporter calling for Hillary Clinton to be “taken out” if she is elected President.

Mike Pence says that he and Trump would “absolutely” accept the vote of the American People.  20 minutes later Trump tweets that they system is rigged against him.

His talking heads went on the Sunday Talk Shows and said that Trump only means that the Media is rigging the election against him.  30 minutes later Trump tweets that “they system is absolutely being rigged right down to the voting booths.  SAD”.

Of course when Trump started to claim that even the Republican Party had joined forces to rig the election, that supposedly made it real.  He has riled up his “base” of nut jobs to be ready to not accept the vote on election day.  And the craziest of his supporters are clearly hearing what he means by his comments.  Hence the threats above.

Yesterday in Green Bay the Trump supporters kept chanting “Paul Ryan sucks”.  Trump did nothing to stop the chants either.  Actually, he egged them on more.

Many people believe the charge of “sedition” is antiquated and should probably be repealed.  But it hasn’t been repealed.  One could argue that Donald Trump is engaged in sedition every time he claims that the election is being rigged “right down to the voting booth”.

He is telling his supporters the only way he can lose the election is if it is “stolen” from him.  He has openly claimed that the media, the Clintons, and the Republican Party are all in collusion to “steal the election” from him and his followers.

That has raised the stakes very dangerously.  Media members at Trump rallies have been threatened with violence including death threats.  Many conservative newspapers, like the Arizona Republic have received death threats for their endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Trump supporters have started showing up in front of Democratic offices to “protest” and carrying guns. They make sure the people inside the office know they are carrying guns, too.

It is time to take the gloves off.  Donald Trump is engaged in sedition.  He is “inciting people to rebel against authority” and that is sedition.  The GOP under its spineless, cowardly leadership of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Reince Priebus won’t use the word either.

They cannot use the word because it has been their party that has desperately tried to suppress the vote of minorities, elderly, and young.  They are the ones who have used “voter fraud” which does not exist to pass voter suppression laws.

If they come forward now and say Trump is wrong, they ruin their own argument.  The real danger for our country is becoming not if Donald Trump can win, but what will his “followers” do when he gets thumped at the polls.

I have said this before and I will say it again.  Donald Trump is an un-American fascist who will stop at nothing to gain power.  When that power is refused by the people, I don’t count on him to graciously go quietly into the night.

If I am correct, I believe we will see an upsurge in domestic terrorism after the election.  Only the GOP leadership can calm things, but they need to start now and not wait for the election to end and the madness to begin.



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Sorry, but there is no other way to describe Trump’s campaign anymore than to call it a swamp.  And, that is probably an insult to swamps all across the country.

The last week has produced more swamp creatures than an old horror film.  These people just keep walking into the mess with eyes wide open and lying to the American people with stupid arguments.

This has been one remarkable week.  First we had that awful tape of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women.  Then we had him say on stage at the debate that he never did any of those things he bragged about.  Then we have had a string of women come forward and say, yes, he has done those things to them.

The Trump swamp put out all kinds of accusations of their own against the women.  After telling America that they should believe everything said about Clinton and her husband, they claim you should not believe anything said negatively about Trump.

They further go on and say that all of this happened decades ago and isn’t relevant, and then say that what happened decades ago with Bill Clinton is relevant.

We were told that the alleged attack on a woman in First Class of an airplane could not have happened because there is a space between the seats.  Well, I flew on airplanes in the 80s and 90s and even in First Class a few times.  During those days, the seats did not have a space between them only an armrest.

At first Trump claimed that these women are all horrible, horrible liars.  Then he attacked the media for “creating” the scandal.  Then he blamed the Clintons for creating the scandal.  Then he blamed Global Bankers for creating the scandal.  Then he said “just look at her, I mean really.”  Meaning he wants you to believe the woman was pretty enough for him to bother with.

Mike Pence has been trying to stop the bleeding as well.  He keeps saying how Donald Trump “empowers” female employees and has so many women working at his company.  Yet only 43 percent of his workforce are women.

But if you really want to know how Trump’s campaign, organization, and even his own family feel about women, you need look no further than Donald Trump, Jr.

Junior crawled out from his hideout in the swamp with some advice for any woman who wishes to enter the workforce.  Be prepared to be sexually abused.

In 2013 on the Opie and Anthony Show, which was just unearthed by BuzzFeed, Junior said”

If you can’t handle some of the basic stuff that’s become a problem in the workforce today, then you don’t belong in the workforce.

You should go maybe teach kindergarten.  You can’t be negotiating billion-dollar deals if you can’t handle, like, you know.

Apparently Junior doesn’t believe teaching kindergarten is being part of the workforce.  He is telling women that if you can’t handle being in a sexually abusive environment, just quit.

Junior also seems to forget that this type of behavior is illegal in the workplace.  The Equal Employment Commission says it best:

It is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general.

This whole mess has shown that Donald Trump and his family have been practicing harassment throughout the years.  These are not isolated incidents of bad behavior once in a while.

In an interview in 1998 with Chris Matthews, Donald Trump said he hesitated running for political because “my trouble with women” would be a weak point.  He knew back then he had a problem with women.  Unfortunately, for both him and the country, everyone else now knows about his “problem with women.”

And just to show you how bad his judgement really is, he has hunkered down with Bannon, Bossie, Ailes and Conway to come up with his defense.  Bannon is a “silent” leader of the Alt-Right.  He even said that his Breitbart was the voice of the Alt-Right.  Bossie has made a living trying to create new scandals against the Clintons.  And you know all about Roger Ailes and his “problem with women”.  Conway was heading up the “legitimate rape” candidate’s campaign.

When Hillary Clinton tried to defend her husband and family she was “an enabler” to Bill’s bad behavior.  When Donald Trump calls his accusers “horrible, horrible liar” we are supposed to believe him.

Sometimes I feel like I am at the old drive-in theater when I was younger watching movies like “Swamp Creatures” all over again.  Problem is these swamp creatures are more scary than the swamp creatures in the old movies.


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Last night’s debate was nothing short of looking at a raving lunatic trying to debate a normal person.  I know that is going to piss off some people, but Donald Trump looked like a raving lunatic trying to intimidate his opponent instead of debating her.

The optics were absolutely horrible.  While Clinton was speaking, he was stalking her around the stage.  I am not sure what he was trying to do.  But, having him lurking right behind her all night scowling like some kind of spoiled 4-year-old brat was really a stupid idea.

Maybe that was because he didn’t have anything to say.  When he was confronted with his comments released on Friday, he refused to admit that he was bragging about sexually assaulting women.  He claimed “you didn’t understand what I was saying”.  No, I do understand what you were saying.  You were bragging that you could sexually assault women and get away with it because you are a “star”.

Donald Trump thinks that the American people are so stupid that he can make any claim he wants and they will believe him because he keeps saying “believe me”.  Well they don’t believe him and he is in real trouble trying to win any of the battleground states.

The spot polls say the Clinton won the debate last night even though the Trump campaign keep trying to claim victory.  I guess since he didn’t try to grab Clinton by her genitals that is a victory.

Then we have the scary part where he said he would join forces with Assad, Putin and Iran to fight ISIS.  He claims that Russia is bombing ISIS when in fact they are bombing the rebels in Aleppo.

I defy anyone on the right to defend the idea we should support Assad, Russia and Iran.  Nothing shows Trump’s global view better than that statement alone.  He is willing to abandon NATO because he thinks it is obsolete, but he is willing to support dictatorships.

The very idea of dictatorship in this country came up when he claimed that “If I was President you would be in jail.”  I haven’t heard that in many years and never in this country.  That is the kind of thing dictators do not Presidents.  As some have said that comment is totally “Banana Republic” talk.

I guess we will also hear that he had a bad mic again since he was sniffling all night again.  Is Donald Trump suffering from a cold or is he crying about his disastrous campaign?

During the debate he even went out of his way to throw his running mate under the bus.  Instead of talking about Syria and even saying that “I and Mike will sit down and discuss this because we do have minor disagreements about how to proceed in Syria,” he said “we haven’t spoken and I disagree.

About the only thing that Donald Trump was very good at last night was hurling innuendos and avoiding “answering” the questions that were asked of him.  What new?

I really don’t know how to describe Donald Trump anymore.  He keeps losing his cool and speaks like someone who doesn’t think.  To put it plainly if Donald Trump had one more brain cell, it would die from loneliness.

We have 29 days until the election.  That means we have 29 days of mud and sewer talk from Donald Trump.  The man simply cannot help himself.  The very idea that he could even have a remote possibility of becoming President is very scary.  We cannot let him get anywhere near the White House.

Breaking news:  As I was writing this I heard a report that Paul Ryan released a statement that said he would no longer defend Trump and will put all of his energy on helping to keep the House.  But, he still hasn’t pulled his endorsement.

Still, the rats are abandoning ship.


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On Sunday we will have the second Presidential debate.  The media is all abuzz with the latest Trump tapes showing just how lewd he really is.  But I am not going to talk about that right now.

With the start of tomorrow’s debate I want you to remember two numbers.  70 and 55.  Those are the two important numbers in this election but the Republicans only want to talk one of them.

That was evident today at Paul Ryan’s rally in Wisconsin.  He claimed that 70 percent of the American people believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.  According to the polls that is correct.  But, also according to the polls President Obama’s approval rating, meaning if the people like the job he is doing, is at 55 percent.

Now the political pundits claim that is an anomaly that they cannot explain.  That is because they always believe that the President’s approval rating should be tied to the direction of the country numbers.  And, in most cases it is.

But, this isn’t normal times.  This is a period of time when one party has obstructed everything that came before them if the President’s name or support was attached to it.

People claim that they love Donald Trump because he is talking about fixing our problems.  Like immigration, the border security, and infrastructure.  Problem is that we could already be working on solving those problems if not for the Republican Party’s obstructionism.

Because of the Republican in Congress, the growth of our recovery has been purposefully held down.  Employment has been purposefully held down.  Repairs to our infrastructure has been stopped.  Border security has been hampered.  And immigration reform has been stopped.

This isn’t the fault of the administration or President Obama, it is the direct fault of the Republican Party especially in the House of Representatives.  They have made it their business not to do any business that would make your lives better.

I am going to list thee bills that the President wanted passed that did not get passed.  The Transportation and Infrastructure Bill.  The Immigration Reform Bill.  The Equal Pay for Equal Work Bill.

Let’s now look at each of them.  The Transportation and Infrastructure Bill was intended to repair our roads, rail systems, airports, electrical grid, water distribution, and much more.  It would have created millions of well-paying long-lasting jobs for the American people.

The jobs this bill would have created would have lasted for decades.  These projects would not be done overnight.  As a result, there would be more employment, higher revenue flowing into the Federal Coffers due to more people paying taxes and more jobs in other industries.

The last part would be caused by the people working on our infrastructure making money they would spend on other items meaning manufacturing could also come back to keep up with demand.

With increased revenue coming in we could balance our budget and pay off our debt.  All things that would be good for the country and many Americans.  Reliance on the social safety net would be reduced thus reducing the amount of money needed to keep the afloat.

The Immigration Reform Bill would have completely overhauled our immigration system.  It would have also given more money and personnel to secure our borders better.  As a result, undocumented immigration would be severely decreased.  Also, it would have made E-Verify the law of the land and every employer would have had to abide by it.

That means employers would not be able to hire undocumented immigrants to keep wages below minimum wage.  That is what has been happening.  If employers were required to use E-Verify they would have a harder time employing undocumented immigrants.

The Equal Pay for Equal Work would have meant that employers would have had to pay the same salary to everyone doing the same job regardless of sex.  Today, women make about 75 cents per dollar of men working in the same job doing the same work.

Again, this bill would have increased tax revenues to the government because these women would be paying more taxes than they do now.  It also would mean that women, who are becoming more and more the significant bread-winner in households would be able to support their families without the help of the social safety nets.

Besides these three bills, the administration has been pushing to raise the minimum wage.  Raising the minimum wage would take about 10 million off of the social safety nets according to most economists.  People working full-time would actually make a living wage.

All of these bills were stopped by the Republican Controlled House of Representatives.  The Immigration Reform Bill was a bi-partisan bill that easily passed the Senate.  Then speaker John Boehner put it in a drawer and is has remained there.

All three of these bills would have made life better for millions of Americans.  The Transportation and Infrastructure Bill would have reduced the unemployment faster and earlier if it had passed.  Again, the House of Representatives put it in a drawer.

So you see, the direction of the country would have been much better, and the polls would show a positive number for the direction of the country if Republicans had actually done the job they were sent to Washington to do.

I believe that the President’s approval rating is very positive because the American people know he has done everything he could.  I believe the direction of the country numbers are so low because the American people know that Republicans in Congress has stopped things that would have helped.

When Republicans say that 7 out of 10 Americans think the country is heading in the wrong direction, they should look in the mirror.  The Congress which they control has an approval rating around 20 percent.

Paul Ryan keeps touting the Republican Policy that he unveiled.  My question to him is why hasn’t he tried to implement it?  His party has controlled the House for six years and in those six years it has been the least productive Congress in our history with each Congress getting worse than the one before.

If he really believes in his plan, why hasn’t he put forth bills to make it a reality?  Even if the President vetoed his plan, he could always override the veto.  But, no, he hasn’t put forth one bill to implement anything in his “policy” pamphlet.  Why?  Because it is all garbage and doesn’t mean anything.

Republicans try to make you believe that all bills must come from the President.  That is a lie.  Most bills come from Congress.  The Republican controlled Congress hasn’t passed a single meaningful bill in over six years.

Don’t you think there is something wrong with Republicans when you consider that when Democrats are in control of Congress they pass lots of bills regardless of who is President?  Maybe that is because they understand that is their job.

Let’s face reality.  Using Ryan’s own words, the biggest “takers” in America are Republicans in Congress.  They sit in the chamber taking their paychecks and do nothing to pass meaningful bills to improve our lot.  I guess the Republican idea of work is running for office.  Once you get in, you can take a two-year vacation and do nothing.

I believe this explains the conundrum of why 70 percent think the country is heading in the wrong direction yet 55 percent believe the President is doing a good job.  Their dissatisfaction is really on Republicans in Congress.

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Yesterday the Washington Post and Access Hollywood put out a video of Donald Trump talking on a bus on his way to a soap opera in 2005.  The tape was despicable, crude, and downright offensive.  He bragged about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it “because I am famous”

The backlash was swift.  Paul Ryan said it was offensive and he then announced that a planned appearance with Donald Trump would not take place today as planed.  Huntsman and others called on Trump to step down.  Chavetz said “I’m out.  I cannot endorse this man”.

Even Mitch McConnell demanded an apology.  He got that apology at about 1 a.m. this morning in a video Trump put out.  Only according to what most people consider an “apology” it wasn’t.  The video lasted a whole 90 seconds, and he looked like he was a hostage being forced to broadcast a video saying he was a hostage because it was his own fault.

Then near the end he went after Bill Clinton and his past indiscretions.  To me that is all idiocy.  Bill Clinton is not running for President.  His wife is.  I do not understand how Bill’s behavior shows anything wrong about Hillary, except in an egomaniacs twisted misogynistic mind.

All of this was totally expected from Trump and his “apology”.  I expected him to say meaningless words with no feelings behind them.  I also expected him to distract the whole mess to someone else.  He knows his followers have what is commonly known as “Clintonitis”.  That is a common disease among Republicans who hate anything Clinton.  So, he believes anything bad he says about Bill Clinton will cause Hillary Clinton to shrivel up and fade away so he can win.

The reason he believes he can get away with this is because the Republican Party has been spineless about Trump since he first announced his candidacy.  They have cozied up to him.  They have agreed with what he has been saying.  They refused to announce that his views and words are not theirs and they won’t back him.

Rather, people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have given cover to any Republican who backs this horror show.  Neither would use the word “endorse” but they both said they would “vote for him” which to me is the same thing as an endorsement.

Republicans have been trying to “prove” that Hillary Clinton is a crook and criminal.  They have failed miserably each time.  They spent millions of American taxpayer money in several “investigations” in Congress and never found that “proof”.

Nonetheless they still suffer from “Clintonitis”.  I always wondered why this is so important to Republicans.  Then, late last night, it hit me.  They are jealous of Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton’s administration did everything that Ronald Reagan said he would do and grow the economy.  It was under Bill Clinton’s administration that the economy really took off.  And he did it without cutting taxes.

Under Reagan, we suffered a recession and Reagan had to raise taxes, after he had drastically cut them, in order to save the economy.  Reagan ballooned the deficit, while Clinton balanced the budget.  Clinton actually did what the Republican “savior” could not.  That is where this hatred comes from.

Hillary Clinton may be a flawed candidate.  But, look what the Republican Party gave us as her opponent.  The worst candidate in our nation’s history.   Donald Trump is worse than being flawed.  He is a racist, womanizer, white supremacist who believes he can do anything he wants to whomever he wants.

The Republican Party has created the tribalism that has placed a stranglehold on our country.  They are the ones who moved obstructionism to an art form.  They are the ones who are against anything if Obama’s or Clinton’s name is attached to it even if it makes the country better.

The Republican Party needs to be shredded.  They certainly chose the right candidate to help make that possible.  They have been ineffective in governing for about 20 years.  And, it has gotten worse over the last eight.

The Republican Party needs to be shattered all the way down the ticket for their putting this snake oil salesman up for President.  They have shown what kind of party they really are.  They are a party seeking power for the sake of power.

They do not care about the country, the economy, the people, or you personally.  They only care about power.  That is the formula for authoritarianism not democracy.  All of the voter suppression laws, the anti-LGBT laws, the anti-abortion laws only show they want to dictate how we are to live our lives.

Their only problem was that they nominated a candidate for President that says openly what they have been saying secretively for years.  Donald Trump IS the Republican Party in all its glory.

If he wasn’t the epitome of their party, they would have cast him off long ago.  Since they backed him in the name of “party unity”, they deserve a beating at the polls.


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I am really astounded.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Today, Donald Trump showed us what sleaze really is.  He has no understanding of morality, dignity, or manhood.

I am not just talking about the lewd comments he made on that now infamous tape from Access Hollywood.  I am talking about the whole day and how he made a fool of himself time after time.

Earlier today, he announced to the world that “illegal immigrants” are flooding over the border just to vote for Hillary Clinton.  I wonder if this “man” even knows how to think in a reasonable manner.

First of all, undocumented immigrants cannot vote.  They cannot even register to vote because they don’t have the citizenship papers need to register to vote.  So, this is nothing more than another scare tactic and an anti-immigrant, more specifically anti-Mexican rant.

In case anyone is wondering or doesn’t know, it takes 5 years after receiving a “green card” before an immigrant can even apply for citizenship.  Is Donald Trump suggesting that the people who work at the polls don’t know how to do their job and deny a vote to undocumented immigrants?  Is he suggesting that they are deliberately not doing their job?  Just what is he trying to say here?

Then he went off on the Central Park Five again.  I don’t even know why he went there.  In case you forgot, 5 teenagers were accused of beating and raping a woman jogging in Central Park in 1989.  After hours of interrogation, they cracked and confessed.  They were found guilty of the crime and sentenced to jail.

Several years later, another person confessed to the crime and DNA evidence proved that the so-called Central Park Five were innocent and they were released from jail.  When they were convicted, Trump took out a full-page ad in the newspapers and demanded that the death penalty be reinstated.

After the 5 were released and sued the city, they were awarded millions of dollars in compensation.  Trump called it the “biggest heist” in the city’s history.  For some sick reason today he continued to claim that the 5 were guilty and should be in jail.

Evidence and science be damned.  Trump claims they are guilty therefore they are guilty.

Then tonight the Washington Post released a lewd tape of Trump making really bad comments and “bragging” about how he can sexually assault women because he is famous.  I am not going to get into detail and give him any more print to these vulgar comments here.  But Trump said “I apologize if these comments offended anybody”.

IF?  IF THESE COMMENTS OFFENDED ANYBODY?  Sorry, but I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t be offended by these comments.  But, then there are those phony Christian conservatives who love Donald Trump.

Ralph Reed, the chairman of the faith and Freedom Coalition and a member of Trump’s religious advisory board said:

I’ve listened to the tape, my view is that people of faith are voting on issues like who will protect unborn life, defend religious freedom, create jobs, and oppose the Iran nuclear deal.  I think a 10-year-old tape of a private conversation with a TV talk show host ranks pretty low on their hierarchy of concerns.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, another Trump supporter, told BuzzFeed he isn’t concerned with sharing “values” with the GOP nominee.

“My personal support for Donald Trump has never been based upon shared values, it is based upon shared concerns about issues such as: justices on the Supreme Court that ignore the constitution, America’s continued vulnerability to Islamic terrorists and the systematic attack on religious liberty that we’ve seen in the last 7 1/2 years,” he said in an email.

There are more, but that gives you an idea why I keep saying these Christian Conservatives are anything but Christian.  This man is running to be our President.  The leader of our country, and of the free world.  And these Christians aren’t concerned about voting for him after he brags about sexually assaulting women?

Meanwhile, Russell Moore, who heads the Southern Baptist Commission’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, tweeted out that the audio undergirds his long-held concerns about Trump. And he posted a statement he’d released more than a year ago explaining his opposition to Trump.

“In the 1990s, some of these social conservatives argued that ‘If Bill Clinton’s wife can’t trust him, neither can we.  If character matters, character matters. Today’s evangelicals should ask, ‘Whatever happened to our commitment to ‘traditional family values’?”

The fallout has been drastic.  But, all of the fallout has been over the tape and does not include the other offensive comments about immigrants and the Central Park Five.

Trump and Pence were supposed to appear tomorrow with Ryan and Priebus.  Ryan said Trump would not be there.  Trump said he would be with Priebus to “prepare” for Sunday’s debate.  There have even been calls for Trump to resign his nomination.

There have been a lot of accusations and innuendos about Hillary Clinton ranging from emails to Benghazi.  Nothing has come out of the various “investigations” that showed any “wrong-doing” or criminal activity.  When Republicans say Clinton “broke the law” by using a private server, she didn’t.  There was no law about using a private server when she was Secretary of State.  I am not sure there is a law about that even still.

You can believe what you want about Hillary Clinton.  However, these issues surrounding Trump, his Foundation using pay-for-play by making political donations and its self dealing for purchasing items using Foundation money for Trump’s personal use are proven and illegal.

The comments he has made about people with physical disabilities and especially women are real, repulsive and on tape.  All of his comments about Mexico sending us their “rapists and criminals” are real and on tape.

His wanting to stop all immigration to Muslims is real and on tape.  His idea of “extreme vetting” including “religious tests” are real and on tape.  The man has no principles except serving himself.

I hate to do this, but to use his own words, the man is a pig.  If anyone can still support this bozo, I feel sorry for you.  You must be a person who looks in the mirror and sees no reflection.  There is no other reason anyone can support this man except for the racists, white supremacists, nativists, homophobes, xenophobes, and hate mongers.

This is NOT what America is about.  There are many forms of torture.  Donald Trump actually being the Republican Nominee is torture for our country.  We better wake up before it is too late for everyone.


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I hate to say this, but if people in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina die from Hurricane Matthew because they failed to follow safety recommendations, some of the fault will lay at the feet of some conservative idiots who are trying to make points off of this disaster.

That may seem like a harsh statement, but I have lots of experience with hurricanes and I know that this has nothing to do with politics.  This is a life and death situation.  There has already been over 500 people killed in this hurricane, and it is possible that more will be added to that count.

But, that doesn’t stop the self-absorbed idiots from screaming about conspiracies.  On Thursday, Limbaugh on his show said that the government was inflating the danger.  He said it was a left-wing conspiracy so they can “hype global warming”.

He further said that everything was just fine.  After all, his house “was hit by Hurricane Wilma in 2004 and it survived just fine.”  So, see you don’t have to worry about a Category 4 hurricane or 7-11 foot storm surge or the 130 MPH winds.  His house was hit by a Category 1 hurricane and everything is just fine.

Matt Drudge went even further.  He claimed that there was no proof of the accuracy of the warnings and that the National Weather Service had a monopoly on the data.  And, while the National Hurricane Center was saying that severe winds would hit the Florida coast within hours, he was tweeting that the storm was “fizzling out”.

I don’t really give a shit what Limbaugh or Drudge think about climate change.  They are both self-absorbed idiots who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.  What I do care about is that they do have a following and they are placing many people in danger that they don’t have to be in.

That it totally irresponsible.  I am a veteran of disaster relief work.  I have seen Category 1 Hurricanes kill hundreds of people and cause billions of dollars in damage.  This storm is bigger than Katrina and Sandy and look what they did.  We have been fortunate so far because it hasn’t fully come ashore.  If it did, the damage would be far worse.

This is a very serious and dangerous storm.  It is one of the worst I have seen.  If you don’t take the warnings seriously, you are placing yourself and your family in danger.  Especially if you live along the coast.

I  am strongly urging people who live along the coast in northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to make sure you get out.  Evacuation orders have been issued, and if you are still in the evacuation areas, you need to leave immediately.

It is possible that the storm could change course again and save your property.  But it is just as possible it could hit you head on.  The potential storm surge is one of the highest I have ever seen.  And, that is the biggest danger people along the coast face.

If an 11 foot storm surge does strike, it will flood the entire first floor of your house.  If you don’t have a second floor, you will be either trying to get into your attic or you will potentially drown.  I am not exaggerating either.  That is assuming the storm surge doesn’t simply wash your house way.

Please, everyone in the path of this deadly storm, listen to the experts and not self-absorbed idiots who don’t care about you.  Don’t be a statistic, be a survivor.  Hopefully it won’t get that bad, but if you are betting on that, remember you are betting with your life.  That is not a bet I want you to lose.

Let us allow the relief workers to come in after the storm and help you rebuild.  Not look for victims.

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