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What a week, and it is only Wednesday!  We have seen more things crop up lately that I am not even sure where to begin.  I will start by reminding you some of the Republican policies that they want to enforce on this country.

One policy is that companies should have a free hand in deciding how much to charge for their product.  They should also be given a free hand in deciding just how much their employees make producing their products.  They tell us we should “trust” companies to “do the right thing,” and that companies will find solutions to problems we face, including climate change.

They tell us that health care costs are too high.  They tell us that we have “the best health care system” in the world.  They are willing to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.  They keep expressing their belief that “religious liberties” means you can do whatever you want as long as it is in line with your “religious beliefs” including discriminating against other people.

They are constantly claiming that the science is wrong on Climate Change, even though 97% of scientists tell us that it is not wrong but correct.  Then they tell the Pope to “leave science to the scientists.”  Maybe they should follow their own advice.

So, let me try to figure this whole week out.  Volkswagen was caught cheating on the EPA emissions tests.  Seems they sat down with their smartest people and came up with a software they placed into their diesel engine vehicles which showed lower emissions than was actually being emitted.

The case blew up when, in all places, West Virginia decided to test these “clean diesel” vehicles while actually driving them.  They discovered over 40 times the pollution being emitted than the company and their software claimed they were putting out.  This wasn’t a mistake.  This was a deliberate criminal act.  They “designed” the software to cheat on the test.

If you purchased one of these Volkswagens because you believed the claims about them being clean diesels, you were lied to.  You were cheated.  You are actually driving a car you thought was safe for the environment, but you are causing far more pollution than if you drove some other vehicle.

Remember, Republicans want us to “trust” corporations to do the right thing.  They want us to believe that corporations have the environment and your health at heart and will not do anything to make matters worse than they already are.   Remember, Republicans claim that you can take a company’s word on all matters.  Yeah, right!

The Pope is visiting our country this week.  Conservatives are having a hard time with this visit. On one hand, they love the Pope for his anti-abortion and anti-same sex marriage stances.  Yet they loathe him at the same time because he claims that free market capitalism paves the way towards “greed.”  That they don’t like.  They also loathe him because of his paper on Climate Change.

As usual, conservatives are “cherry picking” what is good and what is bad about someone else.  Some of the more radical anti-environment lunatics are going to boycott his speech to Congress tomorrow.  I say, good.  They weren’t going to listen if he brings it up anyway, so why waste time being there.

In his paper, the Pope used scientific data to show why he believes climate change is real.  He also went on to say that it “is our moral obligation to protect the planet that God has given us.”  That is the part that really has the conservatives up in arms.  How dare a religious leader tell us it is our moral obligation to save the planet?

His social agenda, which is based on the teachings of Jesus by the way, are so repulsive to conservatives we are hearing people like Ann Coulter say: “It is no wonder our Founding Fathers didn’t trust Catholics.”  How nice Ann.  I didn’t realize you were around with the Founding Fathers and know for certain they didn’t “trust Catholics.”  You aged nicely.

Still, these same conservatives should love this Pope as well.  Today his going to anoint a Spanish Missionary to the highest level of sainthood.  Problem is that this missionary is connected to all sorts of evils that were done to the Native Americans living in California at the time.  Including forced labor and torture!  I won’t be surprised if they start claiming the torture done to inmates at Guantanamo Bay was just condoned by the Pope since he is raising a torturer to sainthood.

When it comes to religious liberties, well, Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t believe that includes ALL religions.  He even went so far as to say the Muslims should not be allowed to be President.  He later tried to clarify that he was referring to any person who “puts their religion above the Constitution.”  Well, Dr. Carson what about Kim Davis?  Isn’t she putting her religion above the Constitution?  I haven’t heard you call for her resignation yet.  Or, is it because she claims to be a Christian, so that exempts her from “your standard?”

The Republicans claim health care costs are way too high.  And, for once they are correct.  Yet, they refuse to let Medicare “negotiate” the costs of prescription drugs with the big drug companies.  Medicare Part D recipients are at the mercy of drug companies “doing the right thing.”

We saw this week what that means.  One drug company raised the price of one of their prescriptions over 5000 percent.  It went from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill.  This drug is intended to help HIV and Cancer patients and has been around for years.  Because of the announced increase, the average cost out-of-pocket cost for this drug went from about $1,000 per year to over $63,000 per year.

Yeah, that is showing how companies will “do the right thing.”  In fairness, the CEO announced he would roll back the cost of the drug because of all of the hoopla.  I still haven’t heard if he is rolling it back to the original cost, though.

By denying Medicare the ability to negotiate drug costs, we are overpaying millions of dollars in drug costs alone.  Why can’t Medicare negotiate prices?  We already pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world!  So, why can’t the largest government medical plan negotiate prices to save money?  Because, then you cannot claim costs are too high and we need to scrap the plan, that’s why!

While all of this is going on, we still don’t have a budget.  Republicans still refuse to “negotiate” with Democrats on getting a budget passed, and the real anti-American Ted Cruz is still trying to shut the government down.

What this all boils down to is that the Republicans want us to trust them with our future.  The very companies who they claim will “do the right thing” obviously won’t.  Unless you call gouging, lying and cheating the public in the name of profits as “doing the right thing.”  But, apparently we should still “trust” them.

I don’t know about you, but the more this circus goes on, the more disgusted I get with the Republican Party as a whole.  You may say that it is just the fringe element of the Party that is causing all of this mess.  But, it is the silence from the establishment of the Party that is allowing it to go on and on and on.   I have witnessed better leadership from a kindergarten student.

Simply put, the Republican Party is out of ideas.  It is out of integrity.  It is out of touch with reality.  Yet, they want you to put them in power.  I say that their ideals are being proved on a daily basis to be wrong for our country and our future freedoms.




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During the Republican debates the other night, one theme kept coming up.  Leadership.  That is right, all of the Republican candidates claim that America needs to “lead the world” and that the world is agonizing because of a lack of “American leadership.”

We have heard that theme over-and-over-and-over-and-over, well you get my meaning.  We also heard numerous times about American Exceptionalism.  See we Americans are the absolutely greatest people the world has ever known.  Hell, if Caesar had to go up against America, he would never have carved out his empire.

According to the Republican Party, we are so great, so wonderful, so knowledgeable, so innovative, and so powerful, the entire world wants to know what we are going to do next.  They can’t wait for America to teach them everything.  According to them, if the world won’t listen, we should go it alone and prove to them we are right!  As long as we hold true, the world will come along with us.

Well, sort of, kind of, maybe.  Apparently this philosophy about America being “right” all of the time doesn’t apply to things that hurt some of their contributors.  Yes, I am referring to Climate Change.  According to the Republicans, we should “lead from behind” on that issue.

At first, all of the present candidates have said that Climate Change is a hoax.  Now, they are saying that the U.S. cannot make a difference by itself.  Marco Rubio went off on a 3 minute tantrum about that very fact.  He said “America is not a planet.  We will make very little difference in affecting climate change by ourselves.”  That statement may be true.  But, Mr. Rubio, what about American Leadership in the world?  If the world is going to follow us on everything else, wouldn’t our great leadership get them to “go along” with our plans to save the planet?

This exchange went on for quite a while.  Others stepped in and expressed similar fantasies.  Ted Cruz wanted to butt in, but for once, the moderator cut him off.  I did hear him say that he was a “Climate Change Denier.”  If I was on the moderator stage, I would have said “of course you are.  President Obama believes in it.  If the President was a denier, you would be screaming about how real it was.”

Rubio showed what he was really interested in when he went on.  He said that reducing carbon emissions would “cost too much.”  Whenever Republicans get caught in an hypocritical moment, they always bring up the “cost too much” meme.  He claims that reducing our dependence on fossil fuels would “kill jobs.”  Another favorite talking point of Republicans when they don’t have anything else to say.

Right on cue, yesterday, scientists said that 2015 was the warmest summer on record!  Today, they announced that August was the warmest month on record.  According to this data, so far, 2015 is 1.51 degrees F warmer than the average 20th century average temperature world-wide.

Now 1.51 degrees may not seem like a lot, but it is huge.  Because these temperatures include air temperature over our oceans, that means the ocean water is heating up as well.  When ocean temperatures rise, sea ice melts.  Despite what the Climate Change deniers want you to think, the sea ice is melting at alarming rates.

For centuries, European countries wanted to find a “clear” path through the Northwest Passage so they could cut down the time it took to sail from Europe to Asia.  That passage now exists during some parts of the year.  It is still not stable enough to be used regularly, but the time is coming when it will be.

We have melting sea ice and glaciers.  Sea levels are rising, just ask a small island in Alaska that is on the verge of being permanently flooded.  The community already has had to move its cemetery to keep it from being flooded out.  Every year we are seeing the “warmest year on record” and Republicans are either denying these facts, or are saying “well we can’t do anything alone.”

Then, it was also reported that an estimated 3.1 million people, in this country die from air pollution!  People with respiratory illnesses are severely affected by air pollution.  It doesn’t matter what the numbers really are, the fact is  our citizens are dying because of air pollution.

So, I ask these Republicans, what about that American Exceptionalism and great American Leadership that you all say we must exhibit?  Why is it okay for us to go to war alone if necessary but not go it alone on acting on Climate Change?  What is wrong with America saying to the world, we understand the problem, and we are going to do our part regardless of if you want to or not?

Wouldn’t that be showing real American Leadership?  Well, yeah, kind of, sort of, maybe.  But they can’t do that for two reasons.  First and foremost, President Obama is already trying to do just that.  Lead the rest of the world and get them to follow our lead.  That alone is enough to keep our Republican friends from going along.

Second is that they get a whole lot of money from fossil fuel companies for their campaigns.  Where do you think the Koch Brothers got their fortune?  They got it from fossil fuels and chemicals.  The Interior Secretary the other day said we “cannot just turn off the spigot.”  She is right.

But, we can start planning and investing in “clean energy” alternatives now.  We can start building the infrastructure that will be required to make clean energy a reality.  And, in the end, we will see energy costs decrease not increase not only for the average person, but for our corporations.  That will make creating jobs in this country easier.

Plus, jobs created to support clean energy cannot be “outsourced.”  You will actually have to live here to work on the infrastructure simply because it is here!  So, we would end up with lower energy costs, good paying jobs for our people, and a cleaner environment.

I believe that this issue, more than a lot of others, clearly show the fact that when republicans talk about “American Leadership” they are just spouting out words.  None of them actually believe what they are saying.  American Exceptionalism and American Leadership are about a lot more than starting wars.  It is about doing things we know are right, regardless of whether or not everyone is going to follow us right away.

It takes true courage to be a good leader.  So far, none of the Republican Candidates are willing to show that courage and help America really become energy independent which only clean, renewable energy can do.  So, even if you don’t like the Climate Change argument, economics should tell you that turning off the spigot in the near future is what is best for our country, our people, and our economy.

So,  come on Republicans, show us what American Leadership really looks like.  Stop incentivizing your fossil fuel donors and stop killing the planet.  Then you can talk to me about “American Leadership.”  Help us make a clean break from fossil fuels by creating new technologies and infrastructure to support it and then you can talk to me about “American Exceptionalism.”

Until the, you are part of the problem.  So, get out of the way and let the real “leaders” show you how to move forward for the betterment of all Americans.

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Excuse me for asking.  But, what the hell was that last night?  CNN hosted what was supposed to be the second Republican Debate last night.  They even started the telecast telling us that they would probe “policies” and get the candidates to explain why their policies were better than the others.  Maybe I was watching something else, because I didn’t hear too many policies explained.

I have written that I don’t consider these candidates “clowns” as others do.  I don’t consider them clowns because the stakes are way too high,  I do consider them dangerous, and I heard nothing last night that changes my opinion.

There is one certain fact that I did get out of the circus last night.  That fact is that if any one of eight of the 11 main candidates on that stage is elected President in November 2016, we will be at war with Iran by spring of 2017.  Those eight candidates did everything in their power to make sure the American people knew that one “policy” they all supported.

As I watched this fiasco, I again wondered how anyone could consider anyone the winner.  Most pundits are saying that Carly Fiorina won the debate.  Of course, they are laying claim to that claim because she stood up to Trump with her comment “I think every woman in America heard Mr. Trump’s comment.”  Referring of course to the infamous “look at that face.”

There were 11 people on that stage last night.  This is what I took away.  I don’t understand how anyone of us could possibly live in any state other than Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, or New Jersey.  Those states were hyped by their Governors as being “utopias” where there is bipartisan support for the governor and government is running very smoothly.  Everyone in those states has a job, and life is simply peachy.

Rand Paul stood at the edge of the stage looking like a little kid trying to figure out something he could say to get the teacher’s attention.  Mike Huckabee only had a few ideas on his mind.  Bash Clinton, bash the Supreme Court, and bash non-Christians.  Marco Rubio tried to act like an angry man who wants to save the country from Castro-like Democratic government.

Donald Trump stood center stage trying to look like the schoolyard bully he wants Americans to think he is.  Jeb Bush had a huge dilemma.  First he tried to distance himself from his brother, then found himself defending his brother against the attacks from the others.  Carly Fiorina wants people to understand, that as usual, her failed leadership at HP which cost over 30,000 people their jobs wasn’t her fault.  Rather, it was because she went against the status quo.

John Kasich tried to impress everyone with his record.  I will give him some credit, he is the only one of the 11 that actually spoke about working with the other side of the aisle because he understands that without bipartisan support, nothing gets done.  Hear that John Boehner?  Chris Christie tried to  show off his bully credentials as well.  He asked “who is going to prosecute Hillary Clinton?”   Well, Chris, who is going to prosecute you?   Your administration is lurching from one scandal to another. Yet, there has been no prosecution or investigation into you yet.

Ben Carson tried to appear as intellectual.  He argued that he told W. not to invade Afghanistan but to use intelligent ways to get Al Qaeda.  He never said what those “intelligent ways” were and was subsequently attacked by most of the others on the stage.  Scott Walker tried his best to sound like Trump.  He tried to show his credentials of conservatism by claiming that Wisconsin is far better off than it really is.  But, as usual, facts don’t matter to Republicans.

Then of course there was Ted Cruz.  Every time he was asked a question, he stared directly at the camera and tried to sound like a reasonable person.  Except what came out of his mouth was anything but reasonable.  To me, when he stared into the camera to look “thoughtful” I got the impression from his face he was trying very hard not to forget his talking points.

Here is what we know after last night’s supposed debate.  All Republican Candidates hate Planned Parenthood.  All hate President Obama.  All hate Hillary Clinton.  All hate Muslims.  All love war.  All love the idea of us being the “lone wolf” out to protect the world.  All dislike our allies, except for Israel.  They all hate Russia and Putin.  They all hate Iran.  They all hate the Affordable Care Act.

They all claim that education is the ticket to a better life, yet they all support decreasing funding for Public Schools.  The three Governors on stage drastically cut their public school funding since being in office.  You cannot educate children if you don’t spend money to do the job correctly.

Those are the things we know for certain.  Beyond that, we don’t know how they intend to do anything.  On one hand they all spoke about “being a leader in the world” and still want to “go it alone” whenever they think our allies won’t support us.

Most seemed to think climate change is really real, but want us to let the fossil fuel companies to continue burning their filthy energy simply because they think switching to clean energy would “cost too much.”

They want to build up our military.  According to what I heard, none of them think that our military is big enough for their plans.  Of course, no one said how they plan to pay for that military buildup.  Having a huge military costs money.  Where is that money coming from?  Especially when they all want to cut taxes.  Their idea is to reduce revenue and increase defense spending.  That is what Reagan did and it resulted in a terrible economic recession. The math has proven it doesn’t work.

Finally, I will openly admit that I find Ted Cruz the most wacked out candidate we have ever seen, and the most dangerous to our way of life. He is a combination of George Wallace and Genghis Khan.  On one hand he “loves the constitution” and wants to “defend every single word in it” yet wants to eliminate the 14 Amendment among other provisions.  He wants to let people discriminate against others simply because they don’t like them or consider them “sinners.”

Then just to make sure his “warmonger” credentials are in tact, he claimed openly “I will kill terrorists.”  So, I have a suggestion for Cruz and any other Republican on that stage who thinks “killing” is the answer to everything.

If you are listening Mr. Cruz here is what you should do.  Since it is important for the American People to really believe that you are willing to “kill the terrorists” why wait?  You can put together your own private army and go over to Iraq and Syria and “kill the terrorists.”  And, it would even be considered legal.

Since you come from that outstanding State of Texas, you should be able to put together quite an army.  You can recruit from the Aryan Nation, the KKK, and that wacky patriotic group called “Open Carry.”  And, since  you are such an avid and great hunter, they will surely follow you into action.

Other American Patriots can help you too,.  They can start a fundraising gimmick on “fund me” and raise enough money for you to arm, equip, and feed your army.  You can even make Steve King from Iowa your deputy commander.  The two of you can then go and show the American Military how “real patriots” can “kill the terrorists.”

Sorry, but what we watched last night was anything but a debate.  It was more of a shouting match between 11 people who desperately need to get more attention.  CNN didn’t help the case any either.  Their “questions” were so soft you couldn’t even call them softballs.  They were more like “mush balls.”

I sure hope this is not what we get to look forward to in the next 14 months.  But then since Republicans do better when no one votes, maybe that is exactly what they want.  Turn off the voting public so they stay home.

Here is hoping that Act III of this comedic drama has some better substance.  But, I am not holding my breath.  You can call one of them the winner if you desire.  I say there were only losers last night.  And, as usual with Conservatives, the losers were the American People.  As the Wicked Witch of the West once said “What a world!”



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There has been a lot of talk about dysfunction in our government and politics.  We have seen our government decline into chaos and can’t seem to get anything done.  Compromise has become a dirty word.  “Principle” has become a yelling point for conservatives.  All of the pundits talk about this dysfunction and blame it on intransigent politicians.

That is partly correct.  But, there is another word that needs to be brought up and it doesn’t just affect our politics.  It affects our businesses, our sports leagues, and our daily lives.  It is something lacking that is far more troubling to me than all of the other issues, simply because it is the root cause of all of the other issues.

That word is INTEGRITY!

Almost everyone I know already complains that politicians are liars.  They simply don’t believe anything a politician says.  If that is really the case, why would you cast a vote for them?  Why wouldn’t you at least cast a vote for someone in a smaller party as a protest to the liars you claim to be listening to?  No, people say that they believe politicians are lying to them, but they always seem to buy into what the lies are.

We have the Republican Candidates for President telling America it is in the worst shape it has been in since its founding.  They talk about a lousy economy, and blame the President for it all.  They fail to tell you that they are the party behind the 2008 economic collapse, and that the policies they are championing are the same ones that collapsed the economy in the first place.

Since that dreadful year, the economy has grown.  It has grown slowly, but it has grown.  More people are working.  Today’s unemployment is at 5.1% which is lower than it has been for over eight years!  Inflation has been mostly been kept under control.  And, more importantly, manufacturing jobs have seen its largest growth in almost 30 years.

Energy costs are down partly because of the “green energy” policies that are beginning to slowly wean us off fossil fuels.  As fossil fuel demand decreases because of increased use of “green energy” the cost of fossil fuels will continue to decrease.  It has gone down so much, Republicans in Congress want to break the law and allow American Oil Companies to sell American Produced Oil on the open market for higher profits.  We still import about 60% of our oil needs, yet the Republicans want to let American Oil Companies sell their products to other countries.

What ever happened to “American Energy Independence?”  I guess we will never see American Energy Independence as long as oil companies can make more money on the open market than they can keeping our oil in our country.  Hey, Sarah Palin, wouldn’t you call that “treasonous?”

Then we have the whole Planned Parenthood problem.  The group that released those videos that they claim to prove that Planned Parenthood is simply a “body part factory” said the videos were never edited.  Oops!  When you compare the raw video with what was put out, it becomes obvious that they lied!  They not only edited the tapes, they heavily edited the tapes.

Several states and Congress has launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood practices.  Nothing illegal or even wrong has been found.  Yet, people like Ted Cruz wants to defund Planned Parenthood to stop the government from funding “abortion factories.”

Problem is that no federal money can be used to perform an abortion.  Planned Parenthood does not use any of the money it gets from the government to provide abortion services.  It is used to provide breast cancer screening, pelvic cancer screening, STD prevention and treatment, birth control services, and a host of other medical practices for the poor women in our country.  They are usually the only place these women have to go for these treatments.

If these politicians were truly honest, they would also launch an investigation into the group that put out the videos.  They would be asking how they came to the determination of when to edit the videos.  Why they lied about editing the videos.   Where did they get their false credentials to even gain access to the Planned Parenthood facilities.

The other day, the gun nuts put out an advertisement that says America should be more like…. Switzerland when it comes to gun control.  I hope we do.  According to the add, Switzerland has the highest gun ownership in the world and the lowest crime rate.  That means, according to them, more guns means less crime.

Well, they leave out a whole lot of stuff.  Like the fact that since Switzerland does not have a standing army, they use a militia system.  In that system, every male in the country is conscripted.  They are taught proper use and safety of handling a firearm.  Then, the government gives them their weapon to maintain.

Only, the government doesn’t give them any ammunition for their weapons.  They have to go to an armory to get ammunition and only when it is absolutely necessary.  Additionally, every one of these weapons are registered with the government along with who is responsible for it.

They also ensure that no convicted felon or anyone with a history of mental illness is provided one of these weapons.  In other words, they have far more stringent gun control laws than we do.  So, maybe we should be more like Switzerland.  But, I don’t think the gun nuts really want that.

We are seeing bigots being hailed as “martyrs” because they break the law and won’t allow groups of people they don’t like the same civil rights as they get.  The Pope tells us it is our “moral obligation” to stop climate change.  Republicans tell the Pope to leave science to the scientists.  Yet, they are continuously claiming the scientists are wrong or part of some huge conspiracy to bring down capitalism.

We have politicians saying labor unions are evil, mostly because they demand a fair share of the company’s profits for the workers.  We are told that women shouldn’t get paid as much as men doing the same job.  We are told that a minimum wage will “kill jobs” when the evidence proves just the opposite.

What this all boils down to is integrity.  There are always two sides to every issue.  I believe that it is the responsibility of politicians to voice their opinions about these issues.  However, it is also their responsibility to give both sides of the issue and explain why their opinion is the correct one.

But that isn’t happening today.  Politicians are more interested in gaining headlines.  They want to use those infamous 20 second sound bites to define their beliefs.  That isn’t enough.  Ted Cruz want to shut down the government over the Planned Parenthood fiasco.  He won’t admit to the American People that the tapes were heavily edited and thus, suspect.

No, he hates anything to do with women’s rights and therefore he will target anything that helps women.  Planned Parenthood is a prime target for conservatives and has been for years.  So don’t hold your breath waiting for conservatives to be honest about the videos.

But, you also must take some responsibility on this issue as well.  You must stop listening to one side of the issue and agree or disagree with what is being said.  You have to start asking questions of your politicians.  You have to engage in the political process, or we will continue to see this dysfunction in our government.

Integrity is the one thing that can open our eyes to both sides of an issue.  It is the one thing that can help us determine who is the best choice at the voting place.  It is the one thing that a lot of politicians, especially conservatives don’t want you to demand.

Don’t just listen to your politicians.  Look at their actions and compare their words to their actions.  Look at what they said before running for this election.  Compare the differences and ask why they changed their minds.  I hate to say this, but conservatives want a dysfunctional government.  They want you to believe that all politicians are liars.

When people become frustrated with government and decide not to go to the polls, conservatives do better in the elections.  Conservatives know they are the minority party and they don’t want you to go to the polls.  They want you to stay home.

The last thing they want is an informed voting public.  They don’t want you to see both sides of the issue.  If you do, you may decide they are wrong.  It has been said many times in the past, but I really believe that the 2016 elections will have a very profound effect on our country’s ability to move forward.

If you don’t start demanding integrity from your politicians, this mess will continue.  If you don’t start demanding integrity from your politicians those “freedoms” you cherish will be in jeopardy.  We can have a better government.  We can have a better society.  We can have a better life.  But, we must demand integrity from those seeking to run our country before we get them.

It is really up to you!


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Now that I have talked about religion in general, let’s look at what happened in our own country.  You will notice that it is mostly about Christianity.  The only reason for this is because the vast majority of Americans who are religious claim that they are Christians.

As you may recall from grade school history, the first settlers came to America in order to escape what they called religious persecution.  These “pilgrims” as they became to be known were also called Puritans.  Puritans were a sect of the Church of England.  They fought against what they claimed was the over Catholic influence in the Church of England.  They wanted to exclude all vestiges of Catholicism from the Church of England.  They were fought against by the Church of England leaders and thus considered themselves to be persecuted.

They wanted to set up their version of utopia in America.  They wanted to ensure that their version of religion was what was practiced here.  That led to very strict rules in everyday life.  Also, according to the times, it also led to things like the Salem Witch Trials.

As most religious people of the time, they believed that the devil was very real and trying to convert people to Satan’s ways.  Therefore, when things happened wrong, it must be that the devil caused the problem.  Since the devil needed people to help him, it was common to believe in witches and other satanic followers.

The witch trials were not unique to America.  They were very rampant all across Western Europe as well.  It is this ‘evil in the world” that led to the belief in witches, werewolves, vampires, and zombies.  These creatures were all pawns of the devil intending to destroy normal people in the devil’s name.

The Puritans were so emphatic in their beliefs, that Christmas wasn’t even celebrated in the parts of America where they controlled everyday life.  They considered the celebration of Christmas as too pagan, and besides only Easter was the real religious celebration.  It wasn’t until other cultures came to America that Christmas began being celebrated here.

As time went by, America became more secular.  Different sects of Christianity came to America and the Puritans began to lose their control over government, except in New England.  To the Puritans, the worst part came with Catholics coming to Maryland, which began its existence as a Catholic Colony.  The Quakers took over Pennsylvania, and other sects began controlling other colonies.

Slavery was also a “religiously defended” institution.  Blacks were considered inferior to whites, and the bible seems to say it is okay to own slaves.  Therefore, what became known as the “peculiar institution” spread across the southern colonies.  Cheap labor made the cotton plantations profitable for its owners.

At the time our country was founded, in the 1700s, every country on the planet had an “official religion.”  When we won our independence from England, it was obvious to our Founding Fathers, who belonged to a variety of religions that an “official religion” was out of the question.

When the Bill of Rights was introduced, the First Amendment ensured a separation of church and state.  They didn’t want to fall into the same trap that Europe had fallen into.  The trap where “religious leaders” had more power than the civil leaders.  In order to ensure “freedom” it was important to ensure that “freedom” included your religious beliefs.

On top of that, many of our Founding Fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin were not really part of any church.  This was the time of enlightenment.  Many of our Founding Fathers considered themselves as Deists.  This was a belief in God, but not necessarily to any one particular “religion.”  The last thing these Deists wanted was an “official religion” for their country.

That is the major reason we enjoy freedom of religion today.  When people today want to name “Christianity” as the “official religion” of America, you must ask which sect of Christianity do they mean?  There are so many different versions of Christianity that simply saying Christianity isn’t good enough.  We have Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Calvin, Apostolic, Mormon, Evangelical and a host of other “Christian” religions.

Each sect of Christianity has different beliefs and different rules.  That is why it is important to understand which sect of Christianity these fanatics are talking about as being our “official religion.”  Of course before that can happen, we need a Constitutional Amendment allowing the state to name an official religion since the First Amendment does not allow for that.

Throughout our history, religion has led to some good things, and some bad things.  Many of the anti-slavery people quoted religion as grounds to end slavery.  They considered it an abomination in the face of God.  Of course slave holders quoted the same religious texts to justify its continuation.  Religious fever led to Prohibition.  All Prohibition gave us was bootleggers and organized crime.

Without prohibition, the Mafia would not have been able to monopolize liquor sales and importation, and thus would not have gained such a stranglehold in our society.  It was religious fervor that let to prohibition and thus our organized crime problem.

You will hear many people today stating that the words “under God” in our pledge of allegiance is sacred.  They have been part of our pledge of allegiance forever.  Yet, those words were not included in our pledge of allegiance until the 1950s during the “big red scare.”  We added those words to help differentiate us from our enemies the Communists.

The Communists were atheists, so we wanted to prove that “God was on our side” by adding those words.  A joke of the time said that the Communists were planning on our destruction seven days a week.  While we spend the seventh day in church praying that they didn’t come up with something.

They will also tell you that “In God We Trust” has been a motto on our money forever.  Unfortunately, those words weren’t added to the money until the 1920s.  So, these two “sacred” phrases that religious people want you to believe have been around since the country was founded, are actually 20th century additions.

Religion has played a part in discrimination for generations.  Even in the 20th century, religion paved the way to discriminate against minorities.  It was even used to discriminate against Catholics.  When I was growing up, there was a phrase that was widely accepted.  It was WASP.  It stood for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

The gist of this phrase was if you weren’t a WASP, you were allowed to be discriminated against.  The first candidate to run for President who was Catholic was Al Smith.  There wasn’t a whole lot of hoopla over his candidacy because he was running against FDR and had no chance of winning.

The religious right was always against women in the workplace.  During World War II, it was necessary for women to join the workforce.  There simply weren’t enough men to man the assembly lines for our war material.  Women took those places on the line.  When the war ended, there was a horrible fear that women would rather stay at work than go back home “where they belonged.”

The religious right has always believed that women are inferior to men.  They based their assumption on the story of Adam and Eve.  It was all Eve’s fault that mankind lost the right to be in the Garden of Eden.  If Eve hadn’t “forced” Adam to eat that damn apple, we would never have gotten thrown out in the first place.  So, women were not as good a men.  In fact, women were basically evil intent on bringing mankind down.

As a result of this stupidity, those women who stayed in the workplace received less pay than their male counterparts.  We began to see some jobs migrate to women only positions.  There was a time, for example, when men were bank tellers.  However, banks learned that they could pay women less and started hiring more women into the position.

It was perfectly okay to pay women less money because they were supposed to get married to a real “bread-winner” so they didn’t need to earn as much.  It was at this time we started seeing more and more women enter the workplace, all at lower wages.  But, unions were gaining strength at the time, so income inequality was kept down.

It was during this time that the economics clearly stated that workers deserved a share of the profits as well as management.  As profits grew, wages grew as well.  That helped fuel the economy and it grew tremendously through the 1950s.  All of this time, religion kept a “back seat” in politics.

Then in 1960, John Kennedy ran for President.  He was Catholic.  That put the WASPS on edge, to say the least.  The hoopla over his candidacy was so outrageous that he actually had to go on TV to give a speech about how his religion would not affect his political decisions.  Protestants didn’t want the Pope to have any say in how things went in this country.  One of the major battle cries against Kennedy was “a vote for Kennedy was a vote for the Pope.”

Kennedy won the election, and things started to heat up.  He started talking like the Jim Crow laws were un-American.  He started talking like all Americans deserved the same Civil Rights as everyone else, including blacks.  The attacks on blacks in the south began to escalate.  Not only of blacks, but of the “Freedom Riders” who went to the south to help blacks gain their right to vote and other civil rights.

The southern states became a battle ground.  The KKK with the blessings of their “Christian Ministers” waged this war with vigor.  The number of black churches burned increased.  Killings increased.  The violence against blacks was really out-of-control.  We even saw George Wallace give his infamous “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” speech.  The right-wing churches were all in agreement and were willing to preach the same thing from their pulpits.

With everything that happened during the 1960s, sometime in the 1970s, the Evangelical movement began.  Many so-called Christians felt that the current crop of churches did not follow the scriptures strictly enough.  We started hearing phrases like non-denominational churches.  Even at the time, I felt that the Evangelical movement was simply a return to Puritanism.  It was also a continuation of some Christian backlash against integration.  The 1960s upset the status quo, and that was terrifying to these right-wing conservative whites.

This status quo upset came out of not only the Civil Rights Bill, but the Roe v. Wade decision from the Supreme Court that made abortion legal.  There was also a huge backlash over the birth control pill.  These new Puritans felt that both opened the door to free sex.  The cultural revolution of the Hippies in the 1960s was used to prove their point.  A favorite saying of the Hippies was “turn on and drop out.”

The biggest backlash didn’t just come from southern states.  It also came from right-wing religious figures.  There were thousands of “Christian Ministers” who were also members of the KKK.  They were against Civil Rights for anyone who wasn’t white.  They still believed in “white supremacy.”  Additionally, the televangelist began springing up all around.  They all preached the “pure” teachings of the bible.  They preached status quo.  They preached puritanical principles.  Of course they also preached to “send in your checks so we can continue the good work.”

It was after the Civil Rights bill that the KKK began to lose some of its strength.  But, others were more than willing to fill the gap.  The American Nazi Party stepped into the void.  The Aryan Nation began to sprout up.  And the Militia movement began in earnest.  All of these groups wrapped themselves in religion to justify their hate and bigotry.  Unfortunately, too many of the same Christian Ministers joined their ranks as well.

In 1968, Richard Nixon ran for President.  He came up with his “southern strategy.”  The “southern strategy” was to get southern bigots and evangelicals to support the Republican Party.  After Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights bill, Southern Democrats, known as “Dixiecrats” started to change parties because the last thing they wanted was integration.

Nixon realized that the south was prime territory where he could make up ground on the democrats.  And, since the south is also known traditionally as the “Bible Belt” it was convenient for him to appease the religious fanatics as well.  Especially since religious fanatics at the time did not want integration either.  That is why he came up with his “silent majority” to define these bigots.

Nixon beat Hubert Humphrey that year.  Although Nixon turned out to be a pretty good President when it came to foreign policy, he was terrible in all other aspects of the job.  He gave us “détente” and was the first President to visit China.  Yet, he was also responsible for getting the IRS involved in “revenge” audits of his political enemies.  Finally, he gave us Watergate.  It was Watergate that forced him to resign.  The only President forced out of office for his crimes.

The country went through a kind of malaise after Watergate.  In 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected President.  The oddity of the Carter years was that his drunken brother got more ink than the President did.  Until he got the Camp David Peace Accord between Egypt and Israel.

Unfortunately for Carter, another fanatical group of a different religion deposed the Shah of Iran.  Their radical leader took over the country.  Later, radicals attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iran, and took our employees there hostage.  That was the first real salvo in the war between U.S. Christianity and Middle East Islam.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan took advantage of this salvo.  He openly courted the Evangelical votes.  He was able to sway them with his “religious belief” talk.  His “traditional marriage” talk.  And his demonization of the poor and of Islam.  When you combined all of these things together, he was able to persuade the religious right that he was their savior.  He would make sure that their pockets would flow with cash and life would be magical.

It was during his Presidency that greed crept more-and-more into the American Lexicon.  Greed became synonymous with having “god’s blessings.”  When I was young, religious people told you to count your blessings.  Beginning with Reagan, religious people started saying they were rich because God was rewarding them for their faithfulness.

Evangelical Christianity became the pathway to wealth.  If you did not obtain that wealth, you simply weren’t religious enough.  Another down side was that since God was rewarding these people, it was perfectly okay to trample down unions.  It was perfectly okay to keep worker’s pay down.  It was okay to discard the poor and tell them it was their fault they were poor.

It suddenly became religiously fashionable to discriminate against everyone who wasn’t just as religious and/or wealthy as you.  Suddenly, the rich became God’s Chosen People.  Christianity which once was a religion of charity and inclusiveness, suddenly became a religion of greed and discrimination.  It suddenly became a religion of open hate and bigotry.

As a line in a movie of the times once said, “he who has the most when he dies, wins!”  Somehow, the words of Jesus, which Christianity is supposed to be based on were forgotten.  Remember, Jesus said “it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle”  Those words were reversed.  It was now much easier for rich to enter paradise.  After all, their cheating of customers, their wage theft from workers, their rewarding themselves with massive “golden parachutes” creating their wealth, was all perfectly fine because it was all a gift from God.

It was during these days that the current crop of Republicans and Tea Party members got their beginning.  They learned from a very early age that wealth was all that mattered.  They learned from a very early age that you can blame those “others” for all of the problems.  They learned from a very early age that wealth was a sign from God that you can do no wrong.

That is why there is so much divisiveness today.  That is why there is so much polarization today.  The religious right has finally gotten their saviors.  The Republican Party of today has fallen for the old Puritanical vision of the 1600s.  If you are not a member of their sect, you have no rights.

They even try to make you believe that was the purpose of the Founding Fathers.  That is why they try to claim that the Constitution was based on “Christian laws.”  It is all bullshit.  It is all made-up to justify their desire to rule.  It has led us to candidates like Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and of course Ted Cruz.

It has been a long journey before religion could get its hold on American Politics.  Now that they have it, they are not about to let go easily.  Tomorrow we will look at how this all morphed into today’s politics.

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We have seen a real divide between the people of the earth more-and-more today.  That divide, in my opinion, is based more on religion, or at least people’s definition of religion, than anything else.  I don’t believe you will find any of my writings putting down people’s beliefs in religion or a god.  You will find writings that criticize the lies that people will use when they wish to use their “religion” as justification for discrimination.

I really don’t care what you believe about religion.  It really doesn’t matter if you believe in god or not.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Satanist, or Atheist.  What you believe is your business.  It becomes my business when you try to force your beliefs on me and the rest of society.

When politicians use religion to justify discrimination against any group of people, that is simply wrong.  They must be called out for it.  When corporations try to use “religious beliefs” to justify not providing a livable wage or proper health insurance, that is wrong.

With politicians today screaming about “religion” and “religious beliefs” I am going to take a stab at explaining my views of religion and how it has created so much divide among us.  I am going to try to show how religion hurts society.  How some people who claim to be “true believers” are really anti-religion.  Instead of following the religion they claim to be part of, they simply make things up to justify their prejudiced view of the world.

Since this effort will take some lengthy writing, I decided to write it in parts.  I know that may of you will totally disagree with what I say.  I also know that many will try to point out “historical facts” that I may get wrong.  But, please remember, this is simply my view of how religion hurts us more than it helps us.  I am fallible, and I am sure I will make what you consider mistakes.  But here goes:

From the very first time humans crawled down from the trees, we have searched for the so-called “meaning of life.”  At some point we became the very first creatures on the planet that fully understands that we have a beginning and an end.  We realized that death was inevitable.

This led our ancestors to ponder just why we were alive in the first place.  It made them ponder if there was anything else besides our simple existence.  Was life simply an accident, or was there some supreme being that had a “master plan” for us?  Because everyone wants to believe that there is something else to life, immortality was the dream of our ancestors.

But, since immortality was not possible in life, there must be an after-life where our existence continued.  Thus, giving us the belief of immortality even if it was in a different existence.  As a result, our ancestors invented religion to add meaning to our lives.

If we followed certain rules probably put down by some great being who created the whole life thing, then we could overcome death and continue living in some kind of paradise.  It all made perfect sense.  Life on earth was not the only place where life existed.  Life was continuous.  We would keep our identities and our existence would go on forever.

Over the millennia, that religious belief morphed and grew into what we have today.  Each civilization fashioned their belief system to best fit their lives and culture.  Over time, each new civilization took parts of religion from past civilizations and re-created it to fit their lives and culture.

Our ancestors went from one “origin” story to another.  Yet, most of them have similar themes behind them.  At first there were many gods that needed to be worshiped.  That eventually led to fewer deities until we wound up with just one.  The first historical case of a mono-god was in Egypt.  The father of King Tut tried to eliminate all of the gods except his favorite.  That experiment didn’t go well, and even King Tut restored the rest of the gods when he came to power.

The other aspect of these religions was that each civilization considered themselves the “true believers” and/or the “chosen people” of the god/gods.  Even the Romans believed that they were able to carve out their empire because the gods favored them over everyone else.

The Jews consider themselves the “chosen” people of their god.  Christians and Muslims are an outgrowth of that religion, so naturally, they consider themselves the “chosen” people of the one god.  That makes for an interesting discussion if we cared to take part in it.

We have three religions, all with the same background and basically the same belief system that all claim to be the “true believers” and the “chosen” people.  That only proves just how much religion can divide us rather than be inclusive.  All believe we are children of the same god, yet all believe the others are going to hell because they don’t believe exactly the same.

Every person who lives has asked the same question.  What is the meaning of life?  I know I did, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t.  That is why I don’t criticize people for believing or not believing in religion.

But, I feel it only fair that we do criticize people who use their religion as a basis for hate, bigotry, prejudice, and worse, politics.  Yes, I said politics.  That is what is going on in this country right now.  But, we also need to look at what “religion” really is.  Yes, religion is considered by most people of a belief system in a supreme being.  That some all-powerful being created this mess we call the universe, and guides it.

But, if we look at history, we will soon realize that is only one definition of religion.  Religion can also be used as a tool to exploit other people.  It can be used as a tool to justify our “superiority” over other races.  It can be used as a tool to make sure we gain power and are able to dictate the behavior of others.  It can be used as a tool to decide who has the right to live or die.

Even the so-called sacred books of the three Abrahamic Religions talks openly about genocide.  Just look at the story of the fall of Jericho.  In that fable, God told the Israelites to put to the sword all living creatures including women and children.  That is the perfect definition of genocide.  Yet, that story has been shown as a “righteous” story and the genocide practiced in it is okay since “god” told the Israelites to commit the act.

One also has to ask, what is the true “sacred book?”  The Jews have the Torah.  Christians have the Bible, which is a combination of parts of the Torah and the New Testament.  The Muslims have the Koran.  All three books contain parts from the others.  Yet, all three religions claim their book is the true “sacred book.”

Rather than these texts bringing these religions together, they have created a huge divide over the centuries.  Christians have had a long history of hating the Jews because they won’t declare Jesus as their savior.  Christians hate Muslims because they consider them as fanatical warmongers hell-bent on eliminating Christianity.  Muslims hate both Christians and Jews because they claim Mohammad was the true prophet and the others won’t follow his stringent words.  Jews simply believe they are the only ones who are right since they are the “chosen” people of god.  Therefore they can hate everyone else who disagrees.

I realize that “hate” is a harsh word to describe the relationship between these three groups.  But, there really isn’t any other word to describe that relationship.  If it wasn’t for that hate, would we really have so much antagonism between the three groups?  Would we be so willing to kill each other as often as we seem to want to?  No, we might have some serious discussions, but we wouldn’t be killing each other.

These three religions are not alone.  All of the religions that exist today suffer from the same “chosen” people syndrome that these three do.  It has always been a constant amazement to me, how we can have religious beliefs and claim to all be the children of the same god, yet hate each other so much.  Shouldn’t that simple belief of being the children of the same god bring us closer together, rather than divide us?

When you add politics to the mix, you get even worse conditions.  Many people look at the Nazis as being a radical Christian Cult that absolutely hated the Jews.  They are incorrect in that belief.  The Nazis were not a radical Christian Cult, they simply used Christian hatred towards the Jews to help get them to power.

Rather, the Nazis made up their own religion.  Their religion was based more on paganism than it was on any Christian beliefs.  Their made-up religion contained all of the same terrible hate that other religions contained.  They were the “supreme race” on the planet.  They alone had the power to determine who had the right to live, and who should die.

They considered the Jews as the “natural enemy” of mankind.  They considered the Slavs as an “inferior” race that should be eliminated so the rest of the “Supreme Race” had room to expand, and to ensure the Supreme Race’s blood wasn’t contaminated.

Religion has been used to declare our “superiority” over other races as well.  Blacks have been considered inferior to whites.  American Natives were considered “inferior” to white settlers.  We have seen racism in all forms in all parts of the world.  And, that racism has been based on religious beliefs that say we are the “chosen” people.  All based on selective religious beliefs.

If you look at history rationally, you will discover that even Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism were “made-up” religions as well.  Mao said “religion was the opium of the masses.”  But, he also understood that religion was a key factor in people’s beliefs.  So, he like the other “communists” created their own religion.

In their religion, the state was the Supreme Being.  Everything came from the state.  That gave the state absolute control over everyone’s lives.  The state was the only entity that held life and death decisions.  The state decided who was “worthy” of comforts and who wasn’t.  Everyone was to bow down to the state and thank it for their existence.

These “leaders” are not alone.  Religion has been used to help determine who should lead a country.  The real definition of monarchy is “entitled” birth.  A person becomes a king simply because he was “born” into a royal family.  Religion tells us that this person must be king because “god anointed him” by his birth.  That concept is true regardless of what religion you believe in.

That is what makes democracy so dangerous to religion.  The leaders in a democracy are not “anointed” by god, they are chosen by people.  That scares religious people, because they fear that god’s influence is not as great as it should be in normal life of the state.  They fear inclusion.  They fear tolerance of other people’s religious beliefs.  They fear their god will be unhappy and unleash “ruin” upon the nation.  Additionally, since the leader was not “anointed” by god, how can you claim “moral righteousness” in all of your actions?

It has been said that the real purpose of religion is to give comfort to the people.  It has become a “crutch” that people lean on in bad times.  It comforts us when we lose a relation or friend.  We often hear comments like “they are with Jesus now.”  It is supposed to give us hope of that immortality we all seek.

However, religion has also morphed into something a lot more terrible than that.  Every time something like an earthquake or tornado or other natural disaster strikes, you will hear those who claim that they happened because “god is punishing us.”

It is these natural disasters that helped to foster religion into the belief system it has become.  It was an easy reason for why bad things happen in the world.  Our ancestors didn’t understand natural disasters, so they had to be caused by the gods as punishment for something we did wrong.  That belief system helped religion grow, and help ensure the power of high priests and monarchs.

As I have written before, the phrase “it’s God’s will” is a convenient excuse for anything bad that happens to us.  It means that nothing is really anyone’s fault.  After all, if it is God’s will, we really didn’t have any control over the situation.  Therefore, we are blameless.

Part II tomorrow.


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Sometimes, I struggle with what to write about.  I look at the campaign going on and wonder how people can swallow many things being said by our candidates.  Then, I remembered about all of those conspiracy theories that are rampant in our society.  I came to the conclusion that today’s campaign is more about selling snake oil or using conspiracy theories to get votes than actually coming up with policies.

So, today I decided I would make an attempt to wrap them all together.  As everyone knows, there are hundreds of conspiracy theories around.  But, the one I find most interesting is the ones about ET.

There are theories about how the government is hiding ETs in some underground military base, or how ET is helping the U.S. discover new technologies, or even how ancient man was too stupid to build the pyramids and that ET actually built them for us.

To show what I mean, let’s look at the last one and see how it works.  The Ancient Alien theory is somewhat intriguing.  The basis for this theory is that we believe that our ancestors were basically stupid people.  They were unable to comprehend mathematics or science or figure out how to create new tools.  According to the Ancient Alien, also called Ancient Astronaut theory, ET had to come to earth and help our ancestors raise themselves from their stupidity.

The reason for this “help” isn’t quite clear.  Did ET help us because they wanted to see mankind grow into something much better?  Did they help us because they wanted to be treated as gods?  Which is one of the biggest theories from the Ancient Alien people.  See, we only invented gods because our ancestors couldn’t understand that they were really seeing humanoids coming to us from space.  As a result our ancestors created a whole litany of deists to explain what they were witnessing.

If it weren’t for those ETs, we would never have been able to build the pyramids.  The Easter Island statues would never have been built.  We would have no religion in the world.  It is all because ET came to our rescue that everything we have today exists.

One theory even claims that aliens came to earth and they caused the extinction of the dinosaurs so mammals could evolve.  According to the theory, ET killed all of the dinosaurs with their space ships.

Yes, I find all of this as nonsense.  I find the Ancient Alien theory simply snake oil that people are selling to make a buck.  More power to them.  I came to my conclusion after listening to these people talk about their theories as being fact.  Nothing sells better than making a fantasy sound like it has been proven.

It really doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell.  The real goal is to make it sound as if it is all real, proven fact.  Even though there isn’t any evidence nor any fact to build your theory on.  This is true today in other areas as well.  I have written before that I believe that people have gotten lazy when deciding their vote.  I don’t believe that people do enough research to find the true facts on issues.

This isn’t really anything new.  It has been going on for years.  However, with the mass media outlets we have today, along with the internet, it is much easier for snake oil panderers to ply their trade.  This goes across the spectrum of issues.

Televangelists have been bilking the public for billions of dollars with their TV shows offering “divine guidance” to the public.  I believe you know you are dealing with a snake oil salesman when they constantly ask for “your donations so we can keep up the good work.”

We have the idiots at Infowars stirring up problems with their conspiracy theory that Operation Jade Helm is really a rehearsal for a government takeover of “conservative” states.  There are the 9/11 theorists that believe our government was the real power behind the terrorist attacks.

Of course there are, as mentioned above, the UFO theories.  Then there is the Bigfoot theories.  Everyone seems to love a good conspiracy theory.

Politicians use conspiracy theory tactics all of the time, too.  The “makers” and the “takers” are part of conspiracy theories.  So are the “teachers unions are to blame for everything wrong with our public schools.”  There are so many conspiracy theories floating around it is hard to keep track.

I don’t even have a problem with conspiracy theories per se.  However, when politicians use these conspiracy theories to support their platforms, then they have gone beyond politics and into snake oil salesmen.

Look, every theory isn’t necessarily all that far-fetched.  Is there life on other planets in the universe?  I would say probably.  Is there intelligent life on other planets?  I would say probably.  But, the idea of them actually visiting us I find difficult to believe.

The sheer distances they would have to travel makes it very unlikely.  Especially knowing what we do about physics.  I realize we don’t know everything, but until some new breakthrough comes along that proves you can break the universal speed limit of the speed of light, I will hold to my beliefs.

That is true for most things in life.  We each have our own beliefs.  Whether it is about ET, Bigfoot, religion, or any other topic, we will believe what we want.  Only proof and real statistics can show us we are wrong.  That is if we are willing to admit the proof is real.

But, when it comes to governing our country, we must be willing to listen to both sides of the argument and then decide what we believe.  Governing is more about the good of everyone versus the good of me.  It is about understanding that every person has their own beliefs.  It is about finding a common ground for the betterment of everyone.  That is possible if we keep open minds and be willing to compromise.

Which is why it is so very important that people stop listening to politicians 20 second sound bites as their proof.  Without paying attention to what people who wish to lead our country say, and following it up with your own research, the snake oil salesmen will win.  When the snake oil salesmen win, we all lose.

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