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Day 75.

Another day, and another head-smacking exercise of “WTF” is he doing?  He signed some more of those “unconstitutional executive orders” Republicans claim they were under President Obama.  Sean Spicer stood up in front of the press room and basically whined about “getting some respect” and then said that the administration “can argue about the facts”.

They believe that if you don’t like the facts, you simply state something different as “facts” and everyone will fall over themselves and say they at right.  That is how they plan to sell their tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.  Everyone knows that math says if you reduce income, you will balance the budget.  Trump claims there will be middle-class tax cuts, but I am a getting the feeling he considers the middle-class as anyone who makes over $1 million per year.

But these are just the tips of the many icebergs that lie in the way of progress.  We also need to understand how he and the Republican Party are trying to dismantle our democracy.

The latest attack on democracy comes from that wonderful red state of South Dakota.  In order to understand everything, remember that the Republicans keep wanting us to believe “we are only doing what the American People want”.

So, here is what is going on in South Dakota.  During the election there was an initiative on the ballot called IM 22.  This initiative tried to limit political contributions and close the loophole that says you can hide your identity when giving to a politician.

It put limits on personal contributions.  It put limits on party and PAC contributions.  It even said that donors must be identified.  It said that if a politician received an anonymous donation they had to direct it to a non-profit charity.  It even set up a system to publicly finance elections.  Then, to top it off, it created an independent commission to oversee investigations into ethical misconduct by elected officials.

Here is the good news.  The measure won with 52 percent of the vote even though the Koch Brothers’ group “Americans for Prosperity” spent millions of dollars to defeat the measure.  Needless to say, Republican pacemakers all over South Dakota stopped.

Real panic set in among the so-called “conservatives” in the state.  See, even if the State Legislature were to repeal the law under normal conditions, the voters could override that repeal and make the measure law.  So, in order to stop the voters from actually winning an election that Republicans hate, they are using extreme measures to override the measure.

What they are doing is basically declaring a state of emergency.  They have something there called “emergency rules” which they voted to implement in order to keep the voters from overriding their repeal with another ballot initiative.

Now they just need to have a floor vote and the measure will disappear, never to be heard from again.  Isn’t that a nice way to handle democracy?  I guess trump’s administration would call this alternative facts.

Naturally the Governor Dennis Daugaard and the rest of the Republicans were opposed to the measure.  Daugaard even said the measure was a mess and “a constitutional crisis in our state” because, he said, it makes “de-facto criminals out of every elected office holder” and gives those officials “only two choices: resign the office and abandon the voters or remain and commit a crime.”

Steve Hildebrand, an advocate for the ethics initiative said:  “Republicans simply want nobody policing their business when they dominate the legislature and the governor’s office,”

Of course this mirrors the national attempt by Congressional Republicans to defang the Office of Congressional Ethics and slam the head of the Office of Government Ethics because he disagrees with trump’s claim to have divested from his businesses which he hasn’t.

Doug Kronaizl, head of Represent South Dakota said:  “A total repeal of a law passed by the voters is a completely unprecedented move in South Dakota’s political history.”

The publicly financed part includes something I thought Republican would love.  The publicly funded campaign system would provide each citizen with two $50 vouchers to be used as contributions to participating candidates. To receive the vouchers, candidates would have to agree to lower contribution limits and spending caps. The program would be funded from the state’s general fund at a cost of $9 per registered voter.

There is that magic word that Republicans love when it comes to Medicare, VA Benefits, and a host of other issues “vouchers”.  But the Koch Brothers didn’t agree with this and in one mailer even said the measure would allow politicians to pocket “our hard earned money.”

Is Americans for Prosperity claiming that our politicians are all crooks?  Are they admitting that it is better for these crooks to pocket their group’s money instead?  It is all bullshit!

There was a reason for this measure and why it won.  South Dakota has recently been rocked by multiple scandals, including the corrupt administration of the state’s privatized EB-5 program and the embezzlement of funds by state employees from an education cooperative.

Geeze, why would South Dakota need a commission to oversee ethics in the state?  Even some Republicans who want to overrule the voters say that the commission part might be better left in tact.

To make matters worse, a Judge in South Dakota has already put a stay on the measure when Republicans sued to stop the measure.  So, the question is why do they feel it is necessary to have this emergency rules action?

The Judge’s ruling found that some elements of the measure were unconstitutional, but others were not. While supporters want to salvage the latter parts as the case goes through the courts, the legislature now looks set to repeal the whole law.

State Sen. Billie Sutton (D) doesn’t understand why Republicans want this repeal done in just four days.  Then he answered his own question when he said:  “They don’t want to hear from the voters through emails and personal conversations and forums over the weekend.”

So, while trump is giving coverage with his childish behavior in Washington, states like South Dakota are fighting back against the voters of their own state.  They are saying that the people of their state are not as smart as they are, and therefore they can repeal a voter initiative just because they don’t agree with it.

I have been warning you about the chipping away of our democracy at the state level for some time now.  Here is another example of that fact, and what trump would call “alternative facts”.

The groundwork to establish our authoritarian government is being laid in states like South Dakota.  It won’t be long until we start seeing such actions being taken at the federal level as well.

It is my belief that trump still wants to be dictator and the Republican Party with its actions are enabling him to achieve that goal.  I guess Republicans really believe that is what the American People want since they keep claiming to “only be doing what the American People want”.  Even if the polls show a total opposite belief.

Maybe it is appropriate that the Republican Party loves that whole “red state” thing they keep pushing.  Actions like this are the real “alternative facts” being pushed down our throats.  And the shirts keep marching along.



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Day 74.

If this past weekend is any indication of what we can expect from trump and his administration, forgive the language, but we are fucked!  I mean, the stupidity of this administration to really believe that they can say whatever they want and the whole world will believe it is amazing.

It began with trump’s shameful performance at the CIA where he complained about coverage of his inauguration and he said how we should have broken international law by “stealing” Iraq’s oil.

Then we have his Justice Administration giving the green light to him hiring his son-in-law to his administration in contrast to the anti-nepotism law.  Funny how the law means so much until a Republican breaks it.

Then we have two separate “executive orders” which trump and Republicans claim are “unconstitutional when President Obama” used them.  The first was so confusing that no one really understands what it means.  Priebus called it reducing financial burden of Obamacare order.

The second was eliminating the reduction in FHA mortgage insurance premiums for first time home buyers.  That was intended to help first time home buyers afford their insurance premiums.  The mortgage insurance covers the home if something happens and the homebuyers can’t make their payments for any number of reasons.  So, he is costing these people $500 per year.  You know, the same people he claims he is going to help.  Some help.

Then his Justice Department decided that they wanted a judge to delay hearings in the suite against the Texas Voter suppression law, which is the strictest in the country.  Arguments were supposed to take place tomorrow.

Then as a final act of, I don’t even know what to call it, Sean Spicer showed up in the Press Briefing Room, one and a half hours later than announced, and virtually scolded the press for not praising trump, especially his inauguration.  As Spicer put it, “this inauguration was the most watched inauguration ever, period!”  Except it wasn’t and there is photographic evidence to prove it.  Plus Nielsen said that 30.8 million people watched on television.

That is far below President Obama’s first inauguration which came in at around 39 million viewers and the 43 million people who watched Reagan’s first inauguration.  Spicer also gave a fairytale story about a journalist who tweeted that the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.  He further claimed that the journalist gave a weak excuse for his tweet when he discovered that it was false.

On the contrary, the journalist did make the original tweet.  However, as soon as he noticed he had made an error, he tweeted again apologizing to everyone for his mistake.  To make matters worse for Spicer, he tweeted back “apology accepted”.  That all happened 24 hours before Spicer’s rant in the briefing room.

Yesterday, trying to defend these blatant lies, Kellyanne Conway whose title should not be “counselor to the President” but rather “chief confuser of the facts for the President” said that Spicer was simply using “alternative facts”.

The Sunday Morning talk shows fought back.  When one pointed out that “alternatives facts” are not facts they are falsehoods, Conway quickly tried to change the topic.  She even threatened the media on air by saying the administration may “rethink [its] relationship with the press if the media continues to criticize Spicer”.

Even Chris Wallace on Fox News was against these alternative facts.  He said Trump had made statements that were “flat wrong” and that there needed to be discussion about “the president’s honesty.”   He went on to say:  “I was there on the Mall. … I am telling you, there were huge empty areas.”

Wallace also challenged Priebus on the comment made at the CIA that trump did not have a grudge or feud with the intelligence community.  It was all made up by the media.  He said:  “It’s not the media, it’s what he was saying”.

At that point Priebus changed the topic and complained about the dossier that was leaked.  Even though the intelligence community was not the source of that leak.

Finally, Conway also announced that the promise to “release my tax returns after the audit is complete” by trump was a complete lie.  She now says that he will not release his tax returns because people didn’t care.  She forgot to mention that there is a petition on whitehouse.gov demanding he release his tax returns and it has over 100,000 signatures on it.  Sounds like a lot of people really “do care”.

What this really boils down to is what Hitler called the “Big Lie”.  In his world the more you tell a lie, the more people will believe it to be fact.  We have also seen this kind of nonsense in George Orwell’s book 1984.  In that world, the government changed the facts by changing history.  They would actually go back and change stories in newspapers to coincide with today’s happenings.

In the first 72 hours of his administration, trump has managed to tell more lies than most Presidents tell in an entire four-year term.  He is setting the stage for falsehoods to become the norm for our country.

I have to tell you, when Spicer went into his rant, I had flashbacks to newsreels of the past showing Joseph Goebbels ranting in front of German Press back in the 20s and 30s.  Is that what we can expect from this administration?

In the next 30 days, according to trump’s administration, we can expect a slew of those “unconstitutional executive orders” being signed by the new “law and order” president.  I know, that sounds like a conflict, but trump is well-known for his conflicts.

It was once said that you can lie your way into power, but once you try to govern the truth eventually gets its boots on and runs you over.  We can only hope that the truth gets its boots on real quick this year.




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Day 73.

I  know you all remember the hoopla about Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  And, I am sure you all remember how Donald Trump said she should be “locked up” for deleting some of her emails.  There have been what seems like hundreds of Congressional investigations into this matter, and Mr. Unethical Chaffetz says he plans on more.

Only, there is something that needs to be looked at too.  Only this time it isn’t about Hillary Clinton it is about Donald Trump.  I know that as usual he made an ass of himself yesterday with all of his lies about the attendance at his inauguration and his despicable performance at the CIA.  But, did president trump break the law yesterday?

At 1157 yesterday, our president tweeted:  “I am honered to serve you, the great American people, as your 45th President of the United States!”   You may notice that he misspelled “honored”.  That isn’t the problem.  The problem and possible breaking of the law came when he deleted the tweet and reposted it with the correct spelling.

You are saying, what does that have to do with breaking the law?   In 1978, Congress passed a law called the Presidential Record Act which requires all communications from or received by the president to be preserved.

Hmmm.  Since the original tweet was “from the president” it is required to be preserved.  Yet, the president deleted that tweet.  On the face of things in a literal manner, he broke the law and illegally deleted a tweet that was supposed to be preserved.  Sound familiar?

Of course this also brings up a whole lot of questions.  What happens if trump in his early tweet rantings says something stupid about one of our allies or enemies?  Can he then delete the tweet and pretend it didn’t happen?  According to the law, no he cannot.

It is bad enough we have a 5 year-old with a twitter account that is not managed very well.  Now that same 5 year-old is going to be the president of our country and his loose lips, or rather fingers, can lead to many problems around the world.

But, if he realizes that he made a mistake and tries to hide that mistake by deleting the tweet, he is violating the Presidential Records Act.  Which means his supporters should start chanting “lock him up”.

The whole point here is that we live in a world that is totally different than the age trump wants us to move backwards to.  In the era before World War II there wasn’t such social media.

Since Watergate we have seen a lot of laws that tend to make the presidency and other elected officials more transparent.  Even though there was no social media and twitter in 1978, the language in the law appeared to predict changes.  That is why it reads all communications sent by or received by the president is to be preserved.

Since our current president doesn’t like to read, maybe he should have someone else read the law for him and tell him he cannot delete tweets anymore.  Maybe, that will make him actually think before his fingers go to work.

This little incident is a prelude of things to come and further exemplifies just how unqualified he is for the office he was elected to.  Mr. Chaffetz has shown his disdain for “deleted emails” and he should show his disdain for deleted tweets, too.

As Republicans have said about Hillary Clinton, the law is the law.  They better hold trump to the same standards and investigate his private twitter account and how many tweets he deletes now that he is president.

Fair is fair.


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Day 72.

Today we saw just what a mass demonstration can look like.  In all 50 states and over 600 cities and towns, literally millions of people marched in protest.  The great thing about this protest was that it was started by a retired lawyer in Hawaii.  She tweeted the night of the election that there should be a “woman’s march on Washington” the day after the inauguration.

When she woke up the next morning, she discovered over 10,000 retweets and responses.  It all took off from there.  In Washington, D.C. there were hundreds of thousands people marching.  In Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and many other cities hundreds of thousands of people joined the Washington March in Sister marches.

The protesters were from all backgrounds.  They were from all races.  They were from all religions.  They were from all sexes and sexual orientations.  They were there to voice their opposition to the policies of the new president and what they mean for people in this country.

There were of course some detractors. One I heard talked about there were “too many issues” and no one could be sure what the purpose of the marches was all about.  But, that is the point.  These people were not there for a single issue, they were there for several issues that they all are willing to support.

They were there for sisterhood, brotherhood, and humanity.  They understand that if you can take away the rights from one segment of who was there, you can take rights away from other groups.  They were there to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and with the crowds that was about all they could do, to support each other.

As one speaker said, she is always asked about what is “women’s issues”.  She answers by saying you want to talk about women’s issues?  Okay let’s talk about the economy.  Let’s talk about national security.  Let’s talk about health care.  Let’s talk about voter rights.   Let’s talk about equal pay for equal work.

Women’s issues are the same issues that should be all of our issues.  They want the same thing that we all want.  They want a country that is free.  They want a country that treats all of its citizens equally.

They were voicing their opinions and telling the new administration that they were not prepared to sit back and give them carte blanch to strip our rights out of the Constitution.  They were also telling their representatives that they better listen to them as well.

The great thing about this march was that it was a true grass-roots movement.  Politicians did not organize this.  Groups did not organize this.  A retired lady in Hawaii actually organized it.  Yes, they looked to organizations for help in putting it together, but they organized it at the grass-roots level.

Women went to the various marches with their daughters.  They went with their husbands.  They went with their friends.  They went and joined together with one voice of warning that they are here and they do not plan to go away.

This was the first time I have seen such protests since the Civil Rights and the anti-Vietnam protests of the fifties and sixties.  And, to make matters even better, there was no violence at any of these marches.  They were peaceful and purposeful.

These marches took place on all seven continents.  That is right, there was even supposed to be a march, or protest, on Antarctica.  I know that there are no electoral votes on any continent but ours and in no other country but ours.  But, these people were also showing their support for our people and our rights.

The other amazing fact was that thousands upon thousands of people who participated were in their first protest.  For the first time these people felt concerned enough to get off the couch and join the protest.

There were a lot of signs at these marches.  Some were nice and some were vulgar.  However, there was one sign that I saw at the Washington March that made me laugh and think about a lot of women I know.  It simply read “DJT Don’t Make Us Come Back Here”.

When I read that sign,  I could imagine that woman wagging her finger in Trump’s face at the same time.  It was classic.  Another thing I saw was a pair of glasses with writing on each lens.  On one lens, it read “A Woman’s Place” and the other said “Is In Your Face”.  I loved it.

This was a march that was organized by women.  They put it together and they managed it, and they pulled it off beautifully.  It had magic.  It had grace.  It had meaning.  It was what we needed exactly at the time we needed it.

Since the election too many people have been moping around.  They seem to have lost their will to do what is right.  These women woke everyone up again.  They are not willing to mope around and let Trump and the Republicans do whatever they want.  They intend to make their voices heard and fight back whenever and wherever needed.

It is the kind of activism that can cause change.  It is the kind of activism that can make politicians take notice.  It is the kind of activism that mobilizes the common people to rise up and take back our country from the greedy and the wanna-be kings.

In my lifetime, no president survived when their administration or policies were the subject of massive protests.  Lyndon Johnson dropped out of the 1968 race because of the anti-Vietnam protests.

Richard Nixon struggled with protests during his time in office.  Some will even argue that these protests had a very negative effect on his mental stability which led to his eventual resignation over Watergate.

We don’t know what will happen from here.  But, I am hoping that the activism shown today by these wonderful women will continue as time goes by.  I am also hoping that these marvelous women drag the rest of us along with them.

We are at a time in our history where our very democracy hangs in the balance.  Trump has shown his willingness to scrap the Constitution in order to become our authoritarian ruler.  These women have thrown the gauntlet.  We all need to throw down our own gauntlet and tell Trump don’t mess with our country.

Thank you ladies.  You provided us with the medicine we need.  Please keep the doses coming so we can continue to be the immune system our country needs to stop the viruses of divisiveness and hatred that is infecting our country.

To all the women out there, congratulations on a marvelous day.  You are our heroes.




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We heard what was probably the most bleak, dark, and nonsensical rambling of an inauguration speech I have ever heard.  That was without doubt terrible.  It shows that Donald Trump cannot give a good speech to save his life.

This speech was terrible.  He stood on that stage as the least popular president-elect in history.  His numbers, for the first time, actually went down between his election and his inauguration.

That is bad enough.  His speech made all of our allies very nervous.  He talked about “protecting our borders and not others”.  Needless to say that make our allies nervous since we have treaties to help protect their borders.

I could go on about how he bragged that his inauguration would shatter records for attendance.  It might have, but on the low-end not the high-end.  Did you notice all of those empty seats in the bleachers next to the reviewing stand?  Those seats required tickets and they were empty!  But that isn’t the really important thing about today.

In his speech he talked about equality and making lives for everyone, including minorities, better.  It almost sounded like he was really interested in the welfare and the rights of minorities.  But, hold your horses, as they say.

A little background.  Under Rick Perry as Governor of Texas, the Republican legislature passed the most voter restrictive law in the country.  Naturally, it wound up in court with the Department of Justice bringing the suit.

A Federal Judge said the law was not only racist, but from his listening to the testimony, it was clear to him that it was deliberately racist in nature and intended to keep African and Latino Americans from being able to vote in the State of Texas.

A three judge Appeals Court agreed with that ruling and also called the law intentionally racist.  Then it went to the most conservative Appeals Court in the country.  They also ruled that the law was violating the voting rights of African and Latino Americans, but they were not convinced that it was intentional.

So, they ordered the case returned to the original judge to re-exam the intent of the law.  The case was scheduled to be heard on Tuesday next week.

Here is where we come to Trump’s actions speaking louder than his words.  At 1201 this afternoon, right after he took the office, his people at the Justice Department asked the judge to delay the case.

This was something that was not announced.  It was done in secret hoping the nation would not notice.  What we have is a person giving an inauguration speech talking about civil rights, and while he is talking, his Justice Department is trying to delay a case against a racist voter restriction law.

Of course, the Appeals Court that decided the law as racist, but sent it back anyway to determine intent was wrong in its decision.  They should have stopped the law completely because it doesn’t matter if a law is passed with intent to be racist.  The very fact that it is racist makes it unconstitutional and the judges should have said so in the first place.

Now we have a situation where the new administration could easily tell the judge that they are dropping their suit against the racist law.  Of course, that doesn’t really mean that the suit will stop since others will continue with it.  But, with DOJ dropping out, the case becomes more difficult.

When you also consider that Jeff Sessions, the nominee for the Department of Justice has been openly in favor of such racist laws the discriminate or restrict the voting of minorities, there is little doubt in my mind that the case will probably be dropped by DOJ.

Then you have the real problem where this Texas law is not the only one that is currently in the courts.  Other states face similar cases against their racist voter restrictions.  Will the DOJ under Sessions drop all of those cases as well?

As you can see, the Liar in Chief says one thing all the while his administration is doing just the opposite thing behind the curtain.  That is not a very good start to a good government that will work for all of our citizens.

Trump laid out a very bleak and dark view of our country.  He started laying the foundation for his authoritarian government.  His DOJ request to delay a civil rights case tells me that is his main goal.

If you believed his line that the people will be the real rulers of the country, you need to wake up.  He is the only person who is intended, in his mind, to rule the country.

As the title says, actions speak louder than words.  You don’t need an amplifier to know that his actions are opposite of his words.


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Day 71.

Today Donald John Trump will place his hand on a bible and take the oath of office to become our next president.  And, for the first time, I am beginning to lose my optimism for the future of our country.

To be totally honest, if I were a Christian, I would wonder if he is going to burst into flames once his hand touches the bible.  He has shown that he is anything but a Christian in his actions before, during and after the election.

He will be taking that oath knowing that he is the least favorable president-elect to be sworn in in our history.  Usually, after an election, the favorability numbers of the president-elect go up.  This time, they have gone down.  Maybe that is because of his caustic behavior, or his overflowing the swamp with his cabinet picks, or maybe just because even his supporters are realizing what a virtual pig he really is.

The other thing that has gone virtually unnoticed during the transition is his absolute horrible leadership.  When a new president takes office, they are required to fill about 4,000 positions in various departments of the government.  The most important positions include the National Security Council, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security.

When he takes office, almost all of those positions will have empty desks this afternoon and the unforeseeable future.  So far, not counting his cabinet nominees, they have hired about 30 of the 4000 people needed to fill those positions.

He had announced at first that every political position would end today when he takes office.  Then, when he realized that he isn’t even close to fill any of those critical positions, he started asking people to hang around for a “few months”.  Some have agreed and some have not.

Now remember, this is supposed to be a “great businessman who organizes tremendously”.  Well, this situation shows that statement is true in his own imagination.  As someone who worked in business for over 20 years and in the Coast Guard for 20 years, I find this a total disaster caused by someone who loves himself but has no clue about leadership.  In simple words, he has totally botched the transition.  If he can’t handle that, how can we expect him to handle the country?

We can only be thankful that there are thousands of professional public servants who will take up the responsibility of these critical positions until Mr. Incompetent finally gets around to filling them.

Then we have his conflicts of interest hanging over us and him.  At the moment he becomes president, he will be in violation of his lease for the hotel in the Old Post Office building.  Only, nothing will probably be done because the lease if owned by the General Services Administration and he will be in charge of it.

And, since he and his team always rave about the hotel and suggest that everyone including foreign governments use it, he is in possible violation of the emoluments clause.  That is just the beginning of his possible conflicts of interest.  This is something that will need to be watched very closely.  Only, it will be difficult because Mr. Secret won’t divulge his holdings or where he is actually getting his money.

If you love the Constitution, and all Republicans claim to do so, then the first piece of legislation needed to be passed is one that requires all public officials in the federal government, including the president, must release their tax returns.  That is the only way to ensure the emoluments clause will be honored and openly enforceable.

We are looking a very uncertain next four years.  Trump made so many promises to so many people he doesn’t even remember which ones he made or to which group of people he made them to.

He keeps talking about bringing jobs back, but he still refuses to ensure his own family brings their manufacturing to the U.S. and leaves those 12 countries they currently use.  If he doesn’t add his family’s products to the 35 percent “border tax” he keeps threatening, we will know he doesn’t mean a damn thing he says.

There is talk about cutting the budget, again.  But, the only items on the cut list are things that support the rights of every citizen.  Things talked about being cut are grants to help prevent violence against women.  Closing down several agency departments that protect civil rights of minorities of all kinds.  And of course closing down PBS or at least privatizing it.

Then we need to watch out for cuts in several social safety nets.  Republicans want to privatize Social Security.  They want to voucherize Medicare.  They want to “block grant” Medicaid.  And, of course they want to throw about 18 million people off of their health care by eliminating the Affordable Care Act without even telling us what their replacement plan is.

These are just some of the issues and potential problems that America will face under a Trump presidency.  We will have a cabinet with more ethical questions than we have seen in over 100 years.  I will be quite surprised if any of the nominees are stopped.  The current Republican Party is not interested in ethics or integrity.

The anti-regulation crowd known as the Republican Party is itching to eliminate all of the same regulations they eliminated under George W. Bush which caused the Great Recession of 2008.  That is a very scary thing indeed.  Are they actually trying to cause another Great Recession?

Then again, all of this could be mute.  We will have a president who loves to attack people on twitter.  What is going to happen when his target is some unstable foreign leader?  How certain are we that he won’t start a war just because of his bitter, and immature use of twitter?  And, if he does start a war using twitter, will he launch nuclear weapons. After all, as he said “why do we have them if we aren’t going to use them?”

We are moving into a very uncertain future.  We are most likely going to see attacks on African-American rights.  Gay Rights.  Women Rights.  Religious Rights.  Our Health Care.  Our Environment.  Our Economy.  Our Farms.  Our Small Businesses.  Our Public Education.  And, Our Decency.  It is probably the most uncertain future in my lifetime and I lived through the “great red scare”.  I also lived through the so-called “hippie” movement and civil rights and anti-Vietnam war protests.

The future was far more certain during those times than it is today.  The only reason those times were more certain was because we had leaders who were reasonable and rational people leading our country.  Today we will get what I consider the least rational person in history in charge.

It is that instability that causes concern for everyone in the world, not just in our country.  As a result, I am very cautious about the future of our country.  I served my country and I hate the idea of someone so irrational being in charge of the nuclear codes.

I can only keep voicing my opposition to this madman.  I can only try to point out his conflicts as they arise.  I can only try to educate anyone who wishes to be educated about any damage he causes our liberties and freedoms.

We have heard for the last eight years that President Obama restricted our freedoms.  But, when asked to name just one, there is silence.  I am afraid that will not be the case under a Trump presidency.  I am afraid that we will see our Constitution be shredded by him and his Republican lackeys in Congress in the name of Power.

I find it extremely ironic and very frightening that a man is going to take the oath of office that swears to “protect the Constitution of the United States” when he doesn’t even know what is in it.

Furthermore, his actions during his entire life has shown a complete disregard for the law and decency.  He ran for president to line his pockets with more money.  That is all he is interested in and that is all he will work towards.

Hopefully, the near future will also be a time of activism.  It will be a time when people take to the streets again to hold our elected officials somewhat accountable.  It is all up to us now.  We can no longer pretend that the people in charge have our best interests at heart.  They don’t.

And the shirts keep marching along.



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Day 70

We are now seeing just why Republicans have been so worried about having ethics watchdogs hanging over their heads.  Now, I am fully aware that there are some Democrats who follow the same lack of ethics in office, but it is the Republicans who are trying to do away with the ethics groups in government.

Rep. Chavetz and the incoming administration’s Cabinet Picks are showing why getting rid of ethics watchdogs are so important.  They don’t have any ethics and they are damned proud of that fact.

First we have Chaffetz who has been screaming at the top of his lunges that OGE Director Shaub “blew off a meeting with him” in December.  Problem, emails that were released yesterday through the Freedom of Information Act, proves beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was in fact Chavetz who blew off the meeting.

Those emails were not just from the OGE, but from Chaffetz’ office as well.  In the last one, Chaffetz own person told Shaub that Mr. Chaffetz was backlogged and was trying to “get home” which is why he missed the meeting.

This unethical, lying buffoon is the  chairman of the House Oversight Committee to top it all off.  Instead of threatening to close the OGE because Chaffetz didn’t like Shaub’s comments about Trump’s non-divestment from his businesses, they should look at shutting down the Oversight Committee.  Or, at the very least replace this liar from his chair on the committee.

Then we have the case of Wilbur Ross who is the nominee to head up the Commerce Department.  He came out and said that last month he fired a household employee because that person couldn’t produce a valid driver’s license and Social Security Card.  He claims that he did produce what appeared to be the same documents when he hired him.

He is saying that he “unknowingly” hired an undocumented immigrant.  Of course, if he had used E-Verify, he would have discovered the discrepancy when he hired the person in the first place.  When other nominees had similar problems, Republicans said at the time that ignorance was no excuse and they pulled their names from nomination.  Not so for Ross.  He is being given a pass.

There is the nomination to head up the Budget Office, Mick Mulvaney who did not pay employer taxes for his employees for years.  The final bill was over $15,000.  Again, when other nominees were found out doing the exact same thing, they were disqualified.  Republicans don’t think this is a big deal for Mulvaney.

Then, of course, is Tom Price.  He is the nominee to head up Health and Human Services.  His problems come from stocks.  Seems Mr. Price purchased stocks just before he introduced legislation that would help that company’s stock prices rise.

You can quibble about how much money was involved in that one deal or the many other stock purchases he made.  The real question comes in when you look at what he was and what extra jobs he had.

When this first came out a few days ago, the Trump team put out a statement that read:

Dr. Price’s Morgan Stanley financial advisor designed his portfolio and directed all trades in the account.  Pursuant to the arrangement with Morgan Stanley, the financial advisor, and not Dr. Price, has the discretion to decide which securities to buy and sell in his account.

Here we go again with another lie.  During his testimony, Price admitted that Morgan Stanley’s financial advisor was told by him to purchase the stock and did not do so on their own.  The company in question makes hip replacement parts.  Exactly six days after purchasing the stock, Price introduced legislation that would eliminate regulations on that particular industry.  Can you say “conflict of interest?”

It turns out that Price has a lot of medical company stocks.  At first glance, the idea of a doctor purchasing medical equipment stock may not seem all that horrible.  But, this is also a man who served on a committee that was responsible to regulate the health care industry.  Additionally, even if he wasn’t on that committee, he would have to vote on legislation affecting his stock.

Senator Murray questioned Price on whether he thought it was appropriate for members of Congress to be trading stocks that could benefit from legislation under consideration, adding that the 21st Century Cures Act had numerous provisions that would benefit Innate Immunotherapeutics, the company Price purchased his stocks in after Rep. Collins told him about the company.  Collins was a board member of the company at the time.

“Do you believe it is appropriate for a senior member of Congress actively involved in policy making in the health sector to repeatedly personally invest in a drug company that could benefit from those actions?” Murray asked. “Yes or no?”

“That’s not what happened,” Price said.  Sorry doctor, that is exactly what happened.  Why didn’t you divest your health industry stocks to avoid any possible conflicts of interest?  Because you wanted to be able to influence your stock’s worth with laws and lack of regulations that you personally introduced.  In other words, you are a crook.

As I said, ethics hold no meaning for these people.  They are even proud of the fact they have no ethics.  So much so that they want to kill all of the ethical watchdogs in Washington that could call them out for their actions.

The amount of money involved is neither here or there.  The simple fact that a sitting member of congress is willing to take advantage of their position for any personal gain is repugnant at best, and criminal at worst.

These aren’t the only people nominated by Trump with potential ethical problems.  Don’t forget Mr. Mnunchin who ran a bank known as the “foreclosure machine”.  He once foreclosed on a home for an elderly lady over 24 cents.  And, Trump wants him to be the Treasury secretary.

Trump has promised to “drain the swamp”.  If this is his idea of draining the swamp, please stop.  After screaming about the evils of Goldman Sachs, he has placed six Goldman Sachs executives into his administration.

He has offered up the most unethical cabinet nominees in a very long time if not history.  There is the real possibility that we are going to see a whole host of “Teapot Dome” scandals follow his administration if these people are confirmed.  And, with Republican repugnance to ethics on full display, they most surely will get confirmed.

By the time Trump takes his oath of office tomorrow, he won’t be able to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House without wading boots.  The swamp is overflowing right into the heart of our capital.

This is what happens when “businessmen” are selected to run the country.  The only thing they are interested in is running more money into their own pockets.  Take for example the Facebook ad that says Trump wants to invite you to the inauguration for “free”.

It is a scam to raise money.  If you click on the RSVP button, you don’t get an RSVP response, you are taken to a page where you can buy a Commerative Inauguration License Plate for $30.  If you want to go to the inauguration, you can go for free anyway.

Raising money for the inauguration is fine as long as you are up front about it and not trying to scam the people.  This is an open and blatant scam to raise money, but we don’t know where exactly that money is headed.  Another con from the conman!

Money in politics is very bad as we can see.  But, it isn’t just the money in contributions to campaigns, it is the money these scoundrels make everyday right under our noses because of their “secrecy” protections.

But don’t worry, Trump has promised us more “military parades” so you don’t have to think about their lack of ethics.  You can be proud of the military parades just like they are in Russia and other authoritarian countries around the world.

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