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Donald Trump calls himself the “agent of change” in this election.  I guess in some way, that may be true.  Only I don’t see his “change” as one for the future but rather taking us back in time and changing away from the future we have started building under President Obama.

Yesterday I was reminded about my earlier comments about words mattering.  Trump used words yesterday that were somewhat frightening to anyone who loves our country, our form of government, our constitution, and our way of life.

At a rally in Florida, Trump announced that “we are going to change the government”.  I have to ask just what does he mean by that statement?  Does he mean he will end the “gridlock” being produced by his own party?  Or, does he mean change the government like getting rid of the current democracy for soething else?  Since I consider him a Fascist wannabe, I am guessing he means the latter.

From the rousing applause he got, I am guessing his audience thought the same thing.  Especially when you consider his comments about “getting rid of Hillary Clinton”.  Saying you are going to “get rid” of someone is very suspicious.

Then, all day yesterday, I kept hearing that meme about the “agent of change” and that during the debate there was no “gotcha” moment.  All of these nice political wonks all missed what I pointed out in my last paragraph yesterday.  The very idea that Trump believes that shooting at another country’s navy vessels is not an act of war and “wont’ start a war” is that “gotcha moment” that everyone is missing and not talking about.

It goes beyond that as well.  Trump has surrounded himself with people just like himself.  They are stupid people who are more interested in hurting and attacking other people than they are in talking about actual policies.

We keep hearing from the Trump Team that they are talking policies.  They are not.  They are making attacks against people who are supporting Clinton because they cannot believe anyone would actually support her.  More importantly they are attacks against people who have anything negative to say about Trump.

Yesterday, Trump himself could not help but double down on his attacks against that Miss Universe winner over her weight.  He went so far as to say “we had a lot of problems with her and Clinton is making her sound like Mother Theresa.”  Sorry Donald, but defending someone from your “fat shaming” attacks is not making her sound like Mother Theresa.

What that is doing is calling you out for your misogynistic behavior.  But that wasn’t enough either.  One of Trump’s minions on CNN compared the Miss Universe woman to a “terrorist”.  She even went so far as to say Machado was accused of threatening a Venezuelan Judge.  When it was pointed out that she was never charged with any crime and the vetting system to become a citizen is rigorous, she concluded that it couldn’t be very rigorous because of the recent bombings.  Well, what about that lawyer in Houston that shot nine people and had swastika labeled material in his car?  He was a natural citizen but apparently he isn’t a “terrorist”.

Then we have Trump saying how “restrained” he was because he didn’t bring up Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.  Like that has anything to do with this election since Bill Clinton isn’t running for any office.  Then, to double down, Rudi Giuliani said that Hillary Clinton is “too stupid to be President”.  Why?  Because she did not divorce Bill after everything came to light.

Maybe he thinks that she should have followed his lead.  She should have called a news conference to announce she was going to divorce Bill before she told him, just like Giuliani did to his wife.

Then the Assistant Campaign Manager said that Hillary Clinton was the “enabler” that allowed her husband to cheat on her.  I guess that makes Ivana Trump and Marla Trump enablers too since Trump cheated on them while he was married to them.

And remember, these people are representing the party that prides itself on being the party of “Family Values”.  I guess Family Values aren’t what they used to be.  If you forgive our husband for his indiscretions and stay with him in accordance with your marriage vows you are an enabler.  Instead you should hold press conferences to announce your divorce before you tell your spouse you are divorcing them.  Maybe even get married three times and tell everyone how you believe in “family Values”.  That is the new Republican definition of “Family Values”.

According to Donald Trump and his minions Blacks and Latinos live in hell.  Women are pigs, slobs, ugly, and just plain stupid.  Women are an inconvenience to businesses because they might get pregnant.  They have an awful lot of nerve expecting to be paid the same as a man doing the exact same work.

Finally, we have another wonderful surrogate for the Trump Team in Steve King of Iowa.  He recently said in a tweet with a picture of himself alongside European Fascist leaders “Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end.”

The meaning is very clear.  This is a meme used by white supremacists that claim that immigrants, people of color, and Muslims pose a threat to “white purity”.  No one on the Trump Team has distanced the campaign from King’s comments which tells me they agree.

Donald Trump is not an agent of change.  Unless you consider an agent of change going back to our bigoted past of hating people of color, non-Christians, immigrants, and women as being “change”.

No, a vote for Donald Trump is really a vote for an “agent from hell”.  If that is what you want America to become, by all means vote for the idiot.  I plan to continue to fight against the very possibility that this “agent from hell” can win the election for as long as it takes to defeat him.

Words matter.  It is really time for America to listen to what this clown says.  Everyone with any sense of morality knows I am right.  We desperately need to stop this Fascist Dictator wannabe.  Vote down Trump and his fascist backers like King.

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At the end of this month, the government will run out of money, and it will be forced to shut down again!  This time, it is clearly the fault of Republicans who are anxious to close down business and get on the campaign trail.

There have been a lot of riders placed on the bill while it was going through Congress.  However, one issue is standing out alone in its disastrous consequence for the American People.  That is the issue of Flint, MI.

To rewind a little bit.  We have discussed the poisoning of the water of Flint for some time here.  We talked about a bill that was making its way through the Senate that would have provided money for Flint and other communities with lead in their water.

The bill finally passed the Senate and moved over to the House.  As usual, the House put it in its famous drawer and it never saw a vote or even a debate.  It will never get a vote or debate in the House.

When Trump made his infamous and very uncomfortable trip to Flint, one of the Representatives for the area said that if he really cared about Flint, he should pick up the phone and call Paul Ryan to ensure he passed the bill.  Trump did not make the call, and Ryan did not pass the bill.

By the way, in order to make this bill possible and gain bi-partisan support, Democrats killed an energy bill that they had gotten passed in order to “pay for” the help for Flint’s assistance.  That is the reason it passed the Senate with high bi-partisan support.

But, since the bill was being ignored in the House, Senate Democrats placed a rider in the continuing resolution bill so it would pass and help the people of Flint and other communities that need that help to clean up their water.

Mitch McConnell showing his disdain for the people of Flint placed a “clean” continuing resolution on the floor as a “take it or leave it” bill.  This bill included relief for Louisiana, Maryland, and West Virginia that all suffered flooding in many of their communities this year.  However, the Flint money was left out.

The money for Flint was the only one that was “paid for” which the Republicans always say it must be.  The rest of the relief money has not been paid for and will increase the deficit.

No one is saying that these other states do not require help, they do.  However, please explain to me why they get money that is not “paid for” and Flint does not when that money is paid for.  How can we just turn our backs on people, especially children, who have been poisoned by their state and continues to be poisoned because they cannot get any money to replace those lead pipes?

Mitch McConnell and the entire Republican Party are showing very clearly they do not give a shit about the people of Flint, MI.  As far as they are concerned, I guess they should just shut up and die.

Paul Ryan is just as hateful as Mitch McConnell.  He is the Speaker of the House and he is the one that could and should bring the Flint Bill up for a vote in the House.  But, he won’t because he is too afraid of his wacko caucus.

Led by the crazy Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, the Republican Party has become the party that ignores the very people they are supposed to represent.  They have become the actual enemy of the American People.

If nothing else, you would think they would be rallying around their Republican Governor of Michigan.  No, instead they are throwing him under the bus in the name of “conservative principles”.  If people get sick and die, so be it.

In my 65 years of life, I have never seen a complete political party show such disrespect for the people of America.  I have never seen a political party tell people in this country to just die.  Until now!

I am very angry, in case you haven’t noticed.  Lead poisoning is a very serious matter.  These children face life-long potential health and mental problems due to this poisoning.  The money for Flint is designed to help the city replace all of the lead pipes so the contamination will end.

The actions of the House and McConnell show the Republicans don’t care if it is fixed or ended.  If there was ever a case that shows the total lack of concern for people from a political party, this is it.

I am pleading for everyone to call your Representative and Senator and demand that the money for Flint and other communities to be passed immediately.  If they refuse, they definitely need to be voted out of office.

If they won’t help Flint, they won’t help your community either.




fine, MI.

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A lot of things took place yesterday.  Donald Trump stood in front of a bunch of business people and laid out his economic plan.  Of course, that plan favors the rich despite the fact he claims it helps the middle-class.  He claims that he will create 25 million jobs.  That is doubtful as well according to most economics.

When I was serving in the Coast Guard we had a saying.  The difference between a fairy tale and sea story is that a fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time” and a sea story begins with “This ain’t no shit”.

As I sat and listened to the Delusional One, I kept wondering why he didn’t start his sentences with “this ain’t no shit”.  Because everything he was saying “would happen quickly, believe me” was part of a sea story.  Then it hit me.  “Believe me” is his version of “this ain’t no shit”.

As a result, I kept looking back at everything that Trump has said about the economy, immigration, and foreign policy.  I decided we should look at what his first 100 days would look like if he were elected President.  Everything that follows is a what I believe will happen if all of his bluster is the turth.

Should we be damned into a Trump Presidency, we have only ourselves to blame.  But, here is what will happen as far as his words have said.

On January 20, 2017 he will take the oath of office.  He will then give his acceptance speech and there will be a parade.  While he is giving his acceptance speech, over 2 million undocumented immigrants who Trump claims are criminals whether convicted of a crime or not will be rounded up.

During his acceptance speech, all of the so-called “radical Islamic terrorists” will drop dead in fear because he will utter that phrase about ten times.  We know from his campaign that is all you need to do to defeat “radical Islamic terrorists”.  So, America will be safe from those nasty people.

By the time the parade is over, those 2 million people who were rounded up will be on planes headed deep inside Mexico to make it harder for them to return.  We don’t know if the Mexican Government has agreed to the flights, we just knows they will be on their way.

Trump will dance through the night’s parties knowing that he defeated ISIS and deported all those “bad” people.  He will act very Presidential and wave at the gatherings like the strong-man he is.

On the next day, he will order that immigration be halted from every country that is known to “export terrorism.”  Those countries will include Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libia, Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands.

He will then decide that it is time to start working on his infamous wall.  He will give an executive order telling contractors, probably his own company, to start erecting that “beautiful wall”.  He will also give executive orders eliminating all of the clean water and air regulations, the FDA’s Food protections, OSHA safety regulations, and anything else he considers as “hurting business”.

Once he does that, millions of jobs will instantly become available to the American people because businesses will know he means business and they will be free to start opening new factories without having to worry about not killing anyone with unsafe practices or pollution.

He will then have some Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and pronounce a full day’s work done.  Except, the full day isn’t done just yet.  On the other side of the world, Iran has sent some of their “small boats” to circle one of our “beautiful destroyers” and make obscene gestures at our sailors.

President Trump cannot let that happen.  So, once news reaches him, he orders the Captain of the destroyer to “shoot them out of the water”.  Once that has happened, he calls a news conference to bluster about the great achievement.  “We really showed them who is boss” will be his cry of victory.

When Donald Trump wakes up on his third day in office, he will discover that Iran didn’t take too kindly at their boat being “shot out of the water” and has escalated the situation.  They have positioned some of their “beautiful destroyers” in the Strait of Hormuz and is shutting off shipping out of the Persian Gulf.

Trump orders them to stop or he will send in the fleet to “shoot them out of the water, too.”  Iran doesn’t back down and a shooting war begins.  While Trump is sitting in the Situation Room looking at maps of the Middle East, he is notified that Russia, an ally of Iran, has moved troops into the Ukraine.  His idol has decided that with Trump involved with Iran, Ukraine is his for the taking.

Except, his hero has also invaded all of the Baltic States which involves NATO.  Our NATO allies have ramped up their militaries in response to the Russian invasion of the Baltic States.  NATO is planning on going to war to get Russia out of those ally’s countries.

Before committing American Troops, Trump orders that his staff figure out if those Baltic States are “paid up” on their NATO dues.  A couple of hours later he is told yes.

Trump then decides to call his idol Putin and ask what the hell he is doing.  Putin doesn’t answer the phone.  Instead, Putin puts out a press release saying “Donald Trump is smart enough to know that the Balkan States speak closer to Russian than anyone else and therefore belongs under our protection.  Only President Trump is smart enough to understand our intentions are peaceful.”

Taking the bait, Trump hesitates and tells his Generals to wait and see what happens.  In other words, he violated the NATO treaty.  Besides, in the meantime, Iran has fired off missiles towards Israel.  Since they consider the fact that the U.S. started the shooting war, they have a right to defend themselves from Israel as well.

Israel begins to ramp up air strikes against Iran in defense of their country.  They call Trump and inform him of what they are planning.  Trump gives them the green light.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Un in North Korea decides this is a good time to strike at South Korea.  But, instead of sending troops across the border, he launches a nuclear attack against Seoul.

Outraged, Trump orders a nuclear attack against Pyongyang.  China is outraged over the nuclear exchange.  They decide it is time to invade Japan.  Russia is also outraged over the exchange and threatens a nuclear attack against the U.S. if one more nuclear device is used.

Israel in the meantime begins their air attack against Iran.  This brings Saudi Arabia into the fight as well.  They decide to end Iran’s grip on the area and send in troops as well.

After a quick war against the Balkan States, Russia decides to attack Poland.  This time the Generals convince Trump to enter the war in Europe with our NATO allies.

In response to the Chinese attack against Japan, Trump orders our Pacific Fleet to head to Japan to defend them.  Only, China has also attacked the Philippines.

Day three ends with world fears heightened.  Trump decides he needs his rest and takes a nap to get ready for day four.  During the night, the U.S. and South Korean forces crossed the border with North Korea in order to take out the nuclear weapons.  Fighting is fierce.

When day four begins and Trump returns to the situation room, it is reported that Russia has conquered all of the Balkan States and half of Poland.  NATO forces have set up defensive lines and are preparing for a major attack.

China has taken two of the Japanese Islands and are preparing to invade another.  The Philippines have surrendered to the Chinese.  Iran is fighting fiercely on two fronts.  Turkey has removed itself from NATO because the Kurds have invaded from Iraq trying to establish their own country of Kurdistan.  They blame the U.S. for arming the Kurds in Iraq which gave them the means to launch their assault on Turkey.

In response to the U.S. and South Korean invasion of North Korea, China has sent one million troops into that country to prop up its ally.  By noon, the U.S. is fighting China on two fronts, Russia on two fronts, and in Iran.

Seeing an opportunity, Egypt now launches an attack against Israel breaking their peace treaty.  Jordan is under pressure from Egypt to join them in eliminating Israel.

Israel warns Egypt to stop its aggression or face dire consequences.  They refuse.  Iran keeps launching missiles at Israel and civilian losses are mounting on the Israeli side.

Netanyahu has finally had enough.  He orders his air force to launch a nuclear attack against Teheran.  Since Trump already gave them the “green light” to fight against Iran, he does not notify the President about his decision.  At 2 pm Eastern Standard Time a nuclear bomb is dropped on Teheran.

Once it is clear that is exactly what happened, Putin becomes furious and launches an attack against the U.S. and Western Europe.  The U.S. and Western European nations retaliate.

China launches a nuclear attack against Japan, and the U.S. retaliates against China.  Pakistan decides to launch nuclear attacks against India and they retaliate.  By 6 pm Eastern Standard Time it is all over.  All of the nuclear missiles and bombs have been used up.

The earth falls silent.  A nuclear winter is in the making.  The sun will not shine as brightly tomorrow.  The earth will not feel the warmth it usually does in the morning.  Over 5 billion people are dead or dying of radiation sickness.  The rest of the world’s population is waiting for the radiation cloud to reach them and poison them to death as well.

Within three years intelligent life on our planet is gone.  There is no one to broadcast comedies on television.  There are no more football games or basketball games or baseball games or soccer.  There is no one to wonder what happened.  There is no one lifting their painful cries to any deity.  They are all gone.

All because an obscure sailor gave an obscene gesture that Donald Trump took offense to and ordered he be “shot out of the water.”  That is our choice in November.




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With his “latest” shakeup of his campaign staff, Delusional Donald has opened up his arms, publicly, to the Alt Right.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the Alt Right is a loosely connected group of people who are even more extreme than the ultra-conservative movement.

As a matter of fact, they are mostly white nationalists, white supremacists, nativists, anti-government people.  Their ranks are filled with hate filled people who despise everything not considered “white”.

They not only hate the idea of undocumented immigration, they hate the idea of immigration all together.  They want to shut down our borders and not let in any non-white Europeans.  They particularly hate Jews, Blacks, Latinos, and especially Muslims.

Breitbart has also openly argued in favor of their views.  Steve Bannon at Breitbart even has Alt Right writers commonly penning articles for the service.  The real problem with the Alt Right is that they don’t usually look the part of the white supremacists we see in the KKK or American Nazi Party.  They are commonly referred to white supremacists in suits.

The other problem is they cannot be considered officially as a hate “group” since they don’t have any formal “group” dynamics.  As I said they are loosely connected through philosophy that America is supposed to be a “White Nation for Whites Only.”

Delusional Donald opened his arms publicly to these people yesterday when he hired Steve Bannon as his CEO for his campaign.  Breitbart has been the leading opponent of the Republican Party.  Bannon takes credit for the “downfall” of John Boehner and has openly criticized Paul Ryan on his website.

If Delusional Donald thought this “shakeup” would help consolidate the Republican Party behind him, he has another thought coming.  He chose “public enemy number one” to the Republican Party to run his campaign.

Breitbart is right up there with InfoWars in conspiracy theories.  They helped propagate the “birther” scandal and hailed Donald Trump as a hero for “exposing” this false political scam.  They have shown themselves to be haters of immigrants, Blacks, and even women.

They published one article in the past titled:  “Birth Control Makes Women Ugly and Crazy.”  Not long ago Bannon said that Donald Trump should run his campaign through November in a way that “makes the Republican Party nervous.”

One conservative radio talk show host said yesterday:  “The problem is that conservatives have been lumped into the “racist” group too easily by liberals.  So now that a real “racist” is running how do you separate the two.”  In fairness, he is a “never Trump” guy.

To me, all conservatives are not racists.  But, when the Republican Party has a platform that basically calls for second-class citizenship for groups of people, and when that party stays quiet while the “racists” spout their hatred in order to get votes and win elections in certain parts of the country, then the party is at least a contributor to what is going on.

Delusional Donald just took up the mantra and openly said what many in the party has been saying in “code words”.  So this commentator is partly right, but he is also mostly wrong.  If he really wants us to think that all conservatives are not racists, then he should be much more vocal when they spout racist comments.

Yesterday, Fox News played an interview Hannity did with Delusional Donald on Tuesday night before the announced shakeup of his campaign staff.  During the interview, Donald was Donald, again.  He said he thinks it is time to “profile” Muslims in particular.

Here is again going with an unconstitutional way of “stopping terrorism”.  During the interview, he blamed the entire Muslim community for terrorism because “they don’t do enough to turn these people over to authorities.”  Therefore, we should profile them and watch them very closely.

He even said that he would “throw out” the father of the Orlando shooter.  Which goes along with his theory that the families of suspected terrorists should also be punished, even have their homes burned down.

Of course in his speech that same night, he called for “profiling” in the African-American communities as well.  He wants to set up the same sort of profiling “policing” that Giuliani set up in New York with his “stop and frisk” campaign.  That is profiling at its best.

By hiring Steve Bannon to be the CEO of his campaign, Delusional Donald not only gave the finger to the Republican Party, he gave the finger to all Americans.  He has shown that conspiracy theorists like Bannon and Alex Jones and their followers and white supremacists like the Alt Right are the people he most favors.  These are the people he is most comfortable being around.

All of the Alt Right sites were absolutely “thrilled” with Bannon’s hiring.  They called it a great day for America and the Trump campaign.  That should say everything you need to know about why Delusional Donald picked Bannon.

The Republican Party has painted itself into a corner.  With this “shakeup” of the Trump campaign, the dirt is going to get worse and even more bizarre, if that is possible.  On one hand, too many Republicans don’t want to be associated with Trump.  On the other hand Trump has helped the party raise money for their entire campaign.

If the Party flatly refuses to fund Trump, he will stop fundraising for them, and some of the money will go away.  If they continue to fund Trump, even with less money than they do now, their down ticket candidates have to figure out a way to stay away from Trump and his campaign.

I am figuring that the race will get closer as we get closer to November.  Still, if Trump manages to come back, he would be the first candidate so far behind at this point to win.  No one else has managed that feat, and I don’t expect Trump to pull it off either, but it is still the dangerous possibility we face.

If you think this race has been ugly so far, buckle up because the ride is going to get a lot worse.  I will point out one thing to watch for besides the conspiracy theories put forth by Bannon, the attacks on Clinton are going to get worse.  Whenever Trump is asked a question, no matter what the topic is, Clinton will be attacked instead of answering the question.

Kellyanne Conway is a minor pollster for conservative groups.  She is now the Campaign Manager for Trump and according to reports will be with Trump every second he is campaigning.  Conway has made her living by trashing Hillary and Bill Clinton.  Every sentence is all about how the Clintons are to blame for everything wrong in the world.  She definitely has a one track mind on this subject.

So, you can expect that Trump will roll out Conway’s view of the world and that the Clintons are to blame for everything wrong.  Sprinkle in conspiracy theories by Bannon, and you can see how this campaign will go from here.

If you are interested in issues, topics, or plans to help the country, you won’t hear any from Trump.  My question is what will “real Republicans” do?

Let the fantasy ride begin.


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It would appear that Donald Trump is trying to use confusion to win the election in November.  I cannot think of any other reason for his actions.  The other day he gave a speech telling America his plans to “make America safe again” but really didn’t say anything that made sense.  Yesterday, he gave a speech billed as “law and order” but only spent about 5 minutes out of 35 minutes actually taking about law and order.

He chose this speech to woo African-American voters to his “tent”.  Except, he didn’t give the speech in Milwaukee, but rather a town an hour drive north of the city that is predominantly white.  The audience was all white according to reports.

The other strange part was just before he tried to woo African-American voters, he went on a rampage about how African-Americans are so unlawful.  He basically told the African-Americans in the country they are directly responsible for the “lawlessness” in the country, then asked them to vote for him.

Besides, if he really was interested in “wooing” the African-American vote, he would have accepted invitations to speak at their organizations.  Trump declined every invitation from prominent African-American groups to speak at their conventions including the NAACP, and the Urban League.  That tells me he isn’t interested in the African-American vote.  Maybe that is why he is polling 1 percent of it.

He also figured it was a good time to once again question Hillary Clinton’s health.  He said that Clinton doesn’t have the mental or physical “stamina” to be President.  There are only two things I can think of as to why he would go there.  The first is he has fallen for Alex Jones and his conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton has “major” health problems she is hiding.

The second is that he is simply being sexist telling the American people that a woman doesn’t have the “stamina” to be President.  He is using his buddy Sean Hannity as cover for this second reason.  Hannity has been on a rampage about Clinton’s health.  He keeps bringing up the issue on his show and even pulls out the Fox News “doctors” to “evaluate” Clinton’s health without even examining her.

Their sick conclusion is that Clinton has suffered a “mini-stroke” and that makes her unqualified to become President, especially since she is “hiding” this “fact”.  Trump surrogates have even started calling for her to release her “health records” if she has nothing to “hide”.  They even go so far as to compare her releasing her health records to Trump releasing his tax returns.

Trump gave two “speeches” in two days.  He stayed on the teleprompter and spoke what was written for him.  I didn’t see or hear anything new in either speech, but they both had fodder for both sides to talk about.  You would think this would be a good time to differentiate himself from his opponent.

But, no, what are the headlines today?  Not about his “security” speech.  Not about his “law and order” speech.  No, they are about his “shuffling his campaign staff, again.”  He has announced that Steve Bannon, the head of Breitbart” as the “CEO” of the campaign, and Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster and Trump advisor as Campaign Manager.

The timing of this is unusual at best.  Right after he gives a speech about “insider” control of Hillary Clinton, he announces he is hiring another Hedge Fund Manager as the campaign’s CEO.  I have to admit, this is the first time I have heard the term CEO to describe a position in a campaign.

I say another Hedge Fund Manager because Bannon was a Hedge Fund Manager.  Also, just about every single “economic advisor” he has named are Hedge Fund Managers.  He has hired only one true “economist” and reports say that person never met or spoke to Trump.

More importantly when it comes to this “hiring” is that fact that Bannon has said some really nasty things about the Republican Party.  He wrote just a few days ago that Trump should run his campaign through November is a style that will make the Republican Party establishment “nervous”.

In the meantime, Republicans up and down the ticket are trying very hard to distance themselves from Trump.  Yesterday, another 100 Republicans sent a letter to the RNC telling them to “cut off funds to Trump” and start fighting to keep the Senate and House.

These people are not “nervous” they are scared shitless that Trump will destroy the Republican Party and the “conservative” movement by getting trounced in November.  They are scared shitless that they may lose the Senate.  There is even some concern they may lose the House which is less possible.

In an interview yesterday Trump said he doesn’t want to “pivot”.  He said he wants to “keep being myself”.  Then he goes out and hires the head of the one “conservative” news organizations to be his CEO.  The same person who claims that Trump should be Trump.

All in all, there doesn’t seem to be any real “plan” on how Trump is running his campaign.  He shoots from the hip too much.  He doesn’t seem to listen to anyone with experience running campaigns.  Then he hires someone who apparently agrees with him.

That leads me to the conclusion that the plan of Donald Trump to win the election in November is to confuse the hell out of everyone.  Who knows, maybe it will work.  But I doubt it.  I give the American people more credit that to fall for that strategy.

I have come to conclusion that is his real plan and he will do everything in his power to stick to his plan.  I know it will work on his “red meat” base.  I just don’t believe it will work with everyone else.  When voters are scratching their heads at the polls about what a politician stands for, they rarely pull the lever for that candidate.

We can only hope common sense keeps ruling our voters choices.

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As I have written before, I tried to teach my children to learn to read, not learn how to read words.  There is a huge difference between the two.  In early elementary school, we all learn how to read words.  We learn how to pronounce them.  But, we do not learn how to read.

Reading is the one door that opens up the entire world to us.  It is the best mechanism to learn.  I helps us establish an imagination that makes us think and discover new things.  It is the foundation of every subject we take is school including history and mathematics.  If we cannot read, we cannot figure out any problem we face because we don’t understand them at all.

Reading is the best gift given to us by the gods or nature.  It allows us to look at our city, our state, our country, our world, and our universe with wide-eyed wonder.  By reading we learn others feelings, fears, hates, and loves.  We experience more than our own little world will allow us to know and understand.

When we read, we are listening to the words and what is in the mind of the author.  We see the author’s thoughts.  We understand the author’s feelings.  Listening to speeches should have the same effect.  When I gave lectures, I was reading my thoughts to the audience.  I never just read the words.

Yesterday, Delusional Donald stood at a podium and read words he called a “security speech”, but it is clear to me that he did not “read” the speech before giving it.  He did not understand the words that he was reading.  He did not see the meanings of those words.  They were simply some words that someone wrote for him, and he read them like he was seeing them for the first time.

There were a lot of areas we could talk about that were factually incorrect. There are a lot of areas where he wandered in and out of consciousness.  There were all kinds of areas we could debate.  But, there was one area that truly showed the real meaning of what he was reading and not understanding.  That portion came when he read “extreme vetting” and “Immigration tests” that will be needed to be passed before being allowed to immigrate to our country.

As part of Delusional Donald’s plan of extreme vetting, potential immigrants would be questioned or “tested” on their views of the U.S.

Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into our country. Only those who we expect to flourish in our country — and to embrace a tolerant American society — should be issued visas

A lot of people will say “what’s wrong with that?”  And, that is a fair question until you “read” that statement and not just the words.  His aides said, and he said as well federal agencies would use questionnaires, social media, interviews with family and friends or other means to vet applicants’ stances on issues including religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights.

Of course, we are going to have to “suspend” immigration from “certain areas of the world” until it is safe to resume it.  What parts of the world are in Trump’s mind is still a mystery.  But reasonable people understand whom he is talking about.

Unfortunately, here is where things go off the rails for those people who can read and who understand meanings.  Here is where Pandora’s box opens up very wide and shows the lack of judgement and understanding of the words he read.

Delusional Donald said:  “Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into our country.”  He also said we would be watching those who immigrate and deport those who we find were lying or became “radicalized” after they got here.

That is also something he read and did not understand.  So, in order to clarify things we need to ask Delusional Donald some questions.  If we are not going to allow people into the country who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, what do we do with all of the current citizens that do not support our Constitution or support bigotry and hatred?

To put it in plain language, what do we do with the Aryan Nation, American Nazis or the various sects of the Ku Klux Klan?  Are we going to round them up and put them in internment camps?  Are we going to send them to GITMO and try them in a Military Tribunal?  Are we simply going to deport them?

All of these groups and others have a long history of bigotry and hatred.  They are intolerant towards all non-white people.  The have attacked, beaten and killed Blacks, Latinos, Immigrants, Jews, Gays and even Catholics.  If we are not going allow people to enter the country who espouse to these “values” how can we allow these groups to remain?  They are the largest “domestic terrorist groups” in the country.

In previous speeches, Delusional Donald said that this “tolerance” includes LGBT rights.  If he really believes that, what do we do with all of the citizens who refuse to admit that the LGBT community should be granted the same civil rights as they get?  What about those who refuse to acknowledge that the LGBT community has the right to marry the person they love?

What are you going to do about people like Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence (your running mate) and others who have been passing or trying to pass legislature to make the LGBT community “second class citizens” by allowing companies and businesses to legally discriminate against them?  What about citizens who fight against changing the laws to make it illegal to fire someone from employment just because they are gay?

For that matter, what do you do about your own party?  If you bothered to “read” the Republican Party Platform, you would have noticed that it is very anti-gay.  They want a constitutional amendment rolling back same-sex marriage among other disgusting items.

So, you see words do matter.  You can also see that if you just stand there and read words, you don’t know what you are reading because you never read the speech first.  If you are going to “define” what “American virtues” are for immigrants, you must also define what “American virtues” are for the citizens as well.

Are you that willing to set up a police state that we must now watch our own citizens.  That is the only way your “extreme vetting” will actually work.  Not only do you need to keep out those immigrants who don’t love our Constitution or are not as tolerable as you, you must also weed out those citizens who also fall into that category.

Delusional Donald needs to learn how to read.  Not just read words.  After hearing this speech, I am beginning to realize that Delusional Donald is a bigger threat to ultra-conservatives than he is to liberals.  Then again, if he is elected, he will change his definition of “tolerance”  and “American virtues”just like he changes his position on everything else.  That’s what fascists do.

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I have to say something about this.  I am sick and tired of the haters attacking everyone and everything they see.  Their hatred towards life itself tells me they have no clue what it means to be human and they have no shame.  The way they show their hate also shows just how cowardly they really are and it is time for everyone to shut them up.

My ire here is over the treatment that Gabby Douglas has received since the U.S. Gymnast team won the gold medal at the Summer Olympics.  While the team was standing on the podium and the national anthem was being played, Ms. Douglas stood at attention.  That was apparently a problem for the armchair patriots who actually hate America and don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

The tweets started in full earnest.  Someone going under the alias ReallyRick from a place called Cookeville, TN started the mess with this awesome tweet:

Just because you didn’t make the all-around finals doesn’t mean you have to be a disrespectful bitch Gabby Douglas!

That wasn’t the only one either.  There were tweets about her hair and how someone didn’t like it.  There was one criticizing the “look on her face”.  It read:  “Will someone please smack that disrespectful look off of her face.”

We are talking about a 20-year-old young lady who is one of only three American Women who have won 3 gold medals at the Olympics.  She also won the Individual All-Around Gold Medal at a previous Olympics.

The problem for these assholes is that she is also an African-American.  This young woman, not even old enough to drink yet, has dedicated herself to training and competition so she can represent her country at world-wide competition.

When she wins, this is the treatment these clowns give her?  For one thing, there is nothing formal that says you have to place your hand over your heart when the National Anthem is played.  Hell, I’m a veteran and I never put my hand on my heart when it is played.  I stand at attention and face the flag in respect, just like she did.  That is a proper response and action when the National Anthem is played.

It is always amazing how these arm-chair patriots love to tell everyone just how they should act when anything like the anthem is played.  I am willing to bet that ReallyRick never stood at attention a saluted the flag during the playing of the National Anthem when he was in uniform.  He probably was never in uniform.

These attacks are nothing but hatred towards an African-American who has talent that none of these idiots could possibly attain.  They are simply jealous bigots who refuse to acknowledge that people different from them can represent our country.

Actually, Gabby Douglas is a far better example of America than any of these morons who are attacking her for stupid and bigoted reasons.  People like ReallyRick and the others who attacked Ms. Douglas are a disgrace to our country.

I would like to say to Gabby Douglas that I am very proud of you.  You are an inspiration not only to African-American girls, but to all girls who need someone to look up to as an example of how to achieve their goals.  You are a true role model.  Please don’t let these morons affect you.  You hold your head high.  You are a true credit to our country and real Americans love you!

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