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A lot of things took place yesterday.  Donald Trump stood in front of a bunch of business people and laid out his economic plan.  Of course, that plan favors the rich despite the fact he claims it helps the middle-class.  He claims that he will create 25 million jobs.  That is doubtful as well according to most economics.

When I was serving in the Coast Guard we had a saying.  The difference between a fairy tale and sea story is that a fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time” and a sea story begins with “This ain’t no shit”.

As I sat and listened to the Delusional One, I kept wondering why he didn’t start his sentences with “this ain’t no shit”.  Because everything he was saying “would happen quickly, believe me” was part of a sea story.  Then it hit me.  “Believe me” is his version of “this ain’t no shit”.

As a result, I kept looking back at everything that Trump has said about the economy, immigration, and foreign policy.  I decided we should look at what his first 100 days would look like if he were elected President.  Everything that follows is a what I believe will happen if all of his bluster is the turth.

Should we be damned into a Trump Presidency, we have only ourselves to blame.  But, here is what will happen as far as his words have said.

On January 20, 2017 he will take the oath of office.  He will then give his acceptance speech and there will be a parade.  While he is giving his acceptance speech, over 2 million undocumented immigrants who Trump claims are criminals whether convicted of a crime or not will be rounded up.

During his acceptance speech, all of the so-called “radical Islamic terrorists” will drop dead in fear because he will utter that phrase about ten times.  We know from his campaign that is all you need to do to defeat “radical Islamic terrorists”.  So, America will be safe from those nasty people.

By the time the parade is over, those 2 million people who were rounded up will be on planes headed deep inside Mexico to make it harder for them to return.  We don’t know if the Mexican Government has agreed to the flights, we just knows they will be on their way.

Trump will dance through the night’s parties knowing that he defeated ISIS and deported all those “bad” people.  He will act very Presidential and wave at the gatherings like the strong-man he is.

On the next day, he will order that immigration be halted from every country that is known to “export terrorism.”  Those countries will include Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libia, Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands.

He will then decide that it is time to start working on his infamous wall.  He will give an executive order telling contractors, probably his own company, to start erecting that “beautiful wall”.  He will also give executive orders eliminating all of the clean water and air regulations, the FDA’s Food protections, OSHA safety regulations, and anything else he considers as “hurting business”.

Once he does that, millions of jobs will instantly become available to the American people because businesses will know he means business and they will be free to start opening new factories without having to worry about not killing anyone with unsafe practices or pollution.

He will then have some Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and pronounce a full day’s work done.  Except, the full day isn’t done just yet.  On the other side of the world, Iran has sent some of their “small boats” to circle one of our “beautiful destroyers” and make obscene gestures at our sailors.

President Trump cannot let that happen.  So, once news reaches him, he orders the Captain of the destroyer to “shoot them out of the water”.  Once that has happened, he calls a news conference to bluster about the great achievement.  “We really showed them who is boss” will be his cry of victory.

When Donald Trump wakes up on his third day in office, he will discover that Iran didn’t take too kindly at their boat being “shot out of the water” and has escalated the situation.  They have positioned some of their “beautiful destroyers” in the Strait of Hormuz and is shutting off shipping out of the Persian Gulf.

Trump orders them to stop or he will send in the fleet to “shoot them out of the water, too.”  Iran doesn’t back down and a shooting war begins.  While Trump is sitting in the Situation Room looking at maps of the Middle East, he is notified that Russia, an ally of Iran, has moved troops into the Ukraine.  His idol has decided that with Trump involved with Iran, Ukraine is his for the taking.

Except, his hero has also invaded all of the Baltic States which involves NATO.  Our NATO allies have ramped up their militaries in response to the Russian invasion of the Baltic States.  NATO is planning on going to war to get Russia out of those ally’s countries.

Before committing American Troops, Trump orders that his staff figure out if those Baltic States are “paid up” on their NATO dues.  A couple of hours later he is told yes.

Trump then decides to call his idol Putin and ask what the hell he is doing.  Putin doesn’t answer the phone.  Instead, Putin puts out a press release saying “Donald Trump is smart enough to know that the Balkan States speak closer to Russian than anyone else and therefore belongs under our protection.  Only President Trump is smart enough to understand our intentions are peaceful.”

Taking the bait, Trump hesitates and tells his Generals to wait and see what happens.  In other words, he violated the NATO treaty.  Besides, in the meantime, Iran has fired off missiles towards Israel.  Since they consider the fact that the U.S. started the shooting war, they have a right to defend themselves from Israel as well.

Israel begins to ramp up air strikes against Iran in defense of their country.  They call Trump and inform him of what they are planning.  Trump gives them the green light.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Un in North Korea decides this is a good time to strike at South Korea.  But, instead of sending troops across the border, he launches a nuclear attack against Seoul.

Outraged, Trump orders a nuclear attack against Pyongyang.  China is outraged over the nuclear exchange.  They decide it is time to invade Japan.  Russia is also outraged over the exchange and threatens a nuclear attack against the U.S. if one more nuclear device is used.

Israel in the meantime begins their air attack against Iran.  This brings Saudi Arabia into the fight as well.  They decide to end Iran’s grip on the area and send in troops as well.

After a quick war against the Balkan States, Russia decides to attack Poland.  This time the Generals convince Trump to enter the war in Europe with our NATO allies.

In response to the Chinese attack against Japan, Trump orders our Pacific Fleet to head to Japan to defend them.  Only, China has also attacked the Philippines.

Day three ends with world fears heightened.  Trump decides he needs his rest and takes a nap to get ready for day four.  During the night, the U.S. and South Korean forces crossed the border with North Korea in order to take out the nuclear weapons.  Fighting is fierce.

When day four begins and Trump returns to the situation room, it is reported that Russia has conquered all of the Balkan States and half of Poland.  NATO forces have set up defensive lines and are preparing for a major attack.

China has taken two of the Japanese Islands and are preparing to invade another.  The Philippines have surrendered to the Chinese.  Iran is fighting fiercely on two fronts.  Turkey has removed itself from NATO because the Kurds have invaded from Iraq trying to establish their own country of Kurdistan.  They blame the U.S. for arming the Kurds in Iraq which gave them the means to launch their assault on Turkey.

In response to the U.S. and South Korean invasion of North Korea, China has sent one million troops into that country to prop up its ally.  By noon, the U.S. is fighting China on two fronts, Russia on two fronts, and in Iran.

Seeing an opportunity, Egypt now launches an attack against Israel breaking their peace treaty.  Jordan is under pressure from Egypt to join them in eliminating Israel.

Israel warns Egypt to stop its aggression or face dire consequences.  They refuse.  Iran keeps launching missiles at Israel and civilian losses are mounting on the Israeli side.

Netanyahu has finally had enough.  He orders his air force to launch a nuclear attack against Teheran.  Since Trump already gave them the “green light” to fight against Iran, he does not notify the President about his decision.  At 2 pm Eastern Standard Time a nuclear bomb is dropped on Teheran.

Once it is clear that is exactly what happened, Putin becomes furious and launches an attack against the U.S. and Western Europe.  The U.S. and Western European nations retaliate.

China launches a nuclear attack against Japan, and the U.S. retaliates against China.  Pakistan decides to launch nuclear attacks against India and they retaliate.  By 6 pm Eastern Standard Time it is all over.  All of the nuclear missiles and bombs have been used up.

The earth falls silent.  A nuclear winter is in the making.  The sun will not shine as brightly tomorrow.  The earth will not feel the warmth it usually does in the morning.  Over 5 billion people are dead or dying of radiation sickness.  The rest of the world’s population is waiting for the radiation cloud to reach them and poison them to death as well.

Within three years intelligent life on our planet is gone.  There is no one to broadcast comedies on television.  There are no more football games or basketball games or baseball games or soccer.  There is no one to wonder what happened.  There is no one lifting their painful cries to any deity.  They are all gone.

All because an obscure sailor gave an obscene gesture that Donald Trump took offense to and ordered he be “shot out of the water.”  That is our choice in November.




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Yesterday, Donald Trump put all of those words in action.  He showed he really doesn’t care about poisoning people, he doesn’t care if those people die, he is very interested in photo-ops that will help him get elected, and he disdains the very people he was supposedly there to support.

Yesterday, Donald Trump made a “surprise” visit to Flint Michigan.  The site of the worst lead poisoning of a population in our nation’s history.  I say “surprise” because his campaign never contacted the Mayor of Flint asking about a visit and a meeting with her.  They simply told her less than 24 hours before his visit that they were coming.

The Mayor was in Washington, D.C. trying to get the senate to finally pass the funding the city needs to recover from this disaster.  She was too busy trying to help her people instead of taking a picture with the Republican nominee.

This is the first time Trump has even mention Flint Michigan.  He did not mention it during his convention, he never mentioned it during the primaries, and never mentioned it before deciding he should go for a photo-op.

During his visit he toured the closed water plant.  He even stopped for a few words at Bethel United Methodist Church where the pastor had asked him to thank all of her parishioners for all the work they have done since the crisis broke out.

Instead, Trump started his comments with a political attack against Clinton.  The pastor, the Rev. Faith Green Timmons stopped him and said:

Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not to give a political speech.

He did say that the crisis was brought on by people who didn’t know what they were doing.  But, I don’t think he understands that those “people” are all Republicans.  This crisis was brought on by Republican Governor Snyder when he decided that Flint could not govern itself.  He then put an Emergency Manager in place to run the city.

That Emergency Manager reported directly to the governor and no one else in government.  It was his decision to stop buying water from Detroit and instead use the water in the Flint River.  But, he also decided that $100 per day to add non-corrosive chemicals to the water was too expensive.  As a result, lead leached into the water from the pipes it was carried in.  The population was essentially poisoned with their own water.

To make matters worse, the State refused to even acknowledge the problem even when thousands of residents complained about “brown water” coming out of their taps.  They said there was noting wrong with the water.  This stupidity continued until a very brave doctor started testing children and found staggering amounts of lead in these children.

Lead causes many health and mental problems.  It can, in the right doses, even cause death.  Yet, now two years later, Flint still cannot drink their own water.  What did Donald Trump say he would do to help?  Nothing!

He did manage to get his name out there in an interview with a local TV Station.  During that interview, he said “this would never have happened if I was President at the time”.  Say What?

I am about 4 years younger than the Donald.  When we attended school there was a class called Civics.  In that class we learned how the government works.  We also learned that the Federal Government does not “control” the cities, counties or states.  And, since this mess was created by the State Government who refused to even acknowledge the crisis when it began, what would a President be able to do to stop it?  Nothing.  I guess Donald slept through those classes.

If you are wondering why Flint has not received any emergency funding to replace those lead pipes that are causing the problem, ask your Republican Controlled Senate?  The bill to do just that has been sitting in the Senate for almost a year.  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee had put a “hold” on the legislation.  Cruz eventually yielded, but Lee kept his hold until recently.

It now looks like it might actually get through the Senate.  But, then it has to go to the divided House where I am sure it will die an ugly death.  The ultra-conservative wackos will demand to see how it will be “paid for’ and Ryan will finally shrug his shoulders and place it in the drawer with the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, The Equal Pay for Equal Work, and the Transportation and Infrastructure bill.

All this time, the people of Flint are still forced to drink, bathe, and cook with bottled water.  And, the state still has done nothing to bring the water to the people.  The residents must go to “distribution centers” to get their water.  One woman interviewed said it costs her $20 each time she goes to the distribution center to pay for a ride.  Why can’t it be delivered to their doors?  It wasn’t their fault the water was poisoned.

Donald Trump’s solution to this problem was to go to Flint, take pictures, say a few words blaming anyone he could, and leave with his photo-op accomplished.  To make matters worse, he said this morning that the pastor “was a nervous mess” when she stopped his politicking.  I watched the video, she was not nervous, she was very firm.  The fact that someone stood up to him is what pissed him off.

He even said the people in attendance wanted him to keep talking.  What he didn’t say was the questions they were asking was about his history of racial discrimination in his buildings.  When they started shouting those questions, the pastor came to his rescue and, in his words, “got the hell out of there.”

What we learned from the fiasco photo-op Trump tried to have in Flint is that he does not care about those people at all.  He offered no solutions to their problem and offered no help to get the bill necessary for their very survival to get passed the Congress.

The people of Flint are suffering because their state elected a “businessman” with no experience to be governor.  He ran the state like a business and the people of Flint are paying the ugly price for that recklessness.  Can we afford to do the same thing with our country?

Donald Trump went to Flint Michigan yesterday and showed the people there he does not care their governor poisoned them.  He does not care if they suffer health problems or death as a result.  He showed his total disdain for the people of Flint.  But he did show he cares about politics an photo-ops.

If he were still in school, maybe the teacher would put him in the corner with a “dunce cap” on his head so he could think about his stupidity.  Unfortunately, this is the real world with real problems and this moron wants to be our next President.  And he asks “what do we have to lose?”  Apparently only our lives.  Which don’t seem to matter to the man who wants our votes.

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Okay, I live in a state that Donald Trump has targeted for advertisements.  I have seen the first one.  Like the Republican National Convention, it is dark and foreboding.  The ad is all about immigration.  It first shows a bunch of people “running across the border” and ends with a shot of a figure in fatigues standing “guard” with his automatic rifle.

It kind of gives you the idea that under Donald Trump, we will be living in an armed camp.  Without that camp, we will not be protected from those hoodlums trying to wreak havoc on our society.

The one odd thing about that add, is that they cite, in very small letters at the bottom, one of their sources for Hillary’s plan about immigration.  They cite the Center of Immigration Studies.  If you have never heard about this center, it is no wonder.  They are a very anti-immigration group who provides “studies” of immigration policy in a very unfriendly immigrant slant.

The Center for Immigration Studies does not like any immigration at all.  One of their recent articles tell us that immigrant population is over 44 million now.  They even show a chart showing how quickly it has grown over the last several years.

They claim this is a danger to our country and our way of life.  Remember, they are not just speaking about illegal immigration as they call it, they are talking about “all” immigrants.  They love the idea of Trump’s of eliminating people of the Faith of Islam from ever coming into the country.

This group is also one of the favorite sites for “information on immigration” of Breitbart.com.  Since Bannon is now the Chair of the Trump Campaign, is it any wonder that this anti-immigration group is the one source for information in their ads.

Then over the weekend, Trump has apparently decided that his vicious plan to deport 11 million people just might not be working at the polls for him.  So, he has declared that the process will be “humane”.  Not sure just what he means by that, but he said it.

Additionally, he is hinting that deporting 11 million people might not be all that possible.  So, he is floating the idea of letting people seek “legal standing” not by going home first, but through the embassies and consulates in our country.  If that is true, that is a “yuge” walk-back.

How are his ardent anti-immigrant backers going to take that news?  Nativism is his hallmark for running for the office.  If he back-tracks on that one fact, he would certainly lose at least some of his current supporters.  Without them, he has no chance of winning.

He is supposed to be giving an immigration speech in Colorado later this week.  That will be one for the books.  He is either going to throw more red meat to his supporters, or he is going to “walk-back” his original rhetoric and hope his followers don’t notice.

Then yesterday, his campaign manager Kerryanne Conway said that Donald Trump does not throw “personal attacks” at anyone.  She forgot to tell Donald Trump about that quote.  He exploded this morning with one of his infamous tweets.

This tweet concerned the hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC.  Apparently, they are not buying the “new Donald Trump” Conway is trying to sell America.

The show returned from one commercial break to the tune of “Everything Is Awesome” from “The Lego Movie,” as a clip of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus telling ABC on Sunday that Trump had a “great week” and is “getting into a groove.”

“Everything’s awesome,” Brzezinski said. “Everything’s awesome,” co-host Joe Scarborough repeated.

Brzezinski offered, “This is the part I don’t understand. You just have to look at this as an opportunity, right? You can’t pretend this is OK.”

How dare they voice their opinion against the Great Delusional Donald!  He immediately sent off this tweet:

Tried watching low-rated @Morning_Joe this morning, unwatchable! @morningmika is off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess!”

That wasn’t enough for the Delusional One.  A few minutes later he added:

Some day, when things calm down, I’ll tell the real story of @JoeNBC and his very insecure long-time girlfriend, @morningmika. Two clowns!

This not even one full day after his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway insisted on ABC News that he “doesn’t hurl personal insults.”  Maybe Conway has a different definition of “personal insults” than the rest of us do.

To be fair though, we already know that Donald Trump hates the media.  At least the media that don’t sing his praises from the highest mountain tops.  He is the first candidate I know of that has “black listed” a dozen or more news outlets from his rallies.  Even George Wallace didn’t have a black list of banned news outlets.

Finally, there was Trump’s biggest fan, Rudi Giuliani on Fox News the other day telling America that Hillary Clinton is suffering from medical and psychological illness.  And, he has proof.

Go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ take a look at the videos yourself.

I bet he thinks the “cat playing Beethoven” on the piano is real too.  Or, maybe all of those “groin hits” on America’s Funniest Videos were never staged either.  But then again, no one ever accused the former Mayor of ignoring a good “conspiracy theory” when he saw one.

It seems to me that Delusional Donald has found himself in a quandary.  On one hand he has to keep his “base” in tact.  Yet, on the other hand he needs independents and suburban educated women to win the election.  Only he is having trouble getting both to back him.

If he softens his stance on immigration, he thinks he will win over those educated suburban women.  But, if he does that, he might lose many of his most ardent supporters.  It is his willingness to pander to their anti-immigration love that got him this far.

So, just this weekend we have seen the “many faces of Trump”.  First he is going to be “humane” in dealing with the undocumented immigrants.  Then he uses an anti-immigration source for information to prove he is right about immigration.

Then he tweets out a personal attack against the hosts of Morning Joe because he doesn’t like what he saw there.  That less than 24 hours after Kellyanne Conway says he doesn’t personally attack anyone.

And then, Rudi Giuliani goes on Fox and spins the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is mentally ill.  And, of course, he uses made up internet videos to prove his point.  How legalistic of the former Attorney General.

So, if after this “great week for Trump” as Reince Priebus said over the weekend you are still confused about Delusional Donald, you are not alone.  He is all over the place when it comes to “running” his campaign.

At first Republicans were happy with the addition of Conway as his campaign manager.  But this morning proves that she does not hold the sway they thought she might.  How long can she stand to be upstaged and not listened to by her boss?  I put the over and under of her staying at one month.  Let’s see if I am correct.

The only thing that still amazes me is with all of this horse shit going on, how can the real Republicans still support this nut job?  Maybe the answer is there are no more “real Republicans” left anymore.  I guess they have all left the building.



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As the Trump meltdown continues, Republicans keep saying they want to focus on the “terrible economy”.  They say the recovery hasn’t been good enough or big enough for their liking.  They say the real problem is the economy.

Additionally, Paul Ryan in his victory speech said that Americans are tired of gridlock in Congress and that Republicans are offering “fresh ideas” that will break the grid lock.  They really want Donald Trump to talk just about the economy because they figure that will turn things around.

So, let’s look at the economy and see just how bad it is, or isn’t, and why the growth hasn’t been as good as it might have been for everyone.  We first need to look at the beginning in 2009 when President Obama took office.

During the period of George W. Bush’s administration, the “shackles” were taken off of the financial market.  Regulations were wiped out by Republican controlled congress.  Finance companies were allowed to make mortgages, banks were allowed to gamble in the market, and a whole lot of other regulations were wiped out.  It became a free-for-all.

That free-for-all led to the biggest economic crash since the Great Depression.  It almost became a second Great Depression.  Huge banks were on the brink of collapse mostly because of their own bad behavior.  The American auto industry was on the verge of being wiped out.

With disaster just around the corner in 2008, the Republicans led by George W. Bush started talking about a bailout.  They passed the first round of bailout money and just about all of it went to the big banks and financial institutes.  The American auto industry was being left out.  As Mitt Romney said “let the auto makers fail.”

The country was losing over 800,000 jobs per month.  Unemployment skyrocketed to well over 10 percent.  Plus, the U.S. economy was dragging the world’s economy down the drain with it.  On January 20, 2009 Barak Obama took the office of President.  Did the Republicans talk about “working with the President” to help us get out of the financial hole they dug for the country?  No, the only thing Mitch McConnell said was “the only job I have is to ensure this is a one term Presidency.”

That set the stage and it got worse from there.  In the first two years, the Affordable Care Act was passed and millions of Americans have gained insurance they never had before.  The Republicans have hated it ever since it was passed, even though it was essentially their own plan  from the 1990s.

There was the battle over the Bush tax cuts.  Republicans wanted them to remain in effect across the board.  Obama wanted them keep them for everyone except for the top tiers.  Obama won that battle.  The richest tax cuts were rolled back, but everyone else kept theirs.

That rankled the Republicans to no end.  They swore their revenge and they basically shut down cooperation after the 2010 elections when the House went back to their control with the Tea Party wackos getting in office.

In the meantime, a bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill passed the Senate.  Economists from both sides of the aisle said it would help boost the economy.  The bill reached the desk of John Boehner in the House and went into a desk drawer and has stayed there ever since.  There has been no debate.  There has been no committee action on the bill.  There has been no vote.  It just sits in a desk drawer because House Republicans don’t like it only because it offers a “path to citizenship”.

Our infrastructure is crumbling around our ears.  Everyone on both sides of the aisle knows this to be a fact.  So, the President introduced the Transportation and Infrastructure Bill.  This bill was intended to rebuild our roads and infrastructure.  It would also create millions of needed good paying jobs for the people.

It will take decades to rebuild our infrastructure so these are good paying long-lasting jobs.  That means the unemployment rate would drop significantly and revenue would be flowing back into the federal coffers because all of these people would be paying taxes.  Republicans made sure the bill disappeared in their “black hole” for anything with Obama’s name on it.

Since then, we have had more bridges collapse and seen lead poisoning of water in Flint and other cities, even the Capital Building itself.  Yet still no vote or discussion of rebuilding our infrastructure.

Instead of looking for ways to create jobs, Republicans went on a campaign to repeal “Obamacare” and slash the social safety nets.  They cut food stamp money.  They cut education money.  They cut just about every domestic budget in the government.

As a result of these cuts, less money has gone back into the economy.  Poor people cannot spend as much for food because they don’t have as much money to spend.  For every dollar spent on education, the economy gains 1.23 dollars in return.  But, that wasn’t good enough either so education budgets had to be cut.

They have refused to even discuss raising the minimum wage in the country.  All research indicates that today’s minimum wage of $7.25 per hour has less buying power than the minimum wage in 1968 at $1.67 per hour.  Some cities and states have raised the minimum wage on their own.  And surprise, even though Republicans say raising the minimum wage will “kill jobs”, the areas that raised their minimum wage have grown their economies better than areas that have not raised the minimum wage.

They refuse to talk about the Equal Pay for Equal Work bill.  Women make on average 75 cents per dollar of men doing the same work.  Republicans are fine with that idea even though women are increasingly the major “bread-winner” for their families.

Then they threw a hissy fit and insisted on the “sequester” budget cuts to reduce the budget.  The bill passed and was signed.  Now, they are complaining about that very bill because it also means that the defense budget needs to be cut the same as everyone else.

We have now had three sessions of Congress where the Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives.  This last session, Republicans have controlled both chambers of Congress.  In those six years, not one major piece of legislation has been passed.

Not one bill to help create jobs has been passed.  Not one bill concerning the economy has been passed.  We have witnessed the three least productive Congresses in our history.  They take a lot of vacations, like right now when we need funding for research to stop the Zika virus.  Instead of doing their job, they went on vacation, again.

Trump gave his economic plan if he were to become President.  It contains the same old Republican stuff.  Massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.  Cuts to social programs.  Massive increases in defense spending.  And of course, deregulation of the financial markets.

Paul Ryan calls these “fresh ideas”.  He thinks the American people will fall for their voodoo economics again.  Every time we do we fall back into a recession like under Ronald Reagan.  There was no “huge economic boom” in the 1980s.  All that happened was the rich got richer and the rest of us watched our wages stagnate.  Oh, the deficit also ballooned during his time in office.

The real economic boom came in the 1990s.  When Bill Clinton was able to create more jobs without “cutting taxes”.  He was even able to balance the budget for the first time since Kennedy was in office.

Republicans say that taxes and regulations are “crippling” businesses.  They are lying.  Just look at the past.  In 1968 when I first entered the job market fulltime, the tax rates on the richest people was hovering around 75 percent.  There were numerous  tax brackets.  Financial regulations kept banks and finance companies in their own silos to keep them from melting down the economy like they did in 1929.

The economy was booming in those days.  Eisenhower’s Intrastate Highway System was still being built.  Labor unions represented about 35 percent of the workforce and bargained for pay raises and a share of the profits from companies.  Corporate taxes were higher than they are today.  Yet, things were going well.

The downfall of the middle-class began with the downfall of unions.  In 1969, after Richard Nixon was elected president, the battle against unions really heated up.  More and more Republican States passed “Right to Work” laws that basically killed unions.

Because unions lost membership, they were unable to collectively bargain on behalf of workers for better pay and benefits.  Companies were not afraid of strikes anymore.  They would simply replace the workforce with non-union workers.

The assault on unions and workers continued through the years.  Hell, even Ronald Reagan fired all of the nation’s air traffic controllers in the middle of a strike.  Something by the way that was illegal.  But the Republican controlled Congress and Republican Department of Labor sat back and allowed it to happen.

As a result, only about 7 percent of the workforce today is represented by unions.  It is also true that where unions are strong, workers earn on average of about $2,000 more than non-union workers in other parts of the country.

What this all means is that the wealthy corporations are able to increase their shareholders profits while denying pay raises to the people that make those profits possible.  They simply take from the working class and give it to the wealthy.  I believe that could be called “reverse Robin Hood effect”.

There is gridlock in Congress because Republicans refuse to work with the President.  They have a lot of reasons for this lack of cooperation, but none of them make any sense.  Except that they really hate the man and won’t even talk to him.

The economy has created over 15 million new private sector jobs since 2009.  All the while Republicans have slashed public sector jobs in their controlled states.  They refuse to even debate legislation that will create millions of new good paying jobs.  They continue their onslaught against unions.

Before unions became strong in this country there were two economic classes.  The very rich and everyone else.  When unions were strong we had a very strong middle-class.  Now that union representation is down because of the laws passed, we are moving back to a two class system of the very rich and everyone else.

That is essentially the Republican economic plan.  The “us versus them” war began in 1968 with Richard Nixon’s presidential run.  It hit full force with Ronald Reagan and blew out the ceiling under Bill Clinton because things got better without Republican economics.  Then George W. Bush took office and everything flushed down the toilet again.

If you seriously look at the last two Republican Administrations and the last two Democratic Administrations you will discover that the economy had done better under the Democratic Administrations than the Republican Administrations.

So, by all means Republicans, let’s talk about the economy.  Your plans have failed miserably and will fail in the future.  You offer nothing to help the average citizen.  You offer nothing to bring people out of poverty.  You only want the rich to get richer and the rest of us to suffer along.

It is because of this simple fact that you keep backing Donald Trump as your candidate.  You have nothing to offer.  We keep hearing about your plans but we never see them.  We kept hearing about your plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  We have been waiting for seven years.

All we have gotten is that you have a plan to have a plan.  You killed the Transportation and Infrastructure Bill and now support your candidate who says “I will build the infrastructure like crazy”.  He apparently doesn’t know that you are against that idea.

Republican policies have destroyed the middle-class.  Republican policies have destroyed the unions which are the “workers” voice at the bargaining table.  Republican policies have left 99 percent of the American people behind all the while creating more wealth for the 1 percent.

The party with the stale old policies that do nothing for the economy is the Republican Party.  Their history of ruining the economy proves me correct.  So, let’s talk about the economy.  Only be prepared to answer questions about how you ruined it and how you obstructed its recovery.

I really don’t think you want to discuss that.  That is why you let Donald Trump let loose his hate and fear.  You have nothing else to offer.  We gave conservatives control of the economy from 1981 to 1992 and from 2001 to 2008 and they trashed it.  The only growth we have seen since 1981 have been under Democrats.

Sorry Republicans but your policies suck for everyone except the rich.  Take your economic policies and find something new.  I know that will mean actually thinking and you hate to do that.  You would rather rant and rave about nothing.



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I keep finding it harder and harder to take Donald Trump seriously.  I haven’t seen a Presidential Candidate so repulsive since 1968 and George Wallace.   The difference is that George Wallace was an open bigoted racist who hated blacks and wanted Jim Crow laws returned in vengeance.

Donald Trump is different.  Donald Trump is openly a billionaire that thinks the “rest of us” should kiss his ring just because he is Donald Trump and has lots of money.  He wants you to believe that he is “one of you” and will be “your spokesman”.

But, if you look at his “big economic speech” in Detroit yesterday, you will discover that you, the middle-class don’t count.  Oh, he pretended to be speaking for you.  He said that he would give “unlimited tax breaks” for child care.  Problem is that most Americans would never get any benefit from those “tax breaks” for the simple reason that most Americans do not itemize their taxes.

Additionally, that “unlimited” part is intended to help the rich take a bigger “tax break” for their childcare.  It does not lay out anything like eliminating “private nannies” as being eligible for a tax break.  Finally, even if the middle-class did itemize their tax returns, the “tax break” would not equal the full cost of childcare.  Which means you will ge very little, if any, benefit from this “tax break” he is promising.

But the rich will get loads of tax benefits from the same “tax break”.  They pay a lot more for childcare than you do.  If they are allowed to deduct the payroll for nannies their deduction will be much more than yours.  So, once again they gain and you lose.

Another item he brought up was the Estate Tax.  Republicans call it the “death tax” and he was adamant about repealing this terrible tax.  If you think this will help the middle-class, think again.  Only about 2 people out of 1000 people actually need to pay anything on the estate tax.

That is because  you need to inherit an estate worth about 11 million dollars before you have to pay any taxes on an estate.  That amount of money means that the middle-class and the working poor don’t pay anything in estate taxes today.  When he said “The middle-class has paid taxes all of their lives and shouldn’t pay taxes when they die” he is lying.

You don’t pay any taxes when you die unless you have an estate worth over 11 million dollars.  Which means you don’t pay any taxes when you die.  But, the estate tax does affect the top 1 percent of the economic ladder.

Additionally, the vast amount of money in these people’s estate were never taxed.  It is often capital gains that were never declared because the stocks were never sold.  Therefore, no taxes were paid on that money so they aren’t being taxed “again” as Trump insinuates.

What Trump laid out yesterday was another “trickle-down” economic policy.  It was exactly what Paul Ryan and the Republican Party has been trying to shove down our throats for years.  It failed under Ronald Reagan, and it will fail again.

This is nothing more than Ronald Reagan’s policy one that is loved by Paul Ryan and apparently Trump.  However, there is one big difference between Reagan and this policy.  Reagan said you cannot give tax cuts “without paying for them”.  There was nothing in this economic plan to indicate that “pays for the tax cuts”.

As a matter of fact, revenue will be decreased by over $10 Trillion.  Yet, Trump says he is going to “build roads, rail roads, airports, infrastructure, and rebuild our military”.  Where is the money going to come from?

If you want to build just one International Airport, you will be spending somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $1 Billion.  That money has to come from somewhere.  Which means that the deficit will explode.

These are just a couple of examples of the fantasy world that Donald Trump lives in.  Problem is he wants you to live in it with him.  He has already gone so far as to claim that “I am afraid that this election is rigged”.  That is talk of a loser, not someone who really thinks he can win.

His plan for “energy” will eliminate the Clean Air and Water Act.  He wants to use “dirty” energy in order to save companies money rather than save the planet.  He doesn’t seem to care if you get sick from the water you drink or the air you breathe.  He said nothing about public education.  He said nothing about health care.  He really said nothing.

Even with the standard Republican economic policy now endorsed by Trump, Republicans are fleeing from the Trump Tent.  They are calling him everything except “fit” for the office.  In his usual flair, he says he doesn’t care.  He turns on these Republicans instead of trying to bring them back to the tent.  That is no way to “build bridges” and consolidate your Party to support your candidacy.

The polls show that he and Clinton are the least “trusted” candidates running against each other in history.  But, when it comes to telling the truth, PolitFacts shows that Trump is the one who lies the most.

Assuming that the national narrative about politicians lying is correct, let us assume that 25 percent of everything a politician says is untrue.  That seems like a reasonable number for a baseline.

In their investigations of facts in each candidate’s speeches, they have discovered that Clinton is untruthful in 27 percent of her comments.  It also discovered that Trump is untruthful in 73 percent of his comments.

What this tells me is that Donald Trump runs around in his black sedan tossing out lies wrapped up in candy wrappers.  He then tells you that he is the friendly stranger who will help you and, in fact, he “the only one who can fix things.”

Republicans are showing the rest of us that what we learned from our parents growing up was right.  We should run away from that “stranger in the black sedan.”  The only question left is how fast can you run?

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It is another week, and we are patiently awaiting for Donald Trump to reveal his economic plan that is supposed to “Make America Great Again”.   Trump plans to reveal his plan in Detroit today.  And, from every report I have seen, it will break the budget like nothing else in history.

A few if the highlights is a massive tax cut, mostly for the wealthy, a tax cut that is said to be the biggest since Ronald Reagan.  He also plans to make child care totally tax exempt.  And, he plans to lower to corporate tax rate to 15 percent.

There is just one problem for Republicans with this “economic plan”.  According to every single economist I have read, except his own team, this economic plan will add $11.2 Trillion to the already huge debt.  As a matter of fact, it will increase the national debt by over 87 percent.

Remember, Trump plans to expand defense spending as well.  He must increase defense spending since he believes we have a third world military that needs to be “built up” again.  Defense costs a whole lot of money.  He also says he won’t touch Social Security and Medicare, so how does he expect tax cuts to help reduce the budget deficit?

Even Newt Gingrich says the economic plan doesn’t add up.  Appearing on Fox News with host Chris Wallace, Gingrich admitted that Trump’s tax and spending plan doesn’t add up.  “Of course not,” Gingrich said. “Historically, no candidates have numbers that add up.”

That is kind of an astonishing comment.  Here is one of Trump’s biggest advocates saying on national television, on the very station that loves Trump, that his “numbers don’t add up.”  I have never heard a candidate’s advocate of any kind admit that the numbers are fantasy before.  But, here is Gingrich saying exactly that.

During every election the numbers promised in economic plans hardly ever add up.  This year, even Hillary Clinton says her plan would add about 2 percent to the debt.  She admits deficit spending in her plan.

But, the usual actions of surrogates is to “defend” the tax cut and spending plan of their candidate.  When Mitt Romney said he would not raise taxes on anyone back in 2012, nonpartisan analysts said that was impossible without raising taxes on the middle-class.  Yet, his surrogates came up with numbers and “projected growth” plans that defended his plan.

Not so this year.  The biggest Trump advocate says that the numbers just don’t add up.  The real question is how do Republicans defend an economic plan that experts say will increase the national debt by over 87 percent?  How do they go to the American people and say the debt is too high when their own candidate wants to raise it even higher.

Trump’s economic team, all free trade people by the way, claim that lowering the corporate tax rate to 15 percent will make our economy boom.  It will make companies all over the world want to do business in America.  That will mean more jobs and higher pay.

On the other hand, when economists are asked what is the highest expense in running a business, do they answer “taxes”?  No, they say payroll.  If that is true, and it is, then the only way to make America that “jobs magnet” they claim, they must lower payroll not taxes.

Lowering payroll is more up the avenue of Republican economic policies.  That is the real reason behind their hatred for raising the minimum wage.  That is the real reason many of them want to eliminate the minimum wage.  They claim that “companies know better what to pay their employees” and we should just let them set the wage scale.

I could play Bernieac right here and say this plan will only increase the economic inequality in this country, which it will.  But, I don’t have to.  In order to get Republican attention, we just need to point to the fact that this economic plan will add $11.2 Trillion to the national debt.

Republicans have been preaching economic gloom and doom about the national debt for years.  How can possibly defend this economic plan that will at least triple the national debt?  Look, we tried this economic experiment before.  It was called Reaganomics.  It was also called Voodoo Economics.  The end result was a huge budget deficit and tax increases for the middle-class.

It did not produce the “biggest jobs growth” in our history.  As a matter of fact, the “biggest jobs growth” occurred under Bill Clinton’s administration not the Reagan administration.  It was also under Clinton that we had our last “balanced budget”.

Some very simple mathematics for you.  Basic arithmetic says that if you decrease the amount of money you have come into the bank, the bigger the deficit will become.  Less money means you cannot pay all of your bills without borrowing more money.

You just have to ask the millions of people who were victims of the 2008 Great Recession.  They lost their income and were unable to pay their bills which resulted in huge foreclosure rates.  Simple arithmetic that we all have to live under.

Something Trump apparently doesn’t know anything about.  I will eagerly wait to see exactly what Trump has to say about his economic plan.  From what I have seen of it so far, it is full of the same old bull shit that Republicans have been preaching for decades.

There is an old saying in the sea services.  The difference between a fairy tale and a sea story is that a fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time” and a sea story begins with “this ain’t no shit now”.

I wonder which phrase trump will use to open his economic plan.


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You can say whatever you want about this, but the real dishonesty as policy to get elected is coming from Donald Trump.  He has lied about everything and nothing is too small or too big to lie about.

Very early this morning, Donald tweeted that the video he claims to have seen about Iran “unloading” cash from an airplane was really a plan showing hostages getting off plane in Switzerland.  This after two days of saying “I will never forget what I saw in that video”.

His campaign has been saying this for over 24 hours.  They admitted the “Secret Iran Video” didn’t exist.  Yet, yesterday in Maine, Trump doubled down on his version of the story.  Then, suddenly out of the blue, he admits he really didn’t see the video “I will never forget”.

But, this is just the tip if the proverbial iceberg.  His lying is almost an addiction.  Some people call it hypocritical, I call is simply lying.  There are some real whoppers and some “small” lies.  But, as they say, lies are lies.

Let us look at just a few, and you can decide for yourself is he is a liar who cannot be trusted or not.

During his campaign, Trump said he would do away with the “work visa” H-1B.  If you don’t know what that is, it is the visa that people get when they come to this country to work.  This visa is usually good for three years, but can be expanded up to six years.

He said he would do away with this visa because he would force companies to hire Americans instead of bringing in foreigners to work.  You may think that is a “wonderful” idea.  However, he currently has applications going through the process to bring foreigners in to work at his Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida.

What happened to the idea to force companies to hire Americans first?  Why would he say he would stop issuing the H-1B work visa all the while he is trying to get a bunch of them for foreigners to work at his own resort?   Because he is lying.

Donald Trump says he is going to make America Great Again, by “bringing jobs back to the U.S.  Really?  Donald Trump sells suits, shirts, ties and accessories for men.  The suits are made in Mexico.  The shirts are made in Bangladesh.  The ties are made in China.  And, the accessories are made in China.

His wife has a line of jewelry products.  All of her products are made in China.  His daughter has a line of products as well and they are all made in China.  They also make furniture in Turkey.  The reason these products are all made overseas is simple.  The pay scale in these countries is lower than he can do in America.  And, that means he can sell his products for higher profits.

Doesn’t all of this fly in the face of the idea that he “has the American worker” at heart and will be “their spokesperson”?  The answer is very simple.  He cares more about profits than he does about American workers.  In other words, he is lying.

Trump attacked a Gold Star Family after the DNC.  He said”  “He has no right to say anything against me.”  Sorry, but that is an attack.  Suggesting that the parents of a soldier who died for his country “has no right” to say anything against him, is totally an attack on the parent’s free speech rights.

Later he said that the family had “viciously attacked me and I have a right to fight back.”  The “vicious” attack was suggesting he did not read the constitution and that he has “sacrificed nothing.”  Trump considers that as “vicious”.

His campaign has said that he “never attacked the Khan’s and it was all a ‘liberal media’ blowing things out of proportion.”  So, as you can see, using Donald Trump’s own words against him is “blowing things out of proportion.”

Paul Manafort claimed yesterday that Trump did “apologize” to the Khan family.  But he never has.  As a matter of fact, during an interview the other day, he said “I have no regrets about what I said about the Khans.”  Why would Trump and his campaign say such things?  Because they and especially him are lying.

Trump claims that he never made fun of a disabled reporter.  He supports that claim by telling us that “I have spent millions of dollars to make sure my buildings are handicapped accessible” insinuating he is doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

Unfortunately for him, I know better.  The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) specifically mandates all of the “accessible” requirements for all buildings.  He is doing his “accessible” stuff because he is required to do so by law, not out of the kindness of his heart.  In other words, he is lying.

Trump keeps claiming that “I love veterans”.  He claims he won’t endorse John McCain because McCain hasn’t done enough for veterans.  Yet, Trump had led a campaign to keep disabled veteran vendors from doing business on the same street his building is located on in New York.

New York has a law that allows people to sell all kinds of items from push carts.  They have to get a license and they are allowed to conduct business in the city.  Many of these vendors are disabled veterans who are trying to earn a legal living.

But, Trump who claims to “love” veterans and want “all Americans” to have the ability to support their families doesn’t want them on “his street” because they are an eyesore, in his view.  He considers hard-working disabled veterans an eyesore!  That from a man who claims to “love” veterans.  Why would he do such a thing to them?

Of course you can go back to last year.  You can make the argument that Trump only “loves” veterans who were never captured, too.  He said he did not consider McCain a “hero” because he was captured and “I only like those that didn’t get captured”.  I guess he doesn’t like those who were wounded either.

Then there is the so-called “veterans” money rally he held in Iowa instead of attending a debate.  He claimed to have raised $9 million.  He also said he would donate $1 million out of his own pocket.  It took about six months for anyone to see that money, and it was no where near the amount he claimed to have raised.  Plus, none of it was released until the press pushed him about where the money went.

What does all of this really mean?  When it comes for his “love” for the veterans, he is lying.

Everyone claims that “all politicians” lie.  That may be true.  However, you cannot keep calling out your opponent without answering for your own lies.  And, if everyone really believes that “all politicians” lie, why aren’t you questioning the lies from both sides?

What this really boils down to is what is the motivation for running for President.  In Donald Trump’s case, all of this shows me that he wants to be President simply because it would be another “feather in his cap”.

As a result, he will lie to anyone at anytime just to garner votes.  He does not care about the working people in America.  he does not care about our veterans.  He does not care if you can support your family.  All that matters is that he gets another “title” for his resume.

There is another lie that he is clinging onto.  That all uneducated white males “love” Trump.  By uneducated they mean High School Graduates only.  Yet, there was a poll that says, especially among Union Workers, this category of voters support Trump less than they supported even Mitt Romney by 5 points.

This is a poll that everyone seems to want to dismiss.  Even Chris Mathews said “well they are union workers and Democrats.”  But, this poll is not insignificant.  It shows that a whole lot of union workers who voted for Mitt Romney in his losing election, do not support Trump.  That IS significant.

Since he believes that is the demographic that will propel him to victory, that poll is troubling to him.  It also shows that we “working class” white men aren’t as stupid and you may like to think.  It shows that just maybe we see through the lies better than you do.

Make up your own mind.


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