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I will admit that in the first 20 to 30 minutes of last night’s debate, Donald Trump almost seemed like a sane and thoughtful person.  It appeared that maybe, just maybe, he would be able to actually participate in a debate without looking like a fool.

Then, Hillary Clinton made a small comment.  She said: …”he borrowed 14 million dollars from daddy”.  During all of the debates I spent time listening to the speaker but watching the other candidate respond on the split screen.  At that comment, the pumpkin colored man turned into a tomato.

From that moment on, Trump went downhill fast.  His true temperament came out very quickly.  The accusations came fast and furious, and the interruptions were almost non-stop. One outlet did a count and said Trump interrupted Clinton 64 times during the debate, most of them after that comment.

Trump also proved he has no respect for our democracy.  Wallace asked point-blank if he would accept the outcome of the election.  He said he would look at it at the time and further stated “I will keep you in suspense on that”.

Wallace even went on to explain what that meant and gave him another chance to change his answer.  He refused to take the “hint” from Wallace.  Jaws dropped all across America.  Everyone, Republican, Democratic, Independent, Conservative and Liberal all condemned that comment.

In our entire history, this has never been a problem, and no one ever made a comment like that.  We have had some very close elections, even some recounts of votes, yet in the end the loser has always graciously conceded to the winner.  No one every hinted they wouldn’t accept the results before the election was even held.  This isn’t about being a good sport, this is about the very fabric of our democracy.

A half hour before the debate started, Mike Pence, his running mate, specifically said that “they would accept the results of the race.”  After the debate, he waffled big time on that comment.  Meaning Pence is not that “stable, calm, principled” man everyone tries to make him out to be.  Rather he is nothing but a lap dog for Trump in the name of power.

I have to admit, I agree with the vast majority of politicians and pundits that comment is a disqualifying comment.  But to me, that was not the only disqualifying comment.

Trump was challenged about the cyber attacks our country has suffered from Russia.  All of our experts including 17 agencies who have been working on this matter have all said the hacks were done by Russia at the government level.

But his bromance with Putin just won’t let him accept that fact.  He went on again about how “no one in America knows who did the hack”.  Remember that during the primaries he bragged about how he had met and liked Putin.

Now he is claiming he “doesn’t know” Putin at all.  He is saying that to try to put some distance between the two, but he keeps praising Putin and last night he even praised Assad of Syria.

By the way, Trump keeps saying that Russia “is bombing the hell out of ISIS”.  Only they aren’t.  They are bombing the hell out of Aleppo.  Aleppo is not an ISIS stronghold, it is the stronghold of the rebels who started the insurgency against Assad.  He really should get his facts straight.

When he was asked about Social Security and Medicare he totally disregarded the question and never answered it.  He kept talking about his massive tax breaks for the wealthy and how that would magically make the economy grow unbelievably.

When Clinton answered the question he came out this his “she’s a nasty woman” comment.  That was almost stunning by itself.  Especially the timing.  How does talking about how she would work to support Social Security and Medicare make her a “nasty woman”?

He keeps trying to sound like he knows all about war.  He keeps saying that we announce we are going to attack somewhere and that is “stupid”.  It is obvious that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Yes, there have months of talk about attacking Mosul.  That is a strategic move.  The obvious point is to get ISIS out of the city without having to fight a street-by-street and house-by-house battle.  That would disastrous for both the fighters and civilians.

If we can get ISIS to leave, we could more easily attack them on the road out of the city where civilian casualties wouldn’t be in jeopardy as much.  Trump just doesn’t know anything about anything except how to avoid paying taxes.

The one issue that no one is talking about in the immigration debate is how is Donald Trump going to “deport” 11 million undocumented immigrants?  In order to make sure that you are deporting the correct people, we will need some kind of “papers” to prove you are a citizen or here legally.

When is someone going to ask Trump if he favors national ID cards or papers?  We don’t have such things in our country.  But without such a national ID card or papers you will never know which immigrants are undocumented or not.  Especially if you are also going to deport those Europeans who have overextended their visas.

A bunch of Republicans claim that during the three debates Donald Trump figured out a way to self-destruct.  I don’t buy that theory.  Donald Trump will always self-destruct because he cannot focus on anything for more than 10 minutes.

For someone running to be our next President, that is a very scary thing.  How can we trust someone who cannot focus for more than 10 minutes?  The other question you need to ask yourself is how can you vote for someone who refuses to actually “prepare” for something like a debate?

If a candidate won’t sit down and prepare for a debate to convince us to vote for him, how can we trust him to prepare for decisions that affect us, our children, our grandchildren, and even the entire world?

If you refuse to study and prepare you shoot from the hip.  That is the last thing we need from someone who is our Commander in Chief with their finger on our nuclear button.

When he first announced his candidacy, everyone thought it was nothing but a publicity stunt.  Problem is that it still looks like a publicity stunt.  I don’t know what he is thinking.  No one knows what he is thinking.  He cannot express himself coherently.

Here I want to give a lot of credit to Mike Wallace.  He did an excellent job moderating the debate.  His questions were very good.  He tried to keep both candidates on topic.  He even fact checked both candidates.  I was pleased how Wallace handled himself.  He was excellent.

After everything is said and done, one thing is certain at this point.  Whenever Trump does or says something that causes his poll numbers to plummet, he blames everyone but himself.  He is still claiming “massive” voting fraud which is false.

It would be easy to say that Donald Trump would be the least qualified and worst President in our history.  Unfortunately, that are the nice things to say about a Trump Presidency.  He would also be the most dangerous President we have ever had.

There are 19 day before it is all over.  Regardless of you opinions of the candidates, I only ask one thing from everyone.  Vote!  Voting is the most important duty each citizen has.  There are millions of men and women defending our country.  If you really want to “thank a vet” – vote.  That is what they are defending for you.  Go to the polls and cast ballot.






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From the very first, Donald Trump has run a campaign based on hate.  Sorry if you are offended by that comment, but the truth is the truth.  We have seen his hate put on display for the whole campaign.

He has called Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals”.  He has laid terrorism at the feet of Muslims only and openly accused American Muslims of being part of the problem.  Therefore, all Muslims should be banned from immigrating to our country.

He has disparaged women on a daily basis.  Whether it is about their looks, intelligence, or just the fact they are women.   He is now suffering several accusations of sexual assault throughout his life.  Something he is calling a “media conspiracy” to keep him out of the White House.

He has claimed over and over that the election is being “rigged” against him.  That cry has grown louder and louder every time a new poll comes out showing him plummeting with the voters.

He has turned more and more towards a fascist attack plan.  Even saying that if he wins the election he is going to put his opponent in jail.  He has made fun of her becoming ill with pneumonia.  He claims she “doesn’t have the stamina” to be president like only men have enough stamina.  Now he and his campaign are accusing her of using drugs.  Sorry, but it was Donald sniffling like a coke addict in the last two debates.

He is willing to tear up the First, Fourth, Thirteenth, and Nineteenth Amendments just because he thinks they offer too much freedom to those nasty “others”.

He has even been able to split the Republican Party.  Some hate him.  Some love him.  And some just hold their noses around him.  Pundits are amazed that Republicans are still willing to support this lunatic.

But, they are missing the point, as usual.  This election is all about hate.  It is about hate towards immigrants.  It is about hate towards foreigners.  It s about hate towards Muslims.  It is about hate towards women.  It is about hate towards the media.  And especially, it is about hate towards Hillary Clinton.

The hate towards Hillary Clinton has been on review for over 25 years.  There is absolutely nothing she can do that these people will say was good.  Everything she says is a lie.  Everything she touches is corrupt.

Republicans have placed their whole focus of hate towards Hillary Clinton.  This is a passion with them.  It has nothing to do with facts or reality.  She is the wife of Bill Clinton who outdid Ronald Reagan on the economy and they can’t stand that simple fact.

There is no other explanation for so many Republicans saying they “cannot stand the man” or think he is “unstable” yet are willing to vote for him over Hillary Clinton.  It is a simple matter of hate.  That is best summed up when a major donor to the Republican Party says he is unsure of Trump’s stability but will vote for him because he can’t stand Hillary Clinton.  Only hate can make you vote for someone you don’t trust.

Yes, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinski.  However, Ronald Reagan was not impeached for lying and selling arms to Iran when it was illegal to do so.  That is all you need to know about the hatred towards the Clintons on the Republican side.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has fed off that hatred.  He has lowered the bar on hatred.  He has rattled off a thousand reasons why he won’t win the election except his own incompetence.  With all of the hatred Republicans have towards Hillary Clinton, it was almost a sure thing they could win this election.  Then they nominated Donald Trump.

And what is the result of this nightmare?  We have Trump supporters threatening the media at Trump Rallies.  We have Muslim centers being vandalized with Trump slogans and swastikas.  We have a Trump supporter saying at a rally that if Clinton wins the election, she is “ready for a revolution”.

We even have the sheriff of Milwaukee County claiming that the whole government is corrupt and it is time for “pitchforks and torches”.  There is nothing coded or hidden in that message.  He too is calling for a revolution.

The Republican Party started this march in 1968 with Richard Nixon.  They have amped up the rhetoric over the years.  Ronald Reagan took it to another level with his “welfare queen” rhetoric.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan took it another notch up with their infamous “makers and takers” campaign.

Now Donald Trump has taken all of the niceties out of the election.  He is openly touting hate as the only reason to vote for him.  He is the master hater, and if you hate Hillary Clinton, then you must vote for the master hater.

Personally I find it disgusting that elected politicians are willing to go along with this central meme of this little boy.  We have seen this behavior in our country before.  We were fortunate to make it past it.  Let’s hope this time we will make it past it too.

Donald Trump has run a campaign of hate.  Republicans are willing to turn a blind eye to that campaign’s message and still support him.  That says a whole lot more about their lack of morality than Trump’s lack of morality.


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Sorry, but there is no other way to describe Trump’s campaign anymore than to call it a swamp.  And, that is probably an insult to swamps all across the country.

The last week has produced more swamp creatures than an old horror film.  These people just keep walking into the mess with eyes wide open and lying to the American people with stupid arguments.

This has been one remarkable week.  First we had that awful tape of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women.  Then we had him say on stage at the debate that he never did any of those things he bragged about.  Then we have had a string of women come forward and say, yes, he has done those things to them.

The Trump swamp put out all kinds of accusations of their own against the women.  After telling America that they should believe everything said about Clinton and her husband, they claim you should not believe anything said negatively about Trump.

They further go on and say that all of this happened decades ago and isn’t relevant, and then say that what happened decades ago with Bill Clinton is relevant.

We were told that the alleged attack on a woman in First Class of an airplane could not have happened because there is a space between the seats.  Well, I flew on airplanes in the 80s and 90s and even in First Class a few times.  During those days, the seats did not have a space between them only an armrest.

At first Trump claimed that these women are all horrible, horrible liars.  Then he attacked the media for “creating” the scandal.  Then he blamed the Clintons for creating the scandal.  Then he blamed Global Bankers for creating the scandal.  Then he said “just look at her, I mean really.”  Meaning he wants you to believe the woman was pretty enough for him to bother with.

Mike Pence has been trying to stop the bleeding as well.  He keeps saying how Donald Trump “empowers” female employees and has so many women working at his company.  Yet only 43 percent of his workforce are women.

But if you really want to know how Trump’s campaign, organization, and even his own family feel about women, you need look no further than Donald Trump, Jr.

Junior crawled out from his hideout in the swamp with some advice for any woman who wishes to enter the workforce.  Be prepared to be sexually abused.

In 2013 on the Opie and Anthony Show, which was just unearthed by BuzzFeed, Junior said”

If you can’t handle some of the basic stuff that’s become a problem in the workforce today, then you don’t belong in the workforce.

You should go maybe teach kindergarten.  You can’t be negotiating billion-dollar deals if you can’t handle, like, you know.

Apparently Junior doesn’t believe teaching kindergarten is being part of the workforce.  He is telling women that if you can’t handle being in a sexually abusive environment, just quit.

Junior also seems to forget that this type of behavior is illegal in the workplace.  The Equal Employment Commission says it best:

It is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general.

This whole mess has shown that Donald Trump and his family have been practicing harassment throughout the years.  These are not isolated incidents of bad behavior once in a while.

In an interview in 1998 with Chris Matthews, Donald Trump said he hesitated running for political because “my trouble with women” would be a weak point.  He knew back then he had a problem with women.  Unfortunately, for both him and the country, everyone else now knows about his “problem with women.”

And just to show you how bad his judgement really is, he has hunkered down with Bannon, Bossie, Ailes and Conway to come up with his defense.  Bannon is a “silent” leader of the Alt-Right.  He even said that his Breitbart was the voice of the Alt-Right.  Bossie has made a living trying to create new scandals against the Clintons.  And you know all about Roger Ailes and his “problem with women”.  Conway was heading up the “legitimate rape” candidate’s campaign.

When Hillary Clinton tried to defend her husband and family she was “an enabler” to Bill’s bad behavior.  When Donald Trump calls his accusers “horrible, horrible liar” we are supposed to believe him.

Sometimes I feel like I am at the old drive-in theater when I was younger watching movies like “Swamp Creatures” all over again.  Problem is these swamp creatures are more scary than the swamp creatures in the old movies.


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Donald Trump had a rally in West Palm Beach and went completely weird, to say the least.  He ran the gamut from conspiracy theory about “global banks, corporate media, and Clinton” running a coordinated campaign to hurt him.  To women making false accusations against him, to being our savior from all of these terrible people.

By the time it was all over, one would think he was declaring himself as the second coming of Jesus Christ.  The speech was dark, insulting, accusatory, and downright Alt-Right.

At one point, I though I was rereading the Protocols of Zion, a racist anti-semitic book that was the foundation of the Nazi propaganda machine, during a college history course I once took.  Only instead of using Jews as the ultimate demons, he used banks, the “establishment” political parties especially the Republicans, and a host of others.

If he was trying to tie these organizations to the old age “Jewish conspiracy” to rile up his Alt-Right backers, he was on target.  If he was trying to make a serious point about how everyone is “picking on me”, he missed the mark big time.

As usual, he never took ownership for his comments in that awful tape.  He blasted his accusers as “horrible, horrible liars”.  He threatened to sue the New York Times and the accusers as well.

He went apocalyptic at one point claiming that if he loses the election, America will cease to exist.  He further said that “only I can save America”.  He once again said that everything is rigged against him and that the American people all know it and love him.

He further claimed that he was happy to “take the arrows” for the American people.  He said that “this is a conspiracy against you,” of what he termed a “corrupt, criminal” club “colluding” against him.

This speech had all of the hallmarks of Breitbart and Steve Bannon all over it.  It is becoming clearer and clearer that this brand of “politics” has taken over the Trump campaign.

Even some of his surrogates like Newt Gingrich don’t understand what is going on.  When he was asked what is going on behind the scenes, Gingrich said “I don’t have any idea”.

In one speech he blamed his victims for his problems over his comments on that awful tape.  He used as his defense that the women weren’t pretty enough for him to even want to assault them.  He claimed that Hillary Clinton was part of a conspiracy to create a “one-world government”.  He claimed he is the only one who can fix things.  By saying “I am glad to take those arrows for you” was an insinuation that he is the second coming.

It was full of anti-Semitism, anti-women, anti-everything.  But, don’t think for a minute that he wants to help America.  Don’t think for a minute that he wants to help the working class in America.

Donald Trump is only interested in helping himself.  Nothing else in the entire universe matters more than Donald Trump.  His hard-core supporters are buying into this idiocy.  What they don’t understand is they will be the first ones, after Muslims and minorities, who will feel the awful hand of his authoritarian state.

Which makes us wonder if Donald Trump has finally totally lost touch with reality.  That is if he ever had touch with reality.



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This political season has shown us there really is a war on women.  Nothing has expressed this more that what has transpired since Friday.  After the release of the 2005 tape about Trump and his views on what he can do to women, he was asked directly during the debate if he had done any of the things he bragged about on the tape.  He said “no, I have never done those things.”

Unfortunately for him, more and more women are coming forward with their stories of how he did sexually assault them.  Needless to say his response to these allegations are typical Trump talk.  He accuses all of these women as be outlandish liars.

To put this into some perspective, Kellyanne Conway was asked about his comment at the debate saying Hillary Clinton would be in jail if he were President.  She replied that it was a “quip and we shouldn’t take him literally so much.”

Which begs the question:  When should we take him literally and when should we not?  For example, should we take him literally when he say he is going to “make America great again”?  Should we take him seriously when he discusses his immigration plans or economic plans?

Or, are we supposed to only NOT take him literally when he brags about sexually assaulting women?  This is not an over simplification of the problem.  He wants us to believe him when he says Hillary Clinton is “crooked” or that Bill Clinton is a “rapist”.  And then we are to believe him when women accuse him of the same things other women accused Bill Clinton about and he calls them liars.

He also fails to mention that Bill Clinton was “investigated” by a Special Prosecutor for years.  Very little came out of that investigation that we didn’t already know.  And by the way, that very same Special Prosecutor says he cannot support Trump.

The biggest “proof” from Trump and his camp that these accusations are false is because the “women did not report it at the time.”  To his supporters, that is the nail in the coffin of these women and their lies.

However, when I was a Security Manager, I dealt with several women who were sexually assaulted or were victims of domestic abuse.  Many times that domestic abuse would come to the workplace because the abuser knew where she worked.

I am not going to claim to be an expert on this, but the one thing I discovered was the reluctance of women to come forward with their accusations.  Women who are victims of domestic abuse have many fears, and as far as I am concerned, they are valid fears.

They fear what will happen to them if they leave their husbands.  The fear for the safety of their children.  In most cases, they simply fear that they will “catch hell” from their abuser if they come forward.  It is very difficult to speak with these women without being deeply affected yourself.

When it came to women who were sexually assaulted, the fears are also very real.  You just need to look at the many cases of women reporting being raped on college campuses to see how terribly they are treated.

One of the most asked questions by “investigators” in rape cases is what were you wearing, how much were you drinking, and what did you do to encourage him?  Just look at that question and you will understand why women are afraid to come forward.

When a woman comes forward, they are automatically accused of not being a victim, but the enabler who should have known better.  They probably shouldn’t have worn a short skirt.  They probably shouldn’t have done any drinking.  They probably should have stayed away from the party.

Then they face the social stigma placed on them by their peers.  Too many of their peers look at them as being responsible.  Men look at them and wonder if “she is any good”.  Many of them lose friends when they come forward.

That is only the “investigative” side of the case.  Then she has to go through it all again at the trial.  The defense attorney, doing their job, will make the same accusations against her.  She will relive the whole mess again.  Many women know this will happen, and they simply don’t want to go through that.

As a result, many sexual assault cases and many rape cases are not reported.  Fear of being shamed for being a victim is simply too much for many women to handle.  And, quite frankly, I don’t blame them.

The war on women has been raging on the right-wing for years.  Conservatives are very quick to blame the women.  Fox News has been on the record for a long time saying that in order not to be raped at a party, women simply should not drink alcohol.

With these women coming forward against Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh is complaining that we need to “watch for the rape police”.  According to them, these women are in the wrong.  They are conspiring against Donald Trump.

Never mind that their accusations mirror the bragging that Donald Trump did on that tape.  Never mind that they want us to believe that the only pervert is Bill Clinton simply because they say so.  No, the fault isn’t Donald Trump and his misogynist view of women.  It is the women.

The war on women has become so bad, many of Trump supporters are now running a campaign called #repealthe19th.  They now believe that we should take the right to vote away from women.

Instead of holding their hero to simple decency standards, it is much easier to blame women for his faults.  After all, if women knew their place, Donald Trump wouldn’t be in such trouble of losing the election.

Anyone who claims to be a Christian who still backs Trump proves that their “belief in their religion” is a farce.  They have no belief in religion, especially Christianity.

I have said before that Donald Trump is a dictator wannabe.  All of this talk about repealing the 19th Amendment is proof of that desire.  The talk of putting your opponent in jail if you get elected is more proof of that desire.

For many people in this country it is hard to understand how anyone could support this lunatic.  The fact of the matter is that he is simply saying what these other lunatics want.  They are not interested in an “all-inclusive” society.

What they really want is a white society that dictates the “freedoms” of the minorities, especially women.  To these people, women are merely objects to be used whenever they want to use them.

They believe the only role a woman has is to spread her legs whenever a man says.  They are sexual objects only designed to pleasure the male species.  Other than that, we don’t need them.

And, they found their leader in Donald Trump.  They found a candidate who believes exactly what they believe.  That is why his supporters remain fervent.  That is why he believes that “I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes”.

The case of the bragging about sexually assaulting women, the accusers that have come forward, and the defending of this behavior makes me believe he is right.

Maybe if he is elected we will have a “weekly rape night”.  That would fit nicely into Donald Trump’s “respect” for women.  It will surely make his gorilla followers happy.  Let’s see if he brings it up in the next debate.

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It is time to look at what the Republicans are trying to say as to why they would continue to support a self-confessed sexual assaulter.  They all claim that the Supreme Court is at stake and they need to make sure that they get Justices that “will protect the Constitution”.

That sounds like a reasonable argument, except they are not interested in “protecting the Constitution” they are looking to change it through a Conservative Court that does not care about civil rights.

Number one on their hit parade is Roe v. Wade.  They want that decision overturned.  Do they want it overturned because they believe in civil rights?  No, the want it overturned because they want the right to tell women what they can do with their own bodies.

They are not just interested in overturning Roe V. Wade, they want the Supreme Court to rule that birth control is also an abortifacient and therefore illegal.  That became very clear in the Hobby Lobby case over the Affordable Care Act.  They declared that birth control was a form of abortion and the conservative side of the court bought their argument.

As a result of that ruling, millions of women lost birth control as part of their health insurance.  Republicans want that number to be 100 percent.  They try to disguise it in “religious freedom” or “pro-life” issues.  But what they really want is to control women, nothing less.

Another thorn in their side is the same-sex ruling of the Supreme Court.  They want that overturned also.  Only they don’t have a Constitutional argument about same-sex marriage.  The Constitution doesn’t even mention marriage.  So, there is no Constitutional argument against it.

As a result they claim that it is a sin.  Therefore, since it is a sin against their god, they believe that each state should be allowed to decide if someone is married or not.  That way the states they control can outlaw same-sex marriages and not even recognize marriages conducted in states where it was legal.

One they get a conservative court to rule in that manner, you will see more laws passed that outlaw other marriages.  We may even see inter-racial or inter-religious marriages denied and outlawed.  You cannot totally control your people if they can do anything they want, like marry the person they love.  You need to have control over their lives so you also need control over their marriages.

This isn’t really about “protecting the sanctity of marriage” it is about “race purity.”  That is all it is about.  There is no other answer or reason for their hatred of these marriages.

Republicans want to establish bans and/or religious tests in order to be considered for immigration.  This isn’t to stop “terrorists” from entering the country, it is to stop non-white non-Christians from entering the country.

Only, the Constitution does not allow religious tests.  Therefore they need a Court that will disavow the constitution and allow these religious tests for all immigrants.  Of course Republicans aren’t calling them “religious tests” they are calling them vetting.  In Trump’s case “extreme vetting” which includes questions about whether the immigrant “loves America” and be better be able to assimilate according to their definition of assimilation.

Conservatives want to be able to “racially profile” people to blame for crimes.  They also want “stop and frisk” laws that will let police stop anyone for any reason to question and frisk them for contraband.

Problem is that the Fourth Amendment says police cannot simply stop and frisk people or racially profile people because people are protected from “unreasonable search and seizure.”  Something very inconvenient if you want to jail all of the minorities in the country.

Then there is the “voting rights” issue.  Republican controlled states want a Photo ID law to prevent certain people from voting.  I know there are lots of arguments about using photo IDs to vote, but the real reason is to keep minorities, elderly, and young people from voting.

Republicans don’t want these groups voting because they normally vote Democratic.  And, you know they are really “voting suppression” laws because the photo IDs that are required are the very ones that minorities, elderly and young people do not have.

As the courts ruled in the North Carolina voter ID law, the legislature looked at the types of photo IDs that minorities primarily have and surgically removed them from the law as useful when voting.  They even went so far as to say the Student Photo IDs from state Universities were not good enough.  But, a firearms photo Id was good enough.

They want to gut our public education system.  They use the phrase of “choice” as their excuse.  What they really want is to use taxpayer dollars to fund private “Christian”, meaning segregated, schools.

That will gut funding for public schools and mean that minority children and children with disabilities will be left behind.  Since Republicans, specifically conservatives, don’t care about these children, that is okay with them.

These are just a few of the things that Republicans, especially conservatives want for the country.  That is why they claim the Supreme Court is at stake in this election.

They are trying desperately to get another Jim Crow court.  They want to roll back all of the civil rights that we enjoy.  They want segregation returned along with total control over women.  They want to shut down our borders so non-white non-Christians cannot immigrate to our country.

If Republicans win this election, that is what we will get.  If we are lucky.  More than likely, if Donald Trump becomes our President, like Governor LePage of Maine says, he will go authoritarian.

When conservatives say that the Supreme Court is at stake in this election, they at correct.  Problem is they aren’t interested in preserving the Constitution or our civil rights.  They want to roll them back.

This year it is important to defeat the Republicans all the way up and down the ticket.  Otherwise, we will lose our way of life and our democracy.

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There are a lot of rumblings going on in the Republican Party.  The rumblings are supposed to be because of Donald Trump.  But, that is only partly true.  The rumblings we see spilling over in public have been going on for years inside the party.  The only thing Trump has done is bring them into the open.

From the time Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican President in 1860 right up through the early 1960s, the Republican Party was actually the one that fought for civil rights.  They were the driving force behind the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act in the 1960s.

Remember, it was a Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower who sent the army into Little Rock, AK to ensure the safety of African-American children when they first entered an all white school.  These small children were hounded and threatened by white people as they tried to simply go to school.

As the civil rights movement gained strength, it was Republicans in Congress who were on their side.  Lyndon Johnson could not have gotten the Civil Rights Bill or the Voting Rights Bill passed Congress without the help of Republicans.

Right after he signed the bill, Johnson reportedly told someone behind him “I have just lost the South for a generation”.  That was because he knew the so-called Dixiecrats, Democrats with racist views, would create a huge backlash against the Democrats.

In 1968, Richard Nixon took advantage of that schism in the Democratic Party.  He came up with his “Southern Strategy” which relied on getting the Dixiecrats to switch parties and support him for President.  It worked and he became President in 1969.

The Republican Party has been using “code words” and “code strategy” ever since to keep power for as long as they could.  Then, in 2008 the unthinkable happened.  An African-American Man became President.

Over the years, the Republican Party had been partnered with a group that calls themselves “Conservative Christians”.  They merged religion and politics as much as they could.  Problem is this group is anything but Christian.  In my mind, it is impossible to be a Christian and a Conservative.  Christianity is a religion based on revolution and change.  Conservatism is based on “status quo”.

These so-called “Conservative Christians” are really the white supremacists that were against the Civil Rights laws that were passed in the 1960s.  They are the people who were in favor of Jim Crow laws and very huge supporters of George Wallace in 1968.

They simply changed their open racist language to “code speech”.  When Barak Obama became President, pace makers stopped.  In 2010 they politicized their hatred even more and formed something called the “Tea Party Movement”.

There was no doubt from the rhetoric that what they really wanted was to figure out a way to get rid of the “black man in the White House” anyway they could.  Since the GOP was very active in gerrymandering Congressional Districts in many states” these haters had a huge election victory of sorts and they formed a large minority caucus in the House of Representatives.

That was when all government functions came to an end.  Since this so-called “Freedom Caucus” came to be, the House became dysfunctional in incapable of doing their job.  I call it so-called because the only “Freedom” these people want is the freedom to tell you and me how to live our lives.

The party waged war within the Republican Party for five years.  Then Donald Trump announced he was running for President.  The problem for the Republican Party was that Donald Trump didn’t care about the party, he only cared about himself.

So, he openly said what the “Freedom Caucus” and the Republican Party in general was saying in “code speech”.  The racism that has fed the Republican Party since Richard Nixon suddenly came to the forefront.  But it didn’t stop there.

He went on to attack women openly, including that disgusting tape released last Friday.  He went after Muslims and basically said they were all terrorists and needed to be watched if not rounded up.  He proposed a total ban on Muslims from immigrating to our country.

He proposed a “religious test” on our immigration practices.  He keeps talking about his infamous wall to keep those “rapists and criminals” from Mexico from crossing the border and killing us all in our sleep.

All of this has been being said for about 16 months.  Since that fateful day he came down that ugly escalator in Trump Tower and announced his candidacy for President we have suffered through this mess.

The Republican Party did nothing to stop him.  The other candidates refused to let the world see what a racist and xenophobe he really is and he cast them off one by one.  Now this dictator wanna-be is actually the nominee of their party.

And, one by one the rats are abandoning ship.  Meaning that Trump will get even worse than he has been.  The last four weeks of this election is not going to be a mud-fest, it is going directly into the sewer and Trump is taking it there.

Trump isn’t satisfied with just attacking Clinton.  Now he feels free to go after his own party leaders.  Today, he has basically declared war on Paul Ryan.  This is going get worse and worse.

The problem is, the Republican Party has brought this upon themselves.  Their “code speech” for the last 40 years and divisive language against minorities, like the “welfare queen” rants from Reagan, to today’s open racism from Trump has resulted in this “civil war” within the party.

Before the Republican Party became a reality, the Whig party was the big thing.  That party disintegrated because it was infiltrated by the Know Nothing Party.  The stupidity and anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant stance of the Know Nothing Party made the Whigs disposable.  The party fell apart.

Today, the Tea Party is making the Republican Party meaningless.  Maybe if Trump can really destroy this version of the party, the real Republicans will pull themselves together and a valid second party will emerge.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is the direct result of the Republican Party and their policies for the last 40 years.  Richard Nixon laid the groundwork for this mess of a political party.

When a political party is based on the policy of hate and divisiveness, government stops functioning and opens the door for authoritarian rule.  It never happens quickly.  But it usually becomes inevitable.

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