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Later today Delusional Donald Trump will give his vaunted “immigration” speech.  In it, he is supposed to lay out his plans to stop the plague of illegal immigration into this country.

I am sure that you are anxiously awaiting the big news and the big speech.  I am sure that you are on pins and needles waiting for the anointed one to tell us how he will protect us all from the hordes of illegals streaming into this country by the millions every minute.

We got a little taste of what the Republican National Party thinks the plan will entail.  Here is a list from an email they sent out yesterday that sort of explains the plan as they see it:

  • Enact a plan to secure the border.
  • Enforce our current immigration laws, with ICE beginning to deport illegal immigrants with criminal records.
  • End “sanctuary cities” by pressuring those cities through the power of the federal government.
  • Implement a real E-Verify system that will stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants.
  • Until these first steps are enacted, nothing else matters.

We know that his plan to “secure the border” is to build a wall.  We know that the current administration has deported more undocumented immigrants with criminal records than any President before him.

We also know that a “real” E-Verify was a major point in the Immigration Reform Bill that House Republicans refused to even discuss. In other words, the only real new piece in his plan is to build his wall.

So, we will have to wait until he unveils his whole plan to the nation later today.  However, we also know that he already favors eliminating the H-1B work visa program because he said so.  Except when that program favors him.

Yesterday, Mother Jones ran an expose that kind of blows apart the “immigration plan” that Trump is going to unveil today.  You can read their article at http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/08/donald-trump-model-management-illegal-immigration.

It is well worth your reading.  In this article, it exposes the very fact that Donald Trump has violated current immigration laws.  Especially when it comes to his Donald Trump Model Management company.

This company is supposed to be set up to help models get work.  Unfortunately, it is more like an old fashion “sweat shop” than a modeling agency.  In their article, three former models who were brought into the country by Donald Trump Model Management company explain the conditions they lived and worked in under this company.  They even explain how they were brought in illegally and what lies to tell immigration officers if asked why they were coming into the country.

Now, if you know anything about the modeling industry, you know this isn’t just confined to Trump’s company.  It has been rampant for years.  Young girls from other countries, many as young as 14 years old, are brought into the country by these companies under the scam of giving them a “break” in becoming a model.

Only they do not come into the country with the H-1B work visa required, they come to the country on a “visitor” visa.  Which means they are not allowed to work while they are here.  Only if they become profitable to the company are they helped in getting their proper work visa.

This expose from Mother Jones lays bare this whole practice of preying on young girls.  How they overcharge them rent.  How the company charges them fees that no one even know what they are about.  How they indenture these girls with “exclusive” contracts and rarely pay them what they earned.

Public records indicate that Donald Trump owns 85 percent of Donald Trump Model Company.  And that he earns over $1 million each year in compensation from the company.

Before Trump gives his “big speech” today, I encourage everyone to read Mother Jones article on this matter.  You may finally understand exactly what is Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

The real plan says if you are a person of color, a Mexican, a Muslim, or some other “undesirable” you cannot get into the country.  However, if you are a pretty young girl and can make Donald Trump more money for his pockets, you can come in even illegally if necessary.

How disgusting can one man get?


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Sorry but if you are looking to see a real picture, you won’t find it.  That is because I could not find a picture that exemplifies what is going on in this election.  Confusion is difficult to photograph.  So are morals.

That is the problem we face in this election.  We have a real problem with people being confused and people running for office with absolutely no morals.  Before the bible thumpers start cheering me, remember, you don’t have to be religious to have morals.  Just like religious people are not all moral.

Today’s political situation on the right is both confusing and amoral to me.  I see candidates flip-flopping on issues and then telling everyone they are not flip-flopping.  I see “solutions” to issues that are basically inhuman and amoral.  Yet we are supposed to embrace them.

Yes, I believe Donald Trump is leading the charge in these immoral and confusing techniques.  I also see the Freedom Caucus doing the same thing in the righteous name of “conservatism.”

We have Delusional Donald flip-flopping on his immigration plan.  Delusional Donald has made it very clear that he will build his Berlin Styled Wall with Mexico and then deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants.  He even said many times that he would form a Deportation Force to make sure it was done correctly and we got them all out.

Then he said, well maybe we will deport all 11 million and maybe we will “work with them”.  Now he is saying “they all have to go” and I never changed my view on this matter.  Even his campaign manager appears confused, though she tries to put on a brave face and lie when asked about it.

This whole immigration mess is the picture of confusion.  If you think you are going to hear a solid plan about immigration when he gives his “big speech” tomorrow, don’t hold your breath.  He will probably float something vague and wait for reaction before he “tweaks” it again.

He believes that he will get the African-American vote because he has been telling them how awful their lives are.  He claims that they live in a “war zone” and can be killed at any minute.

Then when a relative of a famous person is shot and killed in a crossfire, he tweets, to paraphrase him, “see I told you so.  Now the blacks will VOTE TRUMP”.  That, at least to me, is a picture of immorality.  How can anyone with ay morals congratulate themselves when something tragic happens and then claim that means he will win an election?  But, we are used to such rants from Delusional Donald.  This isn’t the first time he has done such a hideous tweet after a tragedy.

When Huma Abedin said she was leaving her husband after another “sexting” scandal, Trump was gloating again.  Only this time he claimed that it was “another example of bad judgement on Hillary Clinton’s part” because according to Delusional Donald, Weiner may have gotten “classified information” from his wife who got it from Hillary Clinton.

That is not only confusion and immoral, it is scary.  It occurred to me that Delusional Donald has no idea how classified information is conveyed or how it is protected.  I worked in the world of “classified information” for twenty years.  My wife never knew what I did or what I saw.

When I came home from work she would ask me how my day was.  I would answer fine.  She would say what did you do?  I would say nothing.  That is how people who work in that world answer questions from their spouses.  Besides, Weiner was a U.S. Congressman.  He probably had his own security clearance and informed about classified information that he would have needed to do his work properly.

Then there is the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives.  They are already grumbling that Paul Ryan may have difficulty in retaining his seat as the Speaker of the House.  Or at the very least have to change the house rules to satisfy this minority in the Republican Caucus.

See they are pissed off.  According to them, Ryan threw Huelskamp under the bus and that is why he lost his primary to an “establishment” Republican.  They are out for revenge against Ryan.  They don’t like it when the establishment wing of the party goes after their members.  Even though they feel justified in going after the establishment wing anytime they like.

As one member put it:

How can you have a gang, and one in your gang gets stabbed, and do nothing?  You got to stab someone, or what is the point in having a gang?

So we now have a member of Congress comparing the Freedom Caucus to a gang.  Since one of theirs was defeated in a primary, they are out to “stab someone” to show just how tough they are.

All of this brought me back to a very weird conversation some of my students had about the difference between ignorant and stupid.  The dictionary defines ignorant as “lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated”.  The dictionary defines stupid as “lacking intelligence or common sense”.  These two words look similar.

For some reason, the group came to the conclusion that if a person is ignorant that person does not have the education or knowledge of particular topics and acts accordingly.  The group came to the conclusion that a stupid person has the knowledge necessary but refuses to use that knowledge to learn anything new or believes you cannot teach them anything new.

I am not sure if I agree with their conclusions, but it does bring up a point during this election.  Using the definition of my weird students, are Delusional Donald and the far right-wing conservatives ignorant or stupid?

I will let you decide which to choose.  To me, this all proves that none of them have any morals.  It also proves to me that confusion is their only tool to get elected.  They seem to believe that if you confuse the public on too many issues, they will just fall in line with you and vote for you.

Which then leads us back to the question of “what is wrong with this picture?”





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Friday night, Colin Kaepernick decided to protest a civil rights matter.  To protest, he refused to stand up when the National Anthem was played before the game started.  Naturally, that started a whole bunch of garbage and hate tweets.

Kaepernick said of his decision:

I am not going stand and show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.  To me this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.  There are bodies on the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.

Of course there are two sides to every story.  There are people who support what Kaepernick did and apparently plans to continue to do.  Then there are those who do not support Kaepernick or what he did.

Of course the biggest complaint is how he is “disrespecting” our troops who “fight and die” for our freedoms.  For example, Alex Boone, a former teammate had this to say about Kaepernick’s actions:

It’s hard for me, because my brother was a Marine, and he lost a lot of friends over there.  That flag obviously gives (Kaepernick) the right to do whatever he wants. I understand it. At the same time, you should have some (expletive) respect for people who served, especially people that lost their life to protect our freedom.

We’re out here playing a game, making millions of dollars. People are losing their life, and you don’t have the common courtesy to do that. That just drove me nuts.

Kaepernick was explicit in saying his protest was not intended to disrespect our troops or what they fight for.  As a matter of fact, as one who did serve, I would say to those who don’t like his stand to stop using our troops as ammunition for their hatred and tweets.  I find his protest quite right and proper.

Those of us who have served, have done so to protect our freedoms.  That includes the right to protest against things we find troubling.  The very fact that racism still exists in this country is more of a slight to us who have served and are serving than a protest to bring the light of day to that racism.

The very idea that people are willing to hate others based on the fact they are different than us is repulsive to every fiber of my being.  The idea that anyone who protests such actions is un-American is repulsive to me.

Colin Kaepernick has the right to protest this matter in anyway he chooses.  He is breaking no laws.  He is doing nothing to “disrespect” our troops and what they are fighting to protect, our freedoms.  Rather he is exercising his freedom to protest what he finds to be wrong.

Yes, the haters who are sending lots of hateful tweets have a right to criticize him as well.  However, they are they ones proving he is correct by their hate speech.  They are the ones who are disrespecting the troops and our service to protect our freedoms.

It is always “armchair” patriots who have the most vitriol towards those who disagree with their world view.  It is the “armchair” patriots who do not understand the true meaning of serving our country.  It is always the “armchair” patriots who want to define what freedoms we veterans have fought to protect.

If you disagree with Kaepernick’s actions that is okay and it is your right.  Just as it is his right to protest for what he believes.  Just stop hiding behind the “disrespecting our troops” argument to voice your disapproval.  As a veteran, I do not feel disrespected by his actions.

The freedoms we enjoy in this country are for everyone.  Not just those who happen to agree with our opinion.  If you don’t like protests, too bad.  Everyone has a right to protest for what they believe in.

As a matter of fact, I find it more disrespectful when people wear the American Flag as clothes than I do when someone else burns it in protest.  It is far more disgusting for the flag to be worn as a shirt getting dirty and smelly with someone’s bad odor than for a protester to burn it.  Think about that for a minute.

Before you jump out of your patriot armchair and scream at me remember that the “flag code” that you love to quote for your argument about burning the flag, also states that it should not be used a clothing either.

This uproar is what the “far right-wing” has given us today.  Protests are no longer allowed if they don’t approve of them.  They can call others names and use vulgarity whenever they “feel threatened” by protesters, but they are allowed to hate in the name of “free speech”.

Rather than shout down Kaepernick, we should be holding that discussion on race we should have had 200 years ago.  If you agree with him say so.  If you disagree with him say so.  Only either way you think, say so with meaningful arguments and have a proper discussion.

Protests can help us begin smart discussions about our problems.  Runaway violence will not help but rather hurt that discussion.  I served 20 years of my life so people like Colin Kaepernick can peacefully protest what he believes in.  I am not disrespected by his actions.

Rather, I feel my service was not in vain.  He is doing exactly what he is supposed to be allowed to do.  Expressing his free speech for something he finds troubling.  I say he should continue for as long as he feels necessary.

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Steve Bannon and Breitbart.com has made voter fraud a key part of their drive for voter ID laws.  In 2012, Breitbart ran a piece about the Wisconsin voting laws trying to show that direct threat by non-resident voters in elections.

This is part of what they wrote:

This vulnerability, due to the current state law, has many concerned over the integrity of the upcoming elections.  The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has even promoted this gap of occurrence in a fair election through its Twitter feed, encouraging people to register by today, October 17, with no need to prove residence.


This presents a real concern regarding the efforts of community organizers and political activists moving into Wisconsin, no doubt a battleground in the presidential race between Barack Obama (D) and Mitt Romney (R) as well as the very tight race between Tammy Baldwin (D) and former Governor Tommy Thompson (R).

As you can see, Breitbart under Steve Bannon was very concerned about voter fraud in Wisconsin back in 2012.  So why is that so important today?  Well, it turns out another case of voter fraud may be in the works this year.  Only this time it is in Florida not Wisconsin.

This morning the Guardian reported that Bannon is apparently “registered to vote in a key swing state in an empty house where he does not live, in an apparent breach of election laws.”  Bannon used to live in Dade-Miami area in a rental property he no longer lives in.  That rental property has been empty for months.

It was later reported that Bannon changed his Florida registration address.  He now claims to live at an address that belongs to Andy Badolato, who reports for Breitbart News and has worked with Bannon in the past on the production of political films.  According to public records, Badolato, 52, and two of his adult sons are also registered to vote at the property, which he co-owns with his ex-wife.

There is no evidence that Bannon actually lives at the address or not.  So, if Breitbart is really all that interested in stamping out voter fraud, they are surely going to do an in-depth investigation into this matter.

They should also be investigating if Bannon actually voted in 2014 or in the primaries this year using this false address.  But, I am sure that this is simply an oversight by Bannon and that Breitbart will tell us that was the case.

See, if there is voter fraud by Democrats, it is a terrible crime.  If it is by Republicans, it is not so terrible after all.  When Wisconsin’s Voter ID law was recently struck down, it came out that there was only one case of in-person voter fraud reported.  That voter fraud was a Republican who voted for Scott Walker during his recall vote.  He voted for Walker 14 times.

The funny thing was Breitbart somehow missed that point.  There weren’t any “VOTER FRAUD EXPOSED IN WISCONSIN” headlines after it was released in the court case.  Maybe Delusional Donald is right.  We should be watching the polls for voter frauds like his campaign CEO Steve Bannon.

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There are a thousand things that Donald Trump has said since be began his run for President that you can criticize.  There are a thousand reasons you can hate the man.  You can call him a racist, which I believe he is or you can call him misogynistic, which he is, or you can call him crazy, which many believe.

A lot of people have made the case that he doesn’t have the temperament to be our next President.  His utter disdain for anyone who disagrees with him that has shown through his frequent and childish tweets proves this point itself.

But, if you really want to understand if a person truly understands complex issues, there is one issue that points out that Delusional Donald cannot and is unwilling to understand complex issues.  That issue is immigration and especially Muslim immigration.

At first, Delusional Donald called for a complete ban on all Muslims from immigrating to this country until “we can understand how to properly vet them”.  Many people were quick to point out that was unconstitutional.  He didn’t care.

Then, he said that we wouldn’t put a total ban on Muslims, but rather we would only ban Muslims from “countries that are known to export terrorism”.  Of course he meant only countries in the middle east.  But, then he said we would have to look at France too because of the terrorist attacks there recently.

But that also leaves other western European countries in the lurch as well.  For example, most of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks came from Germany.  Would his ban on Muslims coming from “countries known to export terrorists” include Germany as well?

The real kick in the teeth comes from his belief that “Muslims from countries that are known to export terrorists” includes thousands of Muslims from Iraq that have risked their lives helping our troops.

Thousands of Iraqis have worked as interpreters for our troops, diplomats, and even media personnel.  Radical fringes in Iraq consider these people as enemies who deserve to be killed.  Many of them in the past have received visas to resettle in our country.  These Muslims are not terrorists, they are real heroes who have risked everything because they wanted to help us and their country.

Because these people are Muslim and live in Iraq, Trump considers them as “potential terrorists.  Ryan Crocker, a veteran diplomat and former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, sees them as heroes.

I don’t see Iraqi… interpreters as some kind of refugee. I see them as fellow veterans.  They fought with us and they are in jeopardy as a result. Somehow to categorize incredibly courageous and selfless individuals as an enemy is just a betrayal of what we stand for as a people.

One former interpreter who now lives in the Unites States and uses the pseudonym “Ahmed,” because some of his family remain in that country said that Iraqi militias and armed groups “would probably pay money to identify interpreters who have worked with American forces.  Most of those interpreters, when they worked, they didn’t really consider religion as part of their job. They worked based on what’s wrong and right, and decided to be on the side of the right… these people don’t deserve to be… left abandoned.”

The problem is not just with Trump and his policy plans.  The problem is also in the U.S. Senate which dropped the reauthorization of Afghan interpreter visas from its annual defense policy legislation.  If this problem isn’t fixed when Congress returns, we will be abandoning people who helped us in Iraq.

Crocker in comparing this action with the ban on nationalities to the Chinese Exclusion Act of the late 19th century said:

The signal all this sends, whether it be a failure to reauthorize a certain piece or a ban on certain nationalities, sends a chilling signal all around the world about what you can expect when you help Americans. And next time when we have a contingency, it’s going to be a little harder to get help.

He further said this was “morally, in precisely that category.”

When politicians begin to talk about immigration, they always take the easy way out by saying things like “securing our border” and deporting undocumented immigrants, or banning certain groups of people from certain regions or countries.

However, policies are far more complex than just the words you want to say to rouse up support.  As we have discussed before, words have consequences.  If Trump does ban Muslims from countries like Iraq, he will effectively be signing the death warrant of thousands of Iraqis and their family members who did what they thought was right and helped us.

Trump’s campaign has been asked several times about this issue, and they have yet to give any response to those questions.  What new?

Donald Trump has proven time after time on issue after issue that he does not fully understand the complexities of today’s real world.  This isn’t the 1860s and he is not part of the Know Nothing party.  He is supposed to be the Republican Party’s Nominee to become our next President.

Quite frankly, he is proving that he is incapable of performing that job.  Whoever becomes our next President will likely go down as a great President or a poor President.  But, I for one, would at least like to have that person at least have a clue.  Delusional Donald is proving over and over again that he doesn’t have a clue.

He has become the flip-flop master of this campaign.  The only thing he has been consistent about is his delusional belief in the “wonderfulness of himself.”  Yet, he whenever he opens his mouth he shows just how un-wonderful he really is.  I believe his inability to understand complex issues disqualifies him from being our next President.


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From the moment Donald Trump got off that escalator in his Trump Tower to announce that he was seeking the nomination to become President, he has been calling for the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants and building a wall all along the southern border.

We heard this meme for at least 14 months in a row.  As a matter of fact, he said just on Monday in Akron Ohio that “I will build that wall and Mexico will pay for it” to a rounding applause.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  Suddenly Trump seems to be softening his stance on “illegals”.

Now he has added Mexican Americans along with African-Americans on his “what do you have to lose” talk about making their lives better.  All they need to do is “trust me.”  Now all of a sudden he isn’t so interested in “rounding ’em up” as he has been saying this whole election cycle.  Now, he is talking like “only the bad ones” need to be deported.

He is even hinting that he is open to ways “to allow these ‘illegals’ to become legal”.  On the same night of his “I am going to build that wall” speech in Akron, he told Bill O’Reilly that he wasn’t talking about internment camps or detaining these people.

As a matter of fact, pace makers all across the conservative movement must have stopped during this interview.  Especially when he said “most people don’t know this but Obama has deported lots of bad people.”

My two takeaways from that statement is that he gave the President come kudos for actually doing what the Republicans have been saying he has not done, but couldn’t bring himself to use the term President Obama because that might legitimize our President.  Something Trump hasn’t done since he started the “birther movement”.

By giving the President some nice words about his deportations, I am very surprised that there aren’t any conservatives in the headlines for being put in the hospital after having heart attacks during the interview.  Saying anything nice about the President is anti-Republican.  The odd thing was even O’Reilly let it slip by without a comment.

Trump said he would immediately deport any “criminals” and those recently caught at the border.  The rest would “go through the process”.  Which is exactly what the current President is doing.

Conservatives yesterday started back-tracking by claiming that what Trump said is not the same as what President Obama is doing.  They said Trump would be much tougher than President Obama has been.  After all, President Obama wants to let DACA stay in force.  You can’t let children who were brought here years ago think they might actually believe they are Americans.

Trump’s aides are now saying that he never called for “mass deportations” which he did hundreds of times.  They now claim that he never said we need to “round ’em up” which he did hundreds of times.  They now claim that he never said he was going to deport all undocumented immigrants even though he said “they all must go”.

During an interview with Chuck Todd, Trump was asked about children born in the U.S. with undocumented immigrant parents.  Trump said they all must go.  Todd said you cannot deport the children because they were U.S. Citizens.  Trump said he would not break up families. Todd asked then what about the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens.  Trump said “they have to go.”

Before he got into his tiff with Morning Joe, he was on the show and said “there needed to be a force assembled to round up and deport all undocumented immigrants.”  Now, he is saying that isn’t what he said.

So what brought about this “flip-flop” on immigration?  Might it be that Trump finally saw the polls and figured out that this issue is killing his chances to win?  Is he really going to “soften” his stance on this issue?  I don’t think so, really.  He is still running his “armed camp” advertisements in my state and others.

On top of all of that, he still has Steve Bannon and the rest of the so-called “Alt-Right” on his side.  So he won’t be able to stay on this message for too long.  Even if Bannon allows his softening to continue so he doesn’t look so “racist” to get more votes, it will definitely not hold if he is elected President.

You will also notice that Trump is not “changing” anything, according to him and his aides.  He isn’t changing because according to them “he never said those things” even though there are hundreds of video footage showing he did say those things.

There is one real difference between the two candidates.  Hillary Clinton has placed her policies on her web page for all to see and read and hasn’t changed them.  Trump keeps changing his position according to how badly he is being beaten in the polls.

His real problem will come when his “staunch” supporters realize that he has lied to them.  I know most will swallow his fake pills, but some will realize what is going on and might cause his support to slip among the base.

That tells me that Trump has no policies and no idea exactly how he would run the country should he win.  All we are supposed to do is “believe him” and everything will be just fine.  Excuse me, but I don’t “believe him” and I can’t see how I ever would.


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Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Yesterday, it was announced that the State Department was reviewing an additional 15,000 emails to determine if any are duplicates, which ones are private, and which ones if any are new work related emails.

Naturally, the Republican side has pounced on this announcement.  Trump even went so far at to claim there should be a “special prosecutor” to investigate the Clinton Foundation.  That comment has Steve Bannon all over it.

Trump has claimed that Hillary has been involved in a “pay for play” scheme when she was Secretary of State.  The problem I am having buying into all of this “corruption” they claim Hillary Clinton is guilty of is her statements about the emails.

Every time emails appear, Clinton’s reaction is the same.  “If they are work related emails, they should be released to the public.”  Even when the FBI announced they would turn over the notes of her interview with them to Congress, she said they should also be released to the public.

Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound like someone trying to hide some kind of corruption.  It sounds like a woman who doesn’t think she has anything to hide.  At no time during this witch hunt by the right has she said “no, keep everything secret” which is the standard line of those who are hiding something.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump.  He claims he “isn’t in anyone’s pockets”.  Yet, he won’t release his tax returns like every single presidential candidate since the late 1960s.  His reason is he can’t because he is under audit.  That is a blatant lie.  There is nothing keeping him from releasing his tax returns just because he is under audit.  Richard Nixon was under audit when he released his returns in 1968.

Then there is his current campaign manager, Kerryanne Conway, who said earlier that he should release his tax returns.  Now that she is the campaign manager, she is backtracking on the demand.  She doesn’t think he should release his returns now.  Why?

Why is this so important?  Well, for one thing, Trump keeps saying that he isn’t in anyone’s pocket.  But, how do we know that if he doesn’t release his tax returns.  His biggest argument is that he did file the financial disclosure form.  But, that is far less informative than tax returns.

The New York Times recently dug into his financial disclosure forms and even deeper than that.  Since Trump’s fortune is tied to his business ventures, it is also important to know how that organization gets its money.

In April, Trump said that he has made a fortune off of debt and that he loves debt.  As a matter of fact he said “I am the king of debt”.  When you are in business, debt is part of doing business.  When you are in the commercial real estate business, debt is huge.

In one line of his financial disclosure form Trump says he owes banks in excess of $50 million.  That is an understatement at best.  It turns out that debt is far greater than $50 million.  The Times found that Trump’s company has at least $650 million in debt.

That alone isn’t so interesting.  For example, the loan to build his Trump Tower was about $950 million.  The interesting part is to whom he owes the money.  The three biggest lenders for Trump’s debt are Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and the Bank of China.

There are various reasons for these institutions to be interesting and troublesome for a presidential candidate.  Trump claims that Goldman Sachs “owns” Hillary Clinton because they paid her speaking fees in the $600,000 range.  Yet he owes that same bank tens of millions of dollars.  On the surface, it would appear he is more in “their pockets” than Clinton ever could be.

Deutsche Bank has run afoul of U.S. Banking laws in the past.  They have paid several fines to the U.S. because of these “inappropriate” behaviors.  So, Trump owes tens of millions of dollars to a foreign bank that does not have an “honest” reputation in this country.

The most troubling to me is the Bank of China.  Trump says it “is the largest bank in China.”  Which is true.  It is also true that the Bank of China is owned by the Government of China.  Trump owes over $100,000 million to the Bank of China.

So, how does Donald Trump plan to stop the Chinese from “manipulating” their currency through their bank if he owes them so much money?  Wouldn’t that be difficult if he worked under the threat of his loans being called in because he is messing with Chinese economic policies?

We have also heard several times from Trump’s own children that Trump has received large amounts of money from Russian Oligarchs.  There is a simple fact of life in Russia.  You cannot become an oligarch in Russia if you are not somehow tied to Vladimir Putin.

We don’t know the reason for Trump receiving this money from Russia.  Was it to purchase “condos” or “property” or was it to invest in the company.  If it is the latter, that again poses risk to Donald Trump’s decision-making when it comes to policy pertaining to Russia.

The problem with all of this, if it isn’t apparent, is that Donald Trump talks a big game.  However, if all of this is true, then he would be far more vulnerable to making decisions based on how much money he owes these entities than Hillary Clinton would be.

The only way we will know for sure if Donald Trump is potentially in “someone’s pocket” is by seeing his tax returns.  The tax returns is the only place he must show where all of the money came from and how much he owes each entity.

If I was a conservative nut-job like Steve Bannon, I would be screaming this all proves just how corrupt Donald Trump really is and how it is proof that he will sell our nation down the drain to the Russians and the Chinese.  But, I am not a conservative nut-job like Steve Bannon.  So, instead, I would prefer Trump release his tax returns immediately so the “experts” can review them and tell us if he is potentially a in someone’s pocket.

Just like it is not illegal to have meetings with donors to a charity while in public office, it is not illegal to borrow money from foreign investors.  The question arises when the person who has borrowed that money is running for President of the United States and will be making economic and other policy decision that will affect our relationships with the world.

One side in this campaign has been accused of all sorts of “pay for play” and other scandals without any proof.  Yet, that side says to “release” everything to the public.  The other side, making those accusations won’t release any information about his business practices or financial condition.  He won’t release his tax returns.

It seems to me that the side being accused doesn’t have much to hide since they are willing to have everything released for transparency.  The other side must be hiding something, or they would also release the information in the name of transparency.

That leaves only one question.  Donald, what are you hiding from the American People?

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