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To those of us who remember Watergate, there is something disturbing coming out of the Republican caucus in Iowa.  It surrounds that wonderful Canadian Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz has been running around the country espousing the wonderfulness of Ronald Reagan.  As a matter of fact, he wants us to believe that he is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.

Unfortunately, in Iowa, he appeared more like Richard Nixon than Ronald Reagan.  There were two incidents that he pulled off that hurt his opponents at the polls.

One can be claimed to be nothing more than a political stunt, the other can only be defined as lying.  The first incident involved a mailing.  His campaign sent out thousand of “Voter Violations” notices to people in Iowa giving the impression that the state was keeping tabs on who caucused and who didn’t.

The intent was to shame people into caucusing for Cruz.  It said they could clear up their “voter violation” by caucusing and recommended they caucus for Cruz.

It appears to have worked.  Cruz wanted at least 170,000 Republicans to caucus.  He figured he needed that many in order to get enough to win.  The turnout was 180,000 so kudos to Republicans for participating.

Cruz’ team said it was nothing “unusual” for such mailers to be sent out.  His opponents claim it was fraud.  The State does not track if you caucus or not and never sends out notices like this one.  Even the Secretary of State in Iowa called it fraudulent.

The second incident took place during the actual caucus.  This amounts to clear lying to people in order to get votes.  It seems that Ben Carson told CNN that after the caucus, he was planning to return to Florida “to get a fresh change of clothes” and that he planned to attend the National Prayer Breakfast.  CNN reported that news on-air.

The Cruz campaign immediately jumped on the announcement.  But, they didn’t actually say what the announcement said.  They had their floor managers go to Ben Carson supporters and state that Carson was “leaving the campaign” so they should vote for Cruz instead of Carson.

This was all happening during the actual caucus.  When Carson called out the Cruz campaign the next morning, Rick Tyler, the Cruz campaign communications director, said on Morning Joe:

On the Ben Carson issue, it’s just false.  We simply as a campaign repeated what Ben Carson said in his own words.  That is not a dirty trick.

Only they didn’t simply repeat what Carson said.  They lied and said Carson was “leaving the race” and that is not the same.  Cruz did issue an apology of a kind.  He said:

This was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson.

But, of course, he had more to say:

Last night when our political team saw the CNN post that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina, our campaign updated our grassroots leaders just as we would for any breaking news story.

That’s fair game. What the team then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out.

The thing is they changed the content of what Carson actually said in order to get more votes.  Yesterday, Carson was on O’Reilly and said:

Here’s the issue, a culture exists within the Cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of a situation like this in a very dishonest way.

Let’s see what in fact the Cruz campaign will do about those individuals who inappropriately disseminated this information knowing that the caucuses were not over.  They were absolutely anxious to get it out there, weren’t they?

Carson is correct.  Here is someone trying to run for President on the basis that he is an outsider.  Yet, he has resorted to the same type of dirty tricks we came to see from Richard Nixon.  Even the denials from Cruz and his staff sound all too familiar.

Carson said on Fox News that he will fight what he sees as dishonesty in politics.

There are so many people who have said, that’s just the way it is, that’s the way politics is, and you just accept it.

If we expose these kinds of things and we condemn them and if people are the ones who have to say this is unacceptable, we will not do this, this is not the right thing to do, it is not the Christian thing to do, don’t accept it.

But, Cruz claims to be the evangelical’s political messiah!  How can he be involved in un-Christian political practices?  Because he isn’t a Christian at all.  He is simply Richard Nixon reincarnated.

And, the “shirts” keep marching along!

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The way the media swarms around the Iowa Caucuses, you would think it will determine who wins the nomination for their party.  New Hampshire can just close down their primary next week.  The winners have been announced, so don’t waste any money on a primary that doesn’t mean anything.

I don’t actually try to predict results, but on the Republican side I was not surprised to see Cruz win in Iowa.  Nor, was I all that shocked that Rubio came in third, even closely behind Trump.

Iowa after all is an evangelical state and they don’t really care about your politics, they care about your religion.  Remember, Rick Santorum won in Iowa just four short years ago.  He didn’t fare well after that.  Or, remember Michelle Bachmann won the “straw poll” just four years ago.  Those two facts should stifle any Cruz winning the nomination assertions going around.

It is on the Democratic side that I see the most drama.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a virtual tie.  It appears that Clinton may edge out Sanders in Iowa but Sanders leads Clinton big in New Hampshire.  That is real cause for concern for Clinton.

There is the fact that Obama beat Clinton in Iowa in 2008, a surprise win for the President.  Another loss in Iowa could spell doom for Clinton in he quest to be the nominee.

I am frankly still torn between the two.  Sanders talks a very good game, but he isn’t too keen on real specifics for many of his plans.  He says, for example, that he will ensure veterans will receive the help they need and deserve.  But, I haven’t heard just how that will happen.

On the other hand, Clinton still has a lot of baggage following her around.  I don’t think she did anything illegal while Secretary of State using her private email accounts, but that is still to be determined fully.

So, I will wait and see if I can get more details about the two before I endorse either of them.  There are still too many questions for me to make up my mind.

The one thing I noticed on the Republican side is that a full 75% of Republicans caucused for liars.  I know that is a harsh criticism, but it is true.  None of the top three delegate getters are known to tell the truth.

It is also very interesting that a person who now claims to be a “Christian” but was divorced three times came in second in a very religious state.  To me, that is something that is being missed by the so-called pundits about Iowa.  I was not surprised that Trump came in second, but I must admit I was somewhat surprised that he came as close as he did.

It is true that Rubio will be glowing after last night.  He will claim that he “won” even though he came in third.  His placement wasn’t that much of a surprise, but the numbers he garnered were.  Yet, he was the one “establishment” Republican that the party seems to be willing to back.

As a result, he got a big boost from the establishment wing leading up to the caucus.  It will be interesting just how much that wing of the party will be willing to go to stop both Cruz and Trump by throwing their unconditional support behind Rubio.

To me, the polices that are coming out from the three top runners on the Republican side are the most dangerous in my lifetime.  And that includes Richard Nixon.  I dread to believe that they are the “best” the party has to offer.

In any case, the nomination process has officially opened.  Iowa was no surprise to me, except maybe on the Democratic side.  New Hampshire may be interesting on the Republican side, but I believe Sanders will win on the Democratic side.  But, you never know.

It would be nice, as we proceed down the road, if the media would actually put the candidates feet to the fire and ask some meaningful questions.  Like what are your specific plans and policies if you should win the election.  The problem is that the media has lost focus on what their job is.  They lost focus that their primary duty is to “inform” the population.  They are more interested in “dirt” and “scandals” than the actual news.

There is going to be a lot of talk about winners and losers last night.  But, it is Iowa.  A state with a very small niche population.  All last night has shown me is that the Republicans will nominate some kind of wacko to be their standard-bearer.

The Democrats seem to have a real race on their hands.  Something they had not expected when this all started.  From what I have seen so far, their two choices are far better for America than the whole field of Republicans put together.  At least they have illustrated a capacity to think.

There are a lot of issues that still need to be talked about.  Climate Change is real.  Public Education is in trouble.  Hate is running rampant in too many areas of the country.  The Affordable Care Act is constantly under attack.  Energy needs to be addressed.  We need to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels for a cleaner environment and a better, less expensive energy source for our businesses to compete globally.

These are all things that the top three Republicans want to avoid talking about.  They seem to believe that it is not our responsibility to address them or even try to fix them.

They don’t care if you have lead in your drinking water.  They don’t care if you care about the environment.  They want to protect their biggest investors, fossil fuel companies, and shut down clean energy projects.  They don’t care if you have health insurance or if your children can read and write.  They are perfectly fine with your hating people, but only if they are Muslim, minority, women, or gay.

That is what I took from the Republican side last night.  These are the very things that 75% of Iowa voters voted for!

The determining factor in this whole process, including the general election, will be if Americans actually participate.  If they do, the people may actually be the winners.  If not, we will all lose.  It is up to you, so please vote!

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I didn’t think it could get any worse than it already has been.  But, last night’s debate was arguably the most nauseating exposition I have witnessed since my last Natural Disaster relief work.  It was like watching seven zombies talking like their brains had already been killed off.

As with he other debates, we learned that Republicans really hate Hillary Clinton.  There for a time, I thought that was who they were debating instead of each other.

Here is what we know these Republican Candidates really believe:

  • Americans are being killed by ISIS terrorists every day in numbers unbelievable.
  • America’s military in incapable of waging wars anywhere in the world, there is no morale in the military except bad morale, and that it is equivalent to a third world country.
  • All Muslims are terrorists and should be barred from coming into the country.  Even if they aren’t all terrorists, they harbor terrorists just the same.
  • The southern border is so porous we can expect the Mexican Army at any time in an effort to take back Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
  • Even allowing undocumented aliens to gain “legal status” instead of citizenship is the same as “amnesty”.  Which means Cruz is against it, even though he is in favor of it.
  • They all hate the Affordable Care Act, but don’t have any plans for a replacement, except what we had before the Act was put into place.  As a matter of fact, they claim that more people “lost” their insurance than gained insurance.
  • The economy is so terrible that we must have a 25% unemployment rate rather than the 5% rate the Department of Labor says we have.
  • The rich aren’t getting enough money, so we must cut their taxes while we raise everyone else’s taxes.
  • They all want our laws to be based on “Christian” laws, even though they say that is what ISIS wants, all laws based on “Muslim” laws.
  • They all hate the idea of same-sex marriage.
  • They all hate President Obama.  This one is hard for me.  I couldn’t tell if they hate the President more than Hillary Clinton, or the other way around.
  • They love war!  Especially if that war is against a Muslim country like Iran.

There are other things that they talked about, but that is the gist of the debate.  Even when shown video clips proving their “flip-flops” the candidates tried to explain that the clips were wrong.

Of course, all of the pundits want to say someone won and someone lost.  If anything, Ted Cruz came out on the losing end.  He tried the “anger” meme so often he appeared to almost foam at the mouth.  He never answered a single question.  I still say if you put green makeup on his face, he is the spitting image of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  Marco Rubio, who many pundits said did well, appeared to be reading from talking points everytime he tried to answer a question.

Ben Carson was totally incoherent.  I sat with my mouth open during his responses wondering just what the hell he was talking about.  Jeb Bush seemed more comfortable without Trump, but his rhetoric of his “proven track record” got old real quick.  Kasich tried to appear confident and happy.  His answers were a little more direct, but not enough to actually say anything about what he would actually do.

Chris Christie had a one track mind.  Hillary Clinton.  Every answer somehow came back to Hillary Clinton, like she was the devil incarnate and he was the second coming sent to stop her.  Rand Paul seemed the most coherent on stage.  He never raised his voice, but he never said anything either.  It was almost like he was just happy to be at the “grown up table” again.

Of course the elephant in the room was Trump.  He was out doing what he called raising money for veterans.  Yet, no one knows which veterans groups are actually going to get any of the reportedly $6 million raised for veterans.  All of the money is going to “trumpforvets.org”.  Which didn’t even exist until yesterday morning.

Since Trump wasn’t there, ratings for Fox News was down for the debate.  Yes, it was still large, but one of the least watched debate so far.  The question is were the ratings down because Trump wasn’t there, or were the ratings down because Americans are getting tired of the same fear mongering and hate mongering every time these candidates open their mouths?

I am sorry, but the RNC should really consider cancelling the rest of their debates.  I feel like I am being forced to watch a very bad movie over and over again because there is only one TV channel and it only has that one bad movie.

If I were a religious person, I would take Ted Cruz’s advice at the end of the debate.  I would pray.  Only I would pray that these morons somehow disappear and leave the rest of us to live our lives in peace and harmony.  Two words none of these candidates can spell, much less define!

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Even before Barak Obama was elected as the first black President in 2008, the right-wing of the Republican Party was doing its damnedest to figure out a way to win over Americans with their smoke and mirror politics.  Then 2015 came along and Donald Trump decided it would be a nice time to run for President himself.

At first, the media, especially the right-wing media talked about Trump like he was one of their own.  Then something happened that turned the table.  Trump started winning in the polls.  Then, after the first Republican Debate, Trump lashed out at Megyn Kelly as Roger Ailes “hit woman” trying to disparage him.

That was when things began to get interesting.  Fox News and Trump split.  Then Roger Ailes tried to rectify things with Trump, and the two got along for a while longer.  But, Trump kept winning, at least in the polls.  Cruz, the real darling for the right-wing was falling behind, and the establishment candidates were declining so fast you almost didn’t see them.

Now, things got very heated again.  Fox News is hosting the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses and announced that Megyn Kelly will be one of the moderators.  Trump threw a hissy-fit.  He said that if Kelly was at the debate, he might skip it.

Ailes didn’t take too kindly to that threat.  He made sure everyone was clear that Kelly would be at the debate even if Trump didn’t like it.  Trump didn’t like it and announced yesterday that he will not participate in the debate.

The right-wing exploded.  Ted Cruz even went so far as to announce he would face Trump mano-a-mano before the caucus.  He even suggested Levin or Limbaugh could moderate that debate.  Of course, he chose two people that have been crying about Trump for a long time and are out to destroy him.

Trump said he was going to do something for veterans instead of participating in the debate.  He is trying to get Wounded Warriors and a TV network to assist in “raising” money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I haven’t heard if anyone is interested yet or not.

But, this casts a light on just what is going on in the Republican Party right now.  Two heavy weights are squaring off basically for control of the party and the primaries.  Ailes wants a “real conservative” to win the nomination.  Trump doesn’t fit his definition of a “real conservative”.

It will also be interesting to see if viewership for the debate declines since Trump won’t be there.  To me, that will be the real deciding factor in this battle.  If ratings slip, Trump will be able to say he is more important than Fox News.  If ratings remain as they have been, Ailes can say he is stopping Trump and become the hero of the conservative movement.

The flip side of this is that the conservative movement is in trouble itself.  They spent years trying to build up their smoke and mirror fantasy of Conservative America.  Problem is that Trump is blowing that all out of the water with his constantly leading the polls.

It turns out that their “social agenda” based on the religious fanatic aspirations really isn’t what even their own people are interested in.  Their desires are more primitive.  They want America to remain in the hands of “old white” people.  The rest of the conservative movement really doesn’t matter to them.

Just look at Falwell’s endorsement yesterday.  He said, Trump reminds him of his father.  I find that quite fanciful, but what it really marked was Falwell laughing in Cruz’ face and telling him all of his “religious liberty” bluster doesn’t count.

The Republican Party has been at war with themselves for a long time.  Now, it is getting real dirty and really fierce.  It will be interesting to see just who comes out on top.  For once we have a political fight worth watching.  Problem for Republicans is that it is their internal fight.  That doesn’t usually bode well for elections.

The real problem is that once this war is over a wacko group will declare victory.  Then Republicans will get to choose between Wacko A or Wacko B.


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Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  There were a lot of celebrations around the country that showed just what he did for civil rights in America.  Yet, what was not mentioned, enough in my opinion, was that we are nowhere near his vision for this country.

I am not going to mince words here.  This country still has a racism problem.  That problem goes back before we became our own nation, and it continues today.  It is rampant in our labor force.  It is rampant in our society.  It is rampant in our education system.  All because it is rampant in our politics.

I have written before that we all have some bigotry in us.  I also wrote that it is our understanding of that bigotry and overcoming its urges that makes the difference between hating others or loving others.

The problem is that in politics, this racism raises its ugly head way too often.  In politics, it allows those with negative views of another’s race to place blame for everything that is wrong in our lives.  That is total nonsense.

During World War II, millions of African-Americans served in our military.  But, they were segregated from white troops.  They were not allowed to fight in the front lines until near the end of the war.  At the time, not one African-American soldier was awarded the Medal of Honor.  Many have received it recently for their valor during the war, but they were never even recommended for it during the time.

I entered the Coast Guard in 1970.  Even then, there was still some segregation gong on.  When I attended Radioman School immediately after boot camp, I was in a class that contained some of the very first African-Americans “allowed” to attend Radioman School.  Even then, blacks were considered as “not fit” for certain jobs.

In today’s politics you hear the same stupidity all of the time.  The simple fact of the matter is that just as many “white” people are on welfare as non-whites, if not more.  Yet, you never hear a politician blame any whites on welfare or call them “welfare queens”.  That title is reserved solely for African-Americans.

More white people utilize food stamps than non-whites.  Yet, whites are never accused of “skimming the system” as blacks are.  There are even more white people who do not have health insurance.  But, Medicaid is something only blacks need because they are lazy, according to our politicians.

If a black teenager is busted for possession of marijuana, he goes to jail.  If a white teenager is busted for possession of the same amount of marijuana, he gets parole.  Our criminal justice system is flooded with incarcerated blacks for drug possession.  A whole lot more than actual violent criminals.

In 1965, Lyndon Johnson got the Voting Rights Bill passed.  This bill eliminated things like “literacy” tests that prevented blacks from even registering to vote.  There were also “poll taxes” that kept most African-Americans from voting even if they were registered.

In 1964, only about 7% of African-Americans were registered to vote in the south.  After 1965 that number jumped up dramatically.  This bill combined with the Civil Rights Bill that virtually eliminated the Jim Crow Laws seemed to put us on a path to equality.

But, as usual, hate never rests.  It took decades, but the conservative movement has finally struck back.  They have been able to pass laws that basically turn back the clock in an attempt to reintroduce those very same Jim Crow laws.

Their first attempt was to institute what they called Voter ID Laws to “safeguard” the ballot box.  In these laws you must have “certain” state approved ID cards in order to vote in elections.  These ID cards do not include things like student ID cards from state universities.

Additionally, the name on the ID must match letter for letter the name on the registration form.  Meaning, if you are a woman and got married recently and haven’t had time to change your voter registration, you are ineligible to vote because your maiden name is on the registration rolls and not your married name that may be on your driver’s license.

Or, as in the case of a judge in Texas, the maiden name is on her license instead of her middle name because that is just how it was done in the past.  She was refused the right to vote because of that.

Then, in order to make it even more difficult, many states closed down driving license offices in many areas of the state that are primarily poor and minority or elderly.  That has resulted in many people having to travel as much as 250 miles just to get their ID cards.  Plus, they have to pay for their birth certificate in order to “prove” they are who they say they are.

All of these changes in the name of “protecting the integrity” of the ballot box.  Yet, in the last two decades, in-person voter fraud is all but non-existent.  More voter fraud exists through “absentee ballots” than at the polls.  These laws have very little effect on absentee ballots which is mostly used by white people.

Some states have tried to pass laws that say you need to pass a drug test before getting your welfare check.  But, there are no laws that force these very people passing them to undergo a drug test before being allowed to run for office.   Funny, a Wal-Mart cashier needs to pass a drug test before getting hired, but our politicians who pass laws that affect each and every one of us don’t.

Dr. King once said he envisioned a time when all people would be “judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.”  We are not even close to that dream.

As many strides as we have taken as a nation towards more equality, we take several backwards in the name of political expediency.  As our nation evolves and becomes less white, racism raises its ugly head again and again.

Today we are hearing the same racist comments that we heard in 1916 and 1816.  We are seeing civil rights attacked at every turn.  We are being told, especially by Republican candidates, that everything wrong with our country is the fault of non-white, non-Christian people.  If we somehow just “put them in their place” everything will be just hunky-dory.

We tout our country as being a country of individuals “bound together for the common good.”  How can we be that country with so much racism still permeating our society?  If every “individual” regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality is not part of the collective body, we can never be the country we claim to be.

Unfortunately, we need the Civil Rights Movement as much today as we did in the 1950s and 1960s.  It is time for us to cast off the shackles of racism once and for all.  Only then, can we truly be that “shining city on the hill” we all want our country be.

Hate, bigotry, and racism are part of our human nature.  But, they only continue to exist if we choose to let them.  As long as we allow tribalism to affect our souls, we will always choose to allow them to define us.

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The Fox Business News channel showed last night just how to NOT moderate a Presidential Debate.  That was the most ridiculous thing to date.  The moderators, Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo were absolutely lousy at their jobs.

While watching the debate I remember thinking I haven’t seen that many softballs in the air since my last slow-pitch softball tournament.  These two have no idea what a “tough” question is.  They asked leading questions and never once followed with a pointed question to a response.

Of course there are debates about who “won or lost” the debate.  So far, Trump Cruz and Rubio seem to be leading the “who won” category.  I am not so sure.  I don’t like Kasich, but he was the only one on the stage that seemed to understand you don’t build consensus with war bluster.

On a brief side note.  Is it just me, or with a little green makeup, wouldn’t you say that Ted Cruz looks exactly like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas?  His policies fit in nicely with that look.

I did learn one thing, if we had a President Cruz today, we would be at war with Iran right now.  His disdain for that country showed very brightly last night.  His mention of the 10 sailors who were briefly held by Iran for infringing into their territorial waters was completely unhinged.

I know I haven’t said anything about the event to date, so let’s examine what happened.  Two “boats” not “ships” strayed into Iranian waters because of a navigation system breakdown.  The Iranian Coast Guard seized the two boats and took the 10 sailors on them as prisoners.

The next morning all ten sailors and their two boats were released into International Waters, just as Iran had promised the night before.  None of the sailors were mistreated.  Even DOD admitted that it was a navigation error.

But, according to Cruz, that was an act of war on the part of Iran.  He seems to think that even though we went into their waters, the Iranians don’t have the right to act to protect “their” interests.

The other thing that is quite apparent about these “candidates” is that they love the idea of going to war.  They talked about how the military is being “dismantled” by this President.  They always forget to say the reason the DOD is forced to cut manpower is because of the sequester cuts forced upon it.

The same sequester that Republicans “wanted” to take place to reduce the budget.  They also proved, once again, that they do not know how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide.  They keep talking about spending much more on the defense budget, but still want to cut taxes.

If the budget deficit is too damn high now, how can you spend more money on defense with less revenue coming into the federal coffers?  You can’t, unless you explode the deficit even more.

Not once did the moderators ask any of the war mongering candidates how they would pay for this expansion of defense spending.  I guess you could say that the deficit isn’t such a big deal to them after all.

There was some talk about how the middle-class has lost ground in wages.  But, they never mentioned it was the banks, financial markets, mortgage companies, with help from their party by “deregulation” that crashed our economy.  They didn’t mention that their party is the one holding up infrastructure bills that would jump-start the economy by creating millions of good paying jobs.

They refused to mention that it is companies like Wal-Mart who bilk the U.S. Treasury of over a billion dollars every year in subsidies like food stamps because they won’t pay their workers a livable wage in the name of greater profits for themselves.  They refuse to raise the minimum wage to help the “working poor”.

They refuse to admit that once the recovery started, and continuing today, people are being rehired at lower wages with fewer benefits in the name of higher profits for the companies.

They claim that our Corporate Tax Rate is the highest in the world.  Yet forget to mention that about half of the Fortune 500 companies do not pay a single dime in taxes, every year due to loopholes and “imaginative” accounting practices.

To me, the only “interesting” part of the debate was the back-and-forth between Trump and Cruz about Cruz’s citizenship.  Trump claims it is a “hammer” hanging over Cruz’s head.   Cruz claims it was only brought up because Trump is afraid of the Cruz surge.

The thing is, the term in the Constitution that says you must be a “natural-born citizen” has never been defined by the courts.  One Democratic Congressman in Florida says if Cruz does win the nomination, he would sue to have him declared ineligible due to his Canadian birth.

Cruz argued that John McCain was born outside the U.S.  That is untrue.  The U.S. consists of the states and all territories.  John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone which was a U.S. territory at the time.  While in the Coast Guard, I was stationed on Guam.  Guam is a U.S. territory and all of its citizens are U.S. citizens at birth.

Cruz, on the other hand was born in Canada which is not a U.S. territory.  His father was not a U.S. citizen.  There are some “constitutional” lawyers who don’t think that makes him a “natural-born” citizen.

Of course, in the mind of Ted Cruz, the only reason they think that is because they are “left leaning liberals” trying to destroy him.  One of his law professors said last night that Ted Cruz is not a Constitutional Purest as he claims, but rather a Constitutional Opportunist.

I don’t know if Cruz is eligible based on his birth or not.  That is really a matter for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide.  The irony in that is I can envision that the four “liberal” members would rule in his favor.  Yet, the five “conservative” members might just disagree with Cruz on this.

I do have a question for Cruz.  Where in our Constitution does it say that people of the same sex cannot be legally married?  It isn’t in there.  So, if you are a “Constitutional Purest” how can you be against same-sex marriage?

The same Constitution declares there is to be a separation of church and state.  So, if you are a “Constitutional Purest” how can you assert that “religious doctrine” should be the law of the land?  Isn’t it really “religious doctrine” that says marriage is to be between one man and one woman and not our civil laws laid out in the Constitution?

Once again, this debate gave no substantive plans on how to grow the country except for the usual “trickle-down economic” policies that have wrecked our economy and failed us miserably.  Nothing was discussed that would “make us safe” from terrorism, except that we should give up our privacy to the NSA for the sake of security.

Nothing was mentioned about climate change which even our Department of Defense says is one of the biggest security threats we face as a nation.  Nothing was said about the armed domestic terrorists holding a wildlife refuge hostage.

If terrorism is so important to us as a nation, why aren’t they calling for the army to be called in to remove these terrorists from that wildlife refuge?  Why won’t Ted Cruz call them “Radical Domestic Terrorists”?  Is it because they are white and “Christian”?

Last night was just another example of a Fox News station holding a feeble attempt at a Presidential Debate.  We deserve better.  And, quite frankly, the candidates deserve better.  But, that is what happens when your loudest cheerleaders are the ones holding the “debate”.

The only thing very apparent to me is that when these conservatives get together on a stage and “debate” the only losers are the American People.   If one of these “gentleman” actually become President, I foresee a country constantly at war.  I foresee the comeback of “company stores” and slave wages.  I foresee the end of our democracy.

When it comes to the Republican Party, the inmates are running the asylum.  We cannot let them run our country.


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In case you didn’t know this, it is official.  If you are not a conservative, you cannot be a Christian.  That does not come from me.  It comes from that wonderful Tea Party Nut, Rep. Dave Brat.  According to this learned scholar, only conservatives “own Christian tradition”.

It seems that when the President said last year that Republicans opposed to allowing refugees into the country were “scared of widows and orphans”,  Brat reacted in a typical “I only know what is best” attitude.  He went on the attack and said “People in the tradition know what that word means, right?”

In case you are wondering what the “people in the tradition know” is that Jesus commanded Christians to take care of widows and orphans.  Brat went on to say “he’s using the Christian tradition and he’s trying to bring about compassion by bonking Republicans over the head with the Bible.  It’s almost a comedy routine on what compassion and love is.”

Oh, but the rant goes on.  Brat said Obama is “mocking his enemies in order to compel a larger federal state using the tradition of love.”  He said it’s time for conservatives to take back the Bible. “Our side, the conservative side, needs to reeducate its people that we own the entire tradition,” he said.

So, there you have it.  Unless you are a conservative, please don’t even try to call yourself a “Christian”.  They own the tradition, and one must presume the religion too.  Every liberal, moderate, centrist, or any other type cannot be a “Christian” because you do not “own the tradition.”

On the other side, does anyone who professes to be Christian really want to “own the tradition” of the conservative brand of Christianity?  I can’t for the life of me imagine that any sane person would want to be part of their outrageous “pick-and-choose” form of Christianity.

This is coming from the same people who want to build a “wall” on the southern border to keep out those Latino people, but are very happy to leave the northern border with Canada open.  That is the border that is almost exclusively used by terrorists to gain entry into this country.

These are the same people that refuse to issue birth certificates to children born in this country because their parents are not citizens.  These are the same people who claim that Mexican immigrants are all rapists and thieves.  These are the same people that refuse to recognize the civil marriage between people unless they are a man and woman.

These are the same people who say it is legal to discriminate against anyone they wish because their “religion” says it is okay to discriminate against anyone they want.  They call that “religious liberty.”  Yet, they want to ban all Muslims from immigrating to this country and want to shut down all of the Mosques in the country.  Apparently, Muslims don’t have “religious liberties”.

These are the same people that want to eliminate Medicaid, Food Stamps, Medicare, Social Security, and a host of other social safety nets.  I guess their definition of “taking care of widows and orphans” is to simply let them starve or freeze to death.

These are the same people who don’t think you should have access to affordable health care.  According to them, if you get sick and cannot afford to pay the full bill, just suffer and/or die.

I don’t know if his last name is an accident of birth, or if he chose it himself.  But it is very descriptive of his outlook on life.  He is a brat!  In case you may be wondering who this lunatic is, he is the person who unseated Eric Cantor by saying Cantor favored “amnesty” for those damned illegals.

I often listen to these nut-jobs when they speak and wonder just where they are getting their ideas from?  As I have said before, I do not call myself a Christian, but I have had years of training in Christianity while growing up in a Catholic family.  I never heard any priest, nun, or other teacher utter these “traditions” as Brat calls them.

It was quite the opposite.  They spoke about loving your neighbor.  Taking of the sick, poor, widows, orphans.  They talked about being part of one body.  How can anyone claim to be Christian and decide that only certain people can be part of that one body.

People like Brat, Huckabee, Cruz, Rubio, et. al., are a total disgrace to anyone who really believes in Christianity.  They are a sickness that creeps into society preaching hate, bigotry, and discrimination all in the “name of God”.  In my opinion, they are no better than the creeps who are claiming to be Muslim like those in ISIS.  Both of these groups are preaching the same thing.  We need to kill each other in the name of God.

On the other hand, anyone who really believes in either of the faiths are appalled by their teachings.   America is becoming more secular each year.  Religions are beginning to struggle to maintain their congregations.  They give all sorts of reasons for this decline.  The one thing they do not name as a reason is all of the hate speech from the so-called “true believers”.

How can anyone expect someone to follow any religion that allows such hate speech?  How can any religion believe they can get new converts if all you hear is “hate your neighbor”?  Conservatives like Brat say they “own” Christianity.  If what they are saying and doing is Christian, they can keep it.  They are simply the flip side of the same pillow as ISIS.

I am sure if you listen carefully at the debate tonight, you will hear more of this stupidity come out of the candidates mouths.  Just another example of how the “shirts” keep marching along.

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