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I know that the current Republican Party leans towards white men.  Mostly to “older” white men.  I know that women are very intelligent people.  I understand that there are differences between the genders.  But, I cannot understand why the Republican Party seems to think that women are second-class citizens.  I especially don’t understand how any woman can possibly defend the Republicans policies towards women.  To bring up an old saying, “what are they smoking?”

The latest woman who claims that the Republicans are not waging a war on women is Marsha Blackburn.  The Republican Representative from Tennessee says: “I find this war on women rhetoric just almost silly. Go back through history, and look at who was the first woman to ever vote, elected to office, go to Congress, four out of five governors.”   Okay, I am not quite sure what she means by that either.

She went on to say trying to defend her opposition to the Fairness Paycheck Act, “The legislation was something that was going to be helpful for trial lawyers, and what we would like to see happen is equal opportunity and clearing up some of the problems that exist that are not fair to women,” she said. “We’re all for equal pay. I would love for women to be focused on maximum wage.”  Question, if you are for equal pay, why aren’t you voting for it?

She claims that the Republican Party are the ones fighting for the rights of women.  Okay, let’s take a look at their stances.

When it comes to health insurance, they feel that women should pay more for health insurance than men do.  This clearly came out when Sec. Sebelius was grilled by Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C during a congressional hearing.  For years before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies charged more for premiums for women simply because of maternity care coverage.  Since men didn’t need that coverage, they were charged less.  In other words, if you were a woman, you paid more simply because you were a woman.  Funny thing though, they did not charge men more for coverage since they were the only ones who were treated for testicular cancer or prostate cancer.

Yet, the Republicans seem to think that it is okay for women to be charged more because they are women.  Women need maternity care, breast cancer care, uterine cancer, etc.  That is how they look at “fighting for women’s rights” in health care.

The Republicans also want to allow private employers to decide what forms of birth control, if any, they will be allowed to have covered under their insurance plans.  If an owner disagrees with an option, its gone from the plan!  If they don’t like birth control at all, then birth control is eliminated from the plan.  Not one of these Republicans have raised the issue of Viagra and other ED medicines being covered for men in their health insurance plans.  We won’t even get into abortion coverage.

Speaking about abortion, Republicans across the nation have been doing everything possible to eliminate a woman’s right to choose.  They are the party that claims they want government out of our lives, but are very willing to step into a woman’s life when it comes to abortion.  The State of Alaska is even trying to pass a law that will define what is “critical health” status when deciding on whether or not an abortion is necessary.  It will be the State of Alaska defining this, not the doctor.  Additionally, the State of Tennessee, yes the same state of Marsha Blackburn, passed a law that can put women if jail if they give birth to a stillborn baby.  It is mostly aimed at women who use drugs while pregnant, but it includes a whole lot more.  One woman was institutionalized because she refused a C-Section after the doctor told her she needed it “because she already had one done in the past”.  Turns out she gave natural birth to that child and a couple of more later.  So much for government staying out of our lives.

They are passing voter restriction laws.  Of course they are calling them Voter ID laws.  Problem is that most people who have trouble getting the “proper” ID so they can vote are women.  There was even a case in Texas during their primary where a female judge was not allowed to vote because she didn’t have the “proper” ID!  Why is this suppression necessary?  Because women are more likely to vote than men are.  Plus, they often vote for the other side.

Of course they are against any “equal pay” measures claiming they are unnecessary.  They are against raising the minimum wage even though 1 in 3 people making minimum wage are women with children.  Their latest budget, which Ms. Blackburn supported, guts food stamps, snap, WIC, welfare, and other safety nets needed by single women with children.

Marsha Blackburn says it is the Republicans who are fighting for the rights of women.  If this is what she considers fighting for women, as a husband and father of two daughters, I ask her to stop her fight.  With friends like her, women in America don’t need any enemies!

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I finally get it.  I humbly offer my Republican friends an apology.  I may even go so far as to apologize to the Tea Party, but that may be a mea culpa too far.  All this time, I figured that the Republicans are against equal rights.  Especially when it comes to pay.  I humbly admit I was wrong.

The Republicans have a great plan for the future of our country.  Under their plan, there won’t be any “class warfare”.  There won’t be any envy.  There won’t be any discrimination against any race, color, creed, or sexual orientation.  There will be equal pay for all working class Americans.

Why didn’t I see this before?  Why didn’t I realize that they just want to even the playing field for everyone.  Their policies are aimed at this equality, and it won’t require socialism to achieve it either.  The market will set pay for everyone.  It will set education levels for everyone.  It will solve all of our problems in one swell swoop.

Why these crafty Republicans didn’t open up about their wonderful plan is a mystery to me.  If they had, Mitt Romney might have been president.  They may actually control both houses of congress.  They might actually have achieved the power they all crave.  But, they must have made a horrible mistake somewhere along the way, because most of us just didn’t get it.

If you are still having trouble seeing their plan, here is how it will work.

  • If you are white, rich, and Christian Conservative, your children will get the best education available.  They will be allowed to go to private schools under “vouchers” paid for by taxes.  That way, they will be able to maintain their status.  Everyone else will be sent to underfunded public schools.  It will be all they need.
  • If you are wealthy, one of the makers, you will have your taxes cut in half.  You won’t have to pay any more, because all of those annoying safety-nets will be radically cut or eliminated.  Besides they won’t be needed.  Their plan will ensure full employment for everyone.
  • If you are a woman, you can do anything you want.  As long as the “man” in your life says it is okay.  But, don’t even think about contraceptives, abortion, or being a CEO of a company.  A woman’s place is in the home taking care of the “man’s” children.  If you are a single woman, you can work as a secretary or some other menial position like maid or nanny until you get married.
  • If you are LBGTQ, you will either be refused work, or you will have to take a position similar to women.  If you are an immigrant, you will have to “go back to where you came from”.
  • If you are a senior, you better have planned better for your retirement because Social Security will be slashed.  But, to be fair, we will give you a small stipend so you can buy health insurance on the private market.  With no guaranties of coverage, of course.
  • Here is the best part.  Everyone who works for a living will receive the exact same pay as everyone else.  There is no reason why companies can’t create new jobs and ensure full employment.  Everyone will make minimum wage!  That way, no one can claim a man is making more than a woman.  No one can say that race is a factor.  Yes, equal pay for everyone.  Plus, employers won’t have to supply any costly mandates like health insurance.

What a wonderful society the Republicans have planned for America.  Think about it.  No one will be able to complain that someone else who works for a living will have more than they do.  No one will have to go through bothersome law suits to get fair treatment at work.  It will be a wonderful utopia for all!  How could we not vote for something as wonderful as that?

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The Supreme Court has taken another cap away from donors to political campaigns.  This was expected.  The conservatives on the Court seem to think that money is free speech.  That is how they base their decisions anyway.  So, looking forward, finance reform in our political system seems dead.  Except, there is a way we can eliminate the need for mass amounts of money in campaigns.

One aspect of the ruling that I still find hard to swallow is the idea that an individual can give money to whomever they wish.  Meaning, that a person in Texas can spend money in North Carolina campaigns.  I understand the free speech thing, but how can an election in North Carolina possibly be of any interest to someone who lives in Texas?  Unless the Texan wants to “buy” the candidates vote on certain legislation.

With that thought, maybe we could pass a law that you can only give to political parties, PACs, and candidates in your state.  I know that the parties and PACs will spend the money wherever they think it is needed, and I don’t have a real problem with that.  But, for someone outside the state to give money to a local candidate, even if that person is running for Congress, is ridiculous.  That person will not be “representing” the donor.  So, there is no apparent policy concern for the outsider.  Only a desire to control as many elected officials as possible.

But, we all know that the number one factor in the large amounts of money being spent in campaigns is for TV and Radio advertisements.  Both sides spent an obscene amount of money in the last election on advertisement.  The best way to reduce spending on campaigns is to eliminate advertising fees.  Of course, the stations carrying these advertisements wouldn’t like the idea of losing money like that.  So, in fairness to them, the number of advertisements each station is required to carry should be limited.  But, both side should get the same amount of air time.  Plus, no one will be able to “purchase” more air time than allocated.  These restrictions would have to include PACs as well.

By eliminating the cost of advertising, we would reduce the amount of money each candidate would need to effectively run a campaign.  By limiting each side to specific numbers of advertisements, we would ensure fair and balanced advertising on behalf of both parties.  That might actually allow voters to hear both sides of the equation before going to the polls.  Besides, with the number of television stations now, between on-air and cable/satellite, there will be lots of air-time for both sides to use.

To help protect private citizens from being overwhelmed by “robo-calls”, it should be part of the “do not call list” law that these calls are included.  We can already use the list to stop nuisance calls from other telemarketers, we should be able to block these political robo-calls as well.

There are a lot of other areas that require spending.  Like travel for the candidates, printing costs, etc.  But these are relatively small compared to the advertising budgets.  Once we get rid of spending on advertisements and make sure each side gets the same amount of time on-air, we can then look at other areas as well.

It is already nearly impossible to charge someone with bribery when they contribute to campaigns.  Just look at the infamous “Norquist Pledge”.  This is an open, and by most politicians own admission, quid-pro-quo contributions.  That constitutes bribery.  Yet, prosecutors are hesitant to pursue such corruption because of the difficulty in prosecuting the culprits.

As a result, since the Supreme Court thinks that giving money to outside elections is free speech, the only way to take money out of politics, is to eliminate as much money as possible from the process.  Otherwise, we will be faced with a small group of corporate billionaires “buying” the elections.

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There is another attempt to circumvent the law by claiming religious freedom.  This time though, it is something that could lead to a potential public health crisis.  The “vaccine truthers” are now trying to get public school immunization laws “exempted” for anyone who does not wish to immunize their children.  Of course, they are claiming “religious freedom” or “philosophical belief” for their excuse, which is a total canard.  People who are claiming vaccines are prohibited by their religious or philosophical beliefs usually still seek modern medical treatment like chemotherapy or insulin.

There is evidence that these so-called “truthers” have already hurt the public health.  Endemic measles which is still considered eliminated in the U.S. saw record numbers of new outbreaks last year, and this year has already seen several new outbreaks.  If this trend continues, how long will it be before we see new outbreaks of small pox, chicken pox, or polio.  Frankly, not immunizing your children from deadly diseases is immoral, to me.

These people have been saying for years that vaccines cause other problems like autism.  There is no proof or even a shred of evidence to support their claims.  Frankly, I find this argument personally offensive.  I have an autistic grandson.  He did not get his condition through any vaccine.  Using “talking points” to prove your theory is not science.  It is voodoo.

But, in fairness to these wonderful people who are willing to risk their children’s health, there is a solution to the problem.  If someone wishes to not immunize their children, they should not be allowed to send their children to public schools, or any private school that follows the immunization laws.  They should be forced to attend schools with like-minded children.  WITHOUT VOUCHERS FROM THE STATE TO PAY FOR IT!

Schools are the one place where children are brought together with others in a closed environment.  That makes them more open to contagion.  The children with immunization should be protected, but there are no guarantees in life.  We should not expose them to someone not protected and very vulnerable to these diseases.

If we force the children of parents who do not immunize their children into private institutions of like-minded people, at least we can contain whatever outbreak occurs.  We should not allow the general public to be endangered by these people.  Nor, should we be forced to pay for their education with vouchers or any other financial aid.  Anyone who decides not to follow standard immunization laws, should be allowed to do so at their own expense and at their own risk.

Frankly, if I owned a Health Insurance Company, I would seek permission to charge these people more in premiums, too.  They are opening their children to contagious diseases that are preventable.  Why should they get the same rates as people who are protecting their children?  If you want to take the risk of your child being infected with a potentially deadly disease, that is your risk, not ours.  Our children deserve better protection from society.

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The Honorable Representative Darrel Issa,


I am completely in favor of the Oversight Committee looking into corrupt operations that may be occurring in the Government of the United States.  Because I served in the Armed Forces of the United States, I believe that it is imperative that our representatives conduct themselves in a proper way.

It is because of this concern for proper conduct by members of Congress I request that your committee immediately open an investigation into what I believe is a case of bribery that has affected politics in this country for several years now.   I am referring to the Norquist Pledge.

From everything I have read about the Pledge, people running for office in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are signing this pledge.  In return, Mr. Norquist has promised to supply their campaigns with financial support.  Some of this support is “hard money” directly contributed to the campaign.  Other support is in “soft money” used to run ads against the opponents of the signees.

It is also my understanding from my research, that such an arraignment constitutes a bribe.  When a candidate or member of Congress agrees to vote a particular way on particular pieces of legislation for financial aid, that constitutes the crime of accepting a bribe.  There is no way around this issue.

Currently, there are over 170 members of Congress who have signed this pledge.  That means over 170 members of your institution has accepted a bribe from Mr. Norquist.  This may not have been the case if Mr. Norquist had provided financial aid to members who have not signed the pledge.  But, he only provides financial aid to those who have signed the pledge.

If you are truly interested in rooting out corruption in government, this should be an easy investigation to conduct.  Many of these members who signed the pledge have admitted doing so.  They also have admitted that they knew at the time they signed the pledge that they would only receive this financial aid if they signed.

It is not a crime to provide financial aid to campaigns.  Money is a necessary evil in our electoral process.  However, only giving money in return for a signature on a “pledge” to vote only one way on pieces of legislation is not a political contribution, it is a bribe.

I would certainly expect that your zeal to root out corruption and uncover any conspiracies in government will force you to immediately look into this matter.  With this being an election year, it is imperative that you open your investigation into this matter as quickly as possible.  The Federal Election Law makes it a felony to “buy votes” through bribes.

I look forward to seeing your investigation into this matter.



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So the Conservative Christian Cult are arguing that corporations are people with deeply held religious beliefs.  And, as such, should be able to “opt out” of the contraception mandate of the ACA.  They are now arguing that Public Education is a “handout” to poor people and should be privatized.  In order to make their point, they are pushing vigorously for “voucher programs” which will take tax dollars earmarked for public education and offer them as sort of “scholarships” to private schools.  Of course, their argument is that public education is failing.

In 2012 Bobby Jindal introduced such a voucher program in Louisiana.  One problem, only about 8,000 poor students in the entire state were admitted into these private schools.  Furthermore, the data from the LEAP testing done each year showed that those students in the private schools scored drastically lower (40% at or slightly above grade level) than the state average (69%).

Not to be outdone, Milwaukee Wisconsin also has a voucher program.  Research shows that just 13 percent of voucher students scored proficient in math and 11 percent made the bar in reading this spring. That’s worse on both counts than students in the city’s public schools.  It would appear that vouchers do not improve the education of students, but rather drag it down.  How could this be?  In the past, private schools had a reputation for providing excellent education.  So what happened?

What happened was that many of these private schools have adopted the A Beka Book curriculum.  I already wrote once about how they teach creationism rather than evolution.  They even villanize scientists and mathematicians.  But, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here are some wonderful things your children are being taught if they attend a school that uses these text books.

According to their book titled:  America The Land That I love In Christian Perspective the following are taught as “fact”:

The Great Depression was made up in order to spread Socialism.  That’s right, the Great Depression didn’t happen at all.  It was a left leaning propaganda ploy to spread socialism in America.  The book says:

“Some people wanted to create an imaginary crisis in order to move the country toward socialism. They spread rumors of bank mortgage foreclosures and mass evictions from farms, homes and apartments. But local banks did all in their power to keep their present tenants. The number of people out of work in the 1930s averaged about 15 percent of the work force; thus 85 percent continued to work. Most had to take a pay cut, but prices also declined during the Depression, enabling people to buy more for their money.”

What’s more, in the Propaganda section, students learn:

In 1939, John Steinbeck wrote The Grapes of Wrath. This novel described the plight of the Okies, farm families from Western Oklahoma who went to California in search of jobs. Most families who went west did not experience the hardships that Steinbeck presented in his novel. Steinbeck openly supported labor violence and strikes instigated by socialist groups to keep the Okies from earning a living as migrant farm laborer in California…. Socialist photographers and artists produced misleading pictures of the… mountaineers of Appalachia. These mountaineers did not have the modern conveniences of homes in the town or cities but they did not consider themselves to be poor. The Depression actually had little effect on their lives.

They also teach that Carl Marx and Darwin brought the German people Hitler and the Nazis.  The book teaches, “as a socialist, Hitler believed that the government should own the nation’s industries and take responsibility for its people.” Through socialism, the book tells us, Hitler became “the absolute dictator of Germany. By embracing socialism, the German people lost their freedoms to a tyrant.”  They fail to mention that Hitler did not nationalize German industries and that many German Industrialists got very rich during his reign.

Freedom of Speech was the Gateway to Porn.  According to them,  “Pornographic films and books were legalized under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’.”  So even if you think Freedom of Speech is a good thing, according to these texts, it is really a freedom that is a dangerous gateway.

Other wonderful things they teach include little tidbits like the Clintons were Draft-Dodging, Economic-Crisis-Creating, Joint Presidents, or that George W. Bush was an awesome President because he invaded Iraq and saved mid-born babies, or that 2008 was a terrible year for America because Barak Obama a Marxist-Nazi-Muslim-atheist-homosexuality-approving Kenyan, was elected president.

Finally, private schools are not required to provide special education to anyone with physical or mental disabilities.  Therefore, they don’t have to take these children into their schools.  Nor, are they required to accept anyone who is not a member of their church group.  Or, if they do accept them, they charge significantly higher tuition.  Naturally, they don’t have to accept LGBT students either.  On top of all of that, if a student doesn’t measure up to their “standards” they can refuse to let them back in.

All the while, public school funding is being drained by the voucher programs.  Because the money intended to provide public education to everyone is being used as “scholarships” for these private schools, up to 65% of public school funding is going to voucher programs in many states.  That leaves practically nothing for everyone else.

If you want your children to attend one of these “so-called schools” by all means send them there.  But, I find it very offensive to expect me to pay for their lack of education.  Private means Private.  Private Schools are to be funded by students, not the tax payer who may or may not agree with their “ideology”.  Stop voucher programs wherever you can and give all of our children the opportunity of a good education!


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We have been going through a period where insensitive jokes, comments, accents, etc., have shown up in the Republican Party.  We have seen episodes in Wisconsin and yesterday in Florida.  There is another type of insensitivity that gets mentioned from time-to-time.  But, since Americans love their sports, it doesn’t get the attention is probably should because many people don’t see it as political.  Of course, I am talking about sports team nicknames.

There is currently a lawsuit filed against the Washington Redskins by Native American Groups.  The lawsuit is looking to strip the team from its federal trademark protection.  Dan Snyder, the owner of the team, says that the nickname is meant to “honor” Native Americans.  In order to show just how much he cares about them, he announced that he is creating a foundation to assist Native Americans.  I applaud him for that foundation.  However, I take issue with his statement that the name is “honoring” and “showing respect to Native Americans”.

In a letter he says:

”It’s not enough to celebrate the values and heritage of Native Americans.  ‘We must do more.”  The letter goes on to state the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation will ”provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities” for Native Americans. The announcement did not state whether Snyder will personally donate any money to the foundation and gave no other financial details.

A major opponent of the nickname said Snyder’s move was ”somewhere between a PR assault and bribery.” Suzan Shown Harjo, a lead figure in a long-running case told The Associated Press that Snyder is showing the ”same arrogance” that he’s shown previously when defending the nickname.

”I’m glad that he’s had a realization that Native Americans have it tough in the United States,” Harjo said. ”All sorts of people could have told him that, and have been trying to tell him that for a long time.”

If Mr. Snyder would take a little time to look at history, he will discover, probably to his amazement, that the term “redskin” was used as a racial slur towards Native Americans.  Native Americans were considered as “savages” by the white community throughout our history.  White society valued the land Native Americans held as hunting grounds, and went out of their way to mostly kill-off the native populations.

Since that time, Native Americans, especially those living on reservations, suffer in extreme poverty.  Many reservations don’t even have basic infrastructure.  They have mostly been ignored by the government and other American Citizens.  Their plight is almost invisible to most Americans.  That has resulted in nothing being done to help them get out of the poverty they suffer.

I find it very difficult to believe that anyone could claim that using a racial slur as a team nickname is “honoring” those people.  What kind of outcry would ensue if a team renamed themselves Honkies?  Or if a team called themselves the Hymies?  These wouldn’t go over well.  So, why should we condone the use of Native American nicknames?

In the movie The Dog Soldiers, an anthropologist who specialized in Native American scholarship said “What happened to the Native Americans was inevitable.  The way it happened was unconscionable”.  Continuing using Native American nicknames for sporting teams could fall under the second sentence.  It is time we listen to their concerns.  After all, they were here first!


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The Conservatives have been making their case for what causes poverty.  Naturally, in their view, it is caused by “laziness” as Paul Ryan said, it is caused by “Uncle Sugar” as Mike Huckabee said, it is caused by “culture of taking” as the entire Republican Party has said.  There are a couple of other things that they don’t mention.

The second item is the undermining of unions.  By passing what have been called “Right to Work” laws and going after public service workers unions in many states, the Conservatives have actually set up a practice of “Right to Work For Poverty Wages!”  They have attacked unions as being the villains that cause plants to close down.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t wash in the real world.  Since they have passed their Poverty Wage bills, more plants have shut down than ever before.

Unions used to be the workers voice at the bargaining table.  When unions were at their strongest, the middle class emerged with good paying jobs.  Any chart or table from research you look at shows that the middle class pay stagnation is directly tied to the union busting that conservatives employed.  With no “workers voice” anymore, companies were allowed to lower wages in the name of bigger profits.  In the meantime, these same companies offered millions of dollars to the executives of their corporations in annual income and benefits.  We need unions to help reclaim a fair portion of the big pie from these corporations.  Without it poverty will continue to rise.

The ten poorest states in the country are almost entirely in the South.  These are states that first brought up those Poverty Wage laws.  Additionally, the most religious believers are almost entirely in the South.  Both of these categories are led by states like Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana.  Looking at this combination, it would be safe to draw the conclusion that Religion Is The Main Cause Poverty!  Especially, conservative Christianity, which of course isn’t a religion at all.  It is a cult and political movement designed to keep the poor, poor!

How can I make such a simplistic claim?  Past surveys have shown that if you ask people, particularly in the south if they like Obamacare, most will tell you no.  If you ask them if the prefer the Affordable Care Act, most will tell you yes.  If you ask them if they want the minimum wage to be raised, most will tell you yes.  Maybe that is because most of them who work in the south make minimum wage.

So, what is causing these same people to keep electing people to office who are obviously voting against the very things they want?  Religion.  Conservatives in the south don’t argue against any real economic issues.  They know that would be suicide come election day.  No, they argue the conservative religious issues.  And yes, they are very racist, misogynist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant.

They tell their voters that poor people are lazy.  Of course they are referring to poor people of color not white poor people.  They tell voters that women are kind of smart, but they need to be guided by the government in reproductive rights because women are too stupid to think for themselves.  They tell voters that if women get equal pay, men will lose their jobs.  They tell voters that immigration is a direct threat to their jobs.  They tell voters that voting for equal rights for gays is the equivalent of slapping god in the face.

They get help from the “pastors” of the conservative Christian churches.  They preach from the pulpit the very same things as their politicians.  They justify everything by saying “the bible tells us so”!  The same argument that allowed segregation to exist for over one hundred years in the south.

This has turned into a full-fledged conspiracy of the conservative Christian cult!  By threatening their congregations with eternal damnation if they vote for progressive ideas, which would actually help them out of poverty, they are able to collaborate with their political pals to keep power.

I am not against true religion. Everyone has a right to their religious beliefs.  But, a blind “follow-the-leader” cult such as conservative Christianity is very dangerous not only to democracy, but especially to the members of the cult.  America is full of religious cults.  As a matter fact, our very democracy allows them to thrive.  But no religious cult has come to any good.  Conservative Christianity is just another cult bound to keep its flock in line with whatever means necessary.

This type of religion is the real cause of poverty.  Until the cult members wake up, they will continue to vote against their own best interests.  Which is what their cult leaders want.

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There has been a lot of talk recently on the right about women’s issues.  They GOP is trying hard to convince women that their best interest lies with their party rather than the Democrats.  Unfortunately for them, they seem to be getting their messages conflicted.  On one hand, they want women to believe they are smart, intelligent, hard-working people who don’t need the government to tell them what is best for them.  On the other hand, they believe and pass laws that tell women they are too stupid to make up their own minds when it comes to reproductive rights.

The head of a conservative PAC in Texas basically said that women are “too busy” to worry about equal pay.  She says they have too much to balance and that times are too busy for women to think about such things.  A day later, the executive director of the Texas Republican Party says equal pay inequality is the fault of women.  According to her, “women are terrible negotiators”.

Then there is State Representative Andrea Kiefer in Minnesota who says that raising the minimum wage, and paid sick and family leave policies were actually hurting women.  According to her these types of policies were “putting women backwards in time and causing us to losing respect in the workplace.  They make us seem like a bunch of whiners”.

So on the front of fair pay, balancing work and family, or trying to get ahead we should just leave women alone.  But, when it comes to their reproductive rights, they definitely need the government’s (or more importantly the conservative’s) guidance on such matters.  For example, in Texas a woman must wait 24 hours, undergo coercive counseling, and have their ultrasound explained to them before they can decide if they want an abortion.

Additionally, the conservative movement wants businesses to be able to refuse to allow contraceptive coverage in their insurance policies if they claim religious belief against such coverage.  But, they don’t seem to be saying anything about insurance coverage for things like Viagra or other ED treatments.  So, while they want women to “keep their knees shut”, they want men to be able to perform whenever they choose.

This “cave man” mentality in the GOP is not limited to men as you can see from above.  The women in the Republican Party seem to share the exact views as their men.  Funny, though, these women are against equal pay for women in the workplace, but they don’t seem to mind that the law regulates what they get paid as Representatives or Senators.  Wonder how many would be keeping their mouths shut if they were paid 77 cents per dollar their male counterparts get.  Bet they would be screaming bloody murder.

I hope that women see through all of this masquerade.  The Conservative movement, led by the Christian Conservatives, have waged a war against women and equal rights for generations.  Hell, if you remember women Republicans almost unanimously voted against the Violence Against Women Act.  That should tell women all they need to know about how the Republicans view them.

According to Republican practices, regardless of what they say, they seem to believe that women are nothing but stupid, lazy, unimaginative, baby factories with no legitimate claim to equal rights.  If that is your idea of being treated fairly, by all means vote Republican.  But, if you believe like I do that women are a very necessary part of our society with all the intelligence, imagination, hard-work ethics they deserve equal pay and equal rights, then the Republican Party should not be your cup of tea.

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really sick and tired of the right-wing expressing that America or the Obama Administration is the equivalent of Nazi Germany.  The latest nut-job to use this phrase is the Tea Party darling Ben Carson.  In an interview with Breitbart News he once again described his political opponents as Nazis who intimidate countless Americans into surrendering their right to free speech.

When the interviewer questioned him about what he meant when he said Americans are living in a “gestapo age”, he said:  “I mean, very much like Nazi Germany — and I know you’re not supposed to say Nazi Germany but I don’t care about political correctness — you know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population.”

“We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe,” Carson continued, “and it’s because of the p.c. police, it’s because of politicians, it’s because of news — all of these things are combining to stifle people’s conversation.”

“The reason that is so horrible,” Carson said, “is because the only way you have harmony and reach consensus is by talking, but if in fact people are afraid to talk, you never reach consensus, and instead you grow further and further apart, and that’s exactly what’s happening, creating a horrible schism that will destroy our nation if we don’t fix it.”

I seems that Mr. Carson doesn’t seem to think that it is okay for the opposing side to his arguments to disagree with him.  Once he points out what is “wrong” with America, if anyone disagrees with him, they are engaging in “gestapo tactics” to keep him quiet.  Mr. Carson seems to think that disagreement with his views is what is wrong with America.

Let me give Mr. Carson a small lesson in history.  First, the government is not censoring his comments.  He has the right to spit out all the vile he wishes.  Secondly, if America were going the way of Nazi Germany, he probably should be afraid.  Because he would probably be in a concentration camp.  Remember, Nazis put all minorities in concentration camps, not just the Jews.  Third, it was the conservative business faction of Germany that actually put Hitler and his Nazis in power, not the liberals!

This is really getting old very quickly.  I mean really?  Why can’t the right engage in sensible discussions?  Besides, the only political party currently engaged in passing laws that restrict rights in the country is the Republican Party.  They are the ones who are passing voter restriction laws, abortion restriction laws, legal discrimination against minority laws.  Maybe Mr. Carson is referring to them, but I doubt it.

If the right-wing cannot defend their archaic ideas, and I use the word ideas loosely, then they should probably come up with new ideas.  But, coming up with different ideas means you actually need to think rationally.  Something Mr. Carson, his Tea Party friends, and right-wing conservatives seem incapable of doing.

I would think that someone with Mr. Carson’s education would be able to come up with better arguments for his ideas.  But then, he proves that education does not always mean you are capable of thinking rationally.

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