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The Republican Party has been shilling the lie about Family Values and their desire to protect them for years.  Most sane people have seen through this lie for a long time.  All you have to do is look at the number of mass shootings in our country to see they don’t mean a word of it.

Our children are part of what we are supposed to protect in their “Family Values” rhetoric.  Since the Republicans are the main culprits who oppose reasonable gun control, it proves beyond reasonable doubt that Family Values means nothing to them at all.  They are simply lying to get the crazies votes.

It is time to call them out for not protecting “family values” like they say they are.  It is time to put a stop to all of this nonsense before we lose an entire generation of children. If it sounds like I am angry, you are right. I am angry.  This does not have to happen in our country.

Nor, does reasonable gun control mean we have taken guns away from citizens.  It simply means we can at least make an attempt to keep them out of the hands of people who should not be allowed to carry weapons.  It means we can finally show our children that their parents are actually adults interested in protecting them from the evil in the world.

And stop giving me those lame excuses about how “stuff happens” and the Second Amendment and your right to protect yourself and the murder rate in cities like Chicago.  That is all cover for not addressing the issues that need to be addressed that you don’t want addressed.  It is BULLSHIT!  None of those arguments have anything to do with these shootings.  And, don”t tell me that States have the answer, because States are at the heart of what is happening due to their lax gun laws!  In other words, the States are not the solution to the problem, the States ARE the problem.

For example, where do most of the guns that are used in murder in cities come from? Answer:  States that do not require proper background checks when purchased online or at gun shows!  Then transported to the cites. That is where they come from.

Also, have you notice that the vast majority of these mass killers all got their guns “legally?”  That alone should tell you something is wrong with how we allow guns to be purchased in this country.  Every time something like this happens, the gun nuts claim that the person who committed this act suffered from mental illness and it wasn’t the “gun’s” fault.  They then tell you that there is no need for universal background checks to try to keep these guns from falling into the hands of those with mental illness.

For once I agree with the gun nuts.  It isn’t the fault of the gun.  It is the fault of the gun nuts, the NRA, the gun manufacturers, and politicians who won’t stand up to these wackos.  The blood of every dead child, every murdered person, and every suicide that was the result of gun shot lies at their doorsteps!  They are the ones allowing these disturbed people to purchase guns to carry out their heinous crimes.  They are guilty of abetting the murder of our children and citizens!

We are going to hear the same old bullshit from the right-wing about gun “rights.”  But you will not hear about your right live freely without the worry of being shot by some nut allowed to purchase a gun legally.  Stop listening to them, and fight back.  Remember, the blood of our children are on their hands!

This time instead of “offering your prayers” to the victims, show a little backbone and stand up to the gun manufacturers, the NRA and the gun nuts and let us finally do something to stop the madness!  As you can see from the proliferation of these tragic events, your child could be next, or even the next mass shooter!  How will you be able to live with that if you are willing to do nothing?

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I haven’t said much over the so-called Select Committee on Benghazi simply because there hasn’t been much to say.  This hearing has been dragging on for about a year now, and nothing new has come out of it.  Until last night.  But first, let us do a little background.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi was set up by John Boehner to “get to the truth” of what happened that night when four Americans, including our Ambassador were killed.  Even though there have been at least a half-dozen of “investigations” that said there was no conspiracy and that no one has lied to Congress.  That wasn’t enough, because, well, Republicans wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Trey Gowdy was named the head of the Committee and bragged that he’d be running a professional investigation that has no interest in partisan politics and is committed to learning the truth about the events that led to the deaths of four Americans.  But as we have seen, it leaks at every given opportunity, feeding often misleading information about Clinton’s emails to reporters.

Furthermore, he frequently asserts that he is concerned only with information that is relevant to the committee’s mandate.  All the while expanding the investigation to areas that, by his own admission are outside the committee’s purview and have little or nothing to do with the Benghazi attacks.  But, what the hell, an investigation is an investigation and who cares about the facts or little things like purview.

As you can see, the Republicans claim that this investigation has nothing to do about Hillary Clinton, or anything to do with politics.  It is simply an investigation into the “truth.”  Until last night, that is.

As part of his quest to become the next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy showed up on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.  He was trying to show just what type of House he would be leading should he become the next Speaker.  That is when it got real interesting.  As one example of a Republican win in Congress he said:

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right?  But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today?”

So much for “getting to the truth.”  As you can see, the “truth” is that the select committee was solely designed to bring down the political career of Hillary Clinton!  I am not the one saying that either, even though I did say it earlier, this is coming from the person who wants to become Speaker of the House.

McCarthy went on to say that this is how “his” House would operate.  It would appear that the House of Representatives has lost sight of the fact that it is supposed to be “governing body” and not a propaganda machine of any political party.

The next time someone talks about Benghazi, maybe you should remind him that the current number 2 Republican in the House of Representatives, and the front-runner to be the next Speaker, announced on national TV that the whole Benghazi “investigation” is simply a political ploy.

I wonder how Trey Gowdy feels being thrown under the bus by someone who is trying to become his boss.  The real funny thing to me is that Hannity didn’t even notice the admission.  He even gave McCarthy applause for “his effort.”  There are no doubts anymore.  The longest running Select Committee is a farce.  Nothing more.

I sure hope Hillary is nice enough to send McCarty a “think you card” for his honesty.  Now she has the ammunition she to fight back.

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Donald Trump announced his “new” tax plan yesterday.  And, boy was it something!  I don’t know exactly what that something is, but it sure is something.  I will get back to The Donald’s plan in a bit.  But first….

Does anyone remember 2012?  In 2012 Mitt Romney faced off against President Barak Obama in an election for President.  During that election cycle, someone came up with an astounding announcement.  It was said that 47% of the American people did not pay any income taxes!  Wow!  The conservatives latched on to that figure like a pit bull latching onto a bone.

They argued that this simply proved that 47% of Americans are “takers.”  Mitt Romney fell in line and got caught with his infamous 47% remarks at a fundraiser.  That comment all but doomed his candidacy.  But, he wasn’t alone in his comments either.

Rush Limbaugh said, “The bottom 40 percent of American earners — the bottom 40 percent — on average, make a profit from the federal income tax. What I mean by that is, they get more money in tax credits than they would owe otherwise in taxes. For those people, the government sends them a payment: The earned income tax credit, the I-don’t-have-a-school-lunch tax credit, the defeat-the-Republicans tax credit, the support-unions-and-Democrats tax credit.”

Sean Hannity in all of his wisdom announced: “If half of Americans now don’t pay taxes, and the other half are the beneficiaries of the tax that the other half pay, at some point you say, OK, you got a full voting block and it seems like the Democratic Party … caters to that.”

Finally, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade said: “97.11 percent of the taxes comes from 50 percent of the wage earners. There’s a lot of people not paying taxes. And also, about who pays taxes, only 2.7 percent of taxes come from the bottom 50 percent of wage earners. So of course they’re not — the burden’s not going to be on them. It’s going to be on the people that are paying most of it anyway.”

The rants went on, and on, and on.  According to these three wise men, about half of the American people are simply lazy, unproductive, and want “free stuff.”  Maybe that is why Romney lost so big to Obama.  Also remember, these are the same people who absolutely “hate paying taxes.”  So, rather than shouting for glee that 47% of Americans were able to “stick it to Big Government, they labeled them as “takers” from the rich.

But, we digress.  As I said, Donald Trump announced his tax plan if he is elected President.  Under that plan, surprise, surprise, that number of people who won’t pay taxes goes up!  That is right.  Under the proposal, individuals making less than $25,000 and married couples making less than $50,000 will not have to pay taxes. While 36 percent of American households do not pay income tax currently, that share would jump to 50 percent.

Isn’t it amazing how the number of people who supposedly don’t pay taxes went down from 2012 to today?  In 2012 that number was 47%.  Today, according to Donald that number is 36%.  But, after he is elected that number will go up again to 50%, even higher than they all cried about in 2012.

In his interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Donald said he was going to give himself a tax increase.  Of course, he lied.  Under his plan the taxes for the top earners would drop from 36 percent to 25 percent. Trump would also entirely eliminate the estate tax — known in Republican parlance as the “death tax,” and elsewhere as a valuable check against wealth inequality.  The top rate on capital gains, meanwhile, would drop from 24 to 20 percent. And while Trump would cap some deductions favored by the wealthy, the not-at-all-liberal Wall Street Journal reported that the reductions in the marginal rates would likely make up for the deduction caps.

In addition, it has been estimated by a conservative think tank that his tax plan would result in the national debt going up more than 75%!  Trump said his plan wouldn’t increase the debt.  But Tax Foundation says the debt would increase by $12 Trillion over the next decade.

On top of all of that, Jeb Bush, not to be outdone, said today that he is “flattered” that Trump stole his tax plan.  Which I believe should tell you everything you need to know about Bush’s tax plan all by itself.  So far, I haven’t heard anything from Limbaugh, Hannity, or Kilmeade about this new “tax plan” from Trump.  You must understand that all three love Donald Trump.  So, I don’t suppose you will hear much.  Especially since they seem to be getting the better deal again.

See, according to the Tax Foundation, the income of the top 1% will increase 21.8 percent as compared to income increase of 1.4 percent of the lowest earners.  In case you are wondering just how conservative Tax Foundation is, they get millions of dollars from the Koch Brothers.  So they presented another set of calculations based on favorable assumptions of economic growth that it said would be driven by Trump’s policies. Under that scenario, the national debt would climb by just $10.2 trillion over the next 10 years.

In case you are wondering, the total federal debt is currently $13.08 trillion.  If Republicans are elected and apply Trump’s tax plan to us, they will virtually double the current national debt.  How is that for balancing the budget?

All of this sleight of hand has a purpose.  It is intended to sound like we the normal people will get a tax break.  We the normal people should be thrilled.  But, in the end, it all boils down to one thing.  More money in the pockets of the top 1 percent.

It seems to me that the real Republican Plan is to bankrupt our country so the top 1 percent can see an  increase in their income.  This is just another example of the collapse of moral fiber in the Republican Party.  They have gone from vilifying those nasty “takers” in 2012, to championing a front-runner who will create even more “takers” who won’t pay any income taxes.

Do you think that it is possible to find a party at any other moment in American history that’s this completely incoherent and contradictory?  Whether it’s Ted Cruz wanting to repeal Obamacare while signing up for a policy because it’s a better value for his family; or whether it’s the crusade against Planned Parenthood, an organization that saves millions more lives than abortions performed; or whether the GOP’s top libertarian, Rand Paul, filibustering the use of drones then saying he’d use drones to kill liquor store thieves.  There simply is no precedent in our history to show just how off-the-rails the Republican Party has fallen.

Yet, they want us to let them “govern” our great country!

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Tomorrow is September 30, 2015.  In case you have been asleep, that means on Thursday, October 1, 2015 the government will have no budget and be forced to shut down, again.  The Senate did pass a short-term continuing budget yesterday, but it is still uncertain if the House will go along with it.

The House is still screaming about a political issue to shut down the government over.  That political issue is abortion, masquerading under the umbrella of Planned Parenthood.  They don’t like the idea that a very few clinics for Planned Parenthood perform abortions.  So, in their outrage, they demand the government “do what the people want” and defund the organization.

Problem is that 7 in 10 Americans support Planned Parenthood.  That is far more Americans who support Planned Parenthood than support the Republican Party.  If these conservatives really wanted to do “what the people want’ they would shut up and get on with passing a budget and leave Planned Parenthood alone.  But, they aren’t talking about “you” when they talk about the “people.”  They only mean the far right-wing of their party.  “You” don’t count!

We have seen this story before.  The conservative wackos forced the government to shut down just a couple of years ago.  They demanded that the Affordable Care Act be defunded.  They lost.  But, the government did shut down for a couple of weeks.  Government workers and government contractors felt the brunt of that shutdown.  Many never got back-pay for the time they were forced out of work for political gain.

It was estimated that the government lost about $23 Billion dollars over that 2 week shutdown.  With that wonderful legacy on their doorstep, they want to do the same thing, again.  Not for any real reason like balancing the budge, or helping the poor, or rebuilding our infrastructure.  No, they have picked another political issue to shut down the government over.

This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.  Representative Alan Grayson, a Democratic from Florida has introduced a bill that would stop the government from being shut down ever again.  Now, that would be something.  His bill was introduced in April.  He said”

In April, I proposed a simple solution. My bill, the Shut Down the Shutdowns Act, eliminates this danger entirely by applying existing budget levels to all federal agencies until a new law is passed creating new ones. My bill, H.R. 1776, is our declaration of independence from the tyranny of government shutdowns, both actual and threatened.

Existing law prohibits shutdowns regarding Social Security and Medicare benefits. Shouldn’t we be consistent? Why should the default for federal spending be no budget, instead of just the same budget? And why should we ever allow a fraction of a faction in the body politic to threaten the whole and hold all of us hostage?

Finally, someone who makes total sense!  Why do we have these continuing man-made crises every year at budget time?  I cannot remember a single time when the budget was actually decreased from the prior year.  So, keeping the government funded at current levels until a new budget is agreed upon makes total sense.

But, as you noticed, this bill was introduced in April.  You have probably never heard of it before.  Why?  Because the wackos in the House refuse to even consider something that will take their podium away from them.  If they cannot threaten to shut down the government over some trivial political issue, then they will have no podium to shout their hypocrisy from.

Imagine waking up on October 1 every year not worrying about a government shutdown.  Yes, I know that a government shutdown doesn’t affect most people’s lives.  But it affects the lives of government workers, government contractors, our military, our veterans, our elderly, and believe it or not you.

Some of the things that are effected by a government shutdown are things like food inspections.  Health and safety inspections will be halted.  Federal loans and import/export licenses will be put on hold.  The National Institutes of Health will stop accepting patients. And more than 800,000 federal workers will likely to be sent home.

So-called “essential” government workers will be forced to continue work without being guaranteed a paycheck.  What won’t be affected by a government shutdown?  Congress’ pay!  Nice.

The Republican Party, especially the fringe element on the right has made brinkmanship and a threaten of a government shutdown part of their political agenda.  Instead of figuring out how to govern and make things better for the “people,”  they prefer to sit in the corner and hold their breath until they get what they want.

And, as the recent polls indicate, they do not want what the “people” want.  They only want what they want, the people be damned!  I think it is time we start flooding Congress with demands that H.R. 1776 be enacted into law.  It is time for this idiocy to stop.  We can no longer afford the luxury of a fringe element of any political party to hold the country hostage anymore.

This bill would take the wind out of the sails of the crazies.  They would lose their ammunition, and dim their spotlight.  Now is the time.  Start emailing and calling your Senators and Representatives and demand that H.R. 1776 come up for a vote this year!  If the Republican controlled Congress blocks it, then we will have proof they have no intentions of governing.

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This morning, John Boehner announced that he is going to resign from Congress effective at the end of October.  His staff tweeted out a message that said Mr. Boehner had planned on not returning during the last election, but when Cantor lost his primary seat, didn’t want to leave the House in turmoil.  So, he decided to stay for another term.

All sounds nice and very loyal.  But, is that really what is behind his move?  We all know that John Boehner has been under attack from the most wacko members of his own party.  They already held one vote to try to oust him from being Speaker, and it appears another vote may be on the horizon.

As you may already know, I have called John Boehner the worst Speaker of the House in our country’s history.  He is claiming he stayed for honorable reasons, but now he is abandoning his post when things are getting real tough for the House and the country.

Just look at the timing of his announcement.  In a about a week, the country will run out of money unless a budget or continuing resolution is passed by both houses of Congress.  The major stumbling block on getting that done is funding for Planned Parenthood.  The fringe of the Republican Party want to defund the organization because fraudulent videos paint Planned Parenthood in a bad light.

Expert after expert who have viewed the videos have all said that they were heavily edited in order to show one slanted side of the issue, and were not intended to provide any truth to the public.  In other words, they were fabricated and a lie.  Yet the wackos in the Republican Party claim they are true, and are willing to shut down the government over the organization’s funding.

The Republican Party establishment, including John Boehner have been trying to figure out a way to at least get a continuing resolution passed so they have time to work on this problem they have within their own party.  Conservative fringe elements are having nothing to do with any plan to fund the government if there is any money for Planned Parenthood.

The GOP did come up with a plan to kick the can down the road, again, but the conservatives aren’t buying into it.

Several House conservatives met with leadership in Boehner’s office on Thursday. They included Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), who spearheaded a defunding letter signed by 30 other Republicans, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) and Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.).

Mulvaney indicated after the meeting that the conservatives are not backing down from their opposition to a “clean” spending bill, saying that he thinks such a bill would lose at least 50 Republican votes.

Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, said that voting on the Senate bill is “not enough” and that his group is preparing amendments, including on imposing sanctions on Iran..

As you can see, conservative wackos are looking at anything they can to throw a monkey wrench into the works, even bringing up Iran again.  It has become clearly evident to me that these idiots want the government to shut down.  They are looking to cause anarchy at any cost.

When Boehner announced his retirement, Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas said “it’s time for new leadership,” and Rep. Tom Massie of Kentucky said the speaker “subverted our Republic.”

“I think it was inevitable,” Massie said. “This is a condition of his own making right here.”

On the other hand, more mainstream Republicans don’t see it that way.  They said it would be a pyrrhic victory for the tea partyers.

“The honor of John Boehner this morning stands in stark contrast to the idiocy of those members who seek to continually divide us,” said Rep. David Jolly of Florida.

“The shutdown caucus as I call them has a small victory,” Jolly said.

This is the party that fully expects you, the American People to sweep into total power in 2016.  Their front-runners for the candidacy include Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson.  The rest of the lot aren’t any better either.   But, this is what happens when a Party decides that the fringe element of their party is the only way to get elected in the primaries.

This is what happens when a major political party decides that they will embrace fringe policies just to get votes.  This is what happens when a major party decides that compromise is a dirty word.  When the party is more interested in campaigning 24/7 than in actually governing.

I am sure that there are going to be a lot more discussions about Boehner’s decision.  But, as far as I am concerned, the major problem is being caused by his party embracing wackos as their salvation and their pathway to the White House.  As a result of this decision, we have had the least effective Congress in our history.  We have had stagnation at our highest levels.   All caused by one small fringe group in one of the major political parties.

Sorry, but I don’t believe that John Boehner is being honorable or courageous.  I believe he is taking the Sarah Palin way out.  Quit instead of making things right.  Boehner loved the title of Speaker of the House.  He loved the perks that go along with being Speaker of the House.  He was never competent in his job of being the Speaker of the House and providing leadership.

So, now when things are really bad for him, his party and the nation, he is going to run away back to Ohio.  What else can you expect from a cowardly lion.  In the meantime, we are faced with another government shutdown because a party’s leadership cannot lead.  Once again, the American People lose.

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Many people have heard about the Know Nothing Party.  It was also known as the Native American Party and in 1856 changed its name to the American Party.  Before you think otherwise, it had nothing to do with Native Americans.  This party was very anti-immigrant.

At the time, in the 1840s and 1850s, this party hung its banner on anti-immigration and anti-Catholicism.  They were mostly middle-class and lower middle-class people who were afraid of just about everything.  They hated immigrants because they feared immigrants would take their jobs.  The hated Catholics because they believed in the spiritual leadership of the Pope.

The one item that killed the American Party was the fact they refused to take a stand on slavery.  In 1856, they ran Millard Fillmore for President.  He came in dead last, and the party started to fall apart.  By 1860, it was so bad for the American Party they didn’t bother to run anyone for President.

Seems the anti-slavery members of the party flocked to the Republican Party and those in favor of slavery flocked to the Democrats who ashamedly was still in favor of slavery.  The issue of slavery killed the American Party more than anything else.

The term “Know Nothing” came from members, when questioned about their anti-immigration organizations, simply said “I Know Nothing.”  But, they were powerful in places like Ohio.  As a matter of fact, in 1855, no less than 43 members of Congress were avowed members of the Know Nothing Party.

Their hatred for Catholics became extremely evident when the Vatican sent a stone to be placed in the Washington Monument.  A group of Know Nothings stole the stone from the work site and dumped in into the Potomac River.  Shortly after this incident, and with the Know Nothings howling about the stone, funding for the Monument dried up and construction was halted.

I asked the question at the beginning because I see some very frightening signs of the same “Know Nothing” platform today in the Republican Party.  The party has become virulently anti-immigration.  Most people say they have become nativist in nature.  You only need to look at Donald Trump with his anti-immigration stance to see that is true.  Of course, he isn’t alone on that issue, but he is still the front-runner.

Today, overt anti-Catholicism has waned.  There are still pockets running around, but Republicans need conservative Catholics to help them get elected.  Today, the one group that stands out for their hate is Islam.  Even Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t believe that a Muslim should ever be elected President.  Just like the anti-Catholic stance of the Know Nothings.

Some other similarities include immigrant status.  The Know Nothings for example wanted a 21 year residency before an immigrant could even apply for citizenship.  You didn’t hear too much about “undocumented immigrants” because at the time, immigrants were not required to carry immigration papers.  It was much easier to assimilate into the American population for immigrants back then.

They also advocated for the principle that foreign-born could not hold public office.  That would mean Ted Cruz couldn’t even be a Senator, much less President.  They advocated that foreign-born, even when naturalized, could not vote.

The Know Nothings were more against Catholics than any other group of people.  They were known to attack Irish and German Catholics simply for being Catholic.  Today we see similar attacks going on against Hispanic immigrants, like the group of Trump supporters who attacked a Hispanic homeless man in New York.

We see anti-Muslim rhetoric from every candidate on the Republican side.  We have seen plans foiled that intended to attack and kill Muslims.  We have seen Muslim Mosques attacked.  We heard about the threatened attack on a mostly Muslim town in New York State.

The voter suppression laws we have seen passed in several states are designed to limit voter access to minorities, young people, and the elderly.  That, to me, is very similar to the Know Nothing Party’s platform.

In the 1870s and 1880s the American Party showed some signs of life again.  The major section this time was in California.  They were vehemently against Chinese immigration.  The Know Nothings there were terrified that Chinese immigrants would take their jobs.  The difference wasn’t that we couldn’t let Chinese in the country, but their platform called to keep Chinese and other Asian nationalities from holding industrialized jobs.

I am afraid we are seeing history repeat itself.  As Yogi Berra would say “it’s deja vu” all over again.  We have seen this nativism rear its ugly head from time-to-time.  We have seen racism continue in this country, though not in its “institutional” form as in the past.  We have seen religious hatred before.

The problem is this time we are seeing a major Political Party embrace these atrocities.  This time, the Know Nothings are not a small party trying to gain strength.  This time the Know Nothings have hijacked a major political party.  The Republican Party is nothing like it was when I grew up.  It is not the party my father supported.

Rather it has become a party that was taken over by fringe elements hell-bent on a platform that splits the nation into two groups.   Those with power, and those without.  You only need to look at the rants coming from their candidates and their supporters to know I am correct and who they think should wield that power and who should be blocked from it.

I believe the answer is clear.  The Republican Party has become the “Know Nothing” Party of the 1840s and 1850s.  We can only hope their existence is as short as it was then.



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What a week, and it is only Wednesday!  We have seen more things crop up lately that I am not even sure where to begin.  I will start by reminding you some of the Republican policies that they want to enforce on this country.

One policy is that companies should have a free hand in deciding how much to charge for their product.  They should also be given a free hand in deciding just how much their employees make producing their products.  They tell us we should “trust” companies to “do the right thing,” and that companies will find solutions to problems we face, including climate change.

They tell us that health care costs are too high.  They tell us that we have “the best health care system” in the world.  They are willing to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.  They keep expressing their belief that “religious liberties” means you can do whatever you want as long as it is in line with your “religious beliefs” including discriminating against other people.

They are constantly claiming that the science is wrong on Climate Change, even though 97% of scientists tell us that it is not wrong but correct.  Then they tell the Pope to “leave science to the scientists.”  Maybe they should follow their own advice.

So, let me try to figure this whole week out.  Volkswagen was caught cheating on the EPA emissions tests.  Seems they sat down with their smartest people and came up with a software they placed into their diesel engine vehicles which showed lower emissions than was actually being emitted.

The case blew up when, in all places, West Virginia decided to test these “clean diesel” vehicles while actually driving them.  They discovered over 40 times the pollution being emitted than the company and their software claimed they were putting out.  This wasn’t a mistake.  This was a deliberate criminal act.  They “designed” the software to cheat on the test.

If you purchased one of these Volkswagens because you believed the claims about them being clean diesels, you were lied to.  You were cheated.  You are actually driving a car you thought was safe for the environment, but you are causing far more pollution than if you drove some other vehicle.

Remember, Republicans want us to “trust” corporations to do the right thing.  They want us to believe that corporations have the environment and your health at heart and will not do anything to make matters worse than they already are.   Remember, Republicans claim that you can take a company’s word on all matters.  Yeah, right!

The Pope is visiting our country this week.  Conservatives are having a hard time with this visit. On one hand, they love the Pope for his anti-abortion and anti-same sex marriage stances.  Yet they loathe him at the same time because he claims that free market capitalism paves the way towards “greed.”  That they don’t like.  They also loathe him because of his paper on Climate Change.

As usual, conservatives are “cherry picking” what is good and what is bad about someone else.  Some of the more radical anti-environment lunatics are going to boycott his speech to Congress tomorrow.  I say, good.  They weren’t going to listen if he brings it up anyway, so why waste time being there.

In his paper, the Pope used scientific data to show why he believes climate change is real.  He also went on to say that it “is our moral obligation to protect the planet that God has given us.”  That is the part that really has the conservatives up in arms.  How dare a religious leader tell us it is our moral obligation to save the planet?

His social agenda, which is based on the teachings of Jesus by the way, are so repulsive to conservatives we are hearing people like Ann Coulter say: “It is no wonder our Founding Fathers didn’t trust Catholics.”  How nice Ann.  I didn’t realize you were around with the Founding Fathers and know for certain they didn’t “trust Catholics.”  You aged nicely.

Still, these same conservatives should love this Pope as well.  Today his going to anoint a Spanish Missionary to the highest level of sainthood.  Problem is that this missionary is connected to all sorts of evils that were done to the Native Americans living in California at the time.  Including forced labor and torture!  I won’t be surprised if they start claiming the torture done to inmates at Guantanamo Bay was just condoned by the Pope since he is raising a torturer to sainthood.

When it comes to religious liberties, well, Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t believe that includes ALL religions.  He even went so far as to say the Muslims should not be allowed to be President.  He later tried to clarify that he was referring to any person who “puts their religion above the Constitution.”  Well, Dr. Carson what about Kim Davis?  Isn’t she putting her religion above the Constitution?  I haven’t heard you call for her resignation yet.  Or, is it because she claims to be a Christian, so that exempts her from “your standard?”

The Republicans claim health care costs are way too high.  And, for once they are correct.  Yet, they refuse to let Medicare “negotiate” the costs of prescription drugs with the big drug companies.  Medicare Part D recipients are at the mercy of drug companies “doing the right thing.”

We saw this week what that means.  One drug company raised the price of one of their prescriptions over 5000 percent.  It went from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill.  This drug is intended to help HIV and Cancer patients and has been around for years.  Because of the announced increase, the average cost out-of-pocket cost for this drug went from about $1,000 per year to over $63,000 per year.

Yeah, that is showing how companies will “do the right thing.”  In fairness, the CEO announced he would roll back the cost of the drug because of all of the hoopla.  I still haven’t heard if he is rolling it back to the original cost, though.

By denying Medicare the ability to negotiate drug costs, we are overpaying millions of dollars in drug costs alone.  Why can’t Medicare negotiate prices?  We already pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world!  So, why can’t the largest government medical plan negotiate prices to save money?  Because, then you cannot claim costs are too high and we need to scrap the plan, that’s why!

While all of this is going on, we still don’t have a budget.  Republicans still refuse to “negotiate” with Democrats on getting a budget passed, and the real anti-American Ted Cruz is still trying to shut the government down.

What this all boils down to is that the Republicans want us to trust them with our future.  The very companies who they claim will “do the right thing” obviously won’t.  Unless you call gouging, lying and cheating the public in the name of profits as “doing the right thing.”  But, apparently we should still “trust” them.

I don’t know about you, but the more this circus goes on, the more disgusted I get with the Republican Party as a whole.  You may say that it is just the fringe element of the Party that is causing all of this mess.  But, it is the silence from the establishment of the Party that is allowing it to go on and on and on.   I have witnessed better leadership from a kindergarten student.

Simply put, the Republican Party is out of ideas.  It is out of integrity.  It is out of touch with reality.  Yet, they want you to put them in power.  I say that their ideals are being proved on a daily basis to be wrong for our country and our future freedoms.




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