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The U.S. Congress passed a bill called Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JUSTA).  The President vetoed the bill citing it opened up the U.S. to a slew of similar laws in other countries that would affect us.

The Congress yesterday overrode that veto.  Now, they are having second thoughts about that override vote.  And, in typical Republican form, they are looking for a scapegoat.

A little history on the bill.  As it was moving through Congress earlier this year, Republicans in congress claimed that the President was trying to “kill the bill at every turn”.

Republican Senator John Cornyn said:

Unfortunately, the administration has worked to undercut progress of this legislation at every turn.

It appears that the Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to keep this bill from moving forward before the president’s visit to Riyadh.  I wish the President and his aides would spend as much time and energy working with us in a bipartisan manner as they have working against us trying to prevent victims of terrorism from receiving the justice they deserve.

That comment came back in April.  So, Republicans were complaining about the President trying to stop the passage of the bill long before they passed it.

Now they are trying to sing another tune.  28 Senators wrote a letter to Mitch McConnell complaining about “unintended consequences ” this bill might cause the United States.  Mitch McConnell announced he is looking at rewriting the bill because of those “unintended consequences.”

So it would appear that the President was right when he tried to kill the bill.  Unfortunately, McConnell, needing a scapegoat to place the blame conveniently looked towards the President.

That was a good example, it seems to me, of a failure to communicate early about the potential consequences of a piece of legislation.  By the time everybody seemed to focus on some potential consequences of it, members had already basically taken a position.

I think it was just a ball dropped.  I wish the president — I hate to blame everything on him, and I don’t — but it would have been helpful had he, uh, we had a discussion about this much earlier than last week.

Cornyn was even more blistering in criticism.  He said:

What’s so remarkable to me is the detachment of this White House from anything to do with the legislative process.  They were basically missing in action during this whole process.

Say What???

In April they were saying the President was trying to kill the bill.  Now that they passed a flawed bill and overrode the President’s veto, they are suddenly complaining that the administration was “missing action” during the process.

How history changes month by moth according to Republicans.  In another post, I urged everyone to help wipe out the Republicans from the top of the ticket all the way down to local governments.  I urged this action so we can get the real Republicans to take their party back so we can work together again.

This bill and its revised history just from April by the Republicans is proof of their inability to even look reasonable much less act like they are reasonable.  It is further proof that today’s Republican Party is Trump’s party and deserves the same “unfit to serve” category as he does.

This is a perfect example of the old joke:  If a tree falls in the forest and Fox News isn’t there to cover the fall, is it still President Obama’s fault?  Today’s Republican Party simply has no shame nor morals.

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This election cycle has been a doozy to say the least.  And, Trump and Clinton have not been alone either.  The last 24 hours has had so much happen that it’s hard to know where to begin.  The hits just keep happening.

I think I will begin with the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  Johnson has complained that his “cause” doesn’t get enough coverage.  I give MSNBC credit here because they have had Johnson and Webb, his running mate on several times.

Last night Chris Mathews had the two on his show Hardball.  He is doing something he is calling “the college tour”.  Johnson and Webb were on the show at a university in New Hampshire.  It was a town hall type of setting although Mathews asked all the questions.

I am sure that you remember what is known as the “Aleppo Moment” from the Morning Joe show a few weeks again when Johnson was asked what he would do about Aleppo.  His response was “what is Aleppo?”

Things weren’t going too bad for the pair until Mathews asked a simple question.  He asked “who is your favorite foreign leader?  Which foreign leader do you respect the most?”

Johnson had that “deer in the headlights look” again.  He stumbled and bumbled for a while even declaring “I guess I am having another Aleppo moment.”  When pressed he finally answered “the former President of Mexico.”

Mathews asked “which one?”  After several more uncomfortable moments, Webb started giving him names and he finally settled on Fox.  This may seem like a trivial thing to many.  But, this man wants to be President.  I thought “when does a candidate ask his team to let him know who else in the world there is besides us?”

I now some people desperately want someone other than the current Democrat or Republican nominee.  But, please at least pick someone who knows more about the world than Johnson apparently does.  That won’t be hard to find, Johnson doesn’t know anything about the world today.  And, that should finally put the nail in his campaign’s coffin.  He should just stop the nonsense and fall back into that quiet night and go back to sleep.

Of course he wasn’t alone with the hits.  Donald Trump couldn’t help himself from “fat shaming” Ms. Machado again, and again, and again.  Every time someone has the gall to attack or say something not nice about the Donald, he just can’t stop himself from going on the attack endlessly.

This is just too reminiscent of the fight he had with the Gold Star family after the Democratic Convention.  Even his minions are attacking this young woman.  If you say anything against their “savior” you will be hounded to death with accusation upon accusation.  Even if there is no proof for the accusation.

It makes me wonder if all conservatives suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Behavior.  Their doctors should be telling these people to keep taking their medication.  They must be skipping it in order to keep attacking so much.  I cannot think of any other reason for their behavior.

Then the Los Angeles times has an article claiming that Trump’s golf course outside Los Angeles has been sued for refusing proper breaks and for firing waitresses for “not being pretty enough”.

According to the article, this “not being pretty enough” came directly from Donald Trump every time he visited the golf course.  In court documents, managers even said they deliberately changed the work schedule so only the young and pretty hostesses worked when he was in town.

The employees suit about the breaks was settled for over $400,000.  Of course, the company would not admit to any “wrongdoing” in the settlement.  One woman who sued because she was fired because she was “too fat” settled also.  But, that settlement is “secret” like all of Trump’s settlements.

All of this happened after Trump bought the golf course in the early 2000s up until about 2009.  Just more proof of Mr. Trump’s misogynistic behavior towards female workers and disregard for labor laws.

Then there is the article in Newsweek this morning.  In that article they claim that Donald Trump’s company, with his full knowledge, violated the embargo against Cuba when they secretly went to Cuba to discuss the possibility of building a Casino there if the U.S. ended the embargo.

According to the article, this was right before Trump had decided to campaign for the Presidential nomination of the Reform Party in 1999.  At the start of that campaign, the very first stop was in Miami in front of Cuban immigrants.

During that stop, Trump said he would never end the embargo as long as Castro regime was in power.  Of course, he never mentioned that his company was already directly dealing with Cuban officials illegally.

When Newsweek asked the campaign for comment about their story, they refused to say anything.  What else is new?  When you tie this story together with the original story about his business associates overseas, it does make you wonder just whose interest he will have in mind should we be punished by the gods and he becomes President.

Then there was the stop in Iowa yesterday.  First he accused Clinton of having “hidden illness” again by saying “she takes so many days off and then can’t walk to her car.”  A reference to the 9/11 memorial day when Clinton’s pneumonia caught up with her.

Also at the rally, to make matters even worse in my eyes, he asked people in the audience to “raise your hands if you are not a conservative Christian”.  Some actually complied with his “order”.  Then he said:

Oh there’s a couple of people, that’s all right.  I think we’ll keep them, right?  Should we keep them in the room, yes?  I think so.

I just hope those non-Christian conservatives got out of there with their lives.  What an absurd thing to do.  What point, exactly, is Trump trying to make by making people identify themselves to the crowd as not being the same as everyone else?

Are Trump supporters now going to have to pass a “religious test” in order to gain access to his rallies?  If anyone can seriously look at this disgrace and still support Trump, then that says a lot more about you than him.

However, do not believe that Trump is not part of the Republican Conservative idiots.  He is their making.  He is exactly what they want.  There is no difference between him and Steve King from Iowa, or our Crazy Uncle Louie from Texas, or that so-called “principle based” party hack Ted Cruz who just endorsed him.

Donald Trump is the epitome of the far right-wing crazies in all of their glory.  That is why his comment of “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes” is correct.  The white supremacist, racist, save the white race wackos have taken control of the Republican Party.

That is why the Republican Party candidates at all levels must be defeated.  The only way we can have a second viable political party is to blow out the Republican Party at the polls so badly that they are left with ashes.

Then maybe the real Republicans will take back their party and make it viable and workable again.  If not, this cancer they have infected our country with will continue to grow and poison our social fabric.

Yesterday showed that the Libertarian candidate is a joke and does not deserve any support from reasonable people.  Trump has proven, once again, that he IS the Republican Party.

So, I will ask again using the immortal words of Vince Lombardi:  What the hell is going on out there?

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Donald Trump calls himself the “agent of change” in this election.  I guess in some way, that may be true.  Only I don’t see his “change” as one for the future but rather taking us back in time and changing away from the future we have started building under President Obama.

Yesterday I was reminded about my earlier comments about words mattering.  Trump used words yesterday that were somewhat frightening to anyone who loves our country, our form of government, our constitution, and our way of life.

At a rally in Florida, Trump announced that “we are going to change the government”.  I have to ask just what does he mean by that statement?  Does he mean he will end the “gridlock” being produced by his own party?  Or, does he mean change the government like getting rid of the current democracy for soething else?  Since I consider him a Fascist wannabe, I am guessing he means the latter.

From the rousing applause he got, I am guessing his audience thought the same thing.  Especially when you consider his comments about “getting rid of Hillary Clinton”.  Saying you are going to “get rid” of someone is very suspicious.

Then, all day yesterday, I kept hearing that meme about the “agent of change” and that during the debate there was no “gotcha” moment.  All of these nice political wonks all missed what I pointed out in my last paragraph yesterday.  The very idea that Trump believes that shooting at another country’s navy vessels is not an act of war and “wont’ start a war” is that “gotcha moment” that everyone is missing and not talking about.

It goes beyond that as well.  Trump has surrounded himself with people just like himself.  They are stupid people who are more interested in hurting and attacking other people than they are in talking about actual policies.

We keep hearing from the Trump Team that they are talking policies.  They are not.  They are making attacks against people who are supporting Clinton because they cannot believe anyone would actually support her.  More importantly they are attacks against people who have anything negative to say about Trump.

Yesterday, Trump himself could not help but double down on his attacks against that Miss Universe winner over her weight.  He went so far as to say “we had a lot of problems with her and Clinton is making her sound like Mother Theresa.”  Sorry Donald, but defending someone from your “fat shaming” attacks is not making her sound like Mother Theresa.

What that is doing is calling you out for your misogynistic behavior.  But that wasn’t enough either.  One of Trump’s minions on CNN compared the Miss Universe woman to a “terrorist”.  She even went so far as to say Machado was accused of threatening a Venezuelan Judge.  When it was pointed out that she was never charged with any crime and the vetting system to become a citizen is rigorous, she concluded that it couldn’t be very rigorous because of the recent bombings.  Well, what about that lawyer in Houston that shot nine people and had swastika labeled material in his car?  He was a natural citizen but apparently he isn’t a “terrorist”.

Then we have Trump saying how “restrained” he was because he didn’t bring up Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.  Like that has anything to do with this election since Bill Clinton isn’t running for any office.  Then, to double down, Rudi Giuliani said that Hillary Clinton is “too stupid to be President”.  Why?  Because she did not divorce Bill after everything came to light.

Maybe he thinks that she should have followed his lead.  She should have called a news conference to announce she was going to divorce Bill before she told him, just like Giuliani did to his wife.

Then the Assistant Campaign Manager said that Hillary Clinton was the “enabler” that allowed her husband to cheat on her.  I guess that makes Ivana Trump and Marla Trump enablers too since Trump cheated on them while he was married to them.

And remember, these people are representing the party that prides itself on being the party of “Family Values”.  I guess Family Values aren’t what they used to be.  If you forgive our husband for his indiscretions and stay with him in accordance with your marriage vows you are an enabler.  Instead you should hold press conferences to announce your divorce before you tell your spouse you are divorcing them.  Maybe even get married three times and tell everyone how you believe in “family Values”.  That is the new Republican definition of “Family Values”.

According to Donald Trump and his minions Blacks and Latinos live in hell.  Women are pigs, slobs, ugly, and just plain stupid.  Women are an inconvenience to businesses because they might get pregnant.  They have an awful lot of nerve expecting to be paid the same as a man doing the exact same work.

Finally, we have another wonderful surrogate for the Trump Team in Steve King of Iowa.  He recently said in a tweet with a picture of himself alongside European Fascist leaders “Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end.”

The meaning is very clear.  This is a meme used by white supremacists that claim that immigrants, people of color, and Muslims pose a threat to “white purity”.  No one on the Trump Team has distanced the campaign from King’s comments which tells me they agree.

Donald Trump is not an agent of change.  Unless you consider an agent of change going back to our bigoted past of hating people of color, non-Christians, immigrants, and women as being “change”.

No, a vote for Donald Trump is really a vote for an “agent from hell”.  If that is what you want America to become, by all means vote for the idiot.  I plan to continue to fight against the very possibility that this “agent from hell” can win the election for as long as it takes to defeat him.

Words matter.  It is really time for America to listen to what this clown says.  Everyone with any sense of morality knows I am right.  We desperately need to stop this Fascist Dictator wannabe.  Vote down Trump and his fascist backers like King.

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If anything came to light last night it was the simple fact that Donald Trump cannot concentrate for more than 2 minutes.  I am sorry if that offends you, but he was terrible at best and a disaster at worst.

When the debate started I thought it just might be a good debate.  Trump actually had some good points about the TPP but that was about all he had.  After that 10 minutes, he faltered and went down hill like a speed skier on a downhill slope.

I was also concerned before it started that Lester Holt would cave in to Trump’s bullying.  He didn’t.  Actually, Holt did the best moderator job I have seen in quite a while.  He actually disappeared at times and let the two candidates go at it.  That was a good thing on his part.

The split screen was very good for the viewer also.  During the entire debate, the body language between the two candidates was stark.  Trump was fidgeting all night.  You could see he was being defensive all night as well.

The biggest difference to me was the lack of policy by Trump.  Yes, he offered his strongest part in trade, but he offered no specifics on how he would do something better.  He was even asked how his plan would bring back jobs.  He never answered the question and went into his 20 second sound bites about taxes instead.

Trump staggered all night.  He proved that his campaign was correct.  He didn’t prepare and that showed big time as the night went on.  When it got around to Foreign Policy, he flunked big time.

Sorry, but I felt like I was watching a Mafia Strong Man talk about his “protection racket” instead of someone talking about honoring treaties.  You do not uphold treaties based solely on money which Trump seems to want to do.

Let’s face facts.  The treaties we have with our allies have prevented World War III for 70 years.  When countries agree to support each other if one is attacked makes it hard for an aggressor to take the risk.  Now, Trump wants to change those treaties based on how much money each country pays.  That is absurd if not downright reckless.

When Clinton brought up his lack of releasing his tax returns and pondered if maybe he hasn’t paid any taxes, he interrupted with the comment “that makes me smart.”

No Donald, that makes you a tax cheat not smart.  This is a man who tries to present himself as the “spokesman for the people”.  The people pay their taxes.  They don’t have fancy expensive lawyers and imaginative accountants who make sure we don’t pay our share of taxes.

Bragging about the fact that you may not have paid any taxes is not being the “voice of the people” it is thumbing your nose at those people you claim to want to defend.  In other words, you are a con-man and it came out last night.

When he was challenged about his history of not paying people who did work for him his only defense was “maybe they didn’t do a good job”.  Say what?  Look, it may be okay to fight the bill if the job was lousy.  But, if you open the facility without making any changes to this so-called “poor work” you are a lousy businessman or you are lying about the quality of the work.

All of the instances where his company did not pay contractors is living proof that he does not care about the average people.  He only cares about his own pockets and making money off the labor of others without paying them.  If he had good reasons for not paying he should have given them last night.

After the debate was over, he claimed that he showed “great restraint” last night.  He said he was going to talk about Lewinsky, but did not because Chelsea was in the audience.  According to him, that is “great restraint”.

Please, someone out there explain to me how Monica Lewinsky has any bearing on this election?  Bill Clinton is not running for President, Hillary Clinton is the candidate.  She did nothing wrong in that incident.  If anything, she would be considered the “victim” in that incident.  And, whether you like her or not, she made the decision to stay with her husband after it all came to light.  Most people would call that “family values”.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been married three times.  He has openly admitted to several affairs.  He even said this year when his buddy Roger Ailes was fired for sexual assault at Fox News that “all powerful men have affairs”.  If he does bring up Lewinsky in future debates, he will show just how much of a gutter snipe he really is.

There was one moment when Clinton did something I said she should do months ago.  When the email thing came up she said “I made a mistake and would not do it again.  I take full responsibility.”  She didn’t offer any excuses or try to switch the topic.  She owned it!  Something Donald Trump has failed to do over and over with many issues.

For example, when asked what he would say to the African-American community about his “birther” issue, he said “I have nothing to say”.  Of course he tried to tie the whole mess to Clinton’s campaign in 2008 which is totally untrue and proven to be untrue many times by many different fact check organizations.

Trump’s team has been trying to spin everything that would indicate Trump “won” last night.  He didn’t win, he was wiped out.  Even focus groups around the country of voters from both sides have said Clinton won the debate.  Hell, even Fox News said Trump looked terrible last night.

Of course, now Trump is claiming that he did poorly because he had “a defective microphone”.  He even said that he did not have the “sniffles” even though you could clearly hear him all night sniffling.  If he didn’t have the “sniffles” was he crying about his poor performance?

The fact of the matter is just this.  Donald Trump was Donald Trump.  And, anyone who objectively looked at the debate saw just how impulsive and reactionary he is.  I don’t know, maybe in business those are good qualities though I don’t think so, but in international relations with both allies and adversaries, those are not qualities I want in a President.

To bring this point home, even the Alt-Right was disappointed in Trump last night.  4Chan was all aghast with his performance and they actually turned on their emperor god.  That is not a good sign for Donald Trump.

It will be interesting to see how this goes forward.  Rudi Giuliani even said if he were running he wouldn’t participate in the next debate.  As usual, the right-wing is going after Holt for being “unfair” in his moderator job.  Holt actually did a good job as far as I have seen.

I guess trying to make a candidate actually answer the question is being biased according to the right-wing.  That says it all.  They want to be able to show up and just spout out anything they want true or not and not answer any questions with viable answers.

After 90 minutes of debate last night, we still have no clue about any policy that Trump says he wants to talk about.  He had his chance, and he failed miserably.  Is that because he wants to keep everything secret or because he doesn’t have any policies?  I think the latter is more in keeping with Trump.

Two people stood on that stage last night trying to earn our vote to become the next President of the United States.  One showed knowledge of the real world, and one showed no knowledge of how the real world works.  I know which one I think is best qualified, you must decide for yourself.

Just remember one sly comment that went unchecked last night.  When Clinton mentioned that “shooting an Iranian boat out of the water because their sailors made gestures at us would start a war”, Trump blurted into the microphone “it wouldn’t start a war”.

That comment is the epitome of stupidity and recklessness.  I don’t want anyone like that anywhere close to being the Commander in Chief.

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Tonight is the first of what we are calling debates.  Only time will tell if we actually see a debate or a farce.  To be honest, I will be surprised if we actually see a debate.

One thing I know for sure is that once it is over, one side or the other will complain about not being treated fairly.  That claim has actually begun already, especially from Trump’s campaign.

The loudest cry from Trump minions is that the moderator is not there to call out candidates for lying.  I thought that was exactly what a moderator is supposed to do.  I remember debates in high school.  If you told something untrue, you had better be able to back it up with facts or else.

I will say this, if one side or the other is afraid of being “fact checked” by the moderator, you can bet they are deliberately going to be saying untruthful things during the “debate”.  Why else would you be so afraid of someone saying “that isn’t accurate”?

The Clinton campaign wants the moderator to call out untruths.  The Trump campaign doesn’t want that to happen.  The best evidence that they are totally afraid of the truth is what Kellyanne Conway said about Trump’s remarks about Holt being a democrat, which he isn’t.

She said that Trump didn’t lie when he said Lester Holt was a Democrat.  Lying would mean that he actually knew what party affiliation Holt held.  In her twisted ways, she says that Trump was more ignorant about the fact of Holt’s political party and therefore not lying.

That tells me that Trump does not look up or try to justify anything before he speaks.  And, to me, ignorance of the facts is even more dangerous than lying.  The man is running for President of the United States, not the President of the Glee Club.

Which means he should know the facts before he spouts off about anything.  That also means that tonight he is more likely to say something untrue.  It will be up to someone to decide if he is saying the untrue things out of stupidity or simply lying.  Neither is a sign of a capable man trying to be President.

If Clinton says something untrue, I would expect the moderator to call her out on that as well.  There is no way we can make a decision as to whom is best to run the country if we don’t know which things being said are true or false.

These debates are supposed to help us understand the truth of their policies and position.  If we are led down the road of false statements and allowed to think they are true, then we are being cheated.

The other danger in this “debate” is the “expectations” of each candidate.  So far in this campaign, Clinton has been treated as a serious candidate and held to tough standards.  That is fair.

On the other hand, Trump has been treated as an amateur and held to a lesser standard.  If that is true tonight, all Trump needs to do is not screw up and show his temperament and he will appear to have won.  That is very dangerous.

If I was Conway, I would load him up on Valium so he keeps his mouth shut more than he opens it up.  That way he won’t go off on tangents and show he is not fit to be President.

I am not sure what to expect tonight.  Yes, the pundits have been falling all over themselves trying to predict what will happen.  But, I am convinced they have no clue either.

We will either see a debate about facts and policies, or we will see a total farce.  The biggest question is which Donald Trump shows up.  If a “serious” Trump shows up and tries to debate policies and facts, he will probably lose.  Clinton is a very good debater and will annihilate him on facts and doctrine.

On the other hand, if the usual Donald Trump shows up and starts spouting off with slanders and lies, how Holt handles those slanders and lies will be telling not only for tonight, but for the rest of the debates.

If Holt is going to ask Clinton questions about her emails and the Clinton Foundation, then he needs to ask Trump about his business ties, especially his overseas business ties, and his Foundation.   He cannot let Trump off the hook easily either.

Two very different people will be on stage tonight.  One is highly educated and works diligently to keep up on policies and facts.  The other likes to “shoot from the hip” and doesn’t care if he is telling the truth or lying.

I hope I am wrong, but I think if you are looking towards tonight and seeing a “great debate” between two heavyweights, you will be sadly let down.  We may see one of them implode on stage, but I am not holding my breath about that happening either.

No, I am afraid we will see the usual nonsense in this debate that we have seen in others.  The moderator and the press have already fallen into Trump’s “why are you picking on me” meme.  For the last 15 months everyone has known that Trump is an idiot and does not deserve to be running for President.

But, the media has allowed him to get away with his snake oil salesman pitch for so long, they don’t know how to stop it.  Every single “fact checker” group has said that Donald Trump is the biggest liar that ever ran for President.  They even put his lies at one every 185 seconds.

Is it any wonder that Trump and his campaign are so afraid of the moderator being a “fact checker”?  Sorry folks, but I am afraid that tonight will just be another farce staring that wonderful brain that gets everything wrong, Donald Trump.

If the media does not call out his lies and hold his feet to the fire, we will all lose come November.  Let the Tragic Comedy begin.

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If anyone really believed that Ted Cruz was a man of “principle” or had strong “moral fiber” that myth was put to rest today.  Ted Cruz, the lap dog of Donald Trump, rolled over and licked Trump’s Ass.

In a rambling Facebook entry, Cruz said he would “vote for Donald Trump on election day.”  That is a complete reversal of his “strong stand” during the convention and the next morning.

During the convention, Cruz gave a speech and never endorsed Trump.  As a matter of fact, all he said was that you “should vote your conscience”.  The next morning he said that he was “not in the habit of endorsing someone who attacks my wife and my dad”.

That was very obvious that Cruz was not going to “endorse” Trump .  Trump made jokes about Heidi Cruz’ looks.  He then went after Cruz’ father claiming without any proof that he was “associated with Lee Harvey Oswald” who killed JFK and was probably involved in the assassination.

That was supposedly the last straw for Cruz.  At a breakfast the morning after his speech at the convention, he said that the “pledge” he signed to support the nominee did not mean he would be a “puppy” who supported people who attacked his family.

Then, last week, Reince Priebus said that anyone who signed the pledge and did not honor it would face consequences in upcoming elections.  He hinted that the RNC might even change the rules so people like Cruz who had not endorsed Trump would face real tough challenges if they decided to run for President again.

Then Trump released a list of so-called Supreme Court nominations he would consider.  Mike Lee, the only friend Cruz has in the Senate was on the list.  All of a sudden, Ted Cruz had a come to Jesus meeting and decided he would vote for Trump.

Cruz is an unabashed power-hungry politician who wants to become President one day.  He is also afraid that he might get “primaried” in two years when he runs for reelection for the Senate because he was not endorsing Trump who seems to be popular in Texas.

This “endorsement” has nothing to do with who Cruz really thinks would be the best person this election to be President.  This “endorsement” is all about Ted Cruz and his future political ambitions.

Despite his wanting to be seen as a “principled” conservative who loves his country, he is nothing but a party hack with big ambitions and will do anything to get people on his side.  Even endorse the person who attacked his wife and father.

That is a weak and disgusting man in my opinion.  It proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Ted Cruz is nothing more than a lap dog to the power brokers.  He loves power more than his own family.  How pathetic!

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At the end of this month, the government will run out of money, and it will be forced to shut down again!  This time, it is clearly the fault of Republicans who are anxious to close down business and get on the campaign trail.

There have been a lot of riders placed on the bill while it was going through Congress.  However, one issue is standing out alone in its disastrous consequence for the American People.  That is the issue of Flint, MI.

To rewind a little bit.  We have discussed the poisoning of the water of Flint for some time here.  We talked about a bill that was making its way through the Senate that would have provided money for Flint and other communities with lead in their water.

The bill finally passed the Senate and moved over to the House.  As usual, the House put it in its famous drawer and it never saw a vote or even a debate.  It will never get a vote or debate in the House.

When Trump made his infamous and very uncomfortable trip to Flint, one of the Representatives for the area said that if he really cared about Flint, he should pick up the phone and call Paul Ryan to ensure he passed the bill.  Trump did not make the call, and Ryan did not pass the bill.

By the way, in order to make this bill possible and gain bi-partisan support, Democrats killed an energy bill that they had gotten passed in order to “pay for” the help for Flint’s assistance.  That is the reason it passed the Senate with high bi-partisan support.

But, since the bill was being ignored in the House, Senate Democrats placed a rider in the continuing resolution bill so it would pass and help the people of Flint and other communities that need that help to clean up their water.

Mitch McConnell showing his disdain for the people of Flint placed a “clean” continuing resolution on the floor as a “take it or leave it” bill.  This bill included relief for Louisiana, Maryland, and West Virginia that all suffered flooding in many of their communities this year.  However, the Flint money was left out.

The money for Flint was the only one that was “paid for” which the Republicans always say it must be.  The rest of the relief money has not been paid for and will increase the deficit.

No one is saying that these other states do not require help, they do.  However, please explain to me why they get money that is not “paid for” and Flint does not when that money is paid for.  How can we just turn our backs on people, especially children, who have been poisoned by their state and continues to be poisoned because they cannot get any money to replace those lead pipes?

Mitch McConnell and the entire Republican Party are showing very clearly they do not give a shit about the people of Flint, MI.  As far as they are concerned, I guess they should just shut up and die.

Paul Ryan is just as hateful as Mitch McConnell.  He is the Speaker of the House and he is the one that could and should bring the Flint Bill up for a vote in the House.  But, he won’t because he is too afraid of his wacko caucus.

Led by the crazy Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, the Republican Party has become the party that ignores the very people they are supposed to represent.  They have become the actual enemy of the American People.

If nothing else, you would think they would be rallying around their Republican Governor of Michigan.  No, instead they are throwing him under the bus in the name of “conservative principles”.  If people get sick and die, so be it.

In my 65 years of life, I have never seen a complete political party show such disrespect for the people of America.  I have never seen a political party tell people in this country to just die.  Until now!

I am very angry, in case you haven’t noticed.  Lead poisoning is a very serious matter.  These children face life-long potential health and mental problems due to this poisoning.  The money for Flint is designed to help the city replace all of the lead pipes so the contamination will end.

The actions of the House and McConnell show the Republicans don’t care if it is fixed or ended.  If there was ever a case that shows the total lack of concern for people from a political party, this is it.

I am pleading for everyone to call your Representative and Senator and demand that the money for Flint and other communities to be passed immediately.  If they refuse, they definitely need to be voted out of office.

If they won’t help Flint, they won’t help your community either.




fine, MI.

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