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If anything came to light last night it was the simple fact that Donald Trump cannot concentrate for more than 2 minutes.  I am sorry if that offends you, but he was terrible at best and a disaster at worst.

When the debate started I thought it just might be a good debate.  Trump actually had some good points about the TPP but that was about all he had.  After that 10 minutes, he faltered and went down hill like a speed skier on a downhill slope.

I was also concerned before it started that Lester Holt would cave in to Trump’s bullying.  He didn’t.  Actually, Holt did the best moderator job I have seen in quite a while.  He actually disappeared at times and let the two candidates go at it.  That was a good thing on his part.

The split screen was very good for the viewer also.  During the entire debate, the body language between the two candidates was stark.  Trump was fidgeting all night.  You could see he was being defensive all night as well.

The biggest difference to me was the lack of policy by Trump.  Yes, he offered his strongest part in trade, but he offered no specifics on how he would do something better.  He was even asked how his plan would bring back jobs.  He never answered the question and went into his 20 second sound bites about taxes instead.

Trump staggered all night.  He proved that his campaign was correct.  He didn’t prepare and that showed big time as the night went on.  When it got around to Foreign Policy, he flunked big time.

Sorry, but I felt like I was watching a Mafia Strong Man talk about his “protection racket” instead of someone talking about honoring treaties.  You do not uphold treaties based solely on money which Trump seems to want to do.

Let’s face facts.  The treaties we have with our allies have prevented World War III for 70 years.  When countries agree to support each other if one is attacked makes it hard for an aggressor to take the risk.  Now, Trump wants to change those treaties based on how much money each country pays.  That is absurd if not downright reckless.

When Clinton brought up his lack of releasing his tax returns and pondered if maybe he hasn’t paid any taxes, he interrupted with the comment “that makes me smart.”

No Donald, that makes you a tax cheat not smart.  This is a man who tries to present himself as the “spokesman for the people”.  The people pay their taxes.  They don’t have fancy expensive lawyers and imaginative accountants who make sure we don’t pay our share of taxes.

Bragging about the fact that you may not have paid any taxes is not being the “voice of the people” it is thumbing your nose at those people you claim to want to defend.  In other words, you are a con-man and it came out last night.

When he was challenged about his history of not paying people who did work for him his only defense was “maybe they didn’t do a good job”.  Say what?  Look, it may be okay to fight the bill if the job was lousy.  But, if you open the facility without making any changes to this so-called “poor work” you are a lousy businessman or you are lying about the quality of the work.

All of the instances where his company did not pay contractors is living proof that he does not care about the average people.  He only cares about his own pockets and making money off the labor of others without paying them.  If he had good reasons for not paying he should have given them last night.

After the debate was over, he claimed that he showed “great restraint” last night.  He said he was going to talk about Lewinsky, but did not because Chelsea was in the audience.  According to him, that is “great restraint”.

Please, someone out there explain to me how Monica Lewinsky has any bearing on this election?  Bill Clinton is not running for President, Hillary Clinton is the candidate.  She did nothing wrong in that incident.  If anything, she would be considered the “victim” in that incident.  And, whether you like her or not, she made the decision to stay with her husband after it all came to light.  Most people would call that “family values”.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been married three times.  He has openly admitted to several affairs.  He even said this year when his buddy Roger Ailes was fired for sexual assault at Fox News that “all powerful men have affairs”.  If he does bring up Lewinsky in future debates, he will show just how much of a gutter snipe he really is.

There was one moment when Clinton did something I said she should do months ago.  When the email thing came up she said “I made a mistake and would not do it again.  I take full responsibility.”  She didn’t offer any excuses or try to switch the topic.  She owned it!  Something Donald Trump has failed to do over and over with many issues.

For example, when asked what he would say to the African-American community about his “birther” issue, he said “I have nothing to say”.  Of course he tried to tie the whole mess to Clinton’s campaign in 2008 which is totally untrue and proven to be untrue many times by many different fact check organizations.

Trump’s team has been trying to spin everything that would indicate Trump “won” last night.  He didn’t win, he was wiped out.  Even focus groups around the country of voters from both sides have said Clinton won the debate.  Hell, even Fox News said Trump looked terrible last night.

Of course, now Trump is claiming that he did poorly because he had “a defective microphone”.  He even said that he did not have the “sniffles” even though you could clearly hear him all night sniffling.  If he didn’t have the “sniffles” was he crying about his poor performance?

The fact of the matter is just this.  Donald Trump was Donald Trump.  And, anyone who objectively looked at the debate saw just how impulsive and reactionary he is.  I don’t know, maybe in business those are good qualities though I don’t think so, but in international relations with both allies and adversaries, those are not qualities I want in a President.

To bring this point home, even the Alt-Right was disappointed in Trump last night.  4Chan was all aghast with his performance and they actually turned on their emperor god.  That is not a good sign for Donald Trump.

It will be interesting to see how this goes forward.  Rudi Giuliani even said if he were running he wouldn’t participate in the next debate.  As usual, the right-wing is going after Holt for being “unfair” in his moderator job.  Holt actually did a good job as far as I have seen.

I guess trying to make a candidate actually answer the question is being biased according to the right-wing.  That says it all.  They want to be able to show up and just spout out anything they want true or not and not answer any questions with viable answers.

After 90 minutes of debate last night, we still have no clue about any policy that Trump says he wants to talk about.  He had his chance, and he failed miserably.  Is that because he wants to keep everything secret or because he doesn’t have any policies?  I think the latter is more in keeping with Trump.

Two people stood on that stage last night trying to earn our vote to become the next President of the United States.  One showed knowledge of the real world, and one showed no knowledge of how the real world works.  I know which one I think is best qualified, you must decide for yourself.

Just remember one sly comment that went unchecked last night.  When Clinton mentioned that “shooting an Iranian boat out of the water because their sailors made gestures at us would start a war”, Trump blurted into the microphone “it wouldn’t start a war”.

That comment is the epitome of stupidity and recklessness.  I don’t want anyone like that anywhere close to being the Commander in Chief.

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Tonight is the first of what we are calling debates.  Only time will tell if we actually see a debate or a farce.  To be honest, I will be surprised if we actually see a debate.

One thing I know for sure is that once it is over, one side or the other will complain about not being treated fairly.  That claim has actually begun already, especially from Trump’s campaign.

The loudest cry from Trump minions is that the moderator is not there to call out candidates for lying.  I thought that was exactly what a moderator is supposed to do.  I remember debates in high school.  If you told something untrue, you had better be able to back it up with facts or else.

I will say this, if one side or the other is afraid of being “fact checked” by the moderator, you can bet they are deliberately going to be saying untruthful things during the “debate”.  Why else would you be so afraid of someone saying “that isn’t accurate”?

The Clinton campaign wants the moderator to call out untruths.  The Trump campaign doesn’t want that to happen.  The best evidence that they are totally afraid of the truth is what Kellyanne Conway said about Trump’s remarks about Holt being a democrat, which he isn’t.

She said that Trump didn’t lie when he said Lester Holt was a Democrat.  Lying would mean that he actually knew what party affiliation Holt held.  In her twisted ways, she says that Trump was more ignorant about the fact of Holt’s political party and therefore not lying.

That tells me that Trump does not look up or try to justify anything before he speaks.  And, to me, ignorance of the facts is even more dangerous than lying.  The man is running for President of the United States, not the President of the Glee Club.

Which means he should know the facts before he spouts off about anything.  That also means that tonight he is more likely to say something untrue.  It will be up to someone to decide if he is saying the untrue things out of stupidity or simply lying.  Neither is a sign of a capable man trying to be President.

If Clinton says something untrue, I would expect the moderator to call her out on that as well.  There is no way we can make a decision as to whom is best to run the country if we don’t know which things being said are true or false.

These debates are supposed to help us understand the truth of their policies and position.  If we are led down the road of false statements and allowed to think they are true, then we are being cheated.

The other danger in this “debate” is the “expectations” of each candidate.  So far in this campaign, Clinton has been treated as a serious candidate and held to tough standards.  That is fair.

On the other hand, Trump has been treated as an amateur and held to a lesser standard.  If that is true tonight, all Trump needs to do is not screw up and show his temperament and he will appear to have won.  That is very dangerous.

If I was Conway, I would load him up on Valium so he keeps his mouth shut more than he opens it up.  That way he won’t go off on tangents and show he is not fit to be President.

I am not sure what to expect tonight.  Yes, the pundits have been falling all over themselves trying to predict what will happen.  But, I am convinced they have no clue either.

We will either see a debate about facts and policies, or we will see a total farce.  The biggest question is which Donald Trump shows up.  If a “serious” Trump shows up and tries to debate policies and facts, he will probably lose.  Clinton is a very good debater and will annihilate him on facts and doctrine.

On the other hand, if the usual Donald Trump shows up and starts spouting off with slanders and lies, how Holt handles those slanders and lies will be telling not only for tonight, but for the rest of the debates.

If Holt is going to ask Clinton questions about her emails and the Clinton Foundation, then he needs to ask Trump about his business ties, especially his overseas business ties, and his Foundation.   He cannot let Trump off the hook easily either.

Two very different people will be on stage tonight.  One is highly educated and works diligently to keep up on policies and facts.  The other likes to “shoot from the hip” and doesn’t care if he is telling the truth or lying.

I hope I am wrong, but I think if you are looking towards tonight and seeing a “great debate” between two heavyweights, you will be sadly let down.  We may see one of them implode on stage, but I am not holding my breath about that happening either.

No, I am afraid we will see the usual nonsense in this debate that we have seen in others.  The moderator and the press have already fallen into Trump’s “why are you picking on me” meme.  For the last 15 months everyone has known that Trump is an idiot and does not deserve to be running for President.

But, the media has allowed him to get away with his snake oil salesman pitch for so long, they don’t know how to stop it.  Every single “fact checker” group has said that Donald Trump is the biggest liar that ever ran for President.  They even put his lies at one every 185 seconds.

Is it any wonder that Trump and his campaign are so afraid of the moderator being a “fact checker”?  Sorry folks, but I am afraid that tonight will just be another farce staring that wonderful brain that gets everything wrong, Donald Trump.

If the media does not call out his lies and hold his feet to the fire, we will all lose come November.  Let the Tragic Comedy begin.

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Over the weekend, we had some more terrorist attacks.  There was an explosion in New Jersey from a pipe bomb and an explosion in New York that injured 29 people.  When Trump got off his plane in Florida on Saturday evening, he said there was a bombing.

On Monday, when the explosion was indeed called a bombing, he called his favorite party network Fox News and boasted that “I called it.”  He even said that “I should be a reporter”.

His pals at Faux News had a good hoot over that comment.  Then he went on to talk about doing away with Due Process which is guaranteed in the Constitution and that we should start “racial profiling” which is against the Constitution.

Unfortunately, he is missing the most egregious act of terrorism that no one is talking about.  This part of the ISIS plot is so ingenious in its complexity that no one could even imagine anyone could come up with it.

This is a plot that makes them invisible whenever it happens.  It is something that can never be traced back to them.  It is also something that is purely evil in its intent and practice.

This is something that I really believe that Mr. Trump should send an investigator to find out the truth and figure out a way to stop it.  If he doesn’t, we are going to lose thousands upon thousands of our citizens.

My sources tell me that this devious plot is being formed in western Iraq.  That is a brilliant move because the plot requires lots of water and western Iraq is a desert which means no on will look for it there.

Here is the plot.  ISIS has built large salt water tanks in western Iraq.  They have stocked these tanks with sharks.  What they are doing is training these sharks to attack non-Muslims.  They claim that the diets of Muslims is different so they have a different smell  from the infidels.

What happens is the sharks are placed in an electronic collar.  Sharks have incredible sense of smell.  So  ISIS throws prisoners into the tanks.  If the sharks attack a Muslim, they give it a big electric shock.  Once the sharks have proven they will only attack non-Muslims, they are transporting them in ships from Iraq to the East Coast and West Coast of the United States.  The ships stop about 3 miles off shore and release the sharks.

The sharks then head to the beaches of our shores and attack our non-Muslim citizens.  If you think this is silly, remember that shark attacks on U.S. beaches has grown significantly since the rise of ISIS.

Just the other day three people were attacked by a shark in just 3 hours.  This is the most devious plot by a terrorist organization that has every been developed.

I cannot think of anything more terrifying than being eaten by a shark.  That is truly terrorism at its best.  And ISIS has discovered a way to make such an attack at our shores.

Yes, ISIS really is dangerous beyond belief.  They are the worst “bad guys” the world has ever seen.  We must wipe them out along with all of their trained sharks.  We should have patrols on the oceans looking for sharks and killing every single one of them since we won’t know which ones were ISIS trained.

If this all sounds ridiculous to you, you are correct.  I made it up.  But, if you believe in what Donald Trump says in regards to terrorism, you must believe that this plot is going on right now.

That is the world according to Donald Trump.  Fantasy is the only thing he understands and lies are the only things that comes out of his mouth.  Do you really think he should be President?

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We have seen another week come and go.  This weekend, there was a pipe bomb that exploded in New Jersey before a charitable race.  The reason no one was injured was because the race was delayed.  Later that night, another explosion rocked the Chelsea area of New York City.  Then, yesterday, or rather very early this morning, more pipe bombs were discovered in Elizabeth City, NJ.

In the explosion in New York, 29 people were injured.  There was also an attack in a mall in Minnesota.  In that attack, ISIS claimed “responsibility” only because the person wielding the machete said he liked ISIS.  Naturally, the media jumped all of that “announcement” from ISIS.

Before all of this happened, Donald Trump held what he called a press conference but it wasn’t really a press conference to announce that yes, President Barak Obama was born in the U.S.  Of course, he claimed that it was Clinton who started the birther issue, with is a blatant lie.

Reince Priebus told the other Republican Candidates who Trump beat in the primaries that they will back the dictator in waiting or face consequences.  The “dictator in waiting” is my choice of words.  According to the RNC Chair, if people like Cruz or Kasich or Rubio don’t get off the sidelines and openly support the nominee, there will be hell to pay for them in upcoming elections.

Then, Mike Pence announced that his “hero” was non other than Dick Cheney.  You know the Vice President under President George W. Bush who should have been tried for war crimes over his ordering of waterboarding and other “extreme interrogation” techniques.  The same Vice President who left office with a 13 percent approval rating.  That is the kind of Vice President Mike Pence aspires to become.

Trump called into his favorite TV network to boast how he had “called it” over the New York City bombings.  See, when Trump first heard the news of explosions in New York, he called them “bombs exploding” and when it was later confirmed they were indeed bombs, he just couldn’t wait to call into the Fantasy News Organization to boast how “I called it”.  Too bad he never mentioned the 29 people who were injured in the explosions.  Guess he didn’t call that part of the explosion.

We have people going around New York lighting Muslim women on fire.  There hasn’t been a serious injury yet, but people are actually walking around New York lighting the clothes of Muslim women on fire for no apparent reason except they are Muslim women wearing “those clothes”.  There have been at least four such incidents.

In Houston on Friday, a reporter for VICE News wanted to attend the Trump rally.  He tried to get the proper credentials for the rally.  The campaign never really said if he was going to get them or not.  The reporter went to the hotel where the rally was being held.  He asked if they had any press credentials for him.  The hotel had him arrested for trespass.  The Trump campaign claims they had nothing to do with the arrest, yet it was they who decided at the last minute not to allow open press into the event, only their “pool” press.

Last week, all the while Donald Trump was lambasting Clinton for her “basket of deplorables” remarks, one of his supporters was busy punching protesters during his speech.  Then, just to show how sincere they really are, another one “sucker punched” a 69 year old woman with an oxygen tank for simply standing outside protesting the rally.  Both incidents happened AT THE SAME RALLY.

A football player decides to protest against what he considers as problems with policing in this country especially when it involves people of color.  He simply kneels during the playing of the national anthem.  He doesn’t make any obscene gestures, he simply kneels instead of standing.  All of the armchair patriots, including Trump, begin howling about how he is disrespecting the military and veterans.  No, he isn’t disrespecting veterans or the military.  He is simply doing what we fight to protect.  His right to protest.  Trump said he “should find another country to try out”.

I swear, sometimes I watch the news each day and wonder what the hell has happened to our country.  But, if you listen very carefully to the candidates, their supporters, and the media, you can see what happened to America.  We have been fed a line of bullshit about religion v. non-religion, conservative v. liberal, straight v. gay, black v. white, and Christian v. Muslim.

We have been fed this line of bullshit for so long, people are actually starting to believe it.  The result is that we have the most racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic moron in history as the standard bearer for a major political party.  The real scary part is he could actually win.  Hell, he makes Andrew Jackson look like a Kumbaya kind of guy.  With the hatred Jackson had for Native Americans, I didn’t think anyone could make him look like a reasonable person.

No, we don’t need to “Make America Great Again”.  It is already great.  We don’t need to “purify” the races, that is total extreme Alt-right stupidity.  We don’t need to build that wall because that would harm our country and our economic growth.  What we really need is to take a deep breath, look around us, and remember that our Constitution was written to “form a more perfect Union.”  It was not written to bestow privilege upon the few and make the rest suffer.

Yes, sometimes I wonder when did America get a Lobotomy.  We are much better than all of this shit.

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A lot of things took place yesterday.  Donald Trump stood in front of a bunch of business people and laid out his economic plan.  Of course, that plan favors the rich despite the fact he claims it helps the middle-class.  He claims that he will create 25 million jobs.  That is doubtful as well according to most economics.

When I was serving in the Coast Guard we had a saying.  The difference between a fairy tale and sea story is that a fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time” and a sea story begins with “This ain’t no shit”.

As I sat and listened to the Delusional One, I kept wondering why he didn’t start his sentences with “this ain’t no shit”.  Because everything he was saying “would happen quickly, believe me” was part of a sea story.  Then it hit me.  “Believe me” is his version of “this ain’t no shit”.

As a result, I kept looking back at everything that Trump has said about the economy, immigration, and foreign policy.  I decided we should look at what his first 100 days would look like if he were elected President.  Everything that follows is a what I believe will happen if all of his bluster is the turth.

Should we be damned into a Trump Presidency, we have only ourselves to blame.  But, here is what will happen as far as his words have said.

On January 20, 2017 he will take the oath of office.  He will then give his acceptance speech and there will be a parade.  While he is giving his acceptance speech, over 2 million undocumented immigrants who Trump claims are criminals whether convicted of a crime or not will be rounded up.

During his acceptance speech, all of the so-called “radical Islamic terrorists” will drop dead in fear because he will utter that phrase about ten times.  We know from his campaign that is all you need to do to defeat “radical Islamic terrorists”.  So, America will be safe from those nasty people.

By the time the parade is over, those 2 million people who were rounded up will be on planes headed deep inside Mexico to make it harder for them to return.  We don’t know if the Mexican Government has agreed to the flights, we just knows they will be on their way.

Trump will dance through the night’s parties knowing that he defeated ISIS and deported all those “bad” people.  He will act very Presidential and wave at the gatherings like the strong-man he is.

On the next day, he will order that immigration be halted from every country that is known to “export terrorism.”  Those countries will include Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libia, Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands.

He will then decide that it is time to start working on his infamous wall.  He will give an executive order telling contractors, probably his own company, to start erecting that “beautiful wall”.  He will also give executive orders eliminating all of the clean water and air regulations, the FDA’s Food protections, OSHA safety regulations, and anything else he considers as “hurting business”.

Once he does that, millions of jobs will instantly become available to the American people because businesses will know he means business and they will be free to start opening new factories without having to worry about not killing anyone with unsafe practices or pollution.

He will then have some Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and pronounce a full day’s work done.  Except, the full day isn’t done just yet.  On the other side of the world, Iran has sent some of their “small boats” to circle one of our “beautiful destroyers” and make obscene gestures at our sailors.

President Trump cannot let that happen.  So, once news reaches him, he orders the Captain of the destroyer to “shoot them out of the water”.  Once that has happened, he calls a news conference to bluster about the great achievement.  “We really showed them who is boss” will be his cry of victory.

When Donald Trump wakes up on his third day in office, he will discover that Iran didn’t take too kindly at their boat being “shot out of the water” and has escalated the situation.  They have positioned some of their “beautiful destroyers” in the Strait of Hormuz and is shutting off shipping out of the Persian Gulf.

Trump orders them to stop or he will send in the fleet to “shoot them out of the water, too.”  Iran doesn’t back down and a shooting war begins.  While Trump is sitting in the Situation Room looking at maps of the Middle East, he is notified that Russia, an ally of Iran, has moved troops into the Ukraine.  His idol has decided that with Trump involved with Iran, Ukraine is his for the taking.

Except, his hero has also invaded all of the Baltic States which involves NATO.  Our NATO allies have ramped up their militaries in response to the Russian invasion of the Baltic States.  NATO is planning on going to war to get Russia out of those ally’s countries.

Before committing American Troops, Trump orders that his staff figure out if those Baltic States are “paid up” on their NATO dues.  A couple of hours later he is told yes.

Trump then decides to call his idol Putin and ask what the hell he is doing.  Putin doesn’t answer the phone.  Instead, Putin puts out a press release saying “Donald Trump is smart enough to know that the Balkan States speak closer to Russian than anyone else and therefore belongs under our protection.  Only President Trump is smart enough to understand our intentions are peaceful.”

Taking the bait, Trump hesitates and tells his Generals to wait and see what happens.  In other words, he violated the NATO treaty.  Besides, in the meantime, Iran has fired off missiles towards Israel.  Since they consider the fact that the U.S. started the shooting war, they have a right to defend themselves from Israel as well.

Israel begins to ramp up air strikes against Iran in defense of their country.  They call Trump and inform him of what they are planning.  Trump gives them the green light.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Un in North Korea decides this is a good time to strike at South Korea.  But, instead of sending troops across the border, he launches a nuclear attack against Seoul.

Outraged, Trump orders a nuclear attack against Pyongyang.  China is outraged over the nuclear exchange.  They decide it is time to invade Japan.  Russia is also outraged over the exchange and threatens a nuclear attack against the U.S. if one more nuclear device is used.

Israel in the meantime begins their air attack against Iran.  This brings Saudi Arabia into the fight as well.  They decide to end Iran’s grip on the area and send in troops as well.

After a quick war against the Balkan States, Russia decides to attack Poland.  This time the Generals convince Trump to enter the war in Europe with our NATO allies.

In response to the Chinese attack against Japan, Trump orders our Pacific Fleet to head to Japan to defend them.  Only, China has also attacked the Philippines.

Day three ends with world fears heightened.  Trump decides he needs his rest and takes a nap to get ready for day four.  During the night, the U.S. and South Korean forces crossed the border with North Korea in order to take out the nuclear weapons.  Fighting is fierce.

When day four begins and Trump returns to the situation room, it is reported that Russia has conquered all of the Balkan States and half of Poland.  NATO forces have set up defensive lines and are preparing for a major attack.

China has taken two of the Japanese Islands and are preparing to invade another.  The Philippines have surrendered to the Chinese.  Iran is fighting fiercely on two fronts.  Turkey has removed itself from NATO because the Kurds have invaded from Iraq trying to establish their own country of Kurdistan.  They blame the U.S. for arming the Kurds in Iraq which gave them the means to launch their assault on Turkey.

In response to the U.S. and South Korean invasion of North Korea, China has sent one million troops into that country to prop up its ally.  By noon, the U.S. is fighting China on two fronts, Russia on two fronts, and in Iran.

Seeing an opportunity, Egypt now launches an attack against Israel breaking their peace treaty.  Jordan is under pressure from Egypt to join them in eliminating Israel.

Israel warns Egypt to stop its aggression or face dire consequences.  They refuse.  Iran keeps launching missiles at Israel and civilian losses are mounting on the Israeli side.

Netanyahu has finally had enough.  He orders his air force to launch a nuclear attack against Teheran.  Since Trump already gave them the “green light” to fight against Iran, he does not notify the President about his decision.  At 2 pm Eastern Standard Time a nuclear bomb is dropped on Teheran.

Once it is clear that is exactly what happened, Putin becomes furious and launches an attack against the U.S. and Western Europe.  The U.S. and Western European nations retaliate.

China launches a nuclear attack against Japan, and the U.S. retaliates against China.  Pakistan decides to launch nuclear attacks against India and they retaliate.  By 6 pm Eastern Standard Time it is all over.  All of the nuclear missiles and bombs have been used up.

The earth falls silent.  A nuclear winter is in the making.  The sun will not shine as brightly tomorrow.  The earth will not feel the warmth it usually does in the morning.  Over 5 billion people are dead or dying of radiation sickness.  The rest of the world’s population is waiting for the radiation cloud to reach them and poison them to death as well.

Within three years intelligent life on our planet is gone.  There is no one to broadcast comedies on television.  There are no more football games or basketball games or baseball games or soccer.  There is no one to wonder what happened.  There is no one lifting their painful cries to any deity.  They are all gone.

All because an obscure sailor gave an obscene gesture that Donald Trump took offense to and ordered he be “shot out of the water.”  That is our choice in November.




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I could write about the pneumonia that Clinton is suffering from and how she should have “blasted out the news” as soon as she heard it Friday.  But, to be honest, I really don’t give a shit about her pneumonia or the fact she didn’t want to tell anyone about it.

I cannot think of a single person who wants to blast out their health condition except someone who simply wants to be the center of attention.  Normal people who get sick, just go on with their lives and try to work through their illness.

I could write about her “basket of deplorables” gaff.  But, she has already said she regrets using the term “half” of supporters.  Of course that isn’t good enough for Trump’s people.  Even though their candidate has NEVER apologized for any of the ridiculous comments he has made about several people.

Oh, he has said he “regrets” some of his comments, but won’t say which comments.  He has not apologized to a Gold Star family for his vicious attacks against them.    He has never apologized for his mocking a disabled reporter.  So, I am not going into his trap about the “deplorables” comments.

I also could write about his Foundation and its illegal activities, but I won’t, at least today.  I could write about his Vice Presidential running mate not calling David Duke deplorable, but I won’t.  Instead let’s look at two things that really define the state of our nation, at least from the conservative side.

The first is the Soviet Socialist State of North Carolina.  The NCAA has finally showed some guts and have cancelled their “championship” activities in the state, including the basketball tournament.

This is over the infamous HB2 Bill that says you must use the bathroom of our birth not gender.  In a statement, NCAA President Mark Emmert said”

Fairness is about more than the opportunity to participate in college sports, or even compete for championships.  We believe in providing a safe and respectful environment at our events and are committed to providing the best experience possible for college athletes, fans and everyone taking part in our championships.

The bill also says that local communities cannot pass their own legislation to protect LGBT rights.  Of course, the state’s GOP couldn’t pass this up without being somewhat “deplorable” all by themselves.

A spokeswoman for the North Carolina GOP called the NCAA’s decision “so absurd it’s almost comical” before launching a blistering attack against the organization.

“I genuinely look forward to the NCAA merging all men’s and women’s teams together as singular, unified, unisex teams,” spokeswoman Kami Mueller said in a statement circulating on Twitter. “Perhaps the NCAA should stop with their political peacocking ― and instead focus their energies on making sure our nation’s collegiate athletes are safe, both on and off the field.”

But, I think Chris Sgro, the executive director of Equality NC, an LGBT rights group that has fought against the law summed it up best.

North Carolina is ground zero for NCAA college basketball. It’s not something you should mess with.  We’re famous for three things ― beaches, barbecue and basketball ― and now Pat McCrory has stepped all over one of those with the worst LGBT bill in the nation.

Unfortunately, North Carolina isn’t known for just discriminating against LGBT.  It is also known for thuggery.  At his last rally in North Carolina, Trump ignored  the fact that one of his “supporters” was slapping people he considered as protesters in the face.

Then there is Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky.  He gave a talk at the so-called “Value Voters Summit” over the weekend.  And boy, did he have some real “values” to share with the audience.

Here is what Bevin had to say about “values”.

I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically.  But that may, in fact, be the case.

Bevin went on to say that he believed the U.S. would survive a Hillary Clinton presidency, but it might required bloodshed.

The roots of the tree of liberty are watered by what?  The blood.  Of who?  The tyrants to be sure, but who else?  The patriots.  It might be that of our children and grandchildren. I have nine children. It breaks my heart to think that it might be their blood that is needed to redeem something, to reclaim something, that we through our apathy and our indifference have given away. Don’t let it happen.

Bevin isn’t alone in talking about bloodshed.  Trump used the term more than once, especially in his famous comment about the Supreme Court when he said in August:

“If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks.  “Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.”

Sorry folks, but these are the people who are supporting Donald Trump to become our next President.  These are the people who in one sentence claims to love our Constitution and in the next is calling for violent action against their “enemies”.

From Donald Trump all the way down the list, these people do not respect the Constitution.  They do not support free speech, unless they are allowed to define what that is.  They do not support equality.  They do not care if you have a job or not.  They only care about power.  And, they will do everything possible to rile up enough people to even use violence to gain that power.

It is really simple.  There is “deplorable” and then there is “deplorable”.

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To be honest, I had a really hard time coming up with a title for today’s article.  I was trying to think of something snappy, but this is the best I could come up with.  See, the problem is that there is so much lunacy going on in the Trump campaign, it is hard to keep up with it.

That became clear the other day when I heard a “pundit” asked why Clinton seems to be asked over and over about her emails and the Clinton Foundation but Trump doesn’t seem to be hounded by his own transgressions.  The answer was that there are so many transgressions so often, the media doesn’t have time to follow-up on all of them.

I consider that a very unprofessional way to look at things.  A real professional investigative reporter would focus on one of the loony things that Trump says and hound him to death over it.  But, there are apparently too many lazy unprofessional reporters covering the campaign this time around.

I have to admit Hillary Clinton made a big gaffe last week.  When she said that “half of Trump’s supporters belong in what I call a basket of deplorables”.  That statement when in full context is correct.  However, you know as well as I do that quotes are never given in full context.  Plus, I don’t really believe that half of Trump’s supporters are really weirdos.

She is going to have to live with that quote for the rest of the campaign.  I don’t have a problem with that because she said it regardless of context.  On the other hand, Trump rolled off several quotes that were just as bad or even worse and no one is following up with questions or “hounding” him like they do Clinton.

If Donald Trump actually manages to win this election, we will be saddled with a lunatic for President.  I am not making that statement as a “medical” fact, I am merely pointing out what I believe his behavior conveys.  In the last week, he has said some outlandish things and has not been challenged about any of them.

Here are a few of the most outlandish things he needs to be called out on.

He said that he “could tell because I read body language well” that the Intelligence Officers who gave him his briefing told him that the current administration went against all of their recommendations.  The very first question I would have come back with is “did they offer you any recommendations”?  The reason that question is so vital is because Intelligence Officials when giving briefings do not recommend anything.

It is not the job of Intelligence Officers to offer any recommendations.  Their job is to offer Intelligence Briefings giving all of the known facts.  They do not parse with opinions and they do not make recommendations as to how to handle any situation.  That is for the President and his National Security Team to decide.  So, if Trump said “yes” they offered recommendations we would know he was lying.  If he said “no” we would have known the rest was simply made up to make him look smart.

There has been some pushback on this matter, mostly from the Intelligence community.  But, the media has seemed to let it slide and don’t ask Trump any questions about it further.  Why?

On Friday during his speech at the Value Voter’s Summit, he was talking about religion.  He even went on to talk about taking communion by saying he “drank some wine and ate the cracker”.  Everyone in that room should have known he was not a “Christian” as they define the term.  The bread used in communion is not a “cracker” and it is never referred to being a “cracker”.  It is unleavened bread and call the “host’.

But, the so-called “Value Voters” in the room lapped it up and no one challenged him.  I say so-called “Value Voters” because these are the same people who believe that same-sex marriage should be outlawed, believe the homosexuals are evil people trying to ruin our “way of life” and consider immigrants to be devil worshipers who should be banned from coming to our country.

According to Trump in his speech, if he loses this election, it will be the “last election held in this country”.  He claims that the Republicans would never win another election.  That is because if Clinton wins, she will open the borders and immediately grant “citizenship” to all illegals as they cross the border and ruin our “church structure” and our “culture” so Republicans will never win another election.

Of course, the fact that Republicans won’t even bother to talk to much less even try to win over minority voters has nothing to do with their pending defeats.  That would mean actually “earning” the people’s votes.  That is something that Republicans are loath to do.

Also on Friday, he said at a rally that “Hillary Clinton could walk in here right now and shoot someone in the heart in front of 20,000 people and not be arrested”.  Of course he is referring to the email “scandal” which isn’t a scandal and hasn’t shown any criminal activity on her part.  Or, it is referring to the Clinton Foundation’s so-called “pay for play” scandal which there is no proof of at all.

He forgets that the only foundation to be accused of and fined for “pay for play” was the Trump Foundation.  He also forgets his own comments of how he “could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes.”  It is funny how he keeps coming around to someone being shot.  He uses that term way too loosely for me.  Yet, no one makes any waves about his comments or pushes back on them by asking questions.

The worst thing he said though was when he said “if Iranian little boats circle one of our great navy ships and makes obscene gestures at our great navy people, I will give orders to shoot them out of the water”.  How unhinged can you get?  This man is saying that if someone comes near one of our Navy Ships and flips the finger at us, we are going to shoot them out of the water.  Imagine, starting a real shooting war because someone flips the bird to us.

And, what did our “leftist” mainstream media do about those comments?  Nothing.  No one asked the idiot if he really meant we should start a war because some sailors flipped the bird at one of our ships.  No one asked him if he understood what that action would really entail.  They let it go by like every other stupid thing the man utters.

This man wants to become our President.  He has called Mexicans all rapist and murderers.  He has called for the complete ban on Muslims immigrating to our shores, though he has modified that statement by saying Muslims in certain areas of the world, not naming those areas.  He has gone to “twitter war” with the President of Mexico over whether or not the “wall” was brought up during his visit.

He brags that the Mexican visit went “extremely well” because a Minister of the government was “fired” over the visit.  Yeah, that is a great diplomatic victory.  Visit a country and get a minister fires.  He has praised an autocrat in Vladimir Putin as being a “great leader” in his country.  He went on Russian Television and denounced our media and political system as being rigged against him.  Then he claimed he didn’t know he was going on Russian Television.  Only he knew that Alan King worked for RT which is a Russian Government owned television outlet.

He has accused our generals as being “reduced to rubble” while speaking at the Commander in Chief Forum.  He also gave the real impression that he would “fire” all of them and name new generals.  Like he has the authority to do so which the President does not have.  He has questioned our continuing in NATO.  He said he “might not automatically defend a member if attacked by Russia” until he figured out if they had paid their fair share.

Then there are those wonderful “secret plans” on how to defeat ISIS and how to handle North Korea.  I am sure you can’t wait for him to be elected to see just how wonderful those “secret plans” will be.  You know they must be great because he keeps telling us “believe me”.

Those are just some of the topics that a real “professional investigative” journalist would be hounding him about on a continuous basis.  Yet, we don’t see that at all.  If you are wondering why this election is so close at this point in time, you just have to look at the coverage of the two candidates.

Yesterday, Trump and his loons got more fodder for their grinder.  Hillary Clinton left the 9/11 Memorial early because she became overheated.  It turns out she has pneumonia.  I am sure that we will hear all about her illness and how that is going to kill her real soon, so don’t vote for her.  Only, I have had walking pneumonia four times in my life and yet, here I am.

As you can see, this election is very strange.  The scary part is that if it continues with the media giving Trump a pass on his lunacy, he could actually win.  Then I am afraid, this could be our “last election ever”.  Not because of changing demographics, but because we will have elected an autocrat to be our President.  How long will it be before Trump would be on the phone getting advice from Putin on how to stop elections and take control?

If Donald Trump should become our next President, we will not have a Commander is Chief.  We will have a Lunatic In Chief.  That is really scary for the future of our country and the world.



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