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This election has been strange to say the least.  All of the polls are showing that Clinton still leads.  It is just a matter of how much.  Yet, the media from all persuasions are still drumming on one factor they say could “swing the election to Trump”.  That one factor is enthusiasm.

I understand that Trump has a rabid following.  His rallies are attended by thousands of people all yelling stuff that is both uplifting to Trump and disturbing to many others.  If you watch a Trump Rally, you might believe that all of the enthusiasm is behind him and his supporters.

But, I am not so sure about that.  There are way too many people who are claiming to “vote” for Trump but refuse to endorse him.  While the Democrats have rallied behind Clinton, you cannot say that about the Republican Party and Trump.

I really find it hard to believe that everyday Republicans are that “enthused” about Trump, especially when their own candidates won’t come out in full-throated support.  People like Marco Rubio is a perfect example.

During the campaign, he called Trump unstable and a threat to be anywhere near the nuclear codes.  Yet, he says he will vote for him.  Yesterday he was asked if Trump would keep the nation safe.  He replied “the military keeps us safe and we need to rebuild it.”  He wouldn’t even use Trump’s name.

There was report last week that said several members of Congress running for reelection on the Republican side have threatened law suits for advertisements claiming they are tied to Trump as lies.  In all of my years watching and participating in politics I have never heard that threat before.

Then we have Ted Cruz.  He said at the Republican convention that you should “vote your conscience”.  Nice words.  But, then he came out later and supported Donald Trump even working the phones for him to raise money.

This is the candidate who said he was “no lap dog for Donald Trump and when you criticize my wife and my father you will never get my support.”  Yet, he is supporting the very Donald Trump.

Rep. Chaffetz said after the infamous tape he could not support Trump and look his daughter in the eye.  The other day he reversed himself again an said that he would vote for Trump.  I guess he won’t look his daughter in the eye anytime soon.

Although I am sick of polls, I do watch them like everyone else.  I keep seeing the name thing.  Whether or not Trump is close or at some points even ahead, his numbers are the same.  They never seem to average above 41 percent of the vote.

If we had a strong third-party candidate, that might be enough to pull off an upset.  But, we don’t have a strong third-party candidate, and 41 percent of the vote is not going to get him a win.  Even when he manages to get to 43 percent, he shoots off his mouth about something stupid again and falls below 40 percent.

Even though his camp said yesterday that they have a “three pronged voter suppression” strategy, these numbers just don’t add up to a Trump victory.  That term “voter suppression” was there words, not mine.  When a campaign starts openly talking about “voter suppression” as a strategy they know they are in trouble.

When everything is said and done, I know that Cruz and Chaffetz are far right-wing nut jobs.  That makes this even worse for Trump in my opinion.  They are claiming to be voting for Trump but can’t bring themselves to “endorse” Trump.

On the Democratic side, I have yet to hear anyone say they would “vote” for Clinton but not “endorse” Clinton.  That tells me that the overall “enthusiasm” is on Clinton’s side more than on Trump’s side.

The Republicans have been working to divide our nation for years.  The rise of the Tea Party and the Freedom Caucus are proof of those efforts.  Now they are saddled with a candidate who has totally “polarized” our nation.

It has gotten to a point where politicians who “cannot look their daughter in the eye and say the will vote for Trump” are actually voting for Trump. To a point where a candidate can make fun of a competitor’s wife and say his father “may have been involved in JFK’s assassination” and then have that competitor still support Trump.

Republicans have been using “labels” to define opponents and people in general.  They are almost always derogatory “labels” to make sure the base understands that those they label are the real problem in America.  They never admit that their policies have failed the country miserably.

The Republicans need these labels because they don’t have any workable policies.  When they get into power, they destroy the economy, and then bitch that the Democrats didn’t fix their mess “fast enough”.

I admit that the 30 percent or so of the Republican base is really enthused about Donald Trump.  But doesn’t that say more about the Republican Party’s lack of workable policies than anything else?  Why is it that their base is so enthused about Trump and turning their backs on the party in general?

The current administration inherited a real mess.  But, during the last eight years the economy has bounced back.  Today it was reported that GDP grew at 3 percent in the third quarter.  Unemployment is down to 5 percent.  Yet there is still work to be done.

Yet from the Republican side we keep hearing the same tired policies like massive tax cuts for the rich.  Climate change denial.  Privatizing public education.  Privatizing Social Security and Medicare.  Even privatizing the VA benefits for our veterans.

And, we especially hear about all of those “labels”.  That is not creating enthusiasm for the party.  That is creating fear and hatred.  I am afraid that is what the Republican Party has sunk into.  And it really is a shame.  We work better when we have two viable parties that want to get things done and make life better for our citizens.

The Republican Party has lost its vision.  It has lost sight of what they are supposed to do if elected.  They have lost their character.  They have sunk into the gutters in order to rally their base.

I believe that more and more Americans are finally seeing the party for what it is.  I believe that Donald Trump may be the best gift the Republican Party has offered the country.  His brazen speech, appalling behavior, and claims of “rigged system” are finally waking up the moderates that Republicans do not have a successful plan for our future.

The current Republican Party seems to want to make the rich richer.  Make the middle-class disappear.  And economically enslave the working people of our country to corporations.  That is not a formula for success.  Unless you are rich that is.

That is why I believe the so-called “enthusiasm gap” is really on the Republican side.  Hopefully, they will lose down ballot as well so they can refocus to the real business at hand and rebuild into a real viable party again.

But, if they continue listening to their wackos and continue their “label” making, we are in for a very rough future.  The party needs to expel the hate mongers and the fear mongers.  Then they need to come up with a plan that might actually work instead of the failed “trickle down economy” they seem to love so much.

There are 11 days left.  Thank a Vet by Voting!

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In twelve days the election will be over.  Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be named as the next President.  Right now, the polls show that will probably be Hillary Clinton, but as everyone knows anything is possible.

There are lots of things to talk about with Trump, but he isn’t alone in this hell hole the country has been dragged into. Tthe GOP has gone along with him.  Under the Trump banner, the GOP has waged a serious war on women, immigrants, the media, Muslims, gays, African-Americans and our democracy.  They have waged these wars for years, but Trump brought them out of the closet and they willingly went along.

Yesterday they even admitted that if Hillary Clinton is elected President, they will not cooperate with any program or bill.  Instead they plan to continue their stupid investigations and do everything possible to bring the entire government down around our ears.  I say stupid investigations because they have already spend millions of dollars investigating Hillary Clinton in all kinds of witch hunts and found nothing.

Now they vow to continue with “years of investigations” into Hillary Clinton.  Hell one conservative group who has made a living doing nothing but attacking Hillary has already said that if she is elected she should be impeached the first day of office.

This is all beyond the pale.  The GOP has done everything they could to keep her from running for President, done everything they could to ensure her defeat, but now that it looks like they are going to lose, they are threatening more “investigations”.  That smacks too much of politics and not “oversight”.

Rep. Chaffetz of Utah who heads up the Oversight Committee is the leader of this masquerade.  Remember, Chaffetz was the one who said “I cannot look my 15-year-old daughter in the eye and say I supported Donald Trump” after the infamous tape.  Yesterday, shortly after announcing he plans “years of investigations” said he was supporting Donald Trump.  I guess he is no longer worried about how he is going to look his 15-year-old daughter in the eye anymore.  Besides, this is politics and morality has nothing to do with Republican politics.

Then we have Ted Cruz and others in the GOP claiming that if Hillary Clinton wins, they probably won’t approve any appointee to the Supreme Court during her entire Presidency.  If everyone on the court dies, so what.  They claim the Supreme Court isn’t necessary anyway.  They would just as soon see the Court disappear altogether.

These are just two examples of how Republicans are justifying letting our country go down the spout.  They don’t care about you, your problems, or your life.  They only car about losing an election they put a misogynist, racist, hate-filled animal as their candidate.

Then there is the real problem for them that proves they don’t care about elections unless they win.  Their silence on the rigged election claim by Donald Trump has landed them in court, again.

Let me explain.  In 1981 in New Jersey the party sent in “poll watchers” during a state election.  They targeted minority areas and some of the “poll watchers” were off-duty law enforcement people carrying their guns.  These “poll watchers” were there to intimidate minority voters from voting.

The Republican won the governorship by less than .05 percent.  After the election, both sides said this “poll watching” affected the outcome of the election.  So, after the Republicans said it worked for them, the DNC went to court to claim voter intimidation.

The courts agreed and the sides entered into a consent decree that basically does not allow the RNC from engaging in anything like that again, including their own exit polls.  This consent decree has been extended once already, but it is due to expire in December of 2017.  Unless it is extended again because the GOP violates the decree again.

Now, with Donald Trump claiming the election is being rigged he is calling for his supporters to “watch the polls in certain areas”.  He follows that up with “you know what I mean”.

Then a new group sprouted called “Vote Protectors” who planned to show up at polls in minority areas.  They even allowed those who wanted to “sign up” to print up official looking IDs so they would be confused with official poll workers.

This scam went on until yesterday.  The Huffington Post investigated the site and even printed two IDs from their site.  One of them even had no real name and used the picture of Pepe the Frog.  They did that just to show that anyone could do whatever they wanted to get the ID.  When Huffington Post questioned Stone, who was the “founder” he quickly pulled the ID portion of the site down.

Last night the DNC went back to court asking the courts to extend the consent decree for another eight years due to this phony “poll watching” scheme to suppress the vote by the RNC again.  To paraphrase the RNC statement refuting the claim they are saying it isn’t them, but rather Trump.  But Trump is their nominee, so how can they divorce themselves from this voter intimidation scheme?

The consent decree includes “representatives” of the RNC.  The nominee of a party cannot be called anything but a “representative” of that party.  This case is surely going to be fast tracked since the election is less than two weeks out.

The RNC has been screaming about “voter fraud” for years.  When Trump started saying this election is being rigged against him, they have remained silent.  As I said yesterday silence is consent.

But, even if you are one of those who refute all of the evidence that proves there is no rampant voter fraud, here is my question.  If voter fraud is so rampant, why haven’t there been court cases and jail sentences for those committing this rampant voter fraud?

I mean, voter fraud is a felony.  If there has been rampant voter fraud, a lot of people should be in jail right now for committing this act.  Only there isn’t.  Plus, if there is rampant voter fraud, the Republican Party must be complicit in the voter fraud.

Every polling place have both Democratic and Republican poll workers.  If voter fraud is so rampant, the Republican poll workers are either complicit in the fraud, or they are totally incompetent in performing their duties.  So, Republicans, which is it?  There can be no other answer to why rampant voter fraud exists according to you.

As the election draws closer and closer, the Republican Party has shown that it is incompetent.  They are not interested in governing.  They are not interested in what is best for the country.  They are only interested in hindering our country and taking it down.  Is that what you expect from a major political party?

It is not what I expect from them.  It is not what they are sent to Washington to do.  70 Percent of the American people believe things are going in the wrong direction.  I submit that is because the Republican Party ceased being a viable governing group and is killing our economy, our democracy, and our country.

The Republican Party is acting and sounding more and more like a Fascist party.  Maybe they should rename themselves to the American Fascist Party.  It is this lack of willingness to generally work for the country I say they need to be wiped out in this election all the way down the ticket.

The GOP and its leadership have grown into a pathetic bunch of sorry characters with no principles, no integrity, no values and no morality.   Instead of working for the people of America, they are only interested in power so they can tell us how to live and make themselves richer in the process.

I am convinced that constant whirring sound coming out of Springfield, IL is Abraham Lincoln spinning in his grave.


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Needless to say this has been the strangest Presidential Election in my lifetime.  It is just weird.  The vitriol is unbelievable to most people, but I believe that is because they haven’t really been watching the last few decades.

Since the beginning of the “Southern Strategy” initiated by Richard Nixon, the seeds of divisiveness have taken root.  Over the years, we have seen that divisiveness has gotten worse and worse.

In ramped up even more with the start of Conservatives courting the “religious” vote.  That was the start of the “Conservative Christian” movement under Ronald Reagan.  When President Obama was elected, the divisiveness hit its pinnacle.

But, both parties have been guilty of helping the divisiveness really take hold.  Both parties have more or less ignored the middle class of our country.  Both parties have courted the so-called “elite” in order to get enough money to run for office.

That, money, is at the heart of a lot of our problems, but not all of them.  All you need do is go to your Facebook page and see all of the “remember this” postings and you will have a better understanding of the failure of our parties.

Trump has said over and over that he will “bring back” American jobs.  He acts like we will see the old-time manufacturing jobs return.  But, that is never going to happen.  Automation has made it impossible for factories to create as many jobs as in the past.

There are factories all around the world, including right here in America, where the workforce is less than half of what it used to be.  That is because robots do most of the work today.

As a result, because of automation, people are following Trump because they believe they will go back on the assembly line.  They are being lied to about that.  It won’t happen.

Clinton is trying to convince people that retraining is the answer.  That modern factories is the answer.  With retraining, more people would be qualified to work at these automated factories.  Problem is that she is terrible at getting her message out.

The other problem is that the middle class has been ignored for so long that they don’t want to listen to anyone anymore.  They want to hear that it isn’t their fault.  That something or someone else is to blame for their plight.

The Republican Party has been selling this concept for over 40 years.  Now Donald Trump has taken that meme and started shouting it from the rooftops.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are listening.

The elites on both side have divided this country along two lines.  They think you are either a conservative or a liberal.  They are wrong.  The vast majority of people in this country are in the middle of the road.

The vast majority of people in this country believe that hard work is the key to success.  They believe that if you go to work faithfully and do your job, you will be rewarded with a livable wage to support their family and send their children to college.

The vast majority of people in this country are not prejudiced or bigoted.  Yes, we all have a certain amount of bigotry inside all of us, yet most Americans believe in equality regardless of any of the factors like color, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

The vast majority of people want to simply be left alone.  They want to worship as they believe.  They want to work and get paid fairly.  They want to have fun with their families.  They are willing to pay their fair share of taxes and consider that patriotic.  They simply want to enjoy the benefits of their labor.

But that isn’t what has been going on.  We find that politicians want to interfere with their lives.  We find politicians that want the middle class to shoulder the tax burden so the rich can pay less taxes.  We find politicians that want to interfere with a lot of things in their lives.

No one is listening to these people.  No one is talking to these people.  No one seems to car about these people.  No one wants to even acknowledge they exist until election time.

Public education is under constant attack.  Property taxes are the main source of funding for our schools.  However, states also add money to education.  Problem is that money from the states is drying up.  Instead of using money to fix our schools, Republicans want to have “choice” meaning that public money would be used to send children to private schools.

That is an absurd idea.  Public tax money is to be used for Public Education not subsidize private or “religious” schools.  The result of this absurd idea is that Public Education is being bankrupt in favor of these private schools.  Meaning poor children are being left behind.

What makes this even worse is that even Republicans say that education is the stepping-stone to a better life.  Then they demolish our Public Education system in the name of “privatization”.  Taking away that “stepping-stone” from way too many children.

Because of this divisiveness the feelings of going back to the “good ole days” has become so prominent.  But, those feelings are not accurate either.  But, that is the problem when you are ignored for so long.

Our political discourse has become so nasty that it is almost unintelligible.  Instead of arguing the facts and issues, we hear about innuendos, lies, and accusations.  There is no such thing as a civil election anymore.

Many people talk about a getting a third-party going.  That is a good idea.  However, that third-party cannot be a fringe party like the Libertarian or Green Party.  It needs to be made up of the “middle-of-road” people who are willing to listen to everyone and not just the “elites”.

We also need to look at the Electoral College as well.  With the Electoral College set up as it is, it is almost impossible for a viable third-party to take root.  They vote for President once.  If they don’t have a majority, it goes to the House of Representatives.

We would need to look at how that system works in a world of three major political parties if at all.  Many think that we should go with the popular vote to select our President.  Maybe and maybe not.  We need to be sure that all votes really count regardless of where you live.

We need serious financial reform in our process.  We now live in a world where oligarchs can “buy” an election and leave the middle-class further behind.  Just about everyone knows that “money is the root of all evil” and we need to eliminate it from our election process.  Citizen’s United was probably the worst decision that came out of the Supreme Court concerning elections.

We need young people to get involved in the process.  I am not just talking about voting either.  They need to be involved in actually running for office.  Maybe a third-party would make that more possible.

We have fallen into a malaise in our country.  If you are Republican you are considered conservative.  if you are Democrat you are considered liberal.  The fact is the majority of both parties are neither.

However, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We have allowed these politicians to make us so divided.  We have allowed these politicians to use 20 second sound bites to convince us how to vote.  We have become politically lazy.

Benjamin Franklin said that “democracy is a very poor form of government, but no one has come up with something better”.  That is still true today.

But, it takes education to make democracy work.  It takes work to make democracy function.  It takes us to realize that we need to keep up with what is going on to make proper decisions as to whom will run our country.

It is too late to do anything about this election.  We have our choices and not many people are overly thrilled with them.  But, beginning on November 9, we will have a chance to really make changes.  We will have an opportunity to tell our politicians enough is enough.

If there is to be a viable major third-party, it needs to start forming on November 9.  It needs to start building from the ground up in local, county and state elections coming up.

We will have our opportunity.  On November 9 the civil war in the Republican Party will begin in earnest.  The divisiveness, if Clinton wins, will stay in place if not get worse.  We as the “bosses” of these politicians need to stop them in their tracks.

We need to tell them that we will no longer tolerate do-nothing Congresses.  We need serious people working for us and not special interest groups.

But, if you remain quiet, you will be guilty of abetting the malaise that has seeped into our politics.  You will be guilty of abetting the divisiveness that has sucked us dry.

As a nation, we cannot continue to “look back” to “those good ole days”.  We need to force our politicians to look forward and help us gain the tools to compete in a globalized economy.

If you look at history especially at dictatorships, you will realize that silence is acceptance.  It has been silence that has allowed demagogues like Trump, Cruz, Huckabee, and a host of others to poison our politics.

Our people cannot afford to remain silent anymore.  We need to be vocal.  We need to vote especially in off-year elections.  We need to “fire” those politicians who want to use their office for personal gain or personal power instead of doing what we the people want.

We don’t need “term limits” to clear house.  We need an active electorate who will do the work necessary to make our democracy functional.  If the electorate does its job, the bad cases will be voted out of office even without term limits.  Term limits is nothing more than another lazy way to attempt to fix something.

As a veteran I am constantly told “thank you for your service”.  I have started to tell those who say that if you want to thank me, get involved more in politics and make our country work the way it was intended.  That is truly “thanking a vet”.

I know that I write for a small insignificant blog, but I vow to continue to call out what I believe is wrong.  I will continue to fight for what I believe is right.  All I ask is that you be willing to join the fight with your participation in our electoral process.

With all of our faults, I believe America is the greatest country on earth.  We are more giving, loving, and inclusive than any other country.  If we want to stay that way, we need to participate.

So, vote this year.  Then, keep politicians feet to the fire once the New Congress and Administration takes office.  Stop being lazy.  Stop listening to 20 second sound-bites.  Start being involved.  It is your future and your children’s and grandchildren’s future at stake.

Being involved in the one way every American can really be Patriotic.  If you cannot be involved every day every year, you cannot be a patriot.  Patriotism is “giving back” to our country.  Participating in our electoral process is “giving back” to our country.

We cannot continue with our politics of hate and divisiveness.  But, only we the people can stop it.  Politicians will never stop it.  They need it to stay in power.

There are 12 days left to vote.  So what are you waiting for?  Make sure you vote!


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I am sure you have heard about the “bonus” scandal at the Department of Defense.  In case you haven’t, here is a little background on the matter.  In 2001 we were attacked by terrorists.  Our Military was about to go into a war in Afghanistan in order to weed out those terrorists.

The Army was short of people to wage a new war, so they started a recruiting effort.  In that effort, they offered bonuses to specialists in certain fields.  That means, if you qualified to enter specific fields and were willing to take the risk, you were paid a bonus.

Here is where it got a bit messed up.  Some recruiters went way too far.  They started offering bonuses to just about everyone.  Especially National Guard recruiters like in California.

This came to light a few years ago.  The Army had an audit conducted to find out why so much money was paid out in bonuses.  The audit found these discrepancies and determined at about $37 million were paid out in bonuses to the wrong people.

In the aftermath, several “recruiters” were criminally charged for filing false recruiting papers.  Some even went to jail.  But, the problem got worse when the Army started sending out letters to thousands of veterans saying they received the bonus wrongly and would have to pay it back.

Now, it is common for the government to demand repayment for wrongful payouts.  However, this is usually done when there is a pay problem and a member gets more in their paycheck than they should.

The service tells the member that “you know how much you should get and should have reported the error.”  I had that happen a couple of times myself.  And, I had no problem paying back the money.

However, this was not a typical “pay” problem.  These recruits were promised the bonus by the recruiter, and as far as they knew, it was theirs to keep.  Therefore, making them repay this bonus is wrong by the Army.

There is a thing called the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals where the recruits can go to get a waiver on their bonus payback.  However, the law does not allow this office to make a “blanket” ruling so everyone does not have to payback the bonus.  Each person must submit an individual case.

This is where Congress comes in.  In 2014 the National Guard went to Congress to get legislation passed to waive the paybacks for all affected soldiers.  That was a reasonable thing for the Army to do.

As usual, this request fell on deaf ears of the Republican controlled Congress.  They took no action and the problem still exists.  Now, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R) says it is “disgraceful” to expect these service members to repay the bonus.

Why didn’t he do something two years ago?  The California National Guard is the hardest hit in this problem.  His state’s National Guard.  So, why when it was brought to the attention of Congress in 2014 didn’t he act?  He further said”

Our military heroes should not shoulder the burden of military recruiters’ faults from over a decade ago.  They should not owe for what was promised during a difficult time in our country. Rather, we are the ones who owe a debt for the great sacrifices our heroes have made — some of whom unfortunately paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) also from California sent a letter to Ash Carter about the incident.

I find it difficult to believe that either you or your leadership team was aware that such a boneheaded decision was made to demand repayment – and I ask that you utilize your authority to influence a solution including a possible legislative fix if deemed necessary, that’s in the best interests of the individuals and families Impacted.

Both of these men are correct.  The people impacted should not have to pay back the bonus.  However, they are just passing the buck again.  The Army went to Congress, and these two wonderful “supporters of our troops” did absolutely nothing” when asked for legislative help two years ago.

Now that they are in a big election year, and this mess has finally hit the media, they are “shocked, shocked” that such a thing could happen.  Congress has been the biggest thorn in the sides of vets since it came into being.  This current Congress is the worst veteran support Congress in history, as far as I am concerned.

So the next time you hear your Republican Congressman tell you how he supports the troops, ask him about this mess and watch him lie and squirm his way out of it.  Congress could have solved this problem two years ago.  Now they are trying to blame everyone but themselves, again!

The Army tried to get Congress to fix this problem legislatively to help their people.  The Republican controlled Congress failed to act, as usual.  This is exactly why we cannot afford another Republican Controlled Congress.

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Here is another example of a candidate and his campaign proving they have no shame.  Trump and his campaign will say anything and do anything to convince you he is a “great” guy looking out for everyone.

The problem is that even when they try to convince you, they are using “evidence” that is proven incorrect almost immediately.  Yet, they keep coming out with this stupidity in the name of Trump.

The latest was something that Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney and surrogate posted on Twitter earlier in the week.  He posted a picture of Trump along with Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks.  The caption said:

“receiving NAACP medals for helping America’s inner cities. A man for ALL people!”

Uh, sorry but Donald Trump has never received an award from the NAACP or any other civil rights group.  The picture and the caption are lies.

Oh, Trump is pictured with these famous people receiving a medal, but it wasn’t from the NAACP or for helping America’s inner cities.  It was an award that was manufactured by one of his people in protest of 12 people receiving “medals of liberty” in 1986.

As preparations were ramping up of the rededication of the Statue Of Liberty, a civic group nominated 12 naturalized citizens to receive medals of liberty from President Ronald Reagan.

William Fugazy, a politically connected business man decided that wasn’t fair and cried foul.  His problem was that there weren’t any natural-born citizens on the list.  Specifically people of Italian, Polish, or Irish decent.

I guess this business man who was also Donald Trump’s real estate broker and head of the Coalition of Italo-American Associations didn’t understand the term “naturalized citizen”.

So, he put together his own awards ceremony to honor native-born people of immigrant descent.  He created the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, or NECO, and a new award, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Trump, Ali and Parks were among 80 recipients of the first award that was given out on Elis Island in October 1986.  Of the 80 names recognized, 76 were of white European descent and 4 non-whites.

Since then, there have been about 2000 winners of this award from NECO.  Including then First Lady Hillary Clinton.  I am not knocking this award.  It is something that is nice for the recipients.  With that medal and about $1.60 they can get a grande coffee at Starbucks.

The problem is that Cohen knows what this picture is from.  He also knows that he “cropped” the photo so it shows Trump only with Ali and Parks.  When in fact, there were six others in the picture including people like Joe DiMaggio, Victor Borgia and anti-gay activist Anita Bryant.

No one even knows why Trump was given the award.  But, it certainly was not because he tried to help America’s inner cities.  As a matter of fact, during this time-frame Trump was back in court, this time trying to force poor and elderly tenants from their rent-controlled apartments in one of his buildings. In addition to the lawsuit, Trump shut off the water in the building and refused to make repairs.

As you can see, the campaign is guilty of another stunt that simply isn’t true.  Yet, they keep bringing them up.  And, Trump says we should “believe me”.

It would appear that Donald Trump and his entire team are serial liars.  They will say anything to make themselves look good.  When they are called out for their lies, they accuse the accusers.

Now they want us to believe that while Trump was being sued for attempting to force poor and elderly out of their apartments, he was supposedly receiving an award from the NAACP for “helping America’s inner cities”.

We simply cannot believe a single word that comes from Trump’s mouth.  We cannot believe a single word that comes from the mouths of his surrogates either.

Plain and simply, the man and his campaign have no shame.  They don’t have an ounce of integrity either.  This election is giving you a picture of what a scum-bag looks like.  He is an orange man with a dead tribble on his head.  Unfortunately for us he is also running for President.


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I will admit that in the first 20 to 30 minutes of last night’s debate, Donald Trump almost seemed like a sane and thoughtful person.  It appeared that maybe, just maybe, he would be able to actually participate in a debate without looking like a fool.

Then, Hillary Clinton made a small comment.  She said: …”he borrowed 14 million dollars from daddy”.  During all of the debates I spent time listening to the speaker but watching the other candidate respond on the split screen.  At that comment, the pumpkin colored man turned into a tomato.

From that moment on, Trump went downhill fast.  His true temperament came out very quickly.  The accusations came fast and furious, and the interruptions were almost non-stop. One outlet did a count and said Trump interrupted Clinton 64 times during the debate, most of them after that comment.

Trump also proved he has no respect for our democracy.  Wallace asked point-blank if he would accept the outcome of the election.  He said he would look at it at the time and further stated “I will keep you in suspense on that”.

Wallace even went on to explain what that meant and gave him another chance to change his answer.  He refused to take the “hint” from Wallace.  Jaws dropped all across America.  Everyone, Republican, Democratic, Independent, Conservative and Liberal all condemned that comment.

In our entire history, this has never been a problem, and no one ever made a comment like that.  We have had some very close elections, even some recounts of votes, yet in the end the loser has always graciously conceded to the winner.  No one every hinted they wouldn’t accept the results before the election was even held.  This isn’t about being a good sport, this is about the very fabric of our democracy.

A half hour before the debate started, Mike Pence, his running mate, specifically said that “they would accept the results of the race.”  After the debate, he waffled big time on that comment.  Meaning Pence is not that “stable, calm, principled” man everyone tries to make him out to be.  Rather he is nothing but a lap dog for Trump in the name of power.

I have to admit, I agree with the vast majority of politicians and pundits that comment is a disqualifying comment.  But to me, that was not the only disqualifying comment.

Trump was challenged about the cyber attacks our country has suffered from Russia.  All of our experts including 17 agencies who have been working on this matter have all said the hacks were done by Russia at the government level.

But his bromance with Putin just won’t let him accept that fact.  He went on again about how “no one in America knows who did the hack”.  Remember that during the primaries he bragged about how he had met and liked Putin.

Now he is claiming he “doesn’t know” Putin at all.  He is saying that to try to put some distance between the two, but he keeps praising Putin and last night he even praised Assad of Syria.

By the way, Trump keeps saying that Russia “is bombing the hell out of ISIS”.  Only they aren’t.  They are bombing the hell out of Aleppo.  Aleppo is not an ISIS stronghold, it is the stronghold of the rebels who started the insurgency against Assad.  He really should get his facts straight.

When he was asked about Social Security and Medicare he totally disregarded the question and never answered it.  He kept talking about his massive tax breaks for the wealthy and how that would magically make the economy grow unbelievably.

When Clinton answered the question he came out this his “she’s a nasty woman” comment.  That was almost stunning by itself.  Especially the timing.  How does talking about how she would work to support Social Security and Medicare make her a “nasty woman”?

He keeps trying to sound like he knows all about war.  He keeps saying that we announce we are going to attack somewhere and that is “stupid”.  It is obvious that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Yes, there have months of talk about attacking Mosul.  That is a strategic move.  The obvious point is to get ISIS out of the city without having to fight a street-by-street and house-by-house battle.  That would disastrous for both the fighters and civilians.

If we can get ISIS to leave, we could more easily attack them on the road out of the city where civilian casualties wouldn’t be in jeopardy as much.  Trump just doesn’t know anything about anything except how to avoid paying taxes.

The one issue that no one is talking about in the immigration debate is how is Donald Trump going to “deport” 11 million undocumented immigrants?  In order to make sure that you are deporting the correct people, we will need some kind of “papers” to prove you are a citizen or here legally.

When is someone going to ask Trump if he favors national ID cards or papers?  We don’t have such things in our country.  But without such a national ID card or papers you will never know which immigrants are undocumented or not.  Especially if you are also going to deport those Europeans who have overextended their visas.

A bunch of Republicans claim that during the three debates Donald Trump figured out a way to self-destruct.  I don’t buy that theory.  Donald Trump will always self-destruct because he cannot focus on anything for more than 10 minutes.

For someone running to be our next President, that is a very scary thing.  How can we trust someone who cannot focus for more than 10 minutes?  The other question you need to ask yourself is how can you vote for someone who refuses to actually “prepare” for something like a debate?

If a candidate won’t sit down and prepare for a debate to convince us to vote for him, how can we trust him to prepare for decisions that affect us, our children, our grandchildren, and even the entire world?

If you refuse to study and prepare you shoot from the hip.  That is the last thing we need from someone who is our Commander in Chief with their finger on our nuclear button.

When he first announced his candidacy, everyone thought it was nothing but a publicity stunt.  Problem is that it still looks like a publicity stunt.  I don’t know what he is thinking.  No one knows what he is thinking.  He cannot express himself coherently.

Here I want to give a lot of credit to Mike Wallace.  He did an excellent job moderating the debate.  His questions were very good.  He tried to keep both candidates on topic.  He even fact checked both candidates.  I was pleased how Wallace handled himself.  He was excellent.

After everything is said and done, one thing is certain at this point.  Whenever Trump does or says something that causes his poll numbers to plummet, he blames everyone but himself.  He is still claiming “massive” voting fraud which is false.

It would be easy to say that Donald Trump would be the least qualified and worst President in our history.  Unfortunately, that are the nice things to say about a Trump Presidency.  He would also be the most dangerous President we have ever had.

There are 19 day before it is all over.  Regardless of you opinions of the candidates, I only ask one thing from everyone.  Vote!  Voting is the most important duty each citizen has.  There are millions of men and women defending our country.  If you really want to “thank a vet” – vote.  That is what they are defending for you.  Go to the polls and cast ballot.






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As Donald Trump continues his spiral deeper into the sewer of political games, there is a word that should be used and isn’t.  Maybe that is the “rigged” system he keeps talking about.

Trump keeps saying the election is being rigged against him.  He keeps saying that “illegal aliens” are allowed to vote.  He keeps saying that “dead” people vote.  He keeps saying that people vote five or ten times each.

Of course this all bullshit.  There is one thing that both helps and hurts our election system.  The elections are all controlled by the states individually.  This has presented problems when states pass voter suppression laws.  But, it also helps from our system from being “rigged” as Trump claims.

The type of conspiracy that Trump claims is going on would have to include over half of the states.  Many of which are controlled by Republicans.

That would be an almost impossible task.  But, let’s look at it another way.  A Law Professor at Loyola University in California did some fantastic research on voter fraud.

The results are amazing.  He went back through the years and looked at one billion votes.  He discovered something chilling.  In those one billion votes cast, he discovered a whopping 37 cases of possible voter fraud.

Imagine what damage that did to our electoral process.  This research was not done because Donald Trump has been claiming the system is “rigged” but because of all of the voter suppression laws that Republican states passed.  The main argument for these voter suppression laws was “the integrity of the ballot”.

Turns out the integrity of the ballot has been quite remarkable without all of these Photo ID laws Republicans claim are so necessary.  To further show this myth, Indiana State Police raided a voter registration group last week.  They seized about 50,000 registration forms.

They did an exhaustive inspection of them.  In the first 38,000 forms they “inspected” they found 10 were not correct and would not have been valid for registration.

How does this show the system works?  The raid was conducted after some registrations were “red flagged” by poll workers.  So you see, they system is truly “rigged”.

All of the research by “experts” into voter fraud has found that it is as close to non-existent as possible.  Yet, Trump keeps railing that they “system is being rigged against me”.

That brings us back to that one word that the media and GOP leaders refuse to use.  Instead of using it, they use “conspiracy theory” to try to soften what is actually being said.

That word is a noun and is defined as:

conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch

It is the word sedition.

Once again you may think I am stretching things here.  But am I?  We have heard a woman at a Trump Rally telling Mike Pence that she is “ready for a revolution”.

The Oregon Militia is recruiting new people on the basis that Hillary Clinton will become President through the “rigged” system.  We have had a Trump supporter calling for Hillary Clinton to be “taken out” if she is elected President.

Mike Pence says that he and Trump would “absolutely” accept the vote of the American People.  20 minutes later Trump tweets that they system is rigged against him.

His talking heads went on the Sunday Talk Shows and said that Trump only means that the Media is rigging the election against him.  30 minutes later Trump tweets that “they system is absolutely being rigged right down to the voting booths.  SAD”.

Of course when Trump started to claim that even the Republican Party had joined forces to rig the election, that supposedly made it real.  He has riled up his “base” of nut jobs to be ready to not accept the vote on election day.  And the craziest of his supporters are clearly hearing what he means by his comments.  Hence the threats above.

Yesterday in Green Bay the Trump supporters kept chanting “Paul Ryan sucks”.  Trump did nothing to stop the chants either.  Actually, he egged them on more.

Many people believe the charge of “sedition” is antiquated and should probably be repealed.  But it hasn’t been repealed.  One could argue that Donald Trump is engaged in sedition every time he claims that the election is being rigged “right down to the voting booth”.

He is telling his supporters the only way he can lose the election is if it is “stolen” from him.  He has openly claimed that the media, the Clintons, and the Republican Party are all in collusion to “steal the election” from him and his followers.

That has raised the stakes very dangerously.  Media members at Trump rallies have been threatened with violence including death threats.  Many conservative newspapers, like the Arizona Republic have received death threats for their endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Trump supporters have started showing up in front of Democratic offices to “protest” and carrying guns. They make sure the people inside the office know they are carrying guns, too.

It is time to take the gloves off.  Donald Trump is engaged in sedition.  He is “inciting people to rebel against authority” and that is sedition.  The GOP under its spineless, cowardly leadership of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Reince Priebus won’t use the word either.

They cannot use the word because it has been their party that has desperately tried to suppress the vote of minorities, elderly, and young.  They are the ones who have used “voter fraud” which does not exist to pass voter suppression laws.

If they come forward now and say Trump is wrong, they ruin their own argument.  The real danger for our country is becoming not if Donald Trump can win, but what will his “followers” do when he gets thumped at the polls.

I have said this before and I will say it again.  Donald Trump is an un-American fascist who will stop at nothing to gain power.  When that power is refused by the people, I don’t count on him to graciously go quietly into the night.

If I am correct, I believe we will see an upsurge in domestic terrorism after the election.  Only the GOP leadership can calm things, but they need to start now and not wait for the election to end and the madness to begin.



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