I will freely admit that I am not a Constitutional Lawyer.  I will also admit that my education included not only history classes, but civics classes.  So like everyone else of my generation, I have a basic understanding of our constitution and how our government works.

The unfortunate side of politics today is that there are a slew of people on the Republican side claiming that they only wish to “defend the constitution” and constitutional rights.  Some like the Canadian Senator claims he is a constitutional lawyer.

According to these “learned” people, the Supreme Court has “overstepped” its authority in declaring same-sex marriage as legal.  They claim that the court has no legitimacy in overturning laws that were passed by Congress, States, or popular propositions.  According to these “learned” people, the court does not have the right to determine which laws passed by these means are constitutional or not.

Now, taking into account my admission that I am not a Constitutional Lawyer, I must strongly disagree with these “learned” people.  According to the lessons in my civics classes, that is exactly what the Supreme Court is supposed to do.

According to grammar school civics classes of my time, the Congress is to pass laws. The Executive Branch is supposed to enforce those laws.  When there is a question about the constitutionality of those laws, it is the responsibility of the Supreme Court to determine if those laws are constitutional or not.

If this were not the case, we would never have had cases in the past that guaranteed the civil rights of minorities. We would never have had rulings that desegregated our education system.  In effect, we would be living under a dictatorship.

It works this way.  The court does NOT make laws.  They determine if  laws already passed violates the civil rights of citizens under the Constitution.  If it determines that a law does violate the civil rights of citizens the law becomes void.  Thus in the case of same-sex marriage, the laws prohibiting them were deemed to be unconstitutional, they were struck down and same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states.

That is not the same as “making” laws.  By default, the court says that same-sex marriage is legal because the laws passed to refuse the right to citizens was deemed to be illegal.  That is what the court is supposed to do  I don’t agree with the Court on every thing either. Like Citizens United.  But, that doesn’t mean they “overstepped” their boundaries. It means I disagree with their ruling, but their ruling is the law of the land and must be adhered to.

Sometimes I think there is a special doctor and pharmacist on Capital Hill just for Republicans.  That doctor prescribes and the pharmacist is tasked with handing out “stupid pills” to members of the Republican Party.  I also think that the more conservative you are, the more pills you are supposed to take every day.  Some of these people must be on a 10 pill per day dosage.  Otherwise, how can you account for their utter stupidity when it coms to the Constitution?

I am offering this doctor and pharmacist idea as a viable excuse for them, because the other answer is that they don’t care about the Constitution and the rights it protects for all citizens.  In either case, they are not only wrong in their interpretation, they are wrong at the top of their lungs.  Can we at least keep the volume down a bit?

The biggest unfortunate side of the Chattanooga, TN shooting of 5 service members is that it has become the cause celebre for all of the crazies.  Or, should I say all of the bigots and fringe groups.  Since that tragic day, the wacko bunch has come out of the woodwork faster than you can say “oh shit!”

One gun shop owner, a full believer in the Constitution of the United States announced that his gun shop is now “Muslim Free.”  He doesn’t say how he intends to discover who is and who is not a “Muslim” but there he was standing in front of his all-inclusive Confederate Battle Flag making his announcement.

We have lunatics calling themselves “patriots” in open-carry states now saying they will “defend” our recruiters.  They have started showing up in front of Recruiting Stations openly carrying guns declaring they would defend our recruiters.  This is because they believe that the Defense Department is “wrong” in not allowing recruiters to carry guns wherever they go.

There has been a large outcry on Facebook about the President not ordering the flag put at half-mast in honor of these servicemen.  They claim that the President is “disrespecting” our service members by not immediately issuing the order.

I simply don’t know where to start on this.  So, I guess I will take them one-at-a-time.  First, that gun shop owner who claims to have a “Muslim Free” gun zone in his gun shop.  He claims to have the right to refuse to sell guns to anyone he believes is dangerous.  But, there is no right to refuse to sell guns just because of a person’s religion.

What he is saying is that if you are an American Citizen protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution and have a right to own a gun, you still cannot purchase one in his shop if you are a Muslim.  In other words he has taken on the task of defining who is and who is not a citizen protected by the Constitution.

The simple fact that he is standing in front of a Confederate Battle Flag shouts loudly exactly what he means by “Muslim Free.”  Since he claims he won’t be asking you what religion you belong to, the only way to determine if you are a Muslim is by skin color or name.  If you are not white, and have one of those “funny middle-eastern names” you will obviously be considered a Muslim and refused service.

On the other hand, if you are white, you will be gladly sold any weapon you want.  Apparently, he doesn’t know that there are millions of white people who are Muslims in the world.  Even right here in America.  I personally know dozens of white Americans who are Muslims.

The second one involves recruiters for our military branches.  We now have crazies “walking the beat” outside recruiting stations carrying all sorts of weapons from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and hand guns.  All without being asked by the Department of Defense to “protect” the recruiters.

One of the greatest things about our country is that our military doesn’t go around carrying weapons everywhere they go.  You will find armed soldiers in other countries, even so-called democratic countries.  I can guarantee you that if our military personnel have been carrying weapons in public before Chattanooga, these very same crazies would be screaming at the top of their lungs.  It would be the proof they need that the government is trying to “take over” the country.

This so-called “protecting our recruiters” is nothing more than a very sick publicity stunt to get their names and pictures in the papers and on news stations.  It serves absolutely no purpose.  As a matter of fact, it is probably going to hamper these recruiters from doing their jobs.

Not many people are willing to cross a line of armed men to walk into a recruiting office.  Additionally, the added publicity these wackos are creating only increases the possibility of another attack.  If that should happen, what is going to be said when these odd-balls start shooting and innocent civilians are killed in the crossfire?  It will be the responsibility of these “patriots” if that happens.  But, of course, they will claim they were just doing their “duty” to protect the recruiters.  Those innocent civilians were just “collateral” damage.

These same people are calling for recruiters to be armed.  To many that sounds reasonable.  However, there is a difference in the training of personnel to carry arms in a combat zone and carrying arms in a civilian area.  There are lots of rules and laws that must be met, even for the military.

That means more training for recruiters, many administrative personnel, has to be conducted before they can carry arms in the office.  It also means that armories must be built and established to house and protect those weapons when not being carried.

The Coast Guard, being law enforcement, has such training for personnel.  However, not everyone goes through it.  I did.  I even had to go through the “shoot-don’t shoot” training.  If you failed that test, you were not allowed to carry a weapon in public areas.

All of this costs money.  The Defense Department is facing calls for cuts in their budgets.  They are facing base closings and reduction in forces.  How can they afford to add the costs of the training and armories needed before recruiters are armed?

Even if this all happens, how can they go to a High School or College Campus with weapons?  If you ask recruiters, you will discover it is hard enough to get to these places already.  Not many of them will be happy if the recruiter shows up carrying a handgun.  As I said, this has more potential to hamper recruiting efforts more than help them.

Third, the issue of the flag at half-mast.  I don’t have a problem with the President ordering flags being flown at half-mast in honor of these men.  Actually, he has issued that order.  But, on the other hand, I have a problem with it being flown at half-mast for these men and not the rest of service members who have been killed.

Yesterday I wrote about the problems at the VA and how fixing it is the best way to “support our troops.”  What I didn’t put in that article is that a veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes.  That means about 23 veterans commit suicide every single day!  Are we to fly the flag at half-mast for them?

Where do you draw the line on that issue?  If the flag was lowered every time a service member was killed, we would never see the flag at full mast again.  That is just a simple fact.  You don’t “respect” servicemen by lowering the flag in honor of their death.  You show “respect” by making sure their families are properly taken care of after their great loss.

You see, once a service member dies, their families are basically cut off.  Just as one example, the survivors of a fallen service member must vacate military housing within 30 days of the funeral.  They lose most of their benefits.  They lose almost all of their “privileges” like shopping at the exchange.  They become just another survivor of a fallen service member.

I seriously mourn the five members who were killed in the senseless shooting.  I also hate it when these kinds of situations brings the crazies out of the woodwork.  These service members deserve better than that.  Their families deserve better than that.

Yes, security at recruiting stations needs to be reviewed.  The DOD says a report is due on Friday.  There are thousands of way to better protect our recruiters than with arms.  Especially when you consider that one “trained” recruiter accidentally shot himself in the leg when he began carrying a weapon.  What would have been said if he had accidentally shot a recruit?

Honor those who were killed.  Remember their families in your prayers, if you are prone to pray.  But, don’t praise these wackos who are looking for nothing more than publicity.  That is not honoring these brave men’s memory.

If that headline makes you angry, you aren’t even close to the rage I have right now.  We have seen them everywhere.  “Support our troops” stickers, magnets, slogans are all around us.  But, I have to say that hardly anyone really means it.  I am sticking to that comment.  To tell you the truth, I am one really pissed off veteran.

The other day the Donald started a ruckus when he said John McCain wasn’t a “hero” because he was “captured.”  He went on to say that “I like those who weren’t captured.”  It only proves that Trump has no idea what it is to serve.  But, of course, Trump never did serve so he wouldn’t know anything about it.

I have the same feeling for the vast majority of politicians, candidates, and ordinary people.  They have no idea what it is to serve, but yet they want you to believe that they “support our troops.”  We are called “heroes.”  We are “thanked for our service”.  As I have written before, I am sick of the hallow platitudes.

Something that politicians and apparently the media doesn’t want you to know is that vets are being ignored once again.  In case you missed it, and you probably did since no one wants to talk about it, the VA is about to run out of money.  With all of the sequester budget cuts, there is a $2.5 Billion hole in the VA’s budget for this year!

After all of the hand wringing over the problems vets are having getting treatment at the VA in the last year, we are sitting on the verge of the VA having to shut down hospitals and giving furloughs to medical workers at hospitals and clinics because it doesn’t have the money it needs to properly serve the veterans they are supposed to help.

Instead of looking into the real problems at the VA, Congress led by Republicans passed a law that allows vets to see private doctors if they have to wait too long at the VA.  On the surface, that sounds very reasonable.  However, there was no added money in the VA’s budget to cover these added, and more expensive, costs.  It has to come out of the VA’s budget.

Something else the media and politicians don’t want you to know about the VA.  The VA hospitals and clinics receive the highest “customer service” marks of any medical service in the country.  The quality of treatment at the VA has never been in question by vets.  Only the time lag in getting that treatment.

That is the real problem facing the VA and vets.  A lack of sufficient clinics and hospitals to help vets with wounds.  The lack of sufficient staff to man clinics and hospitals.  That is not being addressed by this new “privatization” of the VA that Republicans want to turn the VA into.

As a result, money that should go to the help vets at VA hospitals and clinics are being siphoned off for “privatization” of VA benefits.  So, if you are a vet needing assistance at the VA, you are looking to lose that help because of a budget shortfall.

The VA wants to use money from the “privatization” pool to offset their budget shortfall.  So far, Congress has failed to even acknowledge there is a budget problem at the VA.  At the same time, Republicans are falling all over themselves saying who is and who isn’t a hero.

This may be a shock, but I don’t give a flying f&*% who you call a hero and who you don’t.  I only care about the thousands of vets who need help and are on the verge of losing it.  I only care about those who have served being “supported” by our government and public for the service they gave.  I only care about the millions of my brothers and sisters who are homeless.  I only care about the millions who can’t afford to feed their families.

We have been at war now for over 15 years!  Those two wars have created thousands upon thousands of needy vets who returned home shattered either physically or mentally by those wars.  The politicians did nothing in advance to make sure they would be cared for once the wars were over.  Nothing was done to help the VA prepare for what was about to hit them.  Veterans deserve to not be abandoned by our public and our politicians.

Those of us who served our country only want what we “EARNED”.  That is right, what we EARNED through our sacrifices.  Our families have sacrificed too.  The time we spend away from our spouses and children.  The childhood illnesses we missed.  Our child’s first steps.  Our child’s first words.  The constant worry our spouses faced every time we were away.

After all we have given, our thanks are hallow platitudes and we are tossed on the trash heap of society.  No one wants to really look at the vet who suffered severe burns when he was bombed.  No one wants to watch a vet who lost his legs trying to get around.  No one wants to talk to a vet with PTSD who has trouble forming a proper sentence.

No, we are expected to go to war whenever politicians think it is necessary and then drop out of sight when we return.   In short, we are just too expensive for ordinary people to care about.  This isn’t anything new either.  This treatment of our veterans goes all the way back to the end of the Revolutionary War.  Vets were promised land for their service, but none got it.  It was all sold to speculators before the end of the war to help pay for it.

Veterans are not interested in hallow platitudes.  They are not interested in “feel good” phrases that make the public feel good about themselves.  They want help.  They want the resources given to the VA to ensure they get the treatment they need.  They want the support their families need to get through the severe trauma these physical and emotional problems are causing their family.

In short, we want what we deserve.  We want to be treated with dignity.  We want to be treated with respect.  What we really want is to be treated, and not worry about losing that treatment because of a lack of funds.

Apparently it is more important for people like Donald Trump to get a tax cut than to give the needed help to our veterans.  So, unless you are willing to start calling out your politicians for ignoring the plight of our veterans, you can shove your hallow platitude bumper sticker.  You may just run into another really pissed off vet who will let you have a different response to your next “thank you for your service.”  And, it won’t be “you’re welcome.”


I am not really sure what to say about the political environment today.  We have been ensnared into falling into two basic camps.  Conservative or Liberal.  But, as everyone really knows, that is insane.  The American people as a whole are neither conservative nor liberal.  I believe that the vast majority of the American people are in the middle.

There are arguments about whether or not we are middle-left or middle-right.  I really think it depends on who is running for office.  Yes, there are pockets where ultra-conservative and/or ultra-liberal politics wins out, but that is really a minority not the majority.

This is all coming to a head during this 2016 Presidential Election Cycle.  You can see it everywhere you care to read headlines.  Some “pundits” are calling for a more radical liberal agenda.  Others are calling for an ultra-conservative agenda.  Neither is even listening to the American People.

There are even those who are now claiming that Donald Trump is a “refreshing” political voice.  They argue that he is willing to speak his mind regardless of whom he pisses off.  They say we need more politicians like him to keep our politics from becoming too “boring.”

This is all stupid rhetoric.  What we really need is for our politicians to actually look at our problems and listen to the people.  That is not as hard as you may think it is.  However, it isn’t going to happen, especially on the Republican side, because they believe that the country is ultra-conservative.  They believe that the American people want to be able to discriminate against someone.  They believe that the American people want religious leaders to dictate policy.

Democrats are not much better.  They are very quietly saying things they have said for years.  They also listen too much to Wall Street.  Remember, Wall Street is where most of the money comes from in order to run for office.  As a result, both sides of the aisle have allowed for regulations on financial institutions to be relaxed again.  This is becoming the same old tired politics from our past.

Democrats seem to think that talking quietly is the correct choice to get elected.  Republicans think that being boisterous is the way to get elected.  The problem is that both sides are only looking at primaries and not the over all health of our country.  Instead of discussing how they foresee the country moving forward, they use 20 second sound bites to talk down the other side.  It is basically our fault.  We allow them to use such tactics because we refuse to ask the tough questions.

I said earlier it isn’t difficult to find out just what the American People want.  If you look at the polls, you can see a lot of issues where there is a majority opinion on lots of issues that politicians still try to divide us over.  Things like gun control, for example.  You will discover that the American People want to be able to own guns.  Yet, you will also find that the majority of Americans want reasonable control over who can own guns.  The vast majority of Americans believe in Universal Background Checks before being allowed to purchase a gun.

The majority of American people believe that same-sex marriage is protected by the constitution.  They do not want the government telling churches or religions that they must perform religious marriages, but they do believe that same-sex marriage is legal and should be protected.

You will also find that the vast majority of Americans believe that income inequality is a real problem in growing our economy.  They want a higher minimum wage.  They believe that the super rich should pay more in taxes.  They believe in Social Security and Medicare.  They believe in a woman’s right to choose abortion or not.

Put simply, the American People do not want anyone in government running their personal lives.  They expect the government to protect them from violence, crime, and robber barons.  They expect a fair chance to reach their own version of the American Dream.

But, instead of hearing plans about how we can best achieve the wishes of the American people, we hear about things that only matter to a slim minority of the electorate.  We only hear about what the Conservative Christian Cult wants to hear.  We have politicians calling immigrants “rapists” and other derogative terms.

This is not politics.  This is hate.  This is control.  This is pure stupidity.  As I said this is mostly our fault.  We fail to hold these wackos accountable for their stupidity.  We tolerate their ignorance and hate.  We just turn away and then say, well candidate A is less evil than candidate B.

Then we blame the candidates. We call them liars.  We say they are only interested in their own power.  We have mid-term elections where less than a third of registered voters actually show up to vote.  The next time you really want to blame someone for our political largess, look in the mirror.

The next time your elected official says the Affordable Care Act must be repealed, stand up and ask what is their plan to replace it?  Don’t accept 20 second sound bites as an answer either.  Make them spell out their plan.  The next time they say they support the troops, stand up and ask why they slashed the VA budget again.

The next time they talk about gun rights, ask them who should be allowed to own guns?  Should criminals and mentally impaired be allowed to own weapons?  If not, how are you going to keep them from owning guns without universal background checks.

These are just examples of things you can ask about.  Don’t let the fringe groups on either side take over the conversation.  Make your elected official and candidates answer serious questions.  Make sure they are held accountable and go to the polls.

Democracy only works when the people participate in it.  If you continue to stay home on election day, we will lose the very liberties you cherish so much.  And, it will be our fault!  I say it is time to “take our country back.”  We need to take it back from the crazies before it is too late for all of us.

Another day, another mass shooting.  On the same day the Colorado movie shooter was convicted of mass murder, less than a month after 9 people were shot to death in a church in Charleston, SC, we have another mass shooting in Tennessee.  There is a difference in this one.  Four service members, all Marines, were killed in this incident.  And, the suspected shooter was reportedly born in Kuwait.

This one difference makes this, according to the right-wing, an act of terrorism.  None of the other mass murders that have taken place are acts of terrorism.  The shooter in Charleston has not been charged with domestic terrorism, but rather mass murder.  The guilty verdict in Colorado was not for domestic terrorism either.  But these shooters were both.  I guess that makes a big difference to the right.

The latest shooting in Tennessee may well be an act of terrorism.  But, so little is known about the shooter that we need to learn more before making any claims about that.  We don’t even know yet if the suspect is a U.S. citizen.  Just because he may have been born in Kuwait, doesn’t mean he isn’t a citizen.  He did graduate from a U.S. High School and the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.

This could also be a case of revenge as well.  Maybe the suspect was turned down for recruitment in the military.  It would not be the first time service members were killed for that reason.  True, it doesn’t happen very often but it does happen.  We just don’t know yet.

The right-wing is also arguing that this shooting will be turned into the use of guns and more gun controls.  But, one does have to ask how the suspect got his guns?  If he is a citizen, then he has the right to get guns.  If he is not a citizen, then how could he get his guns?  That is something that also needs to be looked at.

This country has seen way too many mass murders of this type.  Some have been acts of terrorism, but almost all of them have been committed by U.S. Citizens and not foreigners illegally here.  That should raise some red flags as well.  The fact that the only time the right wants to label them as terrorist acts is when the suspect is supposedly a Muslim, also tells us something.

All acts of mass murder, in my opinion, are acts of terrorism.  It doesn’t matter to me who the suspect is or what religion he belongs to.  All that matters is that mass murder is simply an act intended to make people afraid.  That is terrorism.

Until we treat all cases of mass murder as terrorist acts, this will continue to happen.  This case has nothing to do with immigration or any other trivial matter.  It has to do with someone wanting to frighten people.  They are intended to make people fail unsafe in public.  That is the very definition of terrorism.

None of this matters to the right-wing.  This is the perfect example of ISIS coming to our shores and shooting us to death.  It is the very thing that they want you to be terrified about.  It is exactly what people like Donald Trump want to happen.  It allows them scream about the President and his so-called “lack of border control.”  It is another excuse to go to war.

As one right-wing nut tweeted:

We’ve been saying it forever; hit them HARD over there, or they’ll hit us here. Obama’s been playing footsie with ISIS, this happens.

In order to try to keep these things under better control, we need to start treating mass murder as acts of terrorism regardless of who commits the act.  The Charleston shooter should be charged with an act of terrorism.  We need to make sure that anyone committing such crimes, be charged with the real crime they are committing.

No more excuses.  No more sick attempts at getting headlines.  Terrorism is terrorism.  We need to prosecute it as such.  And, if gun laws wer violated in order to get the guns, those responsible for not following the law and selling these terrorists guns should also be prosecuted as accomplices.

Many on the right won’t like what I just said, but I don’t really care.  I am tired of seeing my fellow citizens being killed by terrorists, both foreign and domestic simply because it is too easy to get the guns they need.  We really need to have a real discussion on how to best make things like this less likely.  Reason usually wins out.  Unfortunately the right-wing nuts don’t know how to even spell reason, much less know what it means.  So, I guess I am just howling at the moon.


There have been a lot of stupid things being said lately.  Of course, we have the whack-nut Trump calling Mexican immigrants rapists.  We have unintelligent people like Cruz agreeing with him.  We have the State of Texas refusing to issue birth certificates to immigrant children born in Texas.  We have a right-wing heavily edited lying video about Planned Parenthood “selling” fetus tissue.

The right is up-in-arms over the recently announced Iran Deal, without even reading it first.  There are still public employees who swore an oath to uphold the laws of the State and Country denying marriage licenses to people.  And, we still have Scott Walker saying the “minimum wage” is “lame” all the while eliminating the “living wage” definition from Wisconsin’s laws.

There have been some positives as well.  Obamacare withstood another frivolous law suit in the Supreme Court.  Same-sex marriage was declared constitutional by the same Supreme Court.  And, finally, the Confederate Flag has been taken down in South Carolina.

The conservative side just will not give up their “social” agenda.  The same Trump who calls Mexican immigrants “rapists” tweeted a nice picture with the American Flag and “soldiers” in one of the red stripes.  Problem was those “soldiers” were Nazi SS troops!  Of course, the Donald isn’t a fascist, some “young intern” was to blame for the goof.  I guess no one checked that “young interns” work before putting out the tweet.  Sounds very fishy to me.

We have seen polarization in this country for a very long time.  It really came to a head when Barak Obama was first elected President.  That is when the term “we need to take our country back” came into vogue.  But, why all of this polarization?  Why all of this hate being thrown about?

There is really only one answer to those questions.  F E A R!  You may ask, fear of what?  Fear of change.  As I have said before, conservatism is based on the principle that things were better in the past.  It is based on the premise that the “status quo” is the way we should live our lives forever.  Change is bad.  Moderation is bad.  Compromise is bad.

Unfortunately for the conservative movement, change, moderation, compromise, and a changing demographic is threatening their fairyland world.  Since the country is becoming less “white” that is bad.  Since the country is becoming more secular, that is bad.

Racism has been part of man’s existence since he first crawled from the cave.  Religion has been with us from the very moment that we started asking “what is the meaning of life?”  All of the religions of the world have the same things in common.  Every so-called “sacred text” is a conglomeration of another “sacred text.”  The new one just puts a different slant on who is right and who is wrong.

It is this mishmash of “sacred texts” that has caused most of our problems.  See, the real problem with religion isn’t religion itself.  It is the man-made laws that have been incorporated into religion that has caused most of our problems.  Conservatives are quick to use religion as their excuse for hate and discrimination.  They use religion to tell others how they are supposed to live.  How they are supposed to think.  And, how they are supposed to behave.

If you take the time to look at history, you will find that the “status quo” and “religion” is at the heart of every single dictatorship, monarchy, or empire the world has ever known.  The status quo is designed to make sure that power remains in the hands of the few.

Religion, or even an attack against religion, is used to show the “divine” right of the power broker.  Even the Nazis and Stalinist/Maoist Communists used religion to their advantage.  The Nazis created their own religion.  The Stalinists and Maoists used religion to show how it was holding back progress of the state and its people.

The bottom-line is that conservatism needs the status quo and religion to justify their power grab.  They need people to believe any change in these dynamics is bad to their very existence.  In America, conservatives use Christianity, or at least their interpretation of it to justify their arguments.  In Israel, Judaism is used.  In other Mid-East Countries, Islam is used.

Republicans love to use things like the phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance of “one nation under God” as proof this is a Christian Nation.  They don’t tell you that the words “under God” weren’t added until the 1950s during the big “Red Scare.”  Nor do they tell you that the words “In God We Trust” were added to our money in the 1920s when America was terrified that the Bolshevik Revolution that took place in Russia may gain ground right here.  Religion was used to differentiate us from them.

Conservatives will tell you that the founding fathers were ardent Christians.  Yet, neither in the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution of the United States of America is God mentioned even once!  They understood that “freedom of religion” for everyone was necessary to form the Republic, which later became a democracy, to exist.  Those documents do not cast disparaging comments against any religion of lack of religion.  That is how it should be.

But, that is what terrifies conservatives.  The point is that conservatism needs you to be afraid of something.  It needs you to be terrified that any societal change will cause you to lose everything you have worked to gain.  It needs you to want to look to someone for guidance and rules that make life easier.  And, they want you to believe they are that “someone.”

Conservatism hates change.  It hates progress.  It hates the very idea of democracy.  It thrives only when it can stir up anger, fear and hate.  It thrives only when it can make you so terrified of any imaginary terror that you are willing to give up your civil rights for “security.”  That is what conservatism is really all about.

The current crop of conservative candidates on the Republican side of the aisle is proof of this point.  The only time their numbers rise is when they create fear among their supporters.  In the past, the majority of Americans have dismissed them for what they are.  Let’s hope this election cycle is no different.

You cannot have freedom and democracy without tolerance of others.  You cannot have freedom and democracy by hating or being afraid of your neighbor.  Let’s face facts.  If you truly believe in the Christian Philosophy, there is nothing more Christian than a true democracy.  A political process where everyone has a voice.  Where everyone has the right to be who they are and believe what they want.

Tolerance isn’t agreeing with everyone and their beliefs.  Tolerance is allowing them to believe and live differently from us.  That is democracy, and in reality, that is Christianity as well.  Tolerance is a word that scares the living hell out of conservatives.  As a result, we have seen the polarization that fear and hate has created in our political process.  If it is not stopped soon, we will see the end of our democracy and the start of a new fascist state.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “If you give up some liberties for the sake of security, you will soon find you have neither liberty nor security.”  That is a warning from one of our founding fathers that resonate very strongly today.

The State of Texas is showing its bigotry yet again.  This time, they are even trying to deny citizenship to people, who according to the U.S. Constitution are citizens.  According to the Constitution, anyone born in the United States is considered to be a citizen of the United States.  There are no exceptions like the parents are foreigners.  Texas apparently doesn’t agree with the Constitution.

As a result of their hate for the Constitution, Texas has taken a very dangerous step.  The Texas Department of State Health Services simply ignores the birth of children of foreigners in the U.S.  Specifically, they are targeting Latino children born in the U.S.

According to their new “rule” they refuse to issue a Birth Certificate to children of Latino parents who do not have a passport with a current Visa or a U.S. identification.  People with what is known as a matricula consular, which is a photo ID issued by the Mexican Consulate to Mexican Nationals living in the United States were issued birth certificates for their children born in the U.S.  Now, however, the State of Texas refuses to honor these photo ID’s.  They also refuse to honor foreign passports that do not have a current Visa.

This second issue not only affects Mexican, but other Latin American women who have crossed the border seeking asylum.  This means that any child born under these circumstances cannot get a birth certificate.  In other words, Texas is saying the children do not exist.

The problem goes way beyond that.  How is a mother supposed to prove she is a child’s mother without a birth certificate?  This happens a lot when dealing with serious medical treatment.  A non-parent cannot make decisions for a minor in emergency situations.  Texas is making sure that the mother cannot make those decisions for her own child because she cannot prove she is the mother.

If that child grows up in the U.S. the child cannot attend school.  A birth certificate is required to enter school.  The State of Texas is simply saying this child does not exist, so this child cannot receive an education.  Four women have sued the State of Texas over this policy.  One of the attorneys for the women said in a written statement:

Even in the darkest hours of Texas’ history of discrimination, officials never denied birth certificates to Hispanic children of immigrants. Everyone born in the United States is entitled to the full rights of citizenship.”

The other problem is that there is no evidence yet that shows birth certificates have been denied to European children born in Texas.  Despite what conservatives want you to think, there are undocumented immigrants from Europe as well.  But, since their numbers are less than Latin American, they aren’t being scrutinized as much.  You don’t hear Donald Trump shouting that undocumented immigrants from Europe are “rapists.”

No, this is a blatant act of discrimination aimed at a certain group of people.  It is denying children born in the U.S. their rightful citizenship simply because their parents are not citizens.  Of course, Texas will claim that it really isn’t bigotry because these children were never born.  They don’t have the necessary documents to prove they were.

Just in case you think this is something new, it has been going on for over a year.  As you can see, the people of Texas who claim to “love the constitution” really hate the constitution.  There is not other explanation for this sad story.


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