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The hate speech from the right continues today.  We are hearing all sorts of stupid stuff coming out of Republican mouths.  Frankly, stupid stuff that I never thought I would hear from politicians.  But then, I have neer seen such a group of politicians come out from the right like this batch.

The right-wing has always been somewhat offensive to me.  They tout ideas that cause divisiveness, hate, blame, and intolerance.  But, today, they are actually running on such a platform believing the majority of Americans think like they do.

I am reminded of the 1968 elections.  George Wallace was running as an independent on such a hate platform.  His hate was directed towards African-Americans.  When the election was over, he had garnered third place and over 9 million votes.  I wasn’t worried about his actually running for president.  What worried me was that over 9 million peopled actually voted for him.

Today we are seeing the same thing take place except from a major Political Party instead of an Independent.  The candidates with the loudest hate speech are actually leading the Republican nomination.  People like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz are all ahead right now.  Not a single one of them has come up with any viable positions, except that of “hating your neighbor.”

They are all too keen to tell Americans that “Radical Islamic Terrorists” are coming to kill them in their sleep.  They want you know that Islam is a religion of terrorism.  As they like to say “all Muslims are terrorists” and we need to be afraid of them before it is too late.  We must “wipe them out”.

They are backed up by their propaganda machine.  People like Bill O’Reilly and his cohorts at Fox News are all too eager to point out the “radical Islamist threat.”  Yet, when that threat becomes attacks by non-Islamic terrorists, they are loathe the to use the term “domestic terrorist” to describe the suspect of such an attack.

That is very apparent with their distancing themselves from the latest attack at a Planned Parenthood clinic last week.  They are falling all over themselves to let their followers know they are as pure as the driven snow and never did anything to incite such an attack.  They are taking great pains to declare that Dear was a deranged person who did not act for political motives and nothing more.  But, if that  deranged person” was from the middle-east, that person would be a terrorist who was acting “under orders”  and not acting on his own.

But the idiocy doesn’t end there.  Yesterday, Ted Cruz went on Hugh Hewitt and announced that the “vast majority of violent criminals are Democratic.”  Meaning the Republicans are the only law-abiding citizens in America today.  The other day, he claimed the shooter in Colorado was a “transgendered leftist.”  This from a candidate who brags about the backing he is receiving from a man who declared that “abortion doctors should be executed.”

What is also being lost is a violent crime in Pittsburgh. On Thanksgiving night a man shot a Moroccan taxi driver. His passenger started asking whether he was a “Pakistani guy” and about “the terror group ISIS,” before moving on to mocking Mohammed.

When the passenger was delivered to his house, he told the driver he had to get money from inside his house, and then returned with a rifle, which he used to shoot at the taxi as it sped away. The driver was shot in the back, but survived.

The news report about the incident ran in today’s Washington Post and even though the shooting happened on Thanksgiving night, the police are still “piecing together what happened” — and no mention was made of an arrest. Or, of course, a motive.

Of course, no one on the Republican side has said a word about this attack as being a “religious terrorist” attack.  Which it appears to have been.  But, since the victim was a Moroccan, I don’t expect anyone to say anything about it.  You can bet that if the attacker had asked about “Jesus” or the “Christian Right” the right-wing would have plenty to say about it.

Finally, a State Legislator in Alabama had plenty to say about whom you should shop with this holiday season.  Alan Harper tweeted out a message that you should be wary of stores owned by non-white Christians.  In his tweet he said:

As you travel during the holidays or any other time, please try to shop and purchase gas and other items at American owned stores.”

Then it got even better:

The [convenience] stores/tobacco outlets, etc. with the lights around the windows and doors are not owned by God-fearing Christians. In large part, these stores are owned by folk that send their profits back to their homeland and then in turn use these funds against our country to create turmoil, fear and in some cases death and destruction.”

Oh he tried to be correct by saying he was “painting with a broad brush,” (a phrase he put in scare quotes), “but the madness has to stop.”  He ended with the usual Christian Conservative meme of “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May God Bless.”  Somehow, I don’t think God would be very happy with his tweet of hate.

What makes matters worse for Allen, is that he is the Chairman of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee in Alabama.  I really don’t know how he justifies trying to put out of business those stores who are not owned by his favorite people.

This is the type of idiocy that we are being subjected to in this election cycle.  We can call this a lot of things. We can call it hypocritical, or strange, or wacky.  But the one thing we know is that it is a platform of hate.

These people want us to believe that if the person sitting next to you isn’t white and Christian, you have to be afraid of him.  If that person has darker skin, he must be a “taker” and not a “maker.”  If that person appears to be from a Muslim country, he must be a terrorist.  If that person is Latino he must be an “illegal” trying to steal your job or in the words of Donald Trump, “rape your women.”

And of course, all of this hate is being thrown around in the name of “Jesus.”  If you really believe in Jesus, you must also believe that this Christmas the Infant Jesus in the manger is crying over this hate speech.  After all, he preached to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  What we are hearing from the right is anything but “love”.

And the shirts keep marching on.

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I have written several times about the rhetoric from the GOP candidates and how it feeds hate.  Unfortunately, Friday we saw another example that hate causing harm.  Since the attacks, the GOP candidates have spoken.  Well, they have kind of spoken.

The only one so far who has called this attack at Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs a “domestic terrorist” attack was, surprisingly Mike Huckabee.  The problem is that in his statement, he also tried to “justify” the attack when he mentioned that it took place at “Planned Parenthood where millions of babies die.”  The rest of them are “praying for the victims” or complaining about “left-wing media bias” against conservatives for causing the attack by their rhetoric.

The real cause of this attack is still uncertain.  Yes, it was reported that the shooter mentioned “no more body parts” in a police interview after the attack.  If that is true, it is a clear reference to the bogus videos a right-wing organization put out last summer.  If that is true, then those who produced those videos should be held accountable for this attack as well.

Ever since those bogus videos were released there has been a huge increase in arson and bombing attacks at Planned Parenthood clinics.  But somehow, the media isn’t covering those attacks very much.  Which means their silence may have also led to this attack.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered about this particular attack.  Why did Dear attack the clinic?  What were his motives?  How was he able to get his gun?  These are all valid questions.  The fact that Fox News tried to divert the attack from what it was by suggesting it may have been “a bank robbery gone wrong” only adds to the questions.

Conservatives are saying the videos must not have had anything to do with the attack since Dear didn’t kill any of the clinic personnel.  They leave out the part that he tried to enter the clinic, but couldn’t get past a locked door.  No one knows how many more people would have been killed if he had entered the clinic fully.

There are some very disturbing things that are coming out.  I don’t know how accurate they are, but these details Dear are almost darkly poignant.  Dear has a long history of what are delicately called “brushes” with the law, including charges of animal cruelty, domestic violence, and an arrest after being accused of hiding in the bushes and peering at a neighbor. Which is why we must ask “how did he get his gun?”

The real problem we are facing is not just the rhetoric from GOP candidates.  It is also their stance on issues that rile up their “base”.  It is the hate they are injecting in the political process.  It is complaining about “criminals” and “mentally ill” people shooting others “yet refusing to include universal background checks in the purchase of guns.  Something that could actually help keep guns out of the hands of people like Dear.

When a Muslim kills someone, it is an obvious act of “terrorism.”  We cannot allow refugees into the country because they “may be terrorists.”  Yet, the GOP won’t close those loopholes that allow terrorists to purchase guns easily in this country without even having to go through a background check.

I guaranty that if Dear resembled anyone who might be a candidate for “profiling” at an airport security check point, their rhetoric would be all about “terrorism.”  But, since this attack took place at Planned Parenthood, Dear is just “deranged” or a “murder” but not a terrorist.

When candidates use “debunked” videos as fact, when candidates openly lie on a debate stage (Carly Fiorina) about the videos and what they contain, they are feeding the hate.  Hate makes people act and use what is being said as “justification” for their actions.  I would say the same thing if any Democrat said similar things.  Feeding hate in order to get votes is just wrong.

As I said, this is not an isolated case.  Workers at abortion clinics have been harassed and threatened for years by the “religious right.”  They have been victims of  “domestic terrorism” for years.  The people who post names and addresses of those who work at these clinics are trying to get them injured or killed.  There is no other reason for posting that information.  Who else would be interested in where a nurse lives?  Only those who wish them harm.

Yet, these same GOP candidates don’t have a problem with this practice.  Their words and actions approve of it.  They are just as guilty as those who post the information in hopes someone will act on it.  When they do, these same candidates “will offer prayers” for the victims.  The victims they caused!

As I said, there are still a lot we don’t know about this attack.  We don’t know what the reason for it was.  We don’t know exactly what led Dear to kill three people and shoot several more.  However, where he made his attack speaks volumes to his motives regardless of what everyone thinks.

I predicted that violence will increase as this election cycles moves along.  The attack at Planned Parenthood is not isolated in this uptick in violence.  There have been mass shooting in New Orleans and other cities.  Today the University of Chicago cancelled classes because of a threat of gun violence.

Yes, the violence is increasing and the GOP remains silent about it.  The violence is taking people’s lives, and the only thing the GOP can say is that we “pray for the victims.”  While they “pray” more people are becoming victims and the GOP blames the victims for their plight.

Until these candidates own up to their complicity in these tragic events, it will continue and it will get worse.  Whether you are spreading hate about abortion providers, gays, Muslims, African-Americans, atheists, liberals, or anyone else, you are promoting violence.

Sorry, but so far the real “un-Americans” in this election are on the GOP side of the aisle.  If they keep up their hate speech, the “shirts” will continue to march and we are all in danger of becoming a victim.

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Now that the holiday season has officially started, we are going to hear a lot more from Fox News about the “War on Christmas.”  One of the first salvos has been fired in, surprise, Georgia.  In Harris County, the sheriff decided that he needed to put up a sign outside his department.

The sign reads

WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you…LEAVE!

Which brings us to a phrase that is bandied about way too often by both sides.  That phrase is “political correctness.”  This may sound crazy to a lot of you, but I don’t care about the sign through the word “flag.”  I mean that.  I don’t care if you say Merry Christmas.  I don’t care if you say God Bless America.  I don’t care about any of that.  What makes the sign offensive it the last part.  “If this offends you…LEAVE!”

I have news for Sheriff Jolley.  Once you put that phrase in your sign, you proved that you do not salute our troops or our flag.  Our troops fight to defend the constitution which protects people from having follow your slanted views of the world.  We fight to protect everyone’s right to be different.

Rather than being a sign that wants to “protect” aspects of life, this sign is intended to tell non-Christians that they are not welcome in Harris County.  It is backed up by his statement in an interview on Fox News, “I’m not naive enough — and I hope they’re not naive enough — to think I can order anyone to leave the county. But if it offends someone, they’re more than welcome to leave.”

This is nothing more than trying to establish a “Christian” society in a county of America and for that matter the entire country.  Jolley finished by noting that if the sign “offends them, truly offends them, maybe they’re in the wrong country.”   See, he said “country” with an “r” not “county” without an “r”.

I have believed for a long time that “political correctness” may have gone too far.  But, there is a difference between political correctness and trying to enforce a theology.  When conservatives try to say that businesses don’t have to serve people because it violates the business’ civil rights, they are not being politically incorrect, they are be unlawful.

When a county official says if you are offended because someone says “Merry Christmas”  you should “leave” he is not being politically incorrect, he is being unlawful.  That is the major difference between “political correctness” and being “political”.

When someone offends people, they may be politically incorrect.  When officials try to make that policy, they are being political.  That is the major difference that conservatives don’t want you to see.  The First Amendment clearly states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

Signs like Sheriff Jolley’s clearly crosses that line.  Look, this is known as the “Christmas Season.”  That doesn’t mean everyone believes in that philosophy.  There are other holidays being celebrated by other groups as well.  The words you use as a greeting during holiday season don’t mean you are a good person or a bad person.  They simply express beliefs.  So, as the season goes along, I won’t be offended by someone saying “Merry Christmas”.  Even though I don’t follow that belief system, as a courtesy I always respond using the same words.  That is not political correctness, that is being polite.

On the other hand, I don’t expect anyone to be offended if I say “Happy Holidays” instead.   Again, that is not being politically correct on their part, it is being polite.  Both examples are not just being polite, they are being respectful.  I respect your right to believe what you wish.  I also expect that you will respect what I believe.

The Christmas season has always touted peace and love among mankind.  During World War I the Germans and British climbed out of their trenches to get drunk together, talk, and play soccer.  If they could put their hate aside during this season, why can’t we?

Maybe because people like Sheriff Jolley, who want to impose a Christian Theocracy on the rest of us won’t let the lies die.  That is not being politically incorrect, it is being deceitful.  How Christmassy of them.

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The question mark is on purpose.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  Traditionally, that is a day we gather with family and friends and give thanks for our liberties.  It is a day of fun, eating, drinking, and for a lot of people watching football.

But, this is also the beginning of an election cycle.  We have several members of the Senate up for re-election, the entire House is up for re-election, and there is also a Presidential Election.  The rhetoric that has come from the right-wing is anything but, thanksgiving worthy.  No, the rhetoric is the worst we have heard in over 100 years.

There are presidential candidates who want to eliminate people’s right to choose their religion.  Namely closing Mosques.  They are against equal pay for equal work.  They are against abortion.  They are against same-sex marriages.  They are against raising the minimum wage.  They are against stopping climate change.  They are against voting rights.  They are against immigration.  They are against women’s rights.

So, what are they for?  They are for beating up protesters at their rallies.  They are for a registration process and special ID program for Muslims.  They are for gun rights to the point they won’t close a loophole that makes it easier for terrorists to purchase guns without a background check.  They are for the death penalty for homosexuals.  They are for forced deportation of undocumented immigrants.  They are for killing abortion doctors.  They are for jailing women who suffer a miscarriage.

This year has been quite horrific.  The number of police violence has increased.  We have another police shooting in Chicago that cannot be called anything but an execution by a police officer.  He shot the victim 14 times after he was on the ground!  The number of police officers being shot is down, and has been down for several years.  Yet these presidential candidates want you to believe there is a “war on the police” not a “police war on citizens.”

The other day, Ted Cruz, that wonderful” Christian” candidate sent out a press release praising an endorsement he just received.  That endorsement comes from anti-choice advocate Troy Newman.  In case you don’t know who Troy is, he is the guy who says that abortion doctors should be killed!

We are living in a time when hate, violence, and even murder are endorsed by presidential candidates.  We are living in a time when candidates play to the fears of the fringe elements of their party.  We live in a time when only Muslims are terrorists, yet more Christian Terrorists have killed more U.S. citizens since 9/11.

The horrible thing about this is that our media is allowing it to happen by not calling out the candidates for their hate and endorsement of violence.  These nut jobs are getting a free pass from the institution that usually protects us from such wackos.  How is it that the “Fourth Estate” is so mum on these outrageous announcements?

Yes, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  We are supposed to be happy for our freedom, liberties, and way of life.  Yet, as we sit down to our tables, what are we celebrating?  Will we celebrate a time when civil rights were a given, or will we celebrate the hate and violence of our time?

I hope that everyone uses tomorrow to reflect on our history, what we have been, what we are becoming, and what kind of country we want to be.  I also hope that we reject this hate and violence endorsed by Republican candidates and resoundingly beat them at the polls next year.  If not, we may not have Thanksgiving Day for long.

So, once again – Happy Thanksgiving?

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The last few day I have written about the hate that Republican candidates have spewed forth on the American public.  Last night, we saw that hate again, in violence.  This time, five people who were at a “sit down” protest for Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis were shot.

From the accounts so far, three men wearing masks arrived at the scene.  They were followed by some of the protesters because they had been there before and shouted racial slurs.  The men suddenly turned around and opened fire hitting five people.  Luckily, none of the injuries is life threatening.

This is another example of the turn to fascism that some of these Candidates are taking.  It is not hard to understand that this incident took place, especially in concert with Trump saying a Black Lives Matter protester who was beaten at one of his events “deserved to be roughed up.”

However, the candidates are not alone in this mess.  The Right Wing Media echo chamber, led by Fox News has been promoting violence ever since Barak Obama was elected President.  When the protests over people of color being shot and killed by police erupted, and Black Lives Matter arose, Fox News and the rest of the racist conservative media started with their “All Lives Matter” slogan.

I have been around a long time.  I witnessed the Civil Rights campaigns in the 50s and 60s.  I know what All Lives Matter is all about.  It is a white supremacist slogan.  What they are really saying is that “White Lives Matter More.”

Too many of todays Republican candidates have echoed this nonsense.  That is because they know that their white base is afraid of losing power.  They have demonized groups like Black Lives Matter because they share the racist beliefs of their base voters.  That is the only reason for the Syrian Refugee bans they want to put into place.

All of this talk is being fueled by people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the Fox News echo chamber.  You will see column after column about Christmas trees being banned somewhere, but only one story on the Minneapolis shooting.  When they do start writing or talking about it, they will surely come up with “excuses” or “conspiracy theories” about how Black Lives Matter actually did the shooting.  It is truly sickening!

This group has incited white supremacists to violence.  Candidates won’t denounce the violence.  The right-wing media will also counter with “well they weren’t angels either.”  This hate has gotten so bad, the Mayor of Dallas recently said he fears white supremacists more than Syrian Refugees.  Remember, it is white supremacists that have done more killing of U.S. citizens than Muslim terrorists since 9/11.

It takes up to 24 months for a refugee to be vetted by the current process.  It takes five minutes for a white supremacist to purchase a shitload of guns at a gun show without having to endure a background check.  That refugee that had to wait 24 months to get into the country is considered more of a threat by Republicans than the wacko at the gun show.

We are seeing more and more blood being spilled in our streets.  This blood isn’t being shed by “radical Islamic terrorists” it is being spilled by “white Christian domestic terrorists.”  Trump, Carson, and Cruz say we should monitor Mosques for “radicalization” of worshipers.

What about the white supremacist churches?  Shouldn’t we be monitoring them for radicalization of their worshipers?  Every white supremacist group has a church on their compound.  Most even have crosses as part of their logo.

Why aren’t we bugging their churches to see what is going on inside?  Why aren’t we putting them on some sort of register so we can monitor their movements?  Simple.  The Republican candidates and the right-wing media need them for votes.  They need them to stir up fear.  They need them to cause violence.

The white supremacist movement has been alive and kicking long before Hitler and the Nazis.  It has tried to wrap itself in the cloak of  Christianity to act legitimate.  With the election of a black man as President in 2008 it has grown.  It has fed on the Tea Party and other conservative groups.  Now it is feeding candidates like Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Huckabee.

The blood spilled last night, and at other incidents, are on the hands of people like Trump, Fox News, and the rest of the right-wing media propaganda machine.  They are feeding this hate with their inflammatory rhetoric.  They are promoting this hate and violence with innuendos aimed at anyone who is not white, Christian, and conservative.

As a result, I am afraid that this is going to be a long and violent campaign.  I hope I am wrong, but the early indications say I am correct.  To me, the only question is how high the body count will get before reason returns to America?

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The politics of hate are getting worse.  We are beginning to see hate invoked, especially by Republican candidates, grow by leaps and bounds.  The bad part of this is that too many Democrats are quietly allowing it to happen, even abetting it.  Those Democrats who voted for the House Refugee Bill have quietly abetted the hate towards Muslims.

But, the crown goes to Trump and Carson.  It extends to the rest of the Republican field by their almost complete silence on the matters.  As I watch what is happening, I sometimes wonder if this is the year 2015 or 1931.  I wonder that because some of the same tactics used by followers of Hitler are now being used by so-called conservatives today.

Last week, a black man showed up at a rally for Donald Trump in Birmingham, Al.  He shouted “black lives matter” and then removed his sweatshirt to reveal a T-Shirt saying the same things.  Apparently things got a little heated and Trump yelled “get him out of here.”  The man fell to the ground and was seen being beaten and kicked by several white attendees.  Yesterday, Trump said “the man probably should have been roughed up because he was obnoxious.”

This is at least the second time Trump refused to condemn an attack by his supporters on someone.  He refused to denounce supporters earlier when they beat up a homeless man in New York.  Then, yesterday Trump doubled down on his hatred towards African-Americans and played to the racism of his followers.  I guess he needed to justify the earlier attack.

He tweeted a bogus set of statistics that claimed that African-Americans are responsible for 82% of white people’s murders.  The list contains other bogus statistics as well.  He cites the Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco for the numbers.  Problem.  The Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco does not even exist!  Yet he claims that these statistics are for 2015, which isn’t even over yet.

On the other hand, the FBI who really keeps tabs on these statistics, says that in 2014, about 82% of white people murdered were murdered by other white people.  While Trump claims that 97% of black murders were committed by other blacks, the FBI says about 90% were killed by other blacks and about 7% were committed by whites.

These numbers reflect the real murder rates.  It is commonly known that murders mostly occur between people of the same race, because people are usually murdered by someone they already know.  So, blacks usually kill other blacks, and whites usually kill other whites.

There is only one reason to send out this tweet.  Feed the racism that is beginning to run rampant on the “conservative” side of politics.  There can be no other reason to submit such false statistics as fact.  To put it pure and simple, Trump is race-baiting his followers who really don’t need a reason.

Also yesterday, Trump said he “saw thousands” of Arab people cheering in Jersey City on 9/11.  This is a vile rumor that has been on the internet for years.  Trump claims he “saw it on TV.”  Problem is no one else can verify that information.  Mostly because it never happened.

He isn’t alone in this problem either.  Both he and Ben Carson believe that Muslims should be required to “register in a database” and that they should be required to carry “special ID cards.”  To be fair, most of the rest of the Republicans did dispute the database idea, but remained silent on the special ID card theory.  That is except for Cruz who doesn’t seem to think the database idea is all that bad.

There is a growing number of Republicans who think that Mosques should be closed.  If not completely closed, then at least “monitored” to make sure they aren’t “radicalizing” the followers.  Trump and Carson even believes that “water boarding” should be used on Muslim prisoners “to get better information.”  Carson says we should not give up water boarding in the name of political correctness.  Well, what about giving it up in the name of law, which forbids it.

Last week a group of Texans gathered outside a Mosque to “protest.”  They apparently felt they needed to be armed to the teeth in order to protest a place of worship.  Which is exactly what they did.  One carried a sign that said “the best way to stop Muslim terrorism” with an arrow pointing to another man with an assault rifle.  Let’s be honest, this wasn’t a protest, it was an attempt to intimidate worshipers at the Mosque.

The House bill on refugees makes it nearly impossible for any Syrian or Iraqi refugees to come to this country.  They even left out Cruz’s religious test that would allow “Christian” refugees into the country.   The Republicans claim the vetting of refugees is problematic.  Yet, when Gov. Snyder of Michigan was asked what the problems were, he couldn’t give an answer.  He just thinks it should be stronger.

So, I ask you.  It this the year 2015 or are we back in 1931?  The politics of fear and intimidation worked for Hitler.  Are Trump and the rest of the Republican field trying to mirror that victory?  In 1931 the target of the hate and intimidation were Jews.  Today the target is Muslims and African-Americans.

I am wondering when we will see our own group of black shirts or brown shirts marching in our streets.  I am wondering when we will begin to see “open intimidation” of opponents of this field on the streets.  If these politicians continue to defend such attacks, it will happen more often.

I never imagined that I would ever witness a major political party in this country stoop to such “gutter politics.”  Yes we went through Reagan’s “welfare queen” tantrums and other “scapegoat” politics in the past, but never to the point of violence.  Never to the point when the candidate supports such violence.

I also have to assume that the Party agrees with these tactics since their leaders have been mute over these incidents.  I don’t know what you wish to call all of this behavior.  I call it the beginnings of fascism.  Something my father and his generation fought to eradicate from the world.  I doubt the “greatest generation” would be very happy with what is going on in the Republican Party today.

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We have been discussing terrorism a lot recently.  We are hearing such insane things like we need a “data base” for Muslims.  They should be forced to have a different ID Card that clearly state their religion.  The House has passed a bill that would virtually make it impossible for Syrian or Iraqi refugees from entering this country.

There are growing numbers of incidents where people are being denied boarding on planes or even being removed solely based on fear.  Like the people taken off a plan because they were of mid-eastern decent and had the gall of watching a news show on a cell phone.  Or two men delayed from boarding a flight simply because they were speaking Arabic to each other.   The hate is being blown around as if it was in a tornado.

Yet, very quietly, there is one serious war against terrorism that the right does not want to fight.  That fight would help make Americans more secure at home, but the right doesn’t want you to know about it.  They are refusing to even talk about it and the new Speaker of the House won’t say anything either.

Here it is.  Did you know that people who are on the FBI’s suspected terrorist list cannot get on an airplane, but they can go into the nearest gun shop and buy whatever gun they want?  Whoa you say!  They should be flagged as being on the list and therefore barred from buying guns.  Nope!  As a matter of fact, that loophole has been around ever since 9/11.

It is true that when anyone on the list purchases guns the information is passed to the FBI for tighter scrutiny.  But there is nothing that prevents that person from walking out of the store armed to the teeth.  Senator Feinstein has introduced a bill that would close that loophole.  But, it would only close the loophole at gun stores.  It would do nothing to prevent terrorists from getting their weapons online or at gun shows.

Here is a real surprise, the NRA is opposed to the legislation.  They don’t want anything from interfering with the gun manufacturers from making money even if that money gets Americans killed by terrorists.  Republicans are opposed to the bill.  Gun nuts are opposed to the bill.  The real question is why?

Why would anyone be against a bill that would help keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.  The NRA argues that too many people may be barred from getting a gun even though they don’t belong on the list.  They claim that everyone deserves “due process.”  Well they have a small point there.  Only, there are processes that people can go through to get off the list, including going to court.  There is also an argument that only about 2% of the list contains names of U.S. Citizens.  But, without any checks at gun shows or online, anyone can get a gun very easily.

While the fear-mongers are running around scaring the hell out of the American people, these same fear-mongers are not interested in changing the law so someone on the terrorist list cannot purchase a gun!  Even if this bill is passed, terrorists will still be able to get whatever gun they want.  There are no checks for purchases made online or at gun shows or from private people.

That means a terrorist can walk into a gun show anywhere, show a false ID Card and purchase a semi-automatic riffle.  That person can then walk down the street and shoot as many people as he wants, or until his ammunition runs out.  Or, a terrorist can purchase guns online without any checks on them.  I really wonder how many weapons terrorists have purchased from these sources already.  How many more will they be able to get until Congress wakes up about this threat.

The only way to reduce the risk of this happening is for Congress to pass a Universal Background Check law.  In that law, if you wish to purchase a gun, from anywhere, you have to go through a background check.  If you are on the terror watch list, you cannot get the gun you want.  Simple, right?

This is not about “taking away guns” from law-abiding citizens.  Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear from Universal Background Checks.  This is about closing loopholes so terrorists, criminals, or mentally ill persons cannot buy guns.

If Republicans and the right-wing really are interested in “protecting American lives” they will pass the Feinstein bill and Universal Background Checks.  Otherwise, as usual, they are talking out of both sides of their lying mouths.  It is easy to scare people.  It takes real courage to protect people.  Republicans and the far right are great at scaring people.  They don’t have the balls to stand up to the NRA and really protect people.

Under current laws, every time you see a “gun show” you are really seeing a “terrorist gun purchase zone.”  And, gun nuts don’t care if those terrorists kill you with the guns they are selling terrorists.  They only care about selling their guns!


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