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Needless to say this has been the strangest Presidential Election in my lifetime.  It is just weird.  The vitriol is unbelievable to most people, but I believe that is because they haven’t really been watching the last few decades.

Since the beginning of the “Southern Strategy” initiated by Richard Nixon, the seeds of divisiveness have taken root.  Over the years, we have seen that divisiveness has gotten worse and worse.

In ramped up even more with the start of Conservatives courting the “religious” vote.  That was the start of the “Conservative Christian” movement under Ronald Reagan.  When President Obama was elected, the divisiveness hit its pinnacle.

But, both parties have been guilty of helping the divisiveness really take hold.  Both parties have more or less ignored the middle class of our country.  Both parties have courted the so-called “elite” in order to get enough money to run for office.

That, money, is at the heart of a lot of our problems, but not all of them.  All you need do is go to your Facebook page and see all of the “remember this” postings and you will have a better understanding of the failure of our parties.

Trump has said over and over that he will “bring back” American jobs.  He acts like we will see the old-time manufacturing jobs return.  But, that is never going to happen.  Automation has made it impossible for factories to create as many jobs as in the past.

There are factories all around the world, including right here in America, where the workforce is less than half of what it used to be.  That is because robots do most of the work today.

As a result, because of automation, people are following Trump because they believe they will go back on the assembly line.  They are being lied to about that.  It won’t happen.

Clinton is trying to convince people that retraining is the answer.  That modern factories is the answer.  With retraining, more people would be qualified to work at these automated factories.  Problem is that she is terrible at getting her message out.

The other problem is that the middle class has been ignored for so long that they don’t want to listen to anyone anymore.  They want to hear that it isn’t their fault.  That something or someone else is to blame for their plight.

The Republican Party has been selling this concept for over 40 years.  Now Donald Trump has taken that meme and started shouting it from the rooftops.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are listening.

The elites on both side have divided this country along two lines.  They think you are either a conservative or a liberal.  They are wrong.  The vast majority of people in this country are in the middle of the road.

The vast majority of people in this country believe that hard work is the key to success.  They believe that if you go to work faithfully and do your job, you will be rewarded with a livable wage to support their family and send their children to college.

The vast majority of people in this country are not prejudiced or bigoted.  Yes, we all have a certain amount of bigotry inside all of us, yet most Americans believe in equality regardless of any of the factors like color, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

The vast majority of people want to simply be left alone.  They want to worship as they believe.  They want to work and get paid fairly.  They want to have fun with their families.  They are willing to pay their fair share of taxes and consider that patriotic.  They simply want to enjoy the benefits of their labor.

But that isn’t what has been going on.  We find that politicians want to interfere with their lives.  We find politicians that want the middle class to shoulder the tax burden so the rich can pay less taxes.  We find politicians that want to interfere with a lot of things in their lives.

No one is listening to these people.  No one is talking to these people.  No one seems to car about these people.  No one wants to even acknowledge they exist until election time.

Public education is under constant attack.  Property taxes are the main source of funding for our schools.  However, states also add money to education.  Problem is that money from the states is drying up.  Instead of using money to fix our schools, Republicans want to have “choice” meaning that public money would be used to send children to private schools.

That is an absurd idea.  Public tax money is to be used for Public Education not subsidize private or “religious” schools.  The result of this absurd idea is that Public Education is being bankrupt in favor of these private schools.  Meaning poor children are being left behind.

What makes this even worse is that even Republicans say that education is the stepping-stone to a better life.  Then they demolish our Public Education system in the name of “privatization”.  Taking away that “stepping-stone” from way too many children.

Because of this divisiveness the feelings of going back to the “good ole days” has become so prominent.  But, those feelings are not accurate either.  But, that is the problem when you are ignored for so long.

Our political discourse has become so nasty that it is almost unintelligible.  Instead of arguing the facts and issues, we hear about innuendos, lies, and accusations.  There is no such thing as a civil election anymore.

Many people talk about a getting a third-party going.  That is a good idea.  However, that third-party cannot be a fringe party like the Libertarian or Green Party.  It needs to be made up of the “middle-of-road” people who are willing to listen to everyone and not just the “elites”.

We also need to look at the Electoral College as well.  With the Electoral College set up as it is, it is almost impossible for a viable third-party to take root.  They vote for President once.  If they don’t have a majority, it goes to the House of Representatives.

We would need to look at how that system works in a world of three major political parties if at all.  Many think that we should go with the popular vote to select our President.  Maybe and maybe not.  We need to be sure that all votes really count regardless of where you live.

We need serious financial reform in our process.  We now live in a world where oligarchs can “buy” an election and leave the middle-class further behind.  Just about everyone knows that “money is the root of all evil” and we need to eliminate it from our election process.  Citizen’s United was probably the worst decision that came out of the Supreme Court concerning elections.

We need young people to get involved in the process.  I am not just talking about voting either.  They need to be involved in actually running for office.  Maybe a third-party would make that more possible.

We have fallen into a malaise in our country.  If you are Republican you are considered conservative.  if you are Democrat you are considered liberal.  The fact is the majority of both parties are neither.

However, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We have allowed these politicians to make us so divided.  We have allowed these politicians to use 20 second sound bites to convince us how to vote.  We have become politically lazy.

Benjamin Franklin said that “democracy is a very poor form of government, but no one has come up with something better”.  That is still true today.

But, it takes education to make democracy work.  It takes work to make democracy function.  It takes us to realize that we need to keep up with what is going on to make proper decisions as to whom will run our country.

It is too late to do anything about this election.  We have our choices and not many people are overly thrilled with them.  But, beginning on November 9, we will have a chance to really make changes.  We will have an opportunity to tell our politicians enough is enough.

If there is to be a viable major third-party, it needs to start forming on November 9.  It needs to start building from the ground up in local, county and state elections coming up.

We will have our opportunity.  On November 9 the civil war in the Republican Party will begin in earnest.  The divisiveness, if Clinton wins, will stay in place if not get worse.  We as the “bosses” of these politicians need to stop them in their tracks.

We need to tell them that we will no longer tolerate do-nothing Congresses.  We need serious people working for us and not special interest groups.

But, if you remain quiet, you will be guilty of abetting the malaise that has seeped into our politics.  You will be guilty of abetting the divisiveness that has sucked us dry.

As a nation, we cannot continue to “look back” to “those good ole days”.  We need to force our politicians to look forward and help us gain the tools to compete in a globalized economy.

If you look at history especially at dictatorships, you will realize that silence is acceptance.  It has been silence that has allowed demagogues like Trump, Cruz, Huckabee, and a host of others to poison our politics.

Our people cannot afford to remain silent anymore.  We need to be vocal.  We need to vote especially in off-year elections.  We need to “fire” those politicians who want to use their office for personal gain or personal power instead of doing what we the people want.

We don’t need “term limits” to clear house.  We need an active electorate who will do the work necessary to make our democracy functional.  If the electorate does its job, the bad cases will be voted out of office even without term limits.  Term limits is nothing more than another lazy way to attempt to fix something.

As a veteran I am constantly told “thank you for your service”.  I have started to tell those who say that if you want to thank me, get involved more in politics and make our country work the way it was intended.  That is truly “thanking a vet”.

I know that I write for a small insignificant blog, but I vow to continue to call out what I believe is wrong.  I will continue to fight for what I believe is right.  All I ask is that you be willing to join the fight with your participation in our electoral process.

With all of our faults, I believe America is the greatest country on earth.  We are more giving, loving, and inclusive than any other country.  If we want to stay that way, we need to participate.

So, vote this year.  Then, keep politicians feet to the fire once the New Congress and Administration takes office.  Stop being lazy.  Stop listening to 20 second sound-bites.  Start being involved.  It is your future and your children’s and grandchildren’s future at stake.

Being involved in the one way every American can really be Patriotic.  If you cannot be involved every day every year, you cannot be a patriot.  Patriotism is “giving back” to our country.  Participating in our electoral process is “giving back” to our country.

We cannot continue with our politics of hate and divisiveness.  But, only we the people can stop it.  Politicians will never stop it.  They need it to stay in power.

There are 12 days left to vote.  So what are you waiting for?  Make sure you vote!


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I will admit that in the first 20 to 30 minutes of last night’s debate, Donald Trump almost seemed like a sane and thoughtful person.  It appeared that maybe, just maybe, he would be able to actually participate in a debate without looking like a fool.

Then, Hillary Clinton made a small comment.  She said: …”he borrowed 14 million dollars from daddy”.  During all of the debates I spent time listening to the speaker but watching the other candidate respond on the split screen.  At that comment, the pumpkin colored man turned into a tomato.

From that moment on, Trump went downhill fast.  His true temperament came out very quickly.  The accusations came fast and furious, and the interruptions were almost non-stop. One outlet did a count and said Trump interrupted Clinton 64 times during the debate, most of them after that comment.

Trump also proved he has no respect for our democracy.  Wallace asked point-blank if he would accept the outcome of the election.  He said he would look at it at the time and further stated “I will keep you in suspense on that”.

Wallace even went on to explain what that meant and gave him another chance to change his answer.  He refused to take the “hint” from Wallace.  Jaws dropped all across America.  Everyone, Republican, Democratic, Independent, Conservative and Liberal all condemned that comment.

In our entire history, this has never been a problem, and no one ever made a comment like that.  We have had some very close elections, even some recounts of votes, yet in the end the loser has always graciously conceded to the winner.  No one every hinted they wouldn’t accept the results before the election was even held.  This isn’t about being a good sport, this is about the very fabric of our democracy.

A half hour before the debate started, Mike Pence, his running mate, specifically said that “they would accept the results of the race.”  After the debate, he waffled big time on that comment.  Meaning Pence is not that “stable, calm, principled” man everyone tries to make him out to be.  Rather he is nothing but a lap dog for Trump in the name of power.

I have to admit, I agree with the vast majority of politicians and pundits that comment is a disqualifying comment.  But to me, that was not the only disqualifying comment.

Trump was challenged about the cyber attacks our country has suffered from Russia.  All of our experts including 17 agencies who have been working on this matter have all said the hacks were done by Russia at the government level.

But his bromance with Putin just won’t let him accept that fact.  He went on again about how “no one in America knows who did the hack”.  Remember that during the primaries he bragged about how he had met and liked Putin.

Now he is claiming he “doesn’t know” Putin at all.  He is saying that to try to put some distance between the two, but he keeps praising Putin and last night he even praised Assad of Syria.

By the way, Trump keeps saying that Russia “is bombing the hell out of ISIS”.  Only they aren’t.  They are bombing the hell out of Aleppo.  Aleppo is not an ISIS stronghold, it is the stronghold of the rebels who started the insurgency against Assad.  He really should get his facts straight.

When he was asked about Social Security and Medicare he totally disregarded the question and never answered it.  He kept talking about his massive tax breaks for the wealthy and how that would magically make the economy grow unbelievably.

When Clinton answered the question he came out this his “she’s a nasty woman” comment.  That was almost stunning by itself.  Especially the timing.  How does talking about how she would work to support Social Security and Medicare make her a “nasty woman”?

He keeps trying to sound like he knows all about war.  He keeps saying that we announce we are going to attack somewhere and that is “stupid”.  It is obvious that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Yes, there have months of talk about attacking Mosul.  That is a strategic move.  The obvious point is to get ISIS out of the city without having to fight a street-by-street and house-by-house battle.  That would disastrous for both the fighters and civilians.

If we can get ISIS to leave, we could more easily attack them on the road out of the city where civilian casualties wouldn’t be in jeopardy as much.  Trump just doesn’t know anything about anything except how to avoid paying taxes.

The one issue that no one is talking about in the immigration debate is how is Donald Trump going to “deport” 11 million undocumented immigrants?  In order to make sure that you are deporting the correct people, we will need some kind of “papers” to prove you are a citizen or here legally.

When is someone going to ask Trump if he favors national ID cards or papers?  We don’t have such things in our country.  But without such a national ID card or papers you will never know which immigrants are undocumented or not.  Especially if you are also going to deport those Europeans who have overextended their visas.

A bunch of Republicans claim that during the three debates Donald Trump figured out a way to self-destruct.  I don’t buy that theory.  Donald Trump will always self-destruct because he cannot focus on anything for more than 10 minutes.

For someone running to be our next President, that is a very scary thing.  How can we trust someone who cannot focus for more than 10 minutes?  The other question you need to ask yourself is how can you vote for someone who refuses to actually “prepare” for something like a debate?

If a candidate won’t sit down and prepare for a debate to convince us to vote for him, how can we trust him to prepare for decisions that affect us, our children, our grandchildren, and even the entire world?

If you refuse to study and prepare you shoot from the hip.  That is the last thing we need from someone who is our Commander in Chief with their finger on our nuclear button.

When he first announced his candidacy, everyone thought it was nothing but a publicity stunt.  Problem is that it still looks like a publicity stunt.  I don’t know what he is thinking.  No one knows what he is thinking.  He cannot express himself coherently.

Here I want to give a lot of credit to Mike Wallace.  He did an excellent job moderating the debate.  His questions were very good.  He tried to keep both candidates on topic.  He even fact checked both candidates.  I was pleased how Wallace handled himself.  He was excellent.

After everything is said and done, one thing is certain at this point.  Whenever Trump does or says something that causes his poll numbers to plummet, he blames everyone but himself.  He is still claiming “massive” voting fraud which is false.

It would be easy to say that Donald Trump would be the least qualified and worst President in our history.  Unfortunately, that are the nice things to say about a Trump Presidency.  He would also be the most dangerous President we have ever had.

There are 19 day before it is all over.  Regardless of you opinions of the candidates, I only ask one thing from everyone.  Vote!  Voting is the most important duty each citizen has.  There are millions of men and women defending our country.  If you really want to “thank a vet” – vote.  That is what they are defending for you.  Go to the polls and cast ballot.






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Okay, it is time to talk about the email hacks by WikiLeaks.  Many in the media are salivating over the emails that WikiLeaks hacked from the DNC and John Podesta.  They are looking for all the “dirt” they can find.

I have gone through what I can from these “leaks” and I don’t see anything that could be called “dirt” in any of them.  Yes there are people talking about what could be weaknesses and how to handle them.  There are some strategy issues being discussed.  But to say there is anything of any major concern would be stretching things from New York to Los Angeles.

The FBI has said they believe the evidence says that the hacks were done by Russia, and not some 400 lb kid on his be in Moscow, but the Russian government.  They say that Russia then handed them over to WikiLeaks.

I might even overlook the Russia meme here, but we need to discuss WikiLeaks more than you probably know about it.  In essence, WikiLeaks is a criminal organization.  They pat themselves on the back for “hacking” into people’s emails to show what people are writing or thinking.

You may not know this or have forgotten, but hacking into someone else’s emails in a crime in this country and most countries around the world.  That means every time someone from WikiLeaks hacks into an email account they are breaking the law.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when a known criminal organization releases documents they claim are real, I have serious doubts that what I am reading is actually what was written without it being “edited” by the criminals to show what they want it to show.

You must also take into consideration that the head of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange is hiding out in the Nicaragua Embassy in London.  Why is he hiding out there?  Because Sweden has a warrant for his arrest for the crime of raping two women.  Rather than facing the charges to defend himself, he chose to hide out at the Embassy.  England was willing to extradite him back to Sweden to face charges which is why he ran to the Embassy.

So we have a criminal organization headed up by an alleged rapist now trying to influence our election for President.  I guess when Hillary Clinton said he should be returned to Sweden to face the accusations, he took umbrage to that.

Is he working with Russia on all of this?  I don’t know.  Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t.  The only fact is that his organization breaks the law in many countries around the world.

The sad thing is that journalists here in the U.S. say that if you are “famous” or “powerful” you don’t have a right to privacy.  They are more than willing to publish what WikiLeaks gives them without even reading the information first to see if it is even relevant.  In other words they are very willing to violate people’s right to privacy in the name of “news”.  In essence they are abetting a law-breaker.

I don’t care who WikiLeaks tries to “hack” emails from.  I don’t care if it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  I personally pay very little attention to them because I cannot trust a criminal to give us the full truth.

If you are willing to cheer on WikiLeaks, remember there is nothing keeping them from hacking your emails or server and stealing your financial information.  Then wiping out your bank accounts.  To me, WikiLeaks is no better than those stealing people’s IDs.

It is time for the world to team up and find these criminals and put them behind bars.  They are a real threat and they need to be stopped, not published.  Julian Assange needs to be sent back to Sweden to face his accusers.

They are a threat to your right to privacy as much as to a politicians right to privacy.  Remember, if you email a politician, you could find your email in the newspapers as well.  It has already happened.  What makes you think you are immune.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are criminals.  Start treating them that way.


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Last night’s debate was nothing short of looking at a raving lunatic trying to debate a normal person.  I know that is going to piss off some people, but Donald Trump looked like a raving lunatic trying to intimidate his opponent instead of debating her.

The optics were absolutely horrible.  While Clinton was speaking, he was stalking her around the stage.  I am not sure what he was trying to do.  But, having him lurking right behind her all night scowling like some kind of spoiled 4-year-old brat was really a stupid idea.

Maybe that was because he didn’t have anything to say.  When he was confronted with his comments released on Friday, he refused to admit that he was bragging about sexually assaulting women.  He claimed “you didn’t understand what I was saying”.  No, I do understand what you were saying.  You were bragging that you could sexually assault women and get away with it because you are a “star”.

Donald Trump thinks that the American people are so stupid that he can make any claim he wants and they will believe him because he keeps saying “believe me”.  Well they don’t believe him and he is in real trouble trying to win any of the battleground states.

The spot polls say the Clinton won the debate last night even though the Trump campaign keep trying to claim victory.  I guess since he didn’t try to grab Clinton by her genitals that is a victory.

Then we have the scary part where he said he would join forces with Assad, Putin and Iran to fight ISIS.  He claims that Russia is bombing ISIS when in fact they are bombing the rebels in Aleppo.

I defy anyone on the right to defend the idea we should support Assad, Russia and Iran.  Nothing shows Trump’s global view better than that statement alone.  He is willing to abandon NATO because he thinks it is obsolete, but he is willing to support dictatorships.

The very idea of dictatorship in this country came up when he claimed that “If I was President you would be in jail.”  I haven’t heard that in many years and never in this country.  That is the kind of thing dictators do not Presidents.  As some have said that comment is totally “Banana Republic” talk.

I guess we will also hear that he had a bad mic again since he was sniffling all night again.  Is Donald Trump suffering from a cold or is he crying about his disastrous campaign?

During the debate he even went out of his way to throw his running mate under the bus.  Instead of talking about Syria and even saying that “I and Mike will sit down and discuss this because we do have minor disagreements about how to proceed in Syria,” he said “we haven’t spoken and I disagree.

About the only thing that Donald Trump was very good at last night was hurling innuendos and avoiding “answering” the questions that were asked of him.  What new?

I really don’t know how to describe Donald Trump anymore.  He keeps losing his cool and speaks like someone who doesn’t think.  To put it plainly if Donald Trump had one more brain cell, it would die from loneliness.

We have 29 days until the election.  That means we have 29 days of mud and sewer talk from Donald Trump.  The man simply cannot help himself.  The very idea that he could even have a remote possibility of becoming President is very scary.  We cannot let him get anywhere near the White House.

Breaking news:  As I was writing this I heard a report that Paul Ryan released a statement that said he would no longer defend Trump and will put all of his energy on helping to keep the House.  But, he still hasn’t pulled his endorsement.

Still, the rats are abandoning ship.


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Tonight the two VP candidates will face off in their only debate.  Of course the media is all agog about the debate.  And, it will probably be all that is talked about for the next week.

However, there are some things that really do matter, but will probably not be covered in the debate.  You are told over and over how Mike Pence is the “stabilizing” factor of the GOP ticket.  You are told he has a steady hand and a calm demeanor.  He would never use negative attacks to gain power.

Most of that narrative is a lie.  Maybe he won’t use negative attacks to gain power, but he won’t do anything but support the radical, racist and misogynistic candidate at the head of his ticket.  You may think that is only because of politics and being the running mate.

You would be wrong.  Mike Pence is even more dangerous, if that is possible, than Donald Trump.  Especially when it comes to social issues.  To put it plainly, Mike Pence is a fraud in his own right.

Remember, this is the Governor who signed one of the first “Religious Freedom Acts” that made it legal to discriminate against LGBT in business practices based on “religious beliefs”.

When there was a huge outcry about the bill, he rolled back some of it, but most remains in tack.  As a matter of fact, a woman who has been charged with child abuse is using this very law as her defense.  She claims that she had to beat her child because she was saving him from Satan.

If she wins her case based on this vile law, it will open the flood gates for anyone who wishes to abuse their children with a “defensible” argument based on the RFA law that Pence wanted passed so badly.

While Pence’s running mate keeps talking about the violence in Chicago, he never seems to mention that Indianapolis, IN has a bigger murder per capita than Chicago.  Last year, Indianapolis had a murder rate of 16.9 per 100,000 people.  That topped Chicago’s rate.

Buying guns in Indiana was always easy.  Mike Pence made it even easier.  He even retroactively stopped the City of Gary from suing gun manufacturers.  It is so easy to get guns in Indiana, the Chicago Police Department reports that up to 40% of all recovered guns used in murder crimes in Chicago were purchased in Indiana.

Then there are the usual anti stances.  You know the ones.  Anti-same sex marriage.  Anti-abortion.  Anti-equal pay for women.  Anti-climate change. Anti-clean water and air policies.  Anti-minimum wage.  Mike Pence is a phony who claims to be a “Conservative Christian” which is an oxymoron at best.

Sorry, but Christianity preaches love and inclusion through the “brotherhood of man” including women.  Conservative Christianity teaches hate, segregation, and the subordination of women.

Then yesterday the RNC was bragging about the next “Willie Horton” ads.  It turns out that they plan to run ads criticizing Kaine for being a defense attorney.  Imagine that.  The party that claims to love the constitution is going to run ads against the VP nominee of the Democratic Party because he was giving those accused of a crime the legal representation that is guaranteed in our Constitution.

When Bobby Jindal left office in Louisiana, the Public Defense Office was so short of funds it was on the verge of non-existence.  So, according to the new Alt-Right RNC, we are now supposed to be guilty until proven innocent.  How convenient.

Some of Kaine’s fellow Senators want him to make Mike Pence own Trump’s rhetoric.  That is not necessary.  He has owned them even before Trump asked him to be his running mate.

But, I doubt we will hear anything about these issues.  We won’t see Pence held to the fire to explain his policies and past laws that discriminated against citizens.  No, we will hear a bunch of nonsense like we always do.

But, I am not sure it will matter.  Vice Presidential Debates rarely move the needle.  People do not vote for the Vice President, they vote for President.  I will watch tonight, but tonight unlike the Presidential Debate, I will probably have my bottle of wine next to me.  Sometimes that is the only way to get through the same stale and false Republican talking points.

I am just wondering if Trump will figure out a way to take the headlines away from this debate and back onto himself.  The man can’t stand anyone else taking headlines away from him, even if he needs to do or say something stupid.

I know, maybe he will take the stage tonight instead of Pence.  That would be something wouldn’t it?

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I am not a person who will tell you that voting for a third-party candidate is wasting your ballot.  I have voted for third-party candidates in the past.  However, I voted for the third-party because they were more attuned to my politics and views than the major parties.

I never voted third-party simply because I didn’t like the two major candidates.  Even if I don’t like the two major candidates, I will look at their policies and decide which one is most suited to my views and which one is more qualified for the position.

If you are looking to vote for a third-party candidate, I would suggest you consider what their policies are and how closely they match your views.  This year there are three third-party candidates.  Only one is going to be on 50 states ballots.  That candidate is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.

I have read a lot about millennials looking to Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton.  But, I am not sure they really understand where Johnson stands on the issues they are most interested in.  Therefore, let me put them in perspective.

One topic I keep hearing they are interested in is “debt free” college education.  Under a Gary Johnson administration that will never happen.  Gary Johnson wants to cut the education budgets and not increase them.  He has no plans to help low-income students in attaining college tuition.

In comparison, Hillary Clinton is talking about college being free for students who come from families who make less than $150,000 per year.  Johnson calls that plan “a handout to people who don’t want to work for themselves.”  So, if you are looking to go to college and graduate without having a huge student debt, Johnson is not your candidate.

Topic two that they are interested in is income inequality.  Under Gary Johnson, income tax would be eliminated and corporate taxes would be all but eliminated.  Revenue to the Federal Government would come close to zero.  There will be no money for education, infrastructure, or health care.  He wants to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Unemployment Insurance.  He says they are not covered in the Constitution and therefore all illegal.

He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act which means people cannot carry their children until they are 26 years old anymore.  Meaning the uninsured rates will climb drastically.

In the meantime, the rich will get much richer since they won’t be paying any taxes.  He also believes that the minimum wage should be eliminated saying that businesses should set the pay grades.  Meaning we will go back to 1899 in terms of wages and income inequality which was even worse than it is today.

Another item that is big with them is climate change.  According to Gary Johnson we should eliminate all current EPA regulations protecting our environment.  We should allow people to do what they will and if someone decides that is harming the environment they should simply sue the polluter to get damages. Under his plan lawyers will make a killing all the while the pollution will be killing us.

When asked if he believed climate change is real, he said “probably”.  When asked if it was being caused by man, he said “probably”.  The real eye popper was when he said that we don’t need to worry too much about climate change “because the sun is eventually going to blow up”.

These are just a few things that Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party wants America to become.  They like to say they support “personal freedoms” when actually they are a very “business friendly” party.  Their whole platform is based on “business knows what is best”.

Of course there is the “Aleppo” moment and his not being able to name a single foreign leader.  That is because the Libertarian Party is also an isolationist party.  They don’t believe in globalization.  They are only interested in what happens inside our borders.  That is very dangerous in today’s world.

The Libertarian Party is the perfect example of the “Party Of Heads In The Sand”.  I cannot speak for you, but all of this tells me that Gary Johnson is not a viable choice in this or any other election.

My advice to anyone thinking of voting third-party is to really look at the platforms and see what they really stand for.  Otherwise, you will be voting for someone who should not be President and won’t even know it.

I cast my first vote in 1972.  Since that time I have come to the realization that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate.  Candidates are all people which means they all have faults.  It also means some people are much more qualified for positions than others.

This year, with all of her faults, the best candidate, the most qualified candidate, and the one whose policies more closely match my personal views is Hillary Clinton.  If you believe in moving into the future and not backwards in time, then she is your candidate too.

It is your choice.  I hope you realize there is not a third-party candidate that is better than the major party candidates.  In my view Gary Johnson may be better than Donald Trump, but not by much.  But, neither is qualified to be President.

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If anything came to light last night it was the simple fact that Donald Trump cannot concentrate for more than 2 minutes.  I am sorry if that offends you, but he was terrible at best and a disaster at worst.

When the debate started I thought it just might be a good debate.  Trump actually had some good points about the TPP but that was about all he had.  After that 10 minutes, he faltered and went down hill like a speed skier on a downhill slope.

I was also concerned before it started that Lester Holt would cave in to Trump’s bullying.  He didn’t.  Actually, Holt did the best moderator job I have seen in quite a while.  He actually disappeared at times and let the two candidates go at it.  That was a good thing on his part.

The split screen was very good for the viewer also.  During the entire debate, the body language between the two candidates was stark.  Trump was fidgeting all night.  You could see he was being defensive all night as well.

The biggest difference to me was the lack of policy by Trump.  Yes, he offered his strongest part in trade, but he offered no specifics on how he would do something better.  He was even asked how his plan would bring back jobs.  He never answered the question and went into his 20 second sound bites about taxes instead.

Trump staggered all night.  He proved that his campaign was correct.  He didn’t prepare and that showed big time as the night went on.  When it got around to Foreign Policy, he flunked big time.

Sorry, but I felt like I was watching a Mafia Strong Man talk about his “protection racket” instead of someone talking about honoring treaties.  You do not uphold treaties based solely on money which Trump seems to want to do.

Let’s face facts.  The treaties we have with our allies have prevented World War III for 70 years.  When countries agree to support each other if one is attacked makes it hard for an aggressor to take the risk.  Now, Trump wants to change those treaties based on how much money each country pays.  That is absurd if not downright reckless.

When Clinton brought up his lack of releasing his tax returns and pondered if maybe he hasn’t paid any taxes, he interrupted with the comment “that makes me smart.”

No Donald, that makes you a tax cheat not smart.  This is a man who tries to present himself as the “spokesman for the people”.  The people pay their taxes.  They don’t have fancy expensive lawyers and imaginative accountants who make sure we don’t pay our share of taxes.

Bragging about the fact that you may not have paid any taxes is not being the “voice of the people” it is thumbing your nose at those people you claim to want to defend.  In other words, you are a con-man and it came out last night.

When he was challenged about his history of not paying people who did work for him his only defense was “maybe they didn’t do a good job”.  Say what?  Look, it may be okay to fight the bill if the job was lousy.  But, if you open the facility without making any changes to this so-called “poor work” you are a lousy businessman or you are lying about the quality of the work.

All of the instances where his company did not pay contractors is living proof that he does not care about the average people.  He only cares about his own pockets and making money off the labor of others without paying them.  If he had good reasons for not paying he should have given them last night.

After the debate was over, he claimed that he showed “great restraint” last night.  He said he was going to talk about Lewinsky, but did not because Chelsea was in the audience.  According to him, that is “great restraint”.

Please, someone out there explain to me how Monica Lewinsky has any bearing on this election?  Bill Clinton is not running for President, Hillary Clinton is the candidate.  She did nothing wrong in that incident.  If anything, she would be considered the “victim” in that incident.  And, whether you like her or not, she made the decision to stay with her husband after it all came to light.  Most people would call that “family values”.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been married three times.  He has openly admitted to several affairs.  He even said this year when his buddy Roger Ailes was fired for sexual assault at Fox News that “all powerful men have affairs”.  If he does bring up Lewinsky in future debates, he will show just how much of a gutter snipe he really is.

There was one moment when Clinton did something I said she should do months ago.  When the email thing came up she said “I made a mistake and would not do it again.  I take full responsibility.”  She didn’t offer any excuses or try to switch the topic.  She owned it!  Something Donald Trump has failed to do over and over with many issues.

For example, when asked what he would say to the African-American community about his “birther” issue, he said “I have nothing to say”.  Of course he tried to tie the whole mess to Clinton’s campaign in 2008 which is totally untrue and proven to be untrue many times by many different fact check organizations.

Trump’s team has been trying to spin everything that would indicate Trump “won” last night.  He didn’t win, he was wiped out.  Even focus groups around the country of voters from both sides have said Clinton won the debate.  Hell, even Fox News said Trump looked terrible last night.

Of course, now Trump is claiming that he did poorly because he had “a defective microphone”.  He even said that he did not have the “sniffles” even though you could clearly hear him all night sniffling.  If he didn’t have the “sniffles” was he crying about his poor performance?

The fact of the matter is just this.  Donald Trump was Donald Trump.  And, anyone who objectively looked at the debate saw just how impulsive and reactionary he is.  I don’t know, maybe in business those are good qualities though I don’t think so, but in international relations with both allies and adversaries, those are not qualities I want in a President.

To bring this point home, even the Alt-Right was disappointed in Trump last night.  4Chan was all aghast with his performance and they actually turned on their emperor god.  That is not a good sign for Donald Trump.

It will be interesting to see how this goes forward.  Rudi Giuliani even said if he were running he wouldn’t participate in the next debate.  As usual, the right-wing is going after Holt for being “unfair” in his moderator job.  Holt actually did a good job as far as I have seen.

I guess trying to make a candidate actually answer the question is being biased according to the right-wing.  That says it all.  They want to be able to show up and just spout out anything they want true or not and not answer any questions with viable answers.

After 90 minutes of debate last night, we still have no clue about any policy that Trump says he wants to talk about.  He had his chance, and he failed miserably.  Is that because he wants to keep everything secret or because he doesn’t have any policies?  I think the latter is more in keeping with Trump.

Two people stood on that stage last night trying to earn our vote to become the next President of the United States.  One showed knowledge of the real world, and one showed no knowledge of how the real world works.  I know which one I think is best qualified, you must decide for yourself.

Just remember one sly comment that went unchecked last night.  When Clinton mentioned that “shooting an Iranian boat out of the water because their sailors made gestures at us would start a war”, Trump blurted into the microphone “it wouldn’t start a war”.

That comment is the epitome of stupidity and recklessness.  I don’t want anyone like that anywhere close to being the Commander in Chief.

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